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Third base (again) is top priority for Marlins

      Quick. Who was the last player to make as many as 130 starts at third base in one season for the Marlins?

      Time's up. The answer is Miguel Cabrera, who yesterday completed the first "Triple Crown" season in the majors since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967.

      How does that little nugget make you feel as you wake up from the nightmare that was the 2012 Marlins? Has there ever been a more awful trade involving a future Triple Crown winner? Why, yes. There actually was.

      The Cincinnati Reds dealt Frank Robinson after the 1965 season to the Baltimore Orioles for Jack Baldschun, Milt Pappas and Dick Simpson. And Robinson didn't wait five seasons -- five seasons for that trade-induced migraine to subside even a little -- to make Reds fans sick by nailing the hitting trifecta: home runs, batting average and RBI. Robinson went off in his very first season with the O's. Not only did he capture the Triple Crown, but the Orioles won the World Series that year and Robinson was the Series MVP.

        CabreraCabrera took over at the hot corner for the Marlins in 2006 after Mike Lowell, who had manned the position for seven years, was traded to Boston. Cabrera started 157 games at third in 2006 and 153 in '07 for the Marlins. In Cabrera's final season, the Marlins drafted third baseman Matt Dominguez, believing him to be their third baseman of the future and knowing that they had no intention of paying Cabrera superstar money. They were also tired of dealing with Cabrera's off-field habits, which later surfaced in Detroit.

       Third base has been an issue ever since. The Marlins have started 14 different players at third in the five seasons since trading Cabrera and Dontrelle Willis to Detroit for six humans.

       Take a look at this year-by-year chart showing the Marlins' third basemen since 2006 and the number of starts each of them made there:

        2006 -- Miguel Cabrera (157), Wes Helms (5)

        2007 -- Miguel Cabrera (153), Aaron Boone (5), Alfredo Amezaga (4)

        2008 -- Jorge Cantu (129), Helms (30), Dallas McPherson (2)

        2009 -- Emilio Bonifacio (82), Cantu (44), Helms (35), Andy Gonzalez (1)

        2010 -- Cantu (81), Helms (50), Chad Tracy (22), Bonifacio (4), Donnie Murphy (3), Hector Luna (2).

        2011 -- Greg Dobbs (84), Bonifacio (30), Helms (17), Matt Dominguez (13), Luna (10), Murphy (8).

        2012 -- Hanley Ramirez (89), Dobbs (30), Murphy (17), Gil Velazquez (15), Donovan Solano (8), Nick Green (3).

        Of course, the Marlins thought they had this whole third base thing figured out this season. They signed Jose Reyes and shoved Hanley Ramirez over to third, where he played all of 89 games before he and the remainder of his contract ($38 million) were dealt to the Dodgers.

        Look, Cabrera is certaintly no Gold Glover. His dWAR (defensive wins above replacement) was a minus 0.2. Among third basemen who started as many as 81 games, or half the season, only three finished with a poorer defensive figure: Hanley Ramirez (-0.4), Alex Rodriguez (-0.4) and Chris Johnson (-0.7).

        When it comes to finding a solution at third base, there are no easy answers for the Marlins as they head into the offseason. They have identified third base as their top priority, with improvement to the bullpen next on the list. But the list of prospective free agents at third appears rather sickly (Scott Rolen, anyone?).

        Most likely, the Marlins will look to acquire a third baseman through a trade -- the same manner in which the Tigers acquired this year's Triple Crown winner.  



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Flav C.

Several rookies delivering the goods in this postseason:
- Cespedes batting .333 with 2 RBIs,
- Ryan Cook shutting the door on the Tigers last night, pitching 1.1 innings for the win.
- Manny Machado and Ryan Flaherty each hitting a HR at Yankees Stadium last night.
- Miguel Gonzalez pitching amazing 7 innings of 1 ER against the Bronx Bombers.

Rookie no-show in this postseason: Bryce Harper.



Camera Mike


I have mixed feeling about Beifest. I know there have been many times he had to bow down to behest of Loria and do his bidding which does make one wonder about what Beinfest's decisions and choices would have been and if they would have been any better. On the other hand I look at the draft picks he has made throughout the years and lack of success there. I think your idea of an ultimatum is a good one. First it can draw public attention and hopefully embarrassment to Loria in showing off all of his terrible choices and interventions. Secondly I do not see much of a downside. If Loria does fire him on the spot it would force a new voice into the FO, and if he doesn't fire him and instead let's Beinfest runs the team more it'll result in getting Loria out of the way in the FO to a degree.


Juan, unfortunately manager don't win the games the players do and the Marlins just don't have enough quality players or at least the "right" ones playing together.

Lomo's knees are likely to handicap him to 1B which is his natural position. Carlos Lee could still put the bat on the ball albeit w/o any pop. Gorky's may have the wheels to roam CF but he has no stick in a lineup that has one capable power guy.

I hate being Mr. negativity but this team has huge holes that can only be filled by signing FAs (Wright, Hamilton and Bourn) or hoping a draft pick or 2 actually develop within their system. Here's hoping for Yelich and Fernandez to really blossom and mature physically come spring.

I apologize for being redundant fellas but one day I know it, one day Loria will understand $$ value in MLB and realize a bonafide game changing star for $18M a year trumps any combination of contracts you can give to a one yr wonder and a guy who factors 1/2 inning each night!

Stan m

Camera Mike,
I wonder how many times Beinfest was told not to draft so-in-so because Loria knew he would be too expensive. Furthermore, how many prospects were sabotaged by inadequate, but inexpensive coaches.


rbleigh, PLEASE stop calling yourself "Mr. Negativity", Lee's generals were not being overly negative right before Appomattox. The truth is the truth and if it sounds dire that does not make it less so. Will give an example--Justin Verlander probably needs to pitch a complete game shutout because the Tiger bullpen and offense stinks except for basically 2 people. It that negativity or a lucid portrayal of a dire situation for the Detroit Tigers? The Tigers will not have Stanton for a couple more years and are therefore effectively blanked unless Justin tosses up goose eggs AND keeps his pitch count down.

You keep thinking Loria will change. That will only bring you aggravation. Imagine a guy being married to a woman who has caused him much aggravation for about 10 years and then he finds out she and the pool boy are meeting in the cabana. The guy keeps thing that finally his wife will see the immorality of the situation and become a faithful wife OR not.

Herald Sports Department.

Blog will be closed until further notice.

Stan M

I hope this is not true. Please advise.

Stan M

That is a bogus entry above. Clark is on vacation so we can continue to post right ere.


Who cares..


This semen stain read all the way through to post a sarcastic remark. What a wonderful life he must have. Uh, like, we're so dumb we don't know who you are.

Dumb as rocks

I see that JUAN YANES/LOU is still posting here. This blog has not changed at all. Lou, after taking a long hiatus, has now returned to mixed reviews - mostly negative to be fair. Lou has been called out so many times in the past even to the point that evidence was presented on this blog that contradicted statements and/or rants, same difference, that he proclaimed he never said. Cody Ross ring a bell there Lou? How anyone can contine to conversate with him is beyond my comprehension. I think it's fair to say that many folks have left this blog entirely or simply chose other avenues to communicate with fellow Marlin fans because of this Lou guy. Same old, same old. The Marlins continue to make blunders, within the front office and on the field, and Lou continues to spew nonsensical jargon for everyone to digest. I'm dumb for actally looking at this blog, but the rest of you are completely dumb as rocks for continuing to trade barbs and/or analysis with someone who, in his mind, is holier than the baby Jesus himself.

richard lee deanno

Dumb...I've criticized Lou myself, but at least he has the courage to use his own name. You don't even have the courage to use your real fake name. For you to be so spiteful, I guess he must have made a fool of you once or twice on this blog. No, this blog has not changed and should not change.

Dumb as rocks

There is only one person on this blog who used to bring up the fact that they were posting as their own name. Lou Vales, that's who it was and that's who you probably are as well. I'm not sure the use of the word spiteful is appropriate here, as I'm the one who proved that Lou was and is a hypocrite to the highest order. He knows, of course you as well, who called him out back then. I'll help you out...starts with an M and ends with an ac. He/you claimed that you would stop calling out the Marlins' and going after posters and this and that, so and so-forth, but I of course see how much integrity you have. It's nice to see that Stan M and laurel are still posting because they actually have something useful to share unlike the sushi eating sports radio icon. Everyone is so very jearlous and spiteful of Lou Vales. Oh man, you must be having a laugh.

Stan M

It's nice to get a compliment. However, I consider it hollow because there are so many other posters on this site who also deserve mention. In fact, nearly everyone who posts here has an interesting point of view. We have even had two or three new posters over the past several weeks and each has been a worthy addition. If you read above and over the past pages of this same blog, I've expressed myself as well regarding Lou.

richard lee deanno

Dumb...I am not Lou, and if you give me your phone number, I'll call you and prove it. We might even talk baseball. I don't post here often, but I read the comments thoroughly and I agree with stan, there are some very sharp people posting here. A very good mix of personalities, and thats what makes it interesting. So chill out...it's just a baseball blog.


Dear Stan, Do you think I care about what has just been written? It's garbage. There is no reason to get upset about what any nameless/faceless person writes on a Blog. This is why Laurel and I now call each other to avoid the riff raff. My invitation remains open to your son if he ever wishes to join us. I know it would be a hike for you but I guess your son works in the area. Every Thursday 3:00-7:00. Even Rocks is invited.

Thank you Richard, but don't waste your time.


Laurel, Let's Go Nats!!!!

Verlander is a latter day Nolan Ryan-Tom Seaver.


Stan, Just watched the Yankees finish off the O's. Had time to think about it, what do you think about the prattle being posted? Do you think about 6 of us on this site would have allowed that to be said about you? As I said earlier, it should be of no concern what any faceless/nameless person says on this blog but be rest assured if the guy whose name starts with "A" had said this about you, I'm just guessing the response from this side would not have been so muted. Would you agree? We all say and do what we gotta do.

Marlin Fan

Some great playoff action ... Ibanez TWO hrs , Sabathia's TWO wins both with 120 pitches ....Werth's Hr.......Verlander's performance . Maybe we can get off the disastrous Marlins and enjoy for awhile


Laurel is like a Guardian Angel. Just when I started to question the meaning of life(a baseball blog) Laurel calls me from the West Coast about 9:30 all excited about OUR Nats. I gave him a special dispensation and told him it would be okay to pull for Washington and he need not feel disloyal about getting his mind off of Losers Incorporated for awhile. The poor guy is stuck in an area--without a laptop--and he wasn't able to communicate on the blog the happiness for an area where he spent so much time. I closed the conversation with my suggestion of naming Eudardo Perez the new skipper, it was worth it to hear his great laugh. I don't think it will come to that but a Nats-Tigers World Series would pose some difficulties but I'd be willing to chance it.

Let's Go Nats!!!

Dumb as rocks

"Dear Stan, Do you think I care about what has just been written? It's garbage."

That "garbage" just happens to be completely factual.

richard/Lou, I'll take a rain check on that phone call. Perhaps some day, however, we can arrange for me to call a restaurant in Greenville, SC with a secret code word so our numbers can be exchanged. I know you have experience with that sort of thing. All the best.

Flav C.

Looks like the Nats closer had the "Heath Bell" curse going on.

Cards: 12 on 12.


Flav, Feel responsible for that numbing loss. Never take it for granted. Thought it was over and was watching the game just to see the joy from that crowd. I can't recall a worse home game defeat. This transcended Bucky Dent's 330 foot "shot" by a whole Hell of a lot.

Richard, Rock is not so "dumb", he gave me a great idea. We can do the "phone Thing" where I give you number to a restaurant, you call it, they ask a question I know only you can answer and then they pass me the phone and we trade numbers. Laurel and I have avoided a whole bunch of silliness that way and it doesn't even require a computer. Before you know it you got the smart people on speed dial. Smart guys would of course include Stan, Flav, Flag, Marlins Fan,rbleigh, camera mike and a few others I have temporarily forgotten. Accept my apology. Hell, before you know it you actually cut down on your blog visits. And you actually find out the real names that are usually saner than the made up ones.


Richard, I trust you were fooling about giving out your phone number. Don't do that until you check out curriculum vitae of people who will see it.

juan v

how many ex marlins in the post season left ? I saw mujica,cabrera,infante,sanchez,so far anybody else besides girardi?


lots of interesting posts except for the bickering among posters.

Flav beat me to the Heath Bell/Washington comment. I was hoping the Nationals would move up. Juan, regarding Carlos Lee, I am guessing that he goes back to Houston as a DH/First Base/Left Fielder. Houston will be in the American League West next year and I believe he would be welcomed back there plus Texas is closer to his Ranch, and, loria will not be about to pay him anything close to the $18 million he got this year. I think all parties would agree that Lee is not worth $18 million any longer but even $8-10 million will not be in lorias vocabulary. Need that kind of money to add to the fish tank population


Why sign Lee when they have Lomo the Great


Valverde makes Bell look like a combination Rivera/Eckersley/Fingers?Sutter/Smith/. Nothing like beating the Yankees in front of a 25% full Yankee Stadium. Nice Crowd!! Was it A-Rod Bobblehead Night? The look on A-Rod's face when he is being pinch hit for is priceless. The announcers finally addressed the fact that distances to "power" alleys are misrepresented.

Richiej, I will not initiate bickering with anyone. Everybody is free to ignore anything I say. The people I talk to off the blog don't always agree but we are always civil. Will try to keep it baseball oriented. You can witness how that goes>

Rich, Lee will not get 8,000,000.00(always like to write it out to show the silliness), he is through and the teams know it. He is a very nice person who is a multi,multi millionaire and seems like he will really enjoy life after baseball.

Think the Marlins want Valverde?


tweetfruit...were you being sarcastic? if so, forget it and stick to something you're good at. you sounded dumb, not clever.
lou...lee would make a good manager someday but why would
he want to? of all marlins, he is the one who would be most fun to have a beer with.
valverde is having a tough time but i would rather have him than bell.

Stan M

It seems as if these playoffs are destroying the myth that closers are a necessity. One of our posters, I think it was Flav, posted stats showing that there is virtually no difference between the end of current games with closers and former game results before closers were the accepted norm. From my point of view, they are an absurd expense fostered bt player agents. More often than not they are making far more money per inning pitched than front line starters. The term "save situation" is one I personally abhor. If it's a critical situation, in goes your best pitcher...period.


IF I may, since 1930 when a team leads by 1 run going to the 9th inning they win 94% of the time, if a 2 run lead it is 96% and they didn't even get into 3 run leads. So when you hear a pitcher being lauded because he saved 35 out of 40,realize it should have been 38.

Kuroda looks "PERFECT."Top of the 5th.

Sanchez pitching well as usual.

What will happen first:

(1) Marlins get a third baseman


(2) A New Blog Headline Goes Up???


I have 30 seconds on a borrowed computer and I hate to waste it on an observation such as this. But I was thinking that if you combined the Marlins' erstwhile closer, Mr. Bell, with the Tigers' new closer, you'd have a pretty good lunch. You know — a hamburger and a Coke.

Stan M

Good for you, Anibel. That start probably earned more free agent millions.

Camera Mike

Lou, this blog will get a new headline will be first but that is only because Loria will insist on picking the third baseman guaranteeing it doesn't work out.

soap buddy

clark is on vacation. there will be no new blog headline going up until he runs out of cocoanut oil and returns to civilization


Maybe Jacob Turner develops into John Smoltz and Rob Brantly becomes Brian McCann.

Doesn't Sanchez look better without that silly Marlin across his jersey?

Camera Mike

Nah I think he looked better with a silly fish on his chest then he does advertising for the frosted flakes mascot.


Hey I have a trade, since Tigers and Marlins love bartering---Boesch(immediately to LF) and Porcello(4th or 5th starter) for Ozuna and Conley--The Tigers can wait!! Marlins probably wouldn't do this but Boesch could bust out and Porcello needs a big stadium AND some runs. SloMo could move to 1st, Ruggiano to CF, Boni to 3rd and Solano to 2nd. Cousins, Hernandez and Petersen to Palookaville. Upon thinking, Marlins can't do this. Ozuna could be a late arriving Stanton and then you would have You Know Who batting 3rd and 5th for Detroit in coming years.

Stan must get back before he realizes he should never have left the West Coast.


IF Sanchez HELPS(but does not push them by himself) Detroit win it all but Turner goes on to be a 14-16 game winner for 6 years and Brantly becomes a "YOUNG" Brian McCann, you know, this would really be a good trade for Miami. Cabrera is working on Sanchez but might not be enough. Garcia is the REAL stud. Played 90% of the time in Lakeland-- a blanking HORSE!!! And they will also plug Castellanos into LF and may have the worst defensive lineup in baseball history. Watch Infante. He has accelerated the OCD stuff and El Gordo is a Fruit Cake. But we all know Leyland will be called a genius if they win. Al,ways helps to have GREATEST pitcher in the game, greatest hitter in the game, RBI monster and Fister and Mad Max. 2 great players, All-Star CF, rbi machine at 4th spot and very good 2 and 3 starters is a very good start to genius.


Don't be shocked if A-Rod is at thirds base for the Marlins.
Playing in the heat at the dome in 76 degrees beats 40-50 degrees. When you get older the cold bothers you more. The Yankees pay A-Rod and the Marlins pay Heath Bell on the trade. And give them John Buck and pay him. A no -brainer. A-Rod will sell more tickets by accident than those other two clowns will sell on purpose. He won't get booed down here.

Something interesting to think about.


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