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Valentine, Lowell not candidates to replace Guillen

     Eliminate Bobby Valentine and Mike Lowell from the list of prospective replacements for fired manager Ozzie Guillen. Sources said Valentine is definitely not a candidate and Lowell said in an email response that, at this time, he is not interested in managing. Jeff Conine said a month ago that he, too, was not interested in managing at this time.

      "For me, managing is not on my agenda at this time," said Lowell, a popular former Marlin. "I continue to root for the Marlins and wish them great success."

      Valentine, who was recently dumped as manager of the Red Sox after one season in Boston, has also been ruled out, a source said. Loria wanted Valentine as his manager in 2010 when Fredi Gonzalez was fired and again last fall when the Marlins looked to replace Jack McKeon. Guillen ended up landing the job instead.

       Mike Redmond, a former backup catcher for the Marlins who managed last season at Single A Dunedin (Toronto Blue Jays) is a candidate. Others will also be interviewed, but no announcement is expected to be made until after the completion of the World Series.

       Guillen wasn't the only member of the field staff to get the heave-ho on Tuesday.The Marlins also decided not to retain hitting coach Eduardo Perez, pitching coach Randy St. Claire, first base coach Gary Thurman and bench coach Joey Cora.

       The Marlins plan to bring back infield coaching guru Perry Hill, who underwent knee surgery to correct a problem that led to his resignation.


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

Hmmmm, maybe if we knew more details about the clubhouse culture that displeased King Loria, we might have a better idea of who the next manager will be or at least the type His Majesty is looking for.


Of course they're out, both Conine and Lowell know exactly who they would be dealing with, and they want none of it.


And oh man, did I read that right? EDUARDO PEREZ DISMISSED? Damn it's a happy day for Marlins fans.


Todd Bowles and his beaty eyes will fix this. Worry not
Is Lacheman available???


Maybe the issue is and only the front office? i have been following the Marlins for 9 yrs as a New Englander, and unfortunately at the time, great talent started to get traded. And every year I have adjusted my likes to the new players and coaches. Then they get traded or fired? and still year after year the result are pretty much the same since 2003. So how many more players or management will the Marlins give up on. They are killing their fan base. As of right now I really don't care who they put into the management position or which new players they get, because no matter what it will never be right for the front office and quit frankly I think it has become a sad and exhausting trend from the ownership year after year. And maybe the moral of the team has been shot and that is why they are not producing like they should. Who would? I wish the Marlins would pull it together as an organization and show their fans that they are dedicated to their players and staff. Being from New England all my life and Marlins fan, no one ever stays longerterm with the team, like the teams around here.


About time

Stan M

Here's one vote for Brad Ausmus.

earl coombs

Here's one vote for Miller Huggins

Flav C.

Here's one vote for Jim Riggleman.


Here's one vote for folding the franchise and having a dispersal draft. It would only go for about 16 picks--counting minor leaguers. Guillen would be a great 3B coach for the Tigers. I LOVE Venezuelans.

Earl, Huggins is a great choice. In his current condition he has more "substance" than Loria and The Vertically Challenged One.

Stanton would look real good hitting between Cabrera and Fielder. Sorry!!! Not suppose to say "cabrera", meant to say the 3B with limited range. Better???


Ron Hassey will get the job.


Good for him. Just the thought of Ozzie getting his 7.5 million makes my heart sing with joy. I hope he comes to acouple of games. sits near Loria, heckles him and then beats the crap out of him. Now that would draw some people.

Hey Bozo and Dwarfy, how about Stanton for Boesch and Porcello??

Flav C.

Hassey? Really? C'mon george, you gotta be kidding me.

The Hammerheads sucked under Hassey the two seasons he managed them. And then the Marlins moved him to NOLA and the team sucked some more. Oh boy, say it ain't so.


Eduardo Perez also let go. I am sure there are plenty of other teams that want him. Randy St Claire also let go. No loss there. Joey Cora let go but that was to be expected as he is a team with Ozzie. Gary Thurman, first base coach let go too. Never really new what his full function was. Joe Espada remains I guess. Now they need to clear out the front office and scouting department. Better yet, sell the team.




Laurel and I had a good talk earlier and I couldn't come up with the word "Contraction" meaning "Fold the Hell out of that team', but I knew he would come up with the word. Laurel is a very gracious man. I suggested he be the new manager and work for 75,000 and I would be his bench coach and work for free. he thought it should be the other way around because he could see me as more entertaining in arguments with the umpires. I didn't ask him if he would work for free as bench coach?

Sorry about Perez.I wanted him as manager, just for the fun on the Blog. Does this mean Doggy gets canned as well and loses his position as------just what the Hell is his position? His nickname suggests he needs to be walked 4 times a day.


Some individuals on this Blog don't like my use of pejorative expressions to describe members of the Marlins organization. I guess these individuals believe the Marlins hierarchy deserve the same respect as normal human beings. I have tended to disagree with that but in the interest of sensitivity and civility I have moderated my labels of The Buffoon, Dwarf and The Brain Trust, however, in light of this recent move and recall of past moves, I would suggest that anyone who does not like my jargon to just skip over the posts bearing my name. I plan on being even more creative in my labeling of these "individuals" in the future. My political sensitivity when it comes to Horses Bottoms is limited. You will not hurt my feelings by ignoring my posts, realize I have started doing the same with certain parties. I comment for some people who have way too much of a life to ever respond to a Miami Marlins Baseball blog. If you like it fine, if you don't spend 3 weeks telling me about it. Hard to believe I took this long to discover Facebook and Tweets which makes all this stuff seem to be almost medievil.


meant to fart...AMEN...goodnite

Stan M

LB, I always thought that Pat Buchanan was Agnew's mouthpiece. Learned something.

Lou, your becoming part of the coaching staff is a great idea. Your positive outlook on virtually everything would be refreshing.

Flav C.

Lou, keep the pejoratives coming. They're fun.

Jose D. Manzanares

I think Loria should be fire, we need a real owner who does not try to micro manage a team knowing very little about baseball, a guy like the owners of San Luis, Dolphins, San Francisco, who stay the course, does not make unreasonable moves, and make a decission to wait to develop the team and do not jump ship every year if the team does not do what you want. Right now if they did not go crazy they could have Hanley at third, Morrison at first base, bonifacio at center, and they can put Pertterson at left and we have a very good team. I think they got a very good deal out of the Detroit trade, but nothing out of Pittsburg, San Luis, and even thou Lee did very well as a rental, we lost a future third baseman because they could not wait. They should fire now the whole front office, and find a general manager that knows what he is doing.

Mr. B

The Marlins scouting staff needs a wholesale change. Their results over the past 10 years have been dismal at best. Not one Marlins first round pick has proven worthy of that status (with the jury still out on the last 3. That is the major issue plaguing the team right now. The farm system is lacking depth. The Latin American scouting has been quite poor, with almost 0 returns shown. When the owner realizes that he needs new front office people to revamp the scouting and start with a bottom up approach, then this team will have a chance at even semi-relevance.

Jose D. Manzanares

I have an excellent solution for the Marlis problem, the people of South Florida should not go to the game, since under the agreement for the stadium they can't move the team for 20 years, if no one goes to the stadium Loria will be force to sell the team, because the League wont allow him to run the team with minor leaguers, and he does not ahve the money to lose 20 or 45 millions every year. That way we get an onwer who will put a team that could take two or three years to develop, but wont change it every two years if it does not do what they want inmediately. Boicot the Marlins lets get rid of Loria!

Mr. B

The problem with that is Loria also has to pay a large amount of money if he sells the team. He has no incentive. He doesn't care if fans don't show. He'll keep collecting the revenue sharing dollars and laugh all the way to the bank. I think I hear him laughing from New York now.

Stan M

Mr M,
Flav would probably know much better than I, but with a payroll of 80 million or so, Loria's days of collecting revenue sharing money could be over.

To repeat myself from a couple of days ago, Beinfest should give Loria an ultimatum. Either stop meddling or I quit. Should he have to quit, any self respecting GM brought in would want the same autonomy. Loria would have to promote one of his present psychophants and that will be a public relations disaster. We can't get rid of Loria for a couple more years, but maybe this would at least contain him.

Spent nearly 12 hours yesterday getting my wife admitted to a hospital. Was in no mood for a lengthy post. Am leaving fot there after this one.

Ausmus was a catcher with a great reputation. He is very intelligent, think he graduated from Dartmouth, is Jewish which might draw some fans from that sector, and as a first year manager, would be cheap. Andre Dawson might be a good alternative and I'm assuming that neither Conine nor Lowell want the job.

At least he dumped all the right coaches. Now for the big trade. That will come before or instead of any big free agent signing in my opinion.

Flav C.

Stan, I wish a fast recovery to your wife.

Marlin Fan

Stan , hope your wife is doing well. My prayers are with you both


Stan, Did not know anything about your wife until this instant. I wanted to rush and say I hope she is doing well. I still don't know what happened but will reread the posts.


I'm a fan of Lowell but c'mon now, I think he's managed his kids t-ball team at best!

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