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World Series champion Giants were no match for Marlins

        It's not easy unearthing positives for the Marlins from their train wreck of a 2012 season, but here's one: they dominated the San Francisco Giants. Yep, the Marlins went to town on the Giants, who swept the Detroit Tigers in four games to capture their second World Series title in three years.

        The Marins went 5-2 against San Fran, sweeping a three-game series in northern California and splitting a four-game set at Marlins Park. All seven games were played in May, the one month in which the Marlins fooled everyone by making it look as though they might be legitimate, and four of the Marlins' wins were one-run decisions.

        The only opponent the Marlins did better against: the Padres. The Marlins went 5-1 vs. San Diego.

        The only opponent that gave the Giants more trouble was the Nationals, who won five of six from San Francisco.

         All of which goes to show, May doesn't mean diddly.


         With the World Series over in quick fashion, the Marlins are now at liberty to name a new manager. However, word is they intend to interview more candidates beyond the three (Mike Redmond, Bryan Price and Larry Bowa) they spoke with last week.


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Marlins HR Dept.

Marlins are taping an info-mercial today called 'Who Wants to Be A Manager'....to save money ,it will run from mid-nite to 5am...call 800MARLINSUCK to apply

Sean West' Redux

Marlins sign Baseball Americas #1 rated Independent League prospect LHP Kevin Gelinas...who the eff is he?


Anyone else concerned about a "yearly" Storm of the Century? I was thinking maybe those silly scientists with no vested interset in their pronouncements may have been on to something, But NAH!!! it's just perfectly normal fluctuations in weather patterns. Just because we are approaching circumstances that have not occured in recordeed history is no cause for concern--Right?? Right??

erin go braless

heard the yearly 'Storm of the Century' was back in March when officials for the NYC Gay Pride Parade wouldnt let Samson enter his Marlins Rainbow Float into the St.Patricks Day Parade advertising the new uniform. Samson threw a hissy fit and got his panties in a wad, as he was accused of robbing Peters to screw Patricks.


GENIUS!!!!!!! We would be FRIENDS!!!!!


he is top prospect under 25 , not the best prospect. he was drafted in the 45rd in 2009 and in the 44rd in 2010 I think he seems more like a minor league lefty to see if he develops into lefty releiver had 29 k's with 5 walks in 23 innings out of university santa clara in cali


check this article on marlins managment. in the sun http://www.sun-sentinel.com/sports/miami-marlins/fl-miami-marlins-1028-20121027,0,5334802.story , I just watched tank kings for the first time when samson takes a bat to the plexiglass. It would of been cool if it bounced of his head the way that guy was acting.

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