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Buehrle: Marlins "lied" to him

      Mark Buehrle took a parting shot at the Marlins on Wednesday, saying team officials lied to him.

      "I'm upset with how things turned out in Miami," Buehrle said in the written statement. "Just like the fans in South Florida, I was lied to on multiple occasions. But I'm putting it behind me and looking forward to moving on with my career."

      Buehrle and four others players were traded by the Marlins to the Toronto Blue Jays. Buehrle, who bought a home in Broward County after signing a 4-year deal, spent only one season with the Marlins before being dealt.

      Sources said Buehrle was told he did not have to worry about being traded.

      Buehrle's agent, Jeff Berry, also issued the following statement:

      "In an off-season of change and uncertainty, the overriding factor in Mark's signing with Miami was Ozzie Guillen and the level of comfort his presence provided Mark and his family. While the Marlins were the highest bidder, baseball had already made Mark a wealthy man, so money was far from the most important factor in his decision. Throughout the recruiting process, the Marlins made repeated assurances about their long-term commitment to Mark and his family and their long-term commitment to building a winning tradition of Marlins baseball in the new stadium. This was demonstrated by their already completed signings of Ozzie, Heath Bell and Jose Reyes.

     "At the same time, given the Marlins history, we were all certainly aware of and voiced concern about the lack of no-trade protection. This is unquestionably a business, and signing with the Marlins was a calculated risk. Mark held up his end of the bargain; unfortunately, the same can't be said of the Marlins.

     "That said, Mark is a consummate professional and is looking forward to joining his new teammates in Toronto."


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

Don't know who Lou Vales is ... don't care either. If you're mistaking me for him (her), then he (she) must be a well-read fairly successful individual.

Nor do I care about what you think. If you choose to make this blog a platform for ignorance, I'm going to comment. If you can't stand scrutiny, suggest you try some romper room blog, where it's just kids like you posting. Ok, sonny?

Juan R.

DT...get lost ..beat it..take a hike..you phony greek sphincter that knows zip about MLB

Dionysus Thelxinoe

And the part of the body you're focused on relates to what YOU know about baseball.


DT, Post something spontaneously at 10:50 and maybe if we each have different little "thingamajiggs" to right of our names it will prove something. I dson't have computer acumen to know the answer to that. I'll go for 10:50 in 3 minutes.


I have the little green box that looks like a Mayan Sun God.


DT, You nailed me with that 1st paragraph at 6:42. Thanks!!!


See, I get really apoplectic as a result of using my real name and then periodically I get accused of being other people. You sound as if you matriculated at a prestigious Eastern institution, so this will be difficult, try dumbing it down and you won't be called me.


Would somebody PLEASE tell me if these repeating green boxes demonstrate that I'm in a different service area or could it just mean that I'm jumping around using different computers. That would make a lot of sense. Have the guts to use my real name and then post under an alias. Of course everyone but Mr. Deanno and myself use made up names so it is common protocol to be gutless.

Alias Smith & Jones

How do you know Deanno is a real name??? Proof???

Ari O.

DT..wow..razor sharp retort..agree with Juan R. All you do is whine, no knowledgeable thoughtful interesting MLB info. You're what's known to Greeks as a malakas. You , using a phony Greek moniker will have to look that up. In the meantime ,have some cheese with your whine, malakas.

richard lee deanno

AS&J...I, or one of my associates, will happily provide proof of identity in person once we've seen proof of yours. Your mother or father must be there for the meeting, however, if you are under 12 years old, which I suspect.


Big sale on Marlins gear this week. Can you imagine? Takes chutzpah just to keep Marlins gift shop open.


By the way, the offer REMAINS open for anyone who works in the Greenville area to drop by the remote any Thursday at the Twin Peeks Restaurant on Woodruff Rd. The show is broadcast live from 3:00 to 7:00. Anyone with the intestinal fortitude to speak into a mic will be guaranteed air time. Just ask for me. I know there are a couple of people who "pass through" Greenville on a somewhat regular schedule. Look forward to seeing you.


The only proviso would be that Marlins talk is limited to about 15 seconds. Can't put an audience that spans 100 miles from Atlanta to near Asheville into a catatonic state.

juan V

hey just read on one of the websites that orioles,yankees,redsox and other teams have contacted the marlins about stanton. If a trade were done who would you like to see in return for stanton. I prefer that he stays for his career like longoria is doing with the rays. But we all know how the marlins work so I would take orioles for manny machado and dylan bundy that would be the only offer from the orioles that would be worth it in my opinion. In lorias he would problably package nolasco and escobar in any deal and still could pick up a high priced has been to conform with the union posturing.


Marlins will end up giving Stanton away for half a dozen stiffs a la the Cabrera trade. They have proven they are clueless when it comes to judging talent and player evaluation. Beinfest and Hill would be better off just picking names out of a hat. They will probably get lucky and have better results that way.

Stan M

Were they clueless in first signing Carbera and also when they brought him up at a very young age? You did use him as an example so it's only fair to point out the obvious. Did they also misjudge Stanton's ability when they signed him. Making a trade that in retrospect turned out badly and being clueless in talent evaluation are two different things. It wasn't just the Marlin FO who thought that they did well for Carbera at the time of the trade. Now it looks like virtually all of the talent evaluators were wrong about Miller and Maybin but that wasn't the case at the time. Also, please consider that Carbera is an entirely different person than he was when traded. In my opinion, it isn't the trade that should be criticized, but rather the way the Marlin organization handled Carbera's very real problems at the time. They didn't do what Detroit obviously did. I will never understand how a team can spend millions on a talent, but refuse to spend a few thousand on giving them counseling or proper coaching when such is needed in order to protect their investment.


I forget the round Stanton was drafted in--may have been the 4th? IF the Marlins KNEW how good Stanton was going to be it would have been somewhat foolish to let him pass through all the picks in the 3 rounds plus all the supplemental picks between those rounds. I believe Stanton will develop into the greatest drug-free power hitter of last 50 years, I hope the Marlins did not know that because why take the chance of allowing 100 other selections before they take a guy who they KNEW would be this good.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, I confess it is beyond my ability to sufficiently dumb down my comments so that this cretin could understand.

And yes, you are correct, I am a product of a prestigious (read: well known) eastern institution of higher learning.


Relax, lou, stanton was drafted in the 2nd round in 2007. Let's put it this way, marlins grabbed him before anybody else in baseball. Stan is right, marlins haven't always been bad evaluators but lately they do seem brain dead.


alot of people knew about stanton at the time they thought he would be a tough sign due to his usc football scholarship commit was strong. the marlins where going to draft posey and jason heyward and both times missed by one pick and plan b stunk and do you realy think beinfast in the last ten years has been able to sign draft picks above slot value with loria it shows not only in drafts but international signings they are cheap in all parts of the game last year they made all that noise with the free agents signings but didn't compliment the line up at all juan pierre would of been a great sign last year guys like johny gomes or even cantu in the minorleagues would of been better than rowand and austin kearns. even aramiz ramirez could of done more for the line up than reyes.


Stan M ...will point out the obvious as you say. Loria and Beinfest were cluless about signing Cabrera ,because they didnt sign him. Dave D and John Henry signed Cabrera in 99' as a 16 yr old. Three years before Loria bought the team. Clueless you say? Marlins brought up Cabrera because their free agent signing of Todd Hollandsworth to play LF was going south. Cabrera took Hollandsworts place in the line-up. Who's clueless about those facts Stan M? Look in the mirror.

elia kazan

malakas---completly understand. eastern institution. sorry you had to learn your baseball at Bellvue.

DT's wife

Looked up Malakas. Whats a wanker.

herb scoreless

Does anybody have an idea how the Marlins will score any runs

Stan M

Please reread "exactly" what you wrote. You very specifically said that the "Marlins" were clueless. The word "they" in the second sentence refers to the subject in the first sentence, namely "Marlins". You don't specify who signed him or when but rather refer to the Marlin organization. Nearly anyone here knows that Carbera, and many other signings, were the work of the previous GM. It has been discussed many times on this blog, so your revelation is far from topical news. In your third sentence you mention Beinfest and Hill and any future trades. Again I respectfully say that you seem to confuse the major ideas in what you have written.

Yes, Stanton was drafted in the seond round and the Marlins passed over Heywood in the first round. No doubt Beinfest was tied to financial restrictions by our beloved owner. Stanton and Heywood would have made 2/3 of a fine OF. Ouch!

Stan M

I honestly don't give a rat's behind about your syntax and I probably shouldn't point out your mishaps in that area. So please accept my apology. What got me rattled was how you (and others) jump all over Beinfest for what I preceive as Loria's interference. Beinfest isn't the best GM in the business, but he's far from the worst. He kept this team interesting and mildly competitive for years when our beloved owner would't spend an extra dime. Of course the Carbera trade didn't work out. But at the time it looked like the team had dumped a lazy, out of shape, alcholic for 2 front line prospects and others. Virtually all on this blog wanted Hanley gone under any circumstances, and considering his recent performance and the salary dump involved, Beinfest did as well as could be expected. The Detroit trade looks like a steal when considering that Anibel was a goner anyway and what he now wants in compensation. I personally hated those less prominent trades where we virtually gave away useful players in order to dump salary. If Beinfest had a "normal" owner, there is little doubt (at least in my mind) that his draft picks would have been more fruitful. And these recent trades would be viewed in an entirely different context if Beinfest was now allowed to spend most of that money saved on free agents. That 30 million or so could attract some very useful talent Does anyone think that it was Beinfest who lied to the recent free agents? Maybe, but my money is on Loria. I wish the traded players would be more specific. Ibelieve Del Gado directly named Loria as the liar. Beinfart, my whole defense is based primarily on the entire FO having its hands tied by the most corrupt owner in baseball. You and others might disagree, but I hope you can at least see where my argument is coming from.

al z heimers

senility has set in

juan v

I agree one thing as a gm in all baseball beinfast is respected but his ownership realy puts restraints on his abilities you cn't go into negotiations whith a high priced player and expect to come of good without giving money or absobing a contract especially when you have wholes in the line up everywhere. like with hanley you absorb a contract and you get a prospect at a higher caliber than eovaldi and then you trade chaote for another prospect or bullpen help a lefty releiver is a good chip to trade especially with the numbers chaote had against lefties they where better off keeeping him than throwing him in so the dodgers would eat hanley's full bill. So this is why the problem is the owner not the g.m a smart owner would let beinfast work with a budget for three years not raise it then slash it in half then next year he has no leverage to work with as far as free agents go no one will sign unless they give a no trade clause and even then not alot of players will like the revolving door that miami is creating . as far as trade market goes teams know they are desprate to drop contracts ala lowell,willis and many more. teams give up middle prospects get a good player and an established vet that ends up helping the franchise like lowell for the redsox


The Metropolitans are salivating at the thought of Stanton in right. Let's have a contest--and one among us saves all the comments everyone posts so he can verify the results--2 parts to the contest. The Day and month Stanton gets traded anywhere and as a tiebreaker: an evaluation of what the return will be. If you rate the return in players to be a 3, we will rely on bloggers to judge if you were correct.

I say Stanton is traded March 23, 2013 to an American League team and the value of players received in return will be a nice Loria like 4.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, I honestly don't think Loria can afford to trade Stanton at this point, simply because of the negative reaction already received and how that would amplify exponentially against him ... from ALL sides ... if he were to trade his most talented player (unless he received more than 1 in return, not likely though).


Tend to agree with the Greek chick above. Loria knows that trading the team's only remaining draw would bring heat from all directions, including the commish's office. My guess is he will keep Stanton through 2013 and try to bring in Cody Ross to lure fans who still remember Cody fondly.


A lot of talk about boycotting the Marlins, etc., and I feel like boycotting the Marlins too because these people make me sick. As long as everybody realizes that there is no way that boycotting the Marlins and refusing to go to games is going to "teach Loria a lesson." It's just going to make him look for new ways to save money and totally wipe out any hope fans have left that he will sign Stanton long-term or that he will spend any money at all to make the team better. So maybe we should boycott, but everyone has to know that we're just kicking ourselves in the nuts when we do. Also, I feel sorry for the new young players who will be playing before 5,000 people a game. None of this is their fault. Look at poor Tom Koehler, trying to raise money for storm victims up north and can't even get anybody to sign up for his baseball camp. No matter what you do, it's always the wrong people who get hurt and people like Loria go on wallowing in money. Nothing we as fans can do will hurt his lifestyle.


Stan, amen on Cabrera. Poorly played by the FO, Beinfest had his hands tied and its long ago water under the bridge. And Beinfest remains well respected within the game while Loria well, he's a joke ruining it for most. Juan, I think you hit it with Bundy and Machado, at this point Machado seems to be can't miss and Bundy remains a 20yr old pitcher so there are many question marks there.

I hate waffling as I've said previously the Marlins might as well trade Stanton TODAY while he is years from FA and his value will never be higher. He will surly walk as soon as he's able to while laughing at us all when he collects huge sums in arbitration. There is no point on holding onto him another couple of years while piling up 100 losses. But at the same time the cycle has to one day end or else two years down the road Loria flips Bundy and Machado and here we go again.

Lastly, to the genius who thinks its so easy to hit everytime on the no. 1 guy, Mike Trout lasted until about the 20th overall pick,me thinks 19 other GMs are smacking themselves silly! And the classic head scratcher, Tom Brady went where, the 6th round? It happens, ugh the stomach ache that is being a "fan" of the Marlins.

boycott the Marlins

Boycott all things Marlins.Go to Marlins facebook page..over 200 people boycotting the Marlins...just the begining.

who gives a rat's asssssss

South Florida started boycotting the Marlins years ago. It's called apathy.


Now help me with this one---Beinfest is well respected in the game and YET he chooses to remain under Loria's thumb in South Florida where he has been emasculated to the point of being a hermaphodite?? You would think a man as well as well respected as Larry Beinfest would not have to spend his career in a state of suspended animation. In your careers IF you knew you were well respected would you have left for another job OR remain under the control of a meglomaniac?

Dionysus, AND I'm not being facetious!!!, I believe there are 2 words I grossly misspelled in this post. I'm too tired to look them up, would you PLEASE make the corrections. Like your posts and don't leave!! If you stay, I can go into semi-retirement from this blog.


Dear DT, I must respectfully disagree with your remarks about Stanton. You and many other continue to see Loria as a stable, lucid and cogent businessman who will do the FINANCIAL right thing. I have not seen him inthat light for a very long time. He is a petty little man(Not as diminutive as Samson) who will not tolerate an iota of criticism. Stanton has spoken out and he will now be gone and SOONER rather than later. The little man will not abide anything but abject worship of his "decisions", just the idea that ANYONE would spend anytime with Loria due to financial rewards is a gross and disgusting thought.

the Po-Po

Dionysus went to the theater ,indulged in excessive wine and ecstasy, and hopefully will not be heard from anytime soon. Wont be missed.


Just noted that Gaby Sanchez is arbitration eligible. Just the fact that if the Bucs are foolish enough to offer him arbitration that he will actually get a raise, is enough to demonstrate to anyone the foolishness of this system. That a player can profit while tanking and hanging around sounds very similiar to a system that was very popular in the USSR for over half a century. Have often considered it hilarious that people can be very averse to socialism---JUSTIFIED---however they believe this type of system has any real connection with free market tenets. Now the owners did sign the paperwork that enabled this system to exist but if they hadn't signed off on the tenets of the Great Mahatma, Marvin Miller, and Donald Fehr, you can bet your bottom that the "Job Creators" would have been castigated for depriving the American people of baseball for a period of time. I bet they all wish now that they would have BUSTED the 1 union in America that really deserved to be busted. However, we will criticize policeman, firemen, teachers and any other group providing a REAL public service and yet call out those nasty owners of sports teams who would deprive the Mike Hamptons, Don Gullets and other broken down clowns of guaranteed deals. And PLEASE no more--"These are entertainers", ask most people around America if they were sufficiently "entertained" by the "performances" of some of their "leading men."


Gee, Lou, you've suddenly realized unions allow unproductive workers to prosper? Apparently takes some people longer to catch on.


Marvin Miller should be in the HOF

Flav C.


Until robots can learn how to throw a curveball, or field close to 1.000, or even hit homeruns, doing all of this for free, I think owners will have to stick with human beings as baseball players.

But I'm quite sure people (you included) would not feel "entertained" by robots playing baseball.

Ops...did I say "entertained"? Sorry, Lou.

If you don't feel "entertained" by these players, you always have an option: Turn off your TV.

And as far as asking most people around America if they were or have been sufficiently entertained by the performances of some of their leading men, there is no need. Baseball TV/Internet audiences have increased year over year. Same with stadium attendance.

The only hiccup was this last World Series, which had one of the lowest audiences over the last few years.
A complete lopsided Series could explain that.

Mostly because of the bad "performance" of some "leading men" in Detroit.

As far as the Mike Hamptons, Don Gullets, and other broken down clowns, you don't have to feel bad for the owners if they don't produce and still have a guaranteed deal. In their financial spreadsheet they already have that included in the "Loss" column.

I just think it would be unfair to compare Gaby Sanchez with most of them, since he actually plays every single play (be it on the minors or majors), has one of the most efficient fielding percentage in the MLB as 1B, and had 2 fairly good seasons (2010 and 2011) with the Marlins.

Bottom line - Owners, TV, Advertisers, Sponsors, Internet, Players, MBLPA, hundreds of thousands of employees who depend on Baseball to have their jobs, Charity Foundations led by MLB and several other Charity Foundations that were created by players to help their communities .. They are all happy.

Guess you are the only unhappy in this picture, Lou.


Flav, I have no problem with "entertainers" being paid whatever the market dictates. It's only when a system is in place that guarantees the "entertainers" can continue to be paid for YEARTS if they break down that I have trouble. I understand perfectly well that the owners brought this upon themselves with frequent capitulations to Fehr(Just doing his job),however, if you really believe this is what Adam Smith had in mind when he spoke of the "invisible hand", I really believe you should do some more research. I get the owmers must now pay for their stupidity and cowardice in the face of work stoppages but to believe they acted in their own best interests by prostating themselves to Fehr is laughable. I was only referencing Gaby in regard to the laughable arbitration system that guarantees a raise even if you sit out 150 games with an injury. Gaby is obviously not broken down. He just can't play, BUT if the Buccos are actually dumb enough to offer arbitration he will get a raise for hitting around .200. By the way, as soon as college football and the NFL start playing, MLB takes its rightful place as the 3rd(maybe 4th) most popular and viewed sport in America. I understand the NFL and MLB are different animals when it comes to injuries. Yet I still think the NFL with its "guaranteed money" in conjunction with money for actually playing is much more in line with the American view of capitalism than the Pavanoism practiced by Major league Baseball.


Another "By the way", The NFL and NBA have salary caps because the owners in those leagues had the intestinal fortitude to not capitulate. It's ironical that MLB(that I love the most) ranks a distant 3 in popularity to both the NFL and the NBA and yet MLB has the most corrosive labor deal among the 3. You all know where baseball is going as far as those 25 and under. Once again let me state--I LOVE baseball, I just find abhorrent a system that literally requires teams to bid for a guy--especially above 30---who they KNOW will break down well before contract terminates. NO other businbess in America works this way as far as competition. Al Pacino suffers a stroke halfway through a movie----Al does NOT get paid. Now studio will have applied for insurance to cover that or any other contingency to cover THEMSELVES but Al is out of luck, unless he also negotiated some kind of deal with Lloyd's or someone. That is capitalism. MLB is something that would be foreign to anyone from Smith to Keynes to Galbraith(not a DP combo), it is a crazy system whenever people are compensated while not performing. You can apply for disability insurance on your own, but NOWHERE except baseball is disability insurance not needed even in the cases of Pavano, Rivera, Nathan, Hampton and a myriad of others.


The more I think about this, I may reconsider opinion of Loria. He's making money, he has all the dumb deals off of the books and he is being literally compensated by teams making deals to 30 year old guys for 8 years. I think if baseball stats have told us anything, it's that when you reach 31, you have already started a decline as a position player and yet The Tigers give an obese, late 20's 1B a deal that carries him through his late 30's. NUTS!!!

juan v

I am problably more interested on the marlins double a team next year than the big club you got yelich,fernandez,ozuna,heaney,nicolino,conely,urena and some other prospects other guys that can help the club in 2013 or 14 in a way it feels like 2004 all over again but with a better stocked farm system more arms and outfielders than anything.but still a pretty good foundation you can boycott the marlins all you want.the expos fans did loria didn't mind. you can say he won't trade stanton but he will and the league will back him . because the reason beinfast is respected is because he can have a competetive team with about the same amount the yankees pay aroda year. he did dump the whole team but if you add up the way the farm looks right now and the players they have now it does look like in two years they can be a peice away ala oakland and baltimore I was mad at the fact they dumped it all away in a year but these are the marlins they rebuild when it gets pricey the red sox did last year the yankees will have too do it next year and the dodgers in 4 years will problably do it to.


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