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Catcher John Buck said new manager Mike Redmond is well respected in Marlins clubhouse

Part of the reason Mike Redmond was hired to be the Marlins next manager was because of how well owner Jeffrey Loria, President of Baseball Operations Larry Beinfest and the rest of the Marlins front office know him from his playing days. 

But the 41-year old former Marlins catcher doesn't have quite the same familiarity with the players he'll now be managing. Although Redmond played through the 2010 season, he left the Marlins after the 2004 season. Josh Johnson, the longest tenured pitcher on the Marlins staff, didn't get big league call up until 2005.

Catcher John Buck never played with Redmond, but they crossed paths plenty in the American League Central when Buck was with the Royals and Redmond was with the Twins from 2005 to 2009. And although Buck still had yet to speak with Redmond as of Thursday afternoon, Buck said he was happy to hear Redmond had been hired as the Marlins new manager.

"I'm definitely excited about it," said Buck, who said he missed his new manager's phone call earlier Thursday morning because he was in the gym. "I spoke with Joe Mauer when we were at the All-Star Game [in 2010] and I remember asking him specifically about Redmond because he was in our division and he came across as one of those intelligent guys who stayed in the game because he was really smart and not because he was athletically gifted.

"Joe had nothing but praise for Mike and went on and on about how much he had learned from him. Selfishly I'm pretty excited to work with him."

Buck said he's heard from other players around the league that when Redmond "is on the field he's all business." But Buck said he's also heard stories about how Redmond likes to have fun and keep things light.

In 2003, when the team was struggling and then manager Jeff Torborg was fired, Redmond had a unique way of breaking the Marlins' losing streak -- he took batting practice in the cage wearing nothing but spikes and batting gloves.

"Catchers take fastball off our private parts for a living. We're not all there sometimes," Buck said laughing. "I know he likes to have fun, but he's also one of those last dying breeds of the old school world -- that rough nose guy who likes to get dirty and grind things out. Right away there are a lot of guys on our team who I know have respect for him."

As for the Marlins former manager Ozzie Guillen, Buck said he still hasn't spoken to him because Guillen was in Europe recently. But Buck said he still intends to call and talk to Guillen.

Buck said there was definitely a sense of surprise in the Marlins clubhouse when Guillen was fired last week "because he had three years left on his contract."

"I think a lot of us didn't want him to go for the simple fact we felt we were the ones who underachieved," Buck said. "In our clubhouse we have the type of guys who aren't going to deflect the blame on the manager. That's what makes a lot of guys on our team special. We basically failed last year and we know it. We need to get better.

"Unfortunately, Ozzie was the recipient of all of that. It kind of fell on his shoulders and I think that's where a lot of guys hated to see him go."

Buck said many Marlins are happy infield coach Perry Hill is being brought back. Buck said he hasn't heard who the Marlins will hire as the hitting coach, pitching coach and bench coach, but suspects Redmond was "probably calling about that."

"He eats, sleeps and drinks baseball and then dreams about how he can make his guys better," Buck said of Hill. "It's like having a dad on the team. Players on every team love him. He legitimately cares to make you better."


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Buck is the poster boy for the epitome of Marlins failure. Great spokesman for the overpaid non producing stiffs in MLB. The face of Marlins embarassment. Will look forward to the day when Marlins fans can say good riddance to Buck.

Fish Fan

Buck will be a great manager someday and will be remembered as a MLBer with so-so #'s, but great leadership.


Hopefully with Redmond managing, Brantley will greatly improve his defense as catcher. Hopefully with a new hitting coach, whoever that eventually is, Buck and Brantley will improve their hitting. Mr. sub-.200 Buck definitely needs improvement.


Too bad Buck SUCKS.


Now if he could teach them to hit like he did against Tom Glavine they'll be okay.


I'll give Redmond one season tops - the Marlins ownership is a mess and he'll be the next to take the fall.


buck comes across as a big kiss up don't he. he wants some playing time with the new manager.


I want to see improvements with LoMo. I still think he is key to any success and we still have the issue of 3rd base next year with a really thin FA market on 3rd. I remember watching Mike Redmond truck his butt around the bases for an inside the park HR. Always loved his hustle and grit.


Lomo needs to gomo...another over-rated stiff that the Marlins will trot out there because he's CHEAP. Anybody that thinks Lomo is anything more than his stats have already proven is suffering from Loria delusional disorder and should seek professional help.


petey...What is it that you dont like about Lomo? His .250 BA, or his hitting under .200 w/RISP, or his stellar defense? Lomo is great, just ask him. Or Beinfest.

Marlin Fan

I'm not sold in Lomo either . I like Redmond , yes he may be Loria's whatever , but I think the team will respond to him .
I saw the AFL guys from the Marlins. Of course Yelich, alittle surprised with Realmuto , the new INF we picked up from Arizona , and I believe, two pitchers ? Why no Fernandez ?? Who are these other guys ?

Flav C.

Marlin Fan, one of the guys is OF Kyle Jensen who is on a very good streak and put on quite a show today in the AFL. I saw him playing last season in Jupiter and he was on fire. He struggled for half of the season in 2012 and went hot again from August on. We might seem him being invited for ST. He has lots of power. And strikes out a lot too. A good hitting coach could do wonders for this kid.

The Marlins has 4 pitchers in the AFL. Most are being showcased for possible trades, but a couple of them show good talent, like Brian Flynn (came in the Aniba/Infante trade) and Grant Dayton.

On a side note to Clark, I heard Reid Cornelius is being touted as the new pitching coach. Any truth on that?

Camera Mike

I would have preferred a manager with more experience but it has been great reading how well respected Redmond is around the league, and I am far more impressed with the compliments from Fredi Gonzalez and other managers then I am of Buck's. hopefully Redmond can help Brantley so he can become they everyday catcher.

Don V. Accardo

Redmond will make a good puppet for Loria and his marionettes Samson and Beinfest...meanwhile they will be looking up from last place for years to come. Couldnt happen to a more dysfunctional group of charlatans.

Scott Johnson

Everybody talking about John Buck needs to figure it out, He's having a rough time batting, but his defense is superior. A great catcher takes much more than batting. Watch the guy play and you'll see him take control of the game the same way Mickey Cochrane does. He also handles pitches like Roy Campanella. Miami needs leaders like Buck on the field.

what team are you watching?

Your right..Buck plays like two dead guys. Bucks defense stinks like these dead guys do right now.


great leader of last place teams ,two years in a row.

Stan M

Sports fans, we are stuck with Buck. He has an untradeable contract unless Miami is willing to take less in a trade or give up more. In his defense, he has been a good teammate and it has been written that he has been a good mentor to Brantley. Although not a superior catcher by any means, his fundamentals are good so remaining for the last year of his contract as our 2nd string catcher and Bradley helpmate isn't terrible. We have many other worries.

Who knows anything about Reid Cornelius? And Flav, keep that info coming about the AZ league players. Very informative. How is Yelich doing? If Brian Flynn joins our bullpen next year, that trade, which was a good one, looks even better.

sister Rose

Is Reid Cornelius related to Don Cornelius ?

Flav C.

Reid is our current bullpen coach. He used to be the pitching coach for our minor league for over several years. I remember he had Jason Vargas pitching for him with the Hammerheads and Reid said Vargas was a promising arm.

As a matter of fact, I guess Vargas was the only good pitcher in that crop of young arms in 2005 (Tankersley and Van Den Hurk were part of that crop too).

ex marlins fan

Vargas...Tankersley...VanDen Hurk....thanks for reminding fans of all the great successful pitchers that they have drafted....heard that Tank cant even make the Mets putrid bullpen and Hurk is selling pot-pourri in Amsterdam...way to go Beerfest.

Flav C.

Looks like Brett Hayes is gone, to the Royals. Not that he will be missed.

riddle me that , Fatman

If The Marlins thought so much of Redmond, how come they didnt hire him two years ago when he retired from playing , to be an up-n-coming minor-league manager in their own organization ????


Brett Hayes will be missed as much as Purple Haze at a church picnic.


riddle, the Marlins didn't hire Red right away because Toronto snatched him up very soon after he retired. He was already being courted by a few organizations before he officially quit playing, and Toronto was first to grab him, where he had 2 winning seasons.

D, Jennings

riddle ..marlins didnt get to hire Redmond before Toronto did because Loria was in Europe at the time looking to steal some modern Art from any gullible suckers he could find and Samson and Beinfest were left in their usual position of having their thumbs up their ass during their circle jerk meetings. Business as usual.


I've read this a few times this year by "different" people--"Buck is a good teammate", I'm trying to determine if I would rather have a "bad teammate" who is productive on the field OR a "good teammate" that is productive nowhere? There was a great quote by Ralph Houk who defined a "good defensive catcher and handler of pitchers" as someone who couldn't hit. Have to love the Major. First "good teammate and handler of pitchers" that I ever heard of was Jim Hegan in the 50'S. Well, this is now 2012 and catchers are expected to hit and just maybe help their battery mates by hitting the damn baseball once in awhile and either scoring or driving in runs.

I just want Buck to shut the Hell up. Buck talking about "respect" in the dugout is similiar to Kim Kardashian discussing momogamy. John------SHUT UP!!! For the Love of All That Is Holy----Shut that big fat mouth protruding under that conspicuous dome!! You blanking Mario Mendoza Dwelling "Good Teammate."

Nook Laloosh

When you're the poster boy for yet another FO mistake,knowing your so bad that they cant get rid of you because of your contract,no matter how hard they're trying...you better be available to the local beat writers for feel good quotes for their story.


Dear Nook, I would take Crash Davis over Buck anytime and between Buck and Crash, guess who would get close to Susan Sarandon?


For all the great guys with these hilarious comments--and I'm not being facetious---how do you avoid the wrath of a certain individual on this blog, even though your stuff is far more visceral than mine? I'm sure I'm going to be called out for mentioning Buck's "dome", when I am caleed out, I would just like to say to the person(and any of his entourage) "Magic Word"--the one that gets you tossed!!!!

Stan M

Lou, it is terrible that someone would call you out. You have every right to post all of the negative thoughts that enter your mind. My goodness, who is this miscreant? I for one say that there is nothing wrong with you showing the negative side of everything about this team. And you have every right to put up post after post after post of nothing but these thoughts that are possessing your consciousness. And never think that you are boring because what you have to say is redundent. If we don't hear these same things over and over, how will ever realize the creativity of their author. However, should a positive concept ever cross your plate, don't be afraid to express it. Anything positive no matter how trivial it may seem, could have some redeeming quality. We are hear to listen and approve.




Hope your wife is okay. I really do. You and your family have a wonderful life!! Invitation is still open to the big guy. Large crowd every week. Never heard back.

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