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Chuck Hernandez, Rob Leary round out coaching staff

      Add Chuck Hernandez and Rob Leary to the burgeoning list of new names on the Marlins. While the Marlins wait for Bud Selig to put his stamp of approval on their trade with Toronto, the team announced its entire coaching staff on Friday by naming Hernandez as pitching coach and Leary as bench coach.

      Hernandez was the pitching coach for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2004-05) and Detroit Tigers (2006-08), as well as the Angels. He has 31 years of professional experience, most of it spent working in the Rays, Angels and Yankees organizations. Hernandez has spent the past two seasons as an assistant coach at the University of South Florida.

      Leary has Marlins roots, having served in the organization in various capacities (catching coordinator, minor league field coordinator, major league advance scout) from 1995-2001. Leary spent 2010-11 with the Boston Red Sox as a coaching staff assistant and last year served as the Indians' minor league field coordinator.

      They join a staff for manager Mike Redmond that also includes hitting coach Tino Martinez, infield/first base coach Perry Hill, third base coach Joe Espada and bullpen coach Reid Cornelius.


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the Fonz

Wasnt that guy Chuck the brother that disappeared in Happy Days ?

Stan M

I still think that this trade must be viewed from two perspectives. From a pure baseball standpoint, it is a trade that should help both teams. The Marlins had finished last 2 years in a row and were pointing in that direction for next year as well. The farm system was one of the poorest in baseball,so thoughts of competing with the Eastern powerhouses wasn't realistic for at least several years. Attendance hadn't been anywhere near expectations so the signing of other free agents could not be anticipated. This trade has given the team a chance to be very competitive , possibly in 2013, definitely in 2014. Pitching wins pennants, and we now have a basket full of good young arms.

Unfortunately, this trade must also be considered in light of who made it. In addition to what is now a well stocked list of prospects, this team also has rid itself of mega millions. Under normal circumstances, ownership could sign either a megastar, or several mid level fill in players and stay competitive. I originally thought that this would happen for Loria is certainly no fool. However, athough clever enough to multiply his investment, he does not seem to be intelligent enough to see beyond his immediate gains and therefore seems to be incapable of long range goals.

Seleg is also a brigand of the first order as he proved in his dealings in Milwaukee. Therefore, if there is any hope that Loria could be forced to spend some of that newly found money, it will have to be the player's union that causes any change in our beloved owner's plans. Will this mongrel dare to sit out in the open at next year's games?

Jimmy Webb

Marlins Park is melting in the dark...All the sweet Teal icing melting down...Someone left the Cake out in the Rain..I dont think that I can take it...cause it took so long to bake it..and I'll never have that recipe again...

Buddy Greco

Jimmy...Good to hear you are still around. Me, too. Do you remember composing that on my piano?

Stan M

Could you explain this post of yours of a few days ago? Is it all psycho-babble or are you saying that all of us fans and fellow posters are some sort of Fanatics and can't measure up to your lofty standards. If so, it is the most arrogant piece of drivel that has ever been seen on this blog.

Marlins fans are suckers," That is a tad harsh. They are FANaticS like all people who follow sports from a purely vicarious and visceral level. They believe they have commited and it is now their lifelong obligation to share in the good and the bad. In other forms of recreation and entertainment when things are not working out for your enjoyment , you are able to dismiss the source of your anguish and move on to something else,however, if you do that with a pro sports team that makes you a bad FANatic and therefore not worthy of being a member of the club. Just like the FANaticS around the world who blindly follow a person, idea or entity without regard to the value of object of their loyalty, the FANaticS of sports teams almost view themselves as martyrs to the cause. Now they don't get the 74 virgins, in fact they really get nothing if they follow a bad team, but they do get to identify with the object of their affection and almost masochistically brag of their loyalty---FANaticS!!!!


Loria is paying them minimum wage

Stan M

Got my years wrong above. Getting too damn old. Add a year to my thought and please accept my apology.


Stan...I have to disagree with your thoughts about this trade. The Blue Jays won 73 games last season. If these prospects are as good as they say they are...they would have kept them. Loria never gave last years team a chance. They only got to play together for 4 months. The Marlins were only 7.5 games out of the second wild card when they pulled the plug on the team. I know you had blogged & favored trading major players in July. It was wrong then & it is wrong now. That team the Marlins put together last season...was a good team. A perfect storm.....injuries, bad breaks & off the field distractions combined to give that team the unexpected record they had. What we Marlin fans have to look forward to now......is a 100+ lost season.
It is time for MLB to start squeezing Jeffery Loria into selling the Marlins.


for 10 years almost Loria has been screwing with us with false promises ,and no playoffs since then. it is time for him to sell the team to the right owner. if there's something that he'll ever do right! but i know selig will let it slide with loria. cause he is like loria. they both screwed montreal.

not a Marlins fan

@Stan M ...What Lou meant to say was that marlins fans are suckers. Getting the same disappointing results over and over again . Marlinsanity.

Stan M

Your point is completely logical. I, too, hated to see Anibel go although the trade turned out to be a good one. Hanleys trade was really necessary in my opinion so I liked it in that sense. This latest megatrade, in my opinion, shouldn't be considered in conjunction with the others. What was done was done and considering what was done, I feel that this trade almost had to be done. ( now that is re done dant)I understand that my position isn't popular here (although there are some baseball people who essentially agree with me, many more take your position) We will have to have a friendly disagreement and in 2-3 years one of us will be able to say, "I told ya so."

Stan M

Tom Verducci has a piece of his article on the Marlin trade. It's so close to my take that it looks like I was his ghostwriter...if only I could write that well!



Stan M, Talk to yourself. You are the equivalent of Loria's "house boy" or maybe Senior Citizen sentry. You are the only person in the Western Hemisphere still covering for his sizeable butt. You are the only person still holding out hope for him to spend. And I don't even know other things you are still holding out hope for.Too bad Dick Young has departed the scene or you could debate Loria, The Job Creator, with him and Charles Krauthammer. Enjoy your life!!! The relevance of responding to any questions you pose was rendered null and void by your responses to this deal. Enjoy the Fish this year, at least I know the premium for your DIRECTV MLB package is easily within your budget and it will cause you no hardship to view mediocrity. How about I don't address you and you don't address me, because I've really held back. Remember we talked that day and I believe your pseudo psycho babble is best directed toward others. You want to make it personal on this blog? I'll do it and I certainly won't call in the 5th Infantry. Some view you as the "Conscience of The Blog" and they must even apologize to you because they disagree with you concerning Loria being a cheap, pompous, impersonal BM. I apologize to you for being a hypocrite in ever having feigned interest in your drivel. Night Night, Stanley.


Stanton is gone by the end of the season. There is now no doubt. Loria and the Midget will not allow a 23 year old to talk about them as Mike has already done. Loria is a Job Creator. He created all those jobs at the new stadium---the concession workers, ushers, security, grounds keepers, scoreboard operators. He is their Supreme Commander--think Ike, however, there is no way in Hell that Fatso and Little Napoleon will tolerate anyone talking back. Mike has talked back and he will be dismissed(freed?????). Marlins, Say Good Night!!! There will really be seats close enough to the field to engage the scribes in stimulating conversations this year. Stanton has already told enough writers that he is GONE as soon as he can be GONE so just know he will be GONE sooner rather than later.

Samsons Boyfriend

Hi Lou ...Samson just told me that today is Saturday. Will check the calendar before I believe it.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan M ... your perspective on the trade would make perfect sense, except for the one basic assumption upon which you predicate your analysis, and that is that Loria is no fool. In fact, he is a very big fool. As much of a fool as Jerry Jones is over in Dallas. Just try for a moment to imagine what the Miami Heat roster would look like if Arison were making the roster and coach decisions. ARISON is no fool. He hires a basketball mind, the best he can find, then gets out of the way, except for major financial decisions. Loria will never do that. That's why they missed the post season 10 years in a row, plain and simple (to borrow Stanton's phrase). That is why this team is a disaster, and their brand, such as it is, will never recover under his ownership. Loria's ego and impulsive nature will now set about to prove the world wrong, and he is simply not capable.

Just think about it ... The Giants have Sabean, the Tigers have Dombrowski, the A's have Billy Beane, the list includes just about every successful team ... a solid GM running the baseball operation. What do the Marlins have? Jeffrey Lurid calling all the shots.

Stan M

Of course you won't/can't answer my question about your post that I copied above at 6:44 PM. The reason is simple. All of your references to Marlin fans is written as "they", never "we". In my opinion, that signifies that you consider yourself above us rank and file fans. Nothing more need be said.


"We" are a very small group. "We" dont even have mice in our pocket. "We" will survive.

Samsons Boyfriend

Lou and Stan M...great baseball minds think alike. They also disagree,from time to time.The most valuable thing,is to keep the communiction open,back and forth,and keep it civil. Respect each others opinion, and the right to disagree. Best wishes to both of you,along with your families. Happy Thanksgiving.

nancy reagan

Melky proves that cheating is good.Signs with Toronto for a 2 million dollar raise. Selig always said "Just Say YES"

Stan M

Samson's Boyfriend,
It's great to see you posting again. And I see that you too are a night owl. Your advise is understood and will be heeded. I've had my say and will cease and desist. Please stay around, you have been missed.


Lou. Stanton isn't gone by the end of the season. The team has him under salary control for the next 4 years. He not adb eligible until next year. Oh and Stan is right on all counts.


Rosenthal is reporting that the Loria gave verbal assurances to Reyes & Buehrle that they would be a Marlin long term & would not be moved when they signed their deals last year.

Stan...this trade without a doubt is a premeditated salary dumb. The Blue Jays did not trade trading their top 3 prospects in this trade. What the Marlins got in return was their long shots.

Marlin Fan

Stan and Lou , I enjoy both your posts and know the two of you has had disagreements , but A's another poster said " let's keep it civil".
I can't see the logic in the trade other than yet another salary dump. Loria will not spend money ever again . He tried it this year , got "burned "by his complete lack of understanding of baseball , and dismantled after 4
Months . He doesn't want to finish in last place ???? Well he almost guaranteed it for the next few yrs , not just next. The bottom line for him is increasing his profit WITH SPENDING AS LITTLE OF HIS OWN MONEY AS POSSIBLE. if we kept everyone , we had hopes of a competitive .500 season . Then if you dont want to pay JJ and Buerhle , trade them for a TOP 3rd baseman .

Moe The Fan

Announcement: Jimmy Webb and the great Buddy Greco will be opening for Frank Sinatra at The Sands during The Ressurection.

Stan III

This team used to be fun to watch, and having lived in florida when they started it was exciting. I was in Kansas City working a second job at a country club watching the Marlins win game seven in 1997, and watching my boss, lose all kinds of money.... Seems like yesterday. I have walked around Joe Robbie stadium looking for what we thought was a stolen car, only to realize we walked out the wrong gate after a game....I'll never forget the Chicago series, and seeing Kerry wood hit a home run, and thinking crap, we're done, Only to have Mike Lowell hit one the next Marlin at bat. Dontrell in his prime, the defense of that 2003 team, Cody, The Hammer, seeing a 19 year old take Clemens deep after being knocked down, Brad Penny, Beckett, JJ, Uggla, Piazza for a day or two....Boni hitting an in the park home run opening day a few years back....all great memories, but as of late, it's been a hard team to root for. I even liked Cantu. Stanton, well, sure he hits these homeruns, and he's "raw" but I just can't get into him as a player yet. He looks awkward in the field, maybe he will develop into a mega star, maybe not, but for some reason Trout and Harper are more fun to watch. The signing of John Buck really did me in, and now after this last fiasco, I can't call myself a Marlin fan anymore. Just not fun anymore. It was fun watching a cheap team do relatively well in an awkward stadium, now it's a crap product in a nice place. I had enough of that in KC. I might root for the Mets, a team I grew up watching. Good announcers at least. Everyone seems to be very emotional in their thinking right now, myself included. It was a nice run, some great and not so great players came through this team, fun to watch, and I really enjoy the energy Rich and Tommy add to the broadcast. It was exciting again this offseason to have the Marlins lead off sports center and to see who they were trying to sign...less than a year later they are again leading off sports center but for all the wrong reasons. The past two seasons were very hard to watch. at this point I don't care what Lomo does, or if Coughlan ever does anything. I watch Stanton and think he's a pro bowl defensive end minus the 45 lbs of muscle he would put on playing the outfield. someday I'd like to see him really get a hold of a ball. He hit's em, but it just looks like his hands are out racing the barrel of the bat, and he's not utilizing all his power. But what do I know....Like Tony Soprano said, "you're dead to me" The Miami Marlins are, I still have fond memories of The Florida Marlins. I don't know if that makes me a FANatic or not, I'll have to re read Lou's criteria, but whatever this trade is/was, it just doesn't seem good for baseball in general. That's what this place is about right? Baseball?

Flav C.

45-53. 8 games below .500 and 12 games behind the Nats in 1st place.

That's where the Marlins were when Hanley, Gaby, Choate, Mujica, Anibal, and Infante were traded. Add to that the injury Stanton had at the time and the coming injuries of Boni and LoMo and there you have a recipe for disaster.

When the team was 45-53, at that very moment, the FO gave up on the season, and gave up on the fans. They conceded. And very smartly so, set up the team for failure and set up the team to a disastrous season, so they would have enough excuses to dismantle the whole team and go on a rampage of salary dumping.

The initial points of what they were planning to do was when they traded Gaby, who was not hitting well, granted, but not only was not given further opportunities, but also traded for a guy who no one wanted in their minor league system: Gorkys. On top of that, they included in the trade and sent to the Pirates a young prospect arm on Kyle Kaminska, who simply dazzled everybody in this Arizona Fall League.

Mujica was traded for Zack Cox, who was playing well in AAA for the Cards, but sent to AA when traded to the Marlins. He played well enough in JAX to deserve a spot when the roster was expanded, but the FO decided to go with Gil Velazquez. What a joke.

What did Mujica and Gaby had in common? They both would be eligible for arbitration next year. Both together would be eligible for somewhere around $7m to 8M combined.

The salary dumping began much earlier and they had a systematic plan for that.

At 45-53 in July, this FO had all tools to help turn this season around, finish at or above .500 and give the sense of hope to the fans. They decided to stick to their old behavior of swindling the fans.

Marlin Fan

Great post Flav

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Stan -
Re your tesponse to Lou below

Of course you won't/can't answer my question about your post that I copied above at 6:44 PM. The reason is simple. All of your references to Marlin fans is written as "they", never "we". In my opinion, that signifies that you consider yourself above us rank and file fans. Nothing more need be said.
Posted by: Stan M | November 17, 2012 at 02:18 AM

Actually I personally have always found it strange when a fan references his team as "we" as if the writer is a member of said team. I'm a fan and I always refer to teams as "they" since, quite simply, I'm not a member of that team.

So your logic doesn't hold water in this case.

Stan III

Dionysus, I believe the We/They talk is about the fans.


ditto Flav...excellant post.

Baseball America...even before this trade, didn't view the Jay's system as oneof the game's 10 best. Doing all of this one stop shopping with one team & not even getting their top 3 prospects in return...shows that Loria could care less.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

How in the world does a relic like Peter Gammons scoop the Herald beat reporters on a quote like this?!?!?

Giancarlo Stanton quote: “Jose, Bonifacio, Hanley … all three are gone now. I had people warn me that something like this could happen, but it runs against the competitive nature every athlete has, that nature that everything is about winning. This kind of thing is what gets talked about all the time around this team. Former Marlins come back and they warn us. It gets talked about during the stretch, in the clubhouse, after games, on the road."

Are the Herald beat reporters like Spencer that much afraid of or intimidated by Loria??? SMH.

The cold truth is that the Marlins brand is the joke of the league right now, like it has never been before. What free agent worth his mettle (and in his right mind) would sign with the Marlins now? They have no idea (or choice, in many cases) where they ultimately end up.


Juan Pierre......Marlins are being cute now.


At Juan Pierre press conference, Jeffrey Loria:

"See, we are spending money to put a winning team on the field."


Oh My God!!!

Lawrence Wiener

Those of you suggesting Loria sell the team must be smoking something. He's got a cash cow here. Just pocketed 100MM. Life doesn't get any better. This is better than selling phoney art in NY. And it certainly beats anything he scammed in Montreal. Why did Redmond and the other new coaches just hired stick with the team after the deal? MONEY. Wait till they figure out that they have been lied to also. This is a criminal enterprise. Screw the county, screw the city, screw the fans and players. Screw baseball.

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