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AUDIO: Mike Redmond introduced as Marlins new manager

Here is the sound from this afternoon's press conference introducing Redmond.

AUDIO: Marlins introduce Mike Redmond as their new manager

Opening statement from Larry Beinfest, President of Baseball Operations...

"We had an interesting, productive interview process, several viable candidates who could be sitting here today as manager of the Marlins. But it was our first interviewee who was Mike Redmond that stands out for a variety of reasons.

"A lot of you know him as a player, as Red, as the Red Zone when he used to flair balls into right field off left handed pitching and help the Marlins teams of the 90s and 2000s win a bunch of ball games. A lot of those traits of Red the player are not only his big assets, but I think are going to shine through as a manager and that was very attractive to us was we moved through the interview process.

"I'll just hit on a couple of them. I think what really stands out is that he's genuine. Mike Redmond is Mike Redmond. He's always been Mike Redmond. He's Mike Redmond the backup catcher. He's Mike Redmond the father. There's nothing fake about Mike Redmond. He's a genuine person, genuine professional and I think it shines through every moment that you spend with him.

"Going back to his days as a player. He had confidence. Quiet confidence. Humorous confidence. Inward confidence. We asked him a question in the interview, one of the basic questions: 'Are you ready to do this?'. He said 'I was ready last year.' Confidently. That's what you want to hear. I'm ready to take over. I'm ready to lead. And I'm ready to win.

"He's a winner, he's just straight winner, been on championship ballclubs, played in the major leagues for 13 years, knows how to win, what it takes to win. There's no doubt in our mind he will impart those winning ways on our players.

"Red always found a way to get things done. I think that's an important attribute. Runners in scoring position, tough pitcher, hit the ball the other way. He'd sit on the bench for six days and maybe was a little rusty, never complained. When he got an opportunity to play again he found a way to get it done. He will find a way to get it done here -- in his own way, in his own genuine way and it's something that's very attractive to us.

"Lastly, this man is universally respected throughout baseball. Whether its the Marlins that know him here in the front office or players and and coaches to alumni of the Marlins who played with him to the Minnesota Twins who played with him to the Toronto Blue Jays that have worked with him or played under him as a manager and a coach. I think to a person it would be hard to find anyone who doesn't like Mike Redmond, doesn't respect Mike Redmond, doesn't root for Mike Redmond and who isn't going to support Mike Redmond.

"I think this is a major win for us in a lot of ways in that Mike is going to have so much support from a variety of people he's touched in the game including this front office. It's going to be tough for him not to succeed. And we believe for all the right reasons and the person who he is that he will succeed in what he does.

"So Red, it's great to have you back. We have some significant challenges ahead, but I can't think of a better person to tackles those challenges with."

Mike Redmond's opening statement...

"First of all I want you guys to know I had a little media training this morning and I want you to know they advised me to keep my clothes on for this press conference.

"First of all, it's hard for me to express in words how happy, how excited I am to come to the organization where I was able to start my career as a player, signing in 1992, coming in as a player, 21-years old. To come full circle now and be able to lead this team is pretty amazing. To come back to the Marlins family, I'm super excited about that and can't wait to get started.

"I definitely would like to thank my rock, my wife Michelle, my kids Ryan and Mook. Without their unwavering support and love throughout baseball I wouldn't be here today. I'll tell you when I retired as a player it didn't take too long before I took a manager's job. My wife as we say in the game -- she's a gamer. She gets it. Thanks honey.

"Finally, to the fans, things are going to get better. I can't wait to get started. Anyone that knows me, especially the guys in this room you understand my passion, you understand my loyalty. I will give every ounce of effort out on that field. Like Larry said, I'm going to get it done.

"I made some phone calls to the players. They're excited and I think that's what it's all about. We need to put the focus on the players playing baseball, coming to the park every day ready to compete, ready to win. I'm going to create a great environment for these guys so when they get to the park they can wait to go out there and compete. I feel like the fans are going to feel every bit of that."


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brett hayes is gone picked up by the royals. I guess buck is here to stay woo hoo yes baby !!!!! multi million back up yeah baby!!!!! hope we trade lomo for a pitcher.


Good to see Mike Redmond again. I'll let the haters hate but I'm actually happy to see a former Fish player as a manager. Check with me in July and I may sound different however. ha ha


Some baseball scouts reports on Redman... "he's very similar to Fredi Gonzalez"...I recall some of our longtime posters here didn't care much for Fredi's style of play. So here we are...back to Fredi Ball.

Good Luck Mike...get us back to the playoffs!


Trader Jack described Redmond as a guy who kept everybody loose. Kinda like the fruit cup from the clubhouse kitchen, I guess.

loosey goosey

when you know you've got a last place team,looking up at the rest of the NL east, loose is the way to play. whats the worst that can happen


genuine and nothing fake about Redmond...so how does he fit in here as an employee of the snake in the grass marlins front office?


He fits in because they know they can treat him like a back-up catcher, greatful to get a shot ,speaking only when spoken to, be seen and not heard, and be happy with it.

that's the story

Is it true that Ozzie knew he had Loria by the balls with his contract? that Ozzie and the FO hated each other by August..that Ozzie let his kids on the field and in the clubhouse,so much so that they thought they owned the place...that Ozzie quit managing in July and made his coaches do all the work..that Ozzie knew he scammed Loria going in and is laughing his ass off now.


sounds about right

Flav C.

sounds like ozzie "after Castro" incident.


Flav...right again... lets turn the page...best part of Redmond is he's a breath of fresh air...with no baggage...cant wait till spring..


I still have awhile so really haven't got into the Buclet List stuff,however, I would put right at the top Ozzie getting field level seats next year and aggravating Loria and Samson to the point where Ozzie beats the Hell out of both of them right on top of the aquarium. Now that might be #2.


would actually pay to see that


good luck Houston Astros, they just added Eduardo Perez as Bench Coach. now he can help everybody on the Astros instead of being limited to helping the hitters like he did in 2011-2012 with the Marlins, :)

solly hemus

Ironic...the hitting coach is John Mallee the guy he replaced with the Marlins . New manager Bo Porter must be doing Tony Perez a favor ,from their days with the Marlins. Go figure.


It looks like the Marlins might be bad for baseball, seeing how their failure is now spreading into the Astros clubhouse.


Also, weren't they supposed to announce the rest of their coaching staff last Friday too? On their website it still shows St. Claire as pitching coach, Joey Cora as bench coach, and doesn't even list a hitting coach.

the Fat Lady

Marlins are canvassing the circuses for coaches ,to see who will work for peanuts.

Claude Kirchner

One vote for Emmett Kelly for pitching coach.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

We want Bobby Valentine!!! Doesn't matter in what capacity, pitching coach, bench coach, whatever ... he'll at least make the season interesting. By the end of ST, guaranteed that photos will appear of Bobby V with his arm around the shoulder of Fidel. Or he'll lambast the front office over their 2012 trades. Something like that. He'll keep things interesting around here.


Nah, that guy's a clown.
The Marlins are clearly Dumpster diving, so why not give Tatman a shot at third base. Doubt that the Rays are going to want him next year, and he might be fun to have around, even if he couldn't hit Texas with a tuba.
Nobody bit, so I will. What's #1?
(Just to set the record straight, I know what number one is, and I know what number two is. But I'm assuming you meant it in a non-scatological way.)

the scout

Not a bad idea on Tatman...He beat the Marlins twice in 11' with homers,when with the D-Backs...he could fit in with this crowd.

Waste Management

What's the difference between Dumpster diving and Demptser diving? Marlins went Dempster diving and came up with Juan Encarnacion in 02...now they just go Dumpster diving...well...you know the rest.


The posts are now making so much sense as people have moved on and are just enjoying the farcical nature of whole thing. Keep it going. Would be interesting if the COMBINED payroll for Redmond and ALL coaches comes in at less than a million.

Houston..we have a problem...

The comparison between the Astros and Marlins are ironic..both finished last 2 years in a row,new uniform rebranding and Astros using Marlins discarded coaches...except for the most important thing. Houston has a new owner..Marlins are are terminal with an inept charlatan ownership,as everyone but them knows.


There is some very interesting names on the minorleague free agent market Yangervis solarte from texas. good second baseman with glove and bat very low strike out numbers 44 in 578 atbats and some pop 11 hr in 120 games and as far as pitchers go luis angel sanz from detroit if the marlins could get him we would be robbing them for a change lol. a few relievers are pedro viola balt,buddy crlyle atl, there is also mario lisson a venezuelan second baseman kind of like infante steals bases and hits for power I can't wait to see how they build this team this year I hope they make some good desicions this year. lol


lisson is a short stop , sorry but he was the royals best defensive player in their organization once a top prospect top ten actually.

Flav C.

bababuey, at least Lisson is keeping himself in shape, playing the VWL with the Magallanes. He has more power than Infante, no doubt about it. And a lot more power than Solano. It would be interesting to see him being invited for ST, although I think this is a long shot.

sayanora  Scott

Mariners pick up Cousins on waivers from Toronto,who got him after being waived by Marlins. Toronto got buyers remore after only two weeks. Next step... Cousins learning to speak Japanese.

ex-season ticket holder

Heard a rumor that the Marlins will lose at least 5K season ticket holders from last season.Big Surprise. Not.


Marlins are selling tickets to see some guy named Joel Osteen, at Marlins Park next April. Is he a pitcher,related to former Dodger pitcher Claude Osteen? Never heard of this Joel Osteen guy. What does he do?


The lawn parking entrepreneurs in Little Havana had better jack up their prices when Osteen comes to town, because that's going to be only day this summer when their services will be in high demand.
I hope you didn't take those Lloyds of London boys up on their tantalizing offer.

Rev. Al

Loria and Samson figure that by the end of April the Marlins will be out of contention,so they're having Osteen come to Marlins Park to hold a revival for the dead Marlins fan base.


Joel Osteen is a preacher. He preaches that in spite of all the power and good that the almighty has, there is one deficiency...money. The almighty needs money.


Richie, HILARIOUS!!!! It appears the riffraff has disappeared.


Let me guess:

"Hey Lou, you're still here. The riff raff can't all be gone."

I'm going to supply the witty ripostes before the "regulars" get a chance/

still looking

Just checked out the Marlns website. They are calling Osteen's gig at Marlins Park "Americas Nite Of Hope". Osteen will be preaching from centerfield. While he's out there, Marlins should see if he can play it. Everybody else in their organization has.

still looking

riffraff got a Spring Training invite at third base


What do Marlins beat writers do with their time when there is no baseball or nothing to write about?

marlins beatwriter

Marlins are trying to trade Lomo this week. Best offer so far is a state-of-the-art Thanksgiving Turkey Fryer. If they throw in a stainless steel baster, Loria might take the deal,after checking with the Clevelander.


Maybe SloMo can be traded for a 1B coach? How many people would be willing to bet more than a $100.00 that SloMo will be ready for the start of the season. I'm going out on a limb and am going to say we will be hearing the very familiar--"SloMo is STILL experiencing some pain in his knee and we feel it advisable to give him 2 or 3 days a week off just tobe safe.

What the Marlins really need is a "Faith Healer Night" and he can lay hands on SloMo's knee,Johnson's sholder, Loria's heart, Samson and Beinfest's cranial cavities and the Marlins concession stands.

Flav C.


There is no way SloMo will be healthy ever again to play sports at a competitive level, after 2 surgeries on the same knee. He will have to play with a lot of swelling and maybe someone platooning 1B with him.

Anyway, from the Marlins perspective he is expendable and this will probably be his last season in Miami, since he is arb eligible in 2014.


Will be in Las Vegas in January. Anyone care to speculate on what the over/under for Marlins wins will be this year. I would like some advice on how many games you think the Marlins will win? I'm thinking the over/under will be 68---IF it is, do you go over or under??


Flav, This is the trouble with MLB. I agree with everything you say and especially took note of "he is arb eligible in 2014." Just think, due to the owners continued concessions to these independent contractors, you will have a guy who has been under par for waht will probably be 2 years, getting a raise just for "Being There"--Think, Peter Sellers.

Marlin Fan

Lou, I'm optimistic , take the over . I say 74-76 wins . Free agents Lee, Kearns, Zambrano and who else ? All gone . Would like Lee for insurance , but not at that salary .


with Houston moving to the American League next year, I still think Lee goes back to Houston as DH/first base. I also think he has a ranch in Texas.

Marlins fan

Lomo will be gone by August 1st. Hopefully sooner.


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