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Third base (again) is top priority for Marlins

      Quick. Who was the last player to make as many as 130 starts at third base in one season for the Marlins?

      Time's up. The answer is Miguel Cabrera, who yesterday completed the first "Triple Crown" season in the majors since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967.

      How does that little nugget make you feel as you wake up from the nightmare that was the 2012 Marlins? Has there ever been a more awful trade involving a future Triple Crown winner? Why, yes. There actually was.

      The Cincinnati Reds dealt Frank Robinson after the 1965 season to the Baltimore Orioles for Jack Baldschun, Milt Pappas and Dick Simpson. And Robinson didn't wait five seasons -- five seasons for that trade-induced migraine to subside even a little -- to make Reds fans sick by nailing the hitting trifecta: home runs, batting average and RBI. Robinson went off in his very first season with the O's. Not only did he capture the Triple Crown, but the Orioles won the World Series that year and Robinson was the Series MVP.

        CabreraCabrera took over at the hot corner for the Marlins in 2006 after Mike Lowell, who had manned the position for seven years, was traded to Boston. Cabrera started 157 games at third in 2006 and 153 in '07 for the Marlins. In Cabrera's final season, the Marlins drafted third baseman Matt Dominguez, believing him to be their third baseman of the future and knowing that they had no intention of paying Cabrera superstar money. They were also tired of dealing with Cabrera's off-field habits, which later surfaced in Detroit.

       Third base has been an issue ever since. The Marlins have started 14 different players at third in the five seasons since trading Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to Detroit for six humans.

       Take a look at this year-by-year chart showing the Marlins' third basemen since 2006 and the number of starts each of them made there:

        2006 -- Miguel Cabrera (157), Wes Helms (5)

        2007 -- Miguel Cabrera (153), Aaron Boone (5), Alfredo Amezaga (4)

        2008 -- Jorge Cantu (129), Helms (30), Dallas McPherson (2)

        2009 -- Emilio Bonifacio (82), Cantu (44), Helms (35), Andy Gonzalez (1)

        2010 -- Cantu (81), Helms (50), Chad Tracy (22), Bonifacio (4), Donnie Murphy (3), Hector Luna (2).

        2011 -- Greg Dobbs (84), Bonifacio (30), Helms (17), Matt Dominguez (13), Luna (10), Murphy (8).

        2012 -- Hanley Ramirez (89), Dobbs (30), Murphy (17), Gil Velazquez (15), Donovan Solano (8), Nick Green (3).

        Of course, the Marlins thought they had this whole third base thing figured out this season. They signed Jose Reyes and shoved Hanley Ramirez over to third, where he played all of 89 games before he and the remainder of his contract ($38 million) were dealt to the Dodgers.

        Look, Cabrera is certaintly no Gold Glover. His dWAR (defensive wins above replacement) was a minus 0.2. Among third basemen who started as many as 81 games, or half the season, only three finished with a poorer defensive figure: Hanley Ramirez (-0.4), Alex Rodriguez (-0.4) and Chris Johnson (-0.7).

        When it comes to finding a solution at third base, there are no easy answers for the Marlins as they head into the offseason. They have identified third base as their top priority, with improvement to the bullpen next on the list. But the list of prospective free agents at third appears rather sickly (Scott Rolen, anyone?).

        Most likely, the Marlins will look to acquire a third baseman through a trade -- the same manner in which the Tigers acquired this year's Triple Crown winner.  



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I am growing tired with the rather subdued criticism of the Cabrera trade. It was a huge mistake. He could have played first base like Girardi wanted him to. They dealt with Hanley's crap for years. The reality is that they did not want to pay Miguel Cabrera and used everything else as an excuse. Cabrera is the best hitter in baseball. Our lineup would be terrifying with Miguel, Stanton, and speed.


One day Loria will learn who are the "right" guys to spend big on, one day. He did it once w/ the "special" money 1yr deal he gave Pudge in 2003.

27M guaranteed to a guy who plays 1/2 an inning = fail
8M or whatever it was a few yrs ago to a way past his prime Al Leiter = fail
18M to a 1yr wonder Catcher with a long swing = fail

David Wright would be a huge addition and that is the type of player/person you spend BIG on. I doubt we'd ever hear complaints about him in the clubhouse (Hanley, Bell) or police blotter.

Get this guy!


Are you guys aware that Buster Olney is reporting that Ozzie will be gone soon? How about you beat writers get on that!

Flav C.

The funny thing is that it is hard to understand the methodology the Marlins apply in specific circumstances:

They drafted Matt Dominguez as their #1 pick. The guy is still young with good upside. But then they traded their #1 pick to Houston, for a washed up Carlos Lee, who has probably only one more year left in his tank.
Matt is now playing pretty well since called up from AAA. I read an article a couple of weeks ago on a baseball blog and the Astros general manager do see him as their everyday 3B next season.

Then they send Mujica to the Cards and bring the Cards #1 draft pick, a 3B (Cox) that St Louis was sure would be major league ready in 2013. He wasn't part of their plans any longer because they didn't expect Freese to be that good and valuable as a 3B.
Cox played fairly well with the JAX Suns, but wasn't even called up once in the end of this season. They called the 33 yr old Gil Velazquez instead, who has no future in the majors.

So here we are, with a team who has two #1 picks for a position so much needed, and just waste both in the span time of 1 year.

Go figure.


Right @ Pike. I just read the same article about Ozzie's future with the team and that they are looking for a replacement. This should be top story. Who might the Marlins be looking to for next year? How bout Ryne Sandberg? Someone that won't upset everyone on the planet like Oz.


The magnitude of Miggy's feat comes into focus when you realize how long it's been since Yaz accomplished the same thing in 1967 and how vastly different the world was then. Some of you whippersnappers weren't even around then, but guys like Stan and Lou and I remember it well. It was the Summer of Love, baby, and there were hippy chicks everywhere you looked, just itching to "make love, not war" — with itching being the operative word.
It was LSD and lava lamps and love beads and Nehru jackets (I actually had one) and American Bandstand and the Smothers Brothers and draft-card burning and California Dreaming and the Six-Day War and a really nasty riot in Detroit. There was no such thing as a cell phone or a microprocessor or the World Wide Web or a disposable lighter or a post-it note.
It was the year Tom Seaver recorded his first win and Tony Perez hit a home run in the 15th inning to win the All-Star game. The Cards beat Yastremski's Red Sox to win the World Series, but Yaz's performance had been so impressive that he signed for a whopping $100,000 the next season. The year before he won the triple crown, Yaz had hit a mere .278 with 16 home runs. In this day and age, everyone would insist that he had to be on the juice to make a turnaround like that.
One more thing: Mitt Romney's dad George Romney was running for President in 1967, but his candidacy was sidetracked when he flip-flopped on the Vietnam War, claiming he'd supported the war earlier because he'd been "brainwashed" by U.S. military officials. Voters decided they didn't want a brainwashed president and his campaign hit the skids. So moments after Miggy won the triple crown, I changed the channel and there was Mitt doing his dangedest to pick up where dad left off. Coincidence? You be the judge.


Sandberg would be a phenomenal choice. The Cubs screwed up by not making him the guy. Terry Francona could be a sold choice too. I am concerned Loria tries to bring in Bobby Valentine who was just canned after an awful year.

Marlin Fan

Anyone but Ozzie would be welcomed . However comes in , hopefully they bring with them new hitting and pitching coaches. .... Couldn't agree more about Dominguez and Cox . Mets will sign Wright , let's forget about him .


Two names to ponder: Clint Hurdle and Mike Sciosa. Either or both could be available soon.

Flav C.

What about Jim Riggleman? Before they hired Ozzie, I was hopeful they would interview him.


if Ozzie is let go, he is still owed $7.5 million. Just a thought here, but beware, Eduardo might be next manager. Just a very wild thought. Eduardo works cheap and we all know how Loria likes to spend money on everything but his baseball team.


Whoever the Marlins hire will be fired in a year or two for not getting the job done and go on to have successful careers elsewhere (like Freddi Gonzalez and Joe Girardi). Ozzie will probably win another World Series within three years with another team if he is let go. Loria is the problem. Too bad he can't be fired.

Stan M

richiej, I was having a nice day until I read the word "Edwardo" above. That idea is frightening, completely illogical, and right up Loria's alley. Did you say cheap? You should never say that. If Loria sees it we're in big trouble!

On a more serious note, I really like the 3 names pondered above. Hurdle certainly understands patience, Sciosa understands disclipline, and Sandberg just sounds like a good idea. Sort of a Robin Ventura personality and probably CHEAP. That is, he would be INEXPENSIVE. A team could SAVE MONEY signing him.

LB, you left out YAZ bread. He didn't have a candy bar named after him, but there really was a bread with his name on it. It might amaze the younger crowd to know that when he came up, he was a dead left field hitter; that is, he didn't pull the ball until later. If I'm not mistaken, he either led or finished 2nd in scoring in basketball on Long Island as a HS player. A fine athlete, he was a superb defensive outfielder as well.

Clark, did you have mention the Carbera trade? I think he was traded to some mid-Western team. I'll have to ask Lou. He might remember.

Stan M

One more thing about Yaz. I read that when he retired he bought each of the Red Sox coaches a new Jeep and gave each member of the ground crew a thousand dollar ring. A class act if true and certain proof that he was truly Polish. Shades of Stan Musial and Joe Niekro. We won't talk about "Bucketfoot" Al Simmons and all the bad poles. Maybe like myself, they were only half Polish.


Stan M,
It was called Big Yaz, Special Fitness White Bread. There has to be an oxymoron or two in that name.
Yeah, unfortunately I had to leave out a lot of really good stuff. They say if you remember the '60s, you weren't really there. But there are a few days I remember quite clearly — I think. I sure would love to get my hands on a picture of Lou from those days, probably in shoulder-length hair and love beads, smoking a fat one with a hippie chick in the rain at Woodstock.

Camera Mike

If Loria does fire Ozzie it doesn't appear that either Scioscia or Sandberg will be a replacement option. The Angels GM announced a couple weeks ago Scioscia will be returning and the Phillies promoted Sandberg to 3rd base coach. While a team might be able to coax Sandberg out of Philly with a managerial position I don't think the Marlins are that team. He seems like an intelligent man who would realize the control and ultimate fate he would suffer under Loria and if his only 2 choices were base coach in Philly or manager under Loria I see him staying put, and if that turns out to be the case would you really blame him?

While I do not agree with all the decisions Ozzie has made this year and do think he helped contribute to the dismal season I do not at all support firing him now. First off firing a manager after one season nev makes a franchise loom good, just look at the fish after Girardi or the Red Sox now. Secondly, I think an organization could lose the locker room if the players still support the current manager, and the players response to the Heath Bell comments showed Ozzie still does have that support.


Firing Ozzie would be be just another bad decsion Jeffery makes. This revolving door for a Marlins manager needs & should take a different route. Will we ever see a manager last over 2 years in Miami???? The best franchises maintain their mangers for more than 3 years.


Camera Mike,
You're right about Scioscia. I hadn't seen that announcement when I threw out his name.
I agree that it doesn't make a lot of sense to can Ozzie now. When you're coming off a season like the Marlins had, everybody associated with the team has a Fishy smell about them. But having revolving-door managers just adds to the fly-by-night feel of this organization and helps destroy morale. Ozzie wasn't the great kick-ass manager some of us hoped he'd be, but who's gonna want to come play for a team that has a new manager, and sometimes two new managers, every year. The Marlins needs some stability, not more knee-jerk maneuvers by a brainless twit of an owner.


Fire Ozzie now or later, the fact remains is that he is going to remain a distraction for both the team and the FO for years to come. It was a horrible idea in the first place to bring him to Miami. I do agree that ownership looks foolish with all the manager's that have come through but if there is anyone on here that can really put up a strong argument that Ozzie is the right guy I'd like to hear it. He was outmaneuvered by just about every other NL manager this year when they were given the chance. It's a hot stinking mess with this team. I did hear Mike Lowell's name out there but that would be another FO publicity stunt although I would love to see him as a hitting instructor/defensive coach like Perry Hill, for this team. Still don't think Ozzie will make it one way or another so just rip another band aid off the skin now rather than later.


Sounds like it's all over for Ozzie. Everyone is starting to report his firing is coming soon. Just to clarify my statement above. I don't blame Ozzie for all the losing that took place this year. He wasn't pitching the 9th and blowing games or coming into Spring Training with a bum knee, or under-performing at 3rd. He was never the right fit and Jeffrey Loria couldn't wait to get his shiny new latino manager for the 305. And then he opened his mouth and the foulness came out and the scramble ensued. For certain the constant lack of a stable manager will not benefit this team. Mr. Loria may never be happy.


I'm not going to the mat for Ozzie, because I threw just as much stuff at the TV this year as the rest of you guys did. But it's hard to outmaneuver anybody when you don't have the personnel, and for a big chunk of the year, the Marlins were ridiculously undermanned.


lb...I agree....with the junk Ozzie had to put on the field...this team was severely out matched every day.
Jeffery needs to start doing the opposite of what he has been doing with his field managers. Ozzie needs another chance.


I agree that the team underperformed and he (Ozzie) can't play every position but my worry is that this will linger on and he'll always feel that he's under the microscope by Loria which won't benefit the team. After his Castro comments he became so quiet for the most part that they took away his fire. I don't think it would matter if Connie Mack was managing he'd get fired too.


I'm afraid that if the Marlins dump Ozzie, they'll end up hiring a real slug to replace him. I mean, what self-respecting, otherwise-employable baseball man is going to waste his time with this dysfunctional organization, knowing that he's going to have to put up with Loria's bull while he's here and will probably be out on his butt by the end of the year, if not before?
Plus, Loria's going to be on the hook for the remainder of Ozzie's contract, so hiring a new manager will mean less money for players' salaries. You don't have to be an Ozzie-lover to see that replacing him with some equally hapless, equally helpless soul is just dropping more pigeon poop in the popcorn.

Stan M

Two weeks ago I was calling for Ozzie's scalp. And if any of the three mentioned above were available, I'd love to see them in Miami. But their arrival is about as remote as Josh Hamilton's. The players supported Ozzie in spades recently, so I agree with all of the brain power above who want to give him another year. One last point. With a new manager, they might keep Bell and Perez under the assumption that the new manager would solve our problems. If Ozzie stays, then it's a sure thing that Bell goes and probably Perez as well. And I think we are all for that.

Stan M

Damn, LB, you write well. But I sometimes find it hard to believe that you were once a journalist. Don't all journalists have to lie and obfuscate? Or is that just those of recent vintage writing with a political agenda?


Stan M,
Thanks for the compliment, but don't confuse those talking haircuts you see on TV with journalists. A pretty good rule of thumb is, by the time you recognize a guy's name, he's stopped being a journalist and has become a pundit, which in his mind translates to pontiff. Clark and Manny are exceptions, of course.

Marlin Fan

I understand the stability issue of the revolving door manager , but Ozzie was just awful with his mismanagement . Keeping him for stability purposes is not the answer. He should
Be kept for doing a good job , which he didn't do.
Stan it's been well chronicled the dominance of the Polish athlete :-) . Yaz was yet another .

Stan M

Marlin Fan, many are not known because they changed or shortened their names. Joe Collins, Yankee 1B of the 50s, Eddie Lopat Yankee pitcher of the 50s, Steve Bilko, I believe Dave Koslo, come to mind. I told this story before, but in my 30s I wrote to Yaz, Musial, and Ted Kluz (look up his strikeout to HR ratio, it's incredible)) and sent an 8 by 11 photo with a stamped, self addressed envelope. In the letter I explained that I had a Polish left handed first baseman and wanted him to have heroes and asked them to please autograph the pictures. All 3 did and they hand in frames in our house to this day.

Flav C.

It was interesting listening to 790 AM yesterday. They were really hammering the Marlins FO. It was one of the first times I heard guys from that AM Station take a more aggressive point of view in relation to Loria, Beinfest, Hill and Samson.
They couldn't be clearer: Hill/Beinfest have to go. And added saying the fact the team was in this situation "is all Loria's fault".

On another topic, Billy Beane pretty much showed Beinfest a few things about being a General Manager.

Billy offered Gio face-value for LoMo or Stanton. And apparently wanted minor-leaguer Ozuna as part of the package. A young dominating lefty can't be find everyday. And Gio would be under team control for a few years.
Well, Gio for Lomo and Ozuna? Sheesh...this is a no brainer, right? Well, Beinfest said no.
As a result, the Nats not only got him but also automatically locked him through 2016. The A's in return pretty much depleted the Nat's farm system and got a jewel of a young pitcher on Tommy Milone, instrumental for helping the A's reaching the playoffs this season.

And later on, Beane outsmarted Beinfest once again, by outbidding the Marlins for Cespedes. Both teams offered the same amount ($36 mil) but the Marlins wanted a 6 yr contract and the A's offered a 4 yr contract.

If you sum this up with the lousy multi-year millionaire contract for a closer/reliever, the lousy multi-year millionaire contract for a Mendoza-hitting catcher, the let-go of Cody Ross and getting nothing in return, the horrible drafting over the last several years, the horrible state of minor league player development, and the trade of historical proportions (Cabrera), all this together would point out to Beinfest and Hill leaving this organization. Not moving to another functions. Leaving as in "being fired".

Stan M

Food for thought
Which move that would bring headlines would cost less? Hiring a new manager, or signing a free agent? So...., our owner will___________________.

Flav, so much of what you say is right on target.

Stan M

Here is something that I don't understand. Perhaps some of you younger and more knowledeable posters could explain it to me. Back in the 1960s, cameras were sophistigated enough to study athletes motions in detail. Many decided that Tom Seaver had the best motion of any pitcher and movies of him were picked up by many other teams for study and teaching purposes. Seaver was a drop and push pitcher (I forget the exact termonology). That is, he bent his rear leg and used his lower body for extra leverage to push toward the plate. He was known to scrape his knee to the extent that sometimes his uniform would actually tear at that point. I don't remember very many pitchers with bad elbows or shoulders back then. It also seems logical that by becoming lower during delivery, it would be easier to throw to the bottom half of the strike zone which has always neen considered the most desirable place to throw. Now pitchers stand almost straight and we hear all about the downward trajectory. We also hear about commomplace operations. My question is, why did this change? I would love to hear what medical experts on muscles, etc have to say about strain from this new approach.



Stan M,
The link above provides an interesting discussion of some of the questions you pose.

Camera Mike

To get back to the option of firing Guillen. It is now being reported that the FO is lobbying Loria to fire him. After seeing this FO at work for a few years I feel the most prudent course in all areas should be to do the exact opposite of their choice. Though if that is the opinion of the FO I don't realistically see Loria going any other way. Hopefully Loria and Valentine do not make up as that would only result in a disastrous year that puts this one to shame.

That is an enlightening article Laurel and reminds me of an interview I heard with Mitch Williams a few months back about Strasburg and his surgery. Williams said while watching film of Strasburg's pitching motion his rookie season he noticed that he wasn't bringing his lead foot back far enough at the start of his windup. This lead to less force generated from the lower body which Strasburg had to make up for by over exerting his arm. I have never been a pitcher or a doctor so can only speak with a limiting knowledge on this subject, but Williams' comments fit right in line with both the article and Stan's post on Tom Seaver.

Stan M

Here is a video clip of Tom Seaver pitching. Not only can you see his drop and thrust, but look at his arm and foot drop in relation to that article. No wonder he never had a sore arm. It's perfect.


Stan M

Here is a stop photograph of Tom Seaver. It's part of a longer clip. But look at his arm and his drop and thrust. Needless to say, I loved the guy. Yea, Lou, I said "loved". And despite all of that, as a Met fan of old, if I had one game that I had to win, it would be Jerry Koosman first and Seaver second.



Great Stuff as usual by what is turning into the best blog in baseball.

Laurel, I was too OCD to hang around Woodstock. I would have been concerned with not being able to stay clean. Never used hard drugs and only smoked a few times.May have been the most "conservative" guy to ever attend the University of Florida, however my "conservatism" only extended to my own behavior and I was for everyone else doing wthat they desired for peak enjoyment.

Stan, I can't believe you think I cared about your use of the word "love" about that player. I would have expressed indignation over any word that implied any measure of respect for a washout and has been. "Loved, liked, valued, respected", those are all words that I utilize for individuals worthy of the applelation and I believe they are unworthy of a silly grown man who injures himself in foolish rituals and who then utilizes the after effects of injury to remain on a Major League roster instead of going to the minors and possibly regaining his stroke.

You know, let's be truthful. Chris Coghlan makes my stomach turn and I sincerely hope he gets a chance to play in the Bigs again so we can all watch the contorted swing, the decrepit balance, the inability to pull the ball and just the general sense of being the biggest Flash in the Pan since Von McDaniel or any other fluke you can conjure up. Coghlin makes "Hurrican" Hazel look like Cal Ripkin when it comes to sustainable productivity.


That felt really good!!! I believe McDaniel was 1957 and Hazel was 1958. In 2058 I'm hoping one of out grandkids mentions on an interstellaer communication device "Remember that Coghlin fool who played for the Marlins and injured himself throwing a pie in someone's face? Wasn't he on the team when it was owned by that Loria fellow whose last manager he employed was Andre Dawkin's granddaughter."


Soon we'll have a spaceship that can travel at nearly the speed of light — and all your dreams will come true. When that day arrives, you'll be able to zoom off to the Andromeda galaxy and back again in a flash. While you're strapped into your seat sipping Tang and munching a Dodger Dog, almost 6 million years will have passed here on Earth. But thanks to Einstein, we know that you will have aged only eight hours during your travels. That means you could find out what ESPN is saying about Coghlan, and who's granddaughter is managing the Marlins, 6 million years from now — and you won't even have to blow an entire day doing it. Just saying.


Take a jacket, because it's cold out there.


flav c I totaly agree with the cespedes nego,but it is not the only bad one teheran from atlanta almost came to miami but got a better offer from atl,and chapman wanted 6 yrs 30 million and the marlins didn't budge instead they gave bell 3yr 27 mil how did that one work out. the only thing I don't agree was throwing in ozuna in the gio trade there is upside in ozuna he has pop and great defense. they once refused to trade a minor leaguer for manny you now who little mikey in that sense I like beinfast he keeps the realy good ones but in the free agent signing and some of his trades for other teams prospects are terible.

Stan M

please check the following.

Stan M, Do you really "love" the guy you mentioned earlier? And I know you meant "love" as a baseball player. At this point in time and from everything you have seen at every level over the past couple of years, what could possibly be the rational for saying you love this guy as a ball player? I have said nary a word as you and others have continued to suggest how this guy is somehow being screwed in his handling by the Marlins. What could you cite in his minor league and Major League records since Shaving Cream Gate that would suggest a genuine Major League Baseball player is being deprived of an opportunity to display his skills. I'm open to any statistical evidence from either the PCL or MLB that would suggest this is a case that should be reviewed by MLB Union for unfair labor practice.

Marlin Fan

Horrible call on infield fly rule.

Camera Mike

It was a bad call but the fans response was even worse. Atlanta is a classy organization but their fans were completely classless.


Stan, I read it 4 times. I still am puzzled. I hope to God you didn't think I thought you were using "love" in a covetous manner.I know you meant "love' as you would say "loved" a good slice of chateaubriand or "loved" a horse you were about to bet on.

For Pete's sakes, the A's and Orioles and Nats are in the playoffs and we are still discussing a cull who can't pull an 89mph "heater", I guess this is what makes some on this blog true "FANaticS. You know FANaticS tend to be looked down upon by "most" of us because they close down their minds and remain loyal to a person, entity or ideal and now we may have to expand that rudimentary definition to those who profess a belief in Chris Coghlan as a Major League Baseball player.


By the way, nice to know some of you are going back and posting past blogs. That might be construed as a manifestation of a fixation dealing with an internet activity. I would actually view it as a healthy form of sublimation, maybe not the pleasurable sublimations of youth but still an activity that appears to give pleasure and keeps some of us out of trouble.


Laurel, You have chosen the non de plume of multiple race tracks and therefore you probably have had an interest in odds or betting at some time. What would you ascertain to be a friendly wager(of the type Governors engage in over Super Bowls) as to whether Chris Coghlan EVER becomes a contributing Major Leaguer. I believe you should be the judge as to whether he ever attains that status and since it might take about 10 years for the wager to play out, you have to promise to be a dedicated reader of the Blog. Are you okay with it. In case you didn't know, I'm saying Coghlan will NEVER make even a decent(I know, hard word to describe} contribution to a big league team--you will have to decide what decent means in the context of a former ROY. If myself and whoever wants to engage in the gamesmanship agree, we can have some fun following Chrissy's career until he either contributes or ultimately washes out. I will have to be correct for years while the person going against me, needs to wish for only 1 year.


I'm working on it. This is too vital a question to be answered without due deliberation and adequate advice from all parties involved.

Stan M

Who is Coghlan? Why hasn't Lou ever mentioned him before? Was he part of the Carbera trade?


NOBODY was part of the Cabrera trade. He was given to the Detroit Tigers as an example of largesse by individuals who felt the Motor City had struggled long enough without a premium baseball player. The Marlins believed Miguel would only be a very good player and they had no idea he would become the greatest right handed hitter of the last 25 years---not including the steroid users who will probably be pushing up daisies far earlier than they currently expect--and also the consummate teammate. The Marlins "brain trust(????) realized Miguel would be wasted in an area that is so uneducated as it comes to baseball that it would become agitated about the decision making apparatus as it applied to pie tossers and therefore they moved him to a city where he would be appreciated. The Marlins announcers are especially appreciative of cutesy little nicknames and auction results that they never mentioned the travesty of a National Treasure being exported from South Florida with no value received.

Laurel, The agitation that will arise with the inevitable move of stanton to Detroit will probably register a 2.2 on the equivalent of the Baseball Richter Scale in South Florida. Maybe the Tigers in an act of benovolence will agree to take on Bell's contract--and his per diem for Whoppers, Big Mac's and Wimpie Burghers.

Why the Hell am I on here at 2:30?? Too excited to
sleep as OUR Washington Nats(Right, Laurel??) get ready to take on the pesky Cards-----Bye Bye Chipper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!----and Miguel, Prince and Verlander try to lead a collection of Toledo Mud Hens to the World Series.

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