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AUDIO: Mike Redmond introduced as Marlins new manager

Here is the sound from this afternoon's press conference introducing Redmond.

AUDIO: Marlins introduce Mike Redmond as their new manager

Opening statement from Larry Beinfest, President of Baseball Operations...

"We had an interesting, productive interview process, several viable candidates who could be sitting here today as manager of the Marlins. But it was our first interviewee who was Mike Redmond that stands out for a variety of reasons.

"A lot of you know him as a player, as Red, as the Red Zone when he used to flair balls into right field off left handed pitching and help the Marlins teams of the 90s and 2000s win a bunch of ball games. A lot of those traits of Red the player are not only his big assets, but I think are going to shine through as a manager and that was very attractive to us was we moved through the interview process.

"I'll just hit on a couple of them. I think what really stands out is that he's genuine. Mike Redmond is Mike Redmond. He's always been Mike Redmond. He's Mike Redmond the backup catcher. He's Mike Redmond the father. There's nothing fake about Mike Redmond. He's a genuine person, genuine professional and I think it shines through every moment that you spend with him.

"Going back to his days as a player. He had confidence. Quiet confidence. Humorous confidence. Inward confidence. We asked him a question in the interview, one of the basic questions: 'Are you ready to do this?'. He said 'I was ready last year.' Confidently. That's what you want to hear. I'm ready to take over. I'm ready to lead. And I'm ready to win.

"He's a winner, he's just straight winner, been on championship ballclubs, played in the major leagues for 13 years, knows how to win, what it takes to win. There's no doubt in our mind he will impart those winning ways on our players.

"Red always found a way to get things done. I think that's an important attribute. Runners in scoring position, tough pitcher, hit the ball the other way. He'd sit on the bench for six days and maybe was a little rusty, never complained. When he got an opportunity to play again he found a way to get it done. He will find a way to get it done here -- in his own way, in his own genuine way and it's something that's very attractive to us.

"Lastly, this man is universally respected throughout baseball. Whether its the Marlins that know him here in the front office or players and and coaches to alumni of the Marlins who played with him to the Minnesota Twins who played with him to the Toronto Blue Jays that have worked with him or played under him as a manager and a coach. I think to a person it would be hard to find anyone who doesn't like Mike Redmond, doesn't respect Mike Redmond, doesn't root for Mike Redmond and who isn't going to support Mike Redmond.

"I think this is a major win for us in a lot of ways in that Mike is going to have so much support from a variety of people he's touched in the game including this front office. It's going to be tough for him not to succeed. And we believe for all the right reasons and the person who he is that he will succeed in what he does.

"So Red, it's great to have you back. We have some significant challenges ahead, but I can't think of a better person to tackles those challenges with."

Mike Redmond's opening statement...

"First of all I want you guys to know I had a little media training this morning and I want you to know they advised me to keep my clothes on for this press conference.

"First of all, it's hard for me to express in words how happy, how excited I am to come to the organization where I was able to start my career as a player, signing in 1992, coming in as a player, 21-years old. To come full circle now and be able to lead this team is pretty amazing. To come back to the Marlins family, I'm super excited about that and can't wait to get started.

"I definitely would like to thank my rock, my wife Michelle, my kids Ryan and Mook. Without their unwavering support and love throughout baseball I wouldn't be here today. I'll tell you when I retired as a player it didn't take too long before I took a manager's job. My wife as we say in the game -- she's a gamer. She gets it. Thanks honey.

"Finally, to the fans, things are going to get better. I can't wait to get started. Anyone that knows me, especially the guys in this room you understand my passion, you understand my loyalty. I will give every ounce of effort out on that field. Like Larry said, I'm going to get it done.

"I made some phone calls to the players. They're excited and I think that's what it's all about. We need to put the focus on the players playing baseball, coming to the park every day ready to compete, ready to win. I'm going to create a great environment for these guys so when they get to the park they can wait to go out there and compete. I feel like the fans are going to feel every bit of that."