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Loria on trade: "We finished in last place. Figure it out."

Owner Jeffrey Loria, in Chicago for the baseball owners meetings, spoke with CBSSports.com baseball writer Jon Heyman Wednesday about the 12-team trade the Marlins made with the Blue Jays Tuesday night.

"We finished in last place. Figure it out,'' a defiant Loria told Heyman.

Loria also emphatically said he isn't selling the team.

"Absolutely not,'' Loria told Heyman. "That's more stupidity."

Loria, who turns 72 next Tuesday, took issue with the media coverage of the trade and suggested selling the team's veteran stars was the right course of action.

"We have to get better," Loria told Heyman. "We can't finish in last place. We finished in last place. That's unacceptable. We have to take a new course."

Loria had only positive words for Jose Reyes, who along with Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle are part of the 12-player trade that will save the Marlins $166 million once finalized.

"Wonderful guy. I love Jose Reyes," Loria told Heyman. 'What's not to love?"


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Fish Fan

Q: "What's not to love?"
A: This week...Loria

If it wasn't a salary dump, should've been able to trade Buck and JJ, while holding onto Boni, Reyes, and Buehrle.


My thoughts after reading this blurb: "He's 72. If he won't sell the team, maybe he dies soon."

The Marlins are dead to me as long as Loria is a part of the team.

riddle me that , Fatman

Loria..now,there is no doubt that you're a lying thieving scumbag. Marlins fans and even people who dont like baseball hate and despise you.You will be last in attendance and in the standings for years to come. Figure that out.

Werner Rottenkrotch

Loria's a dickhead! And Selig is letting him get away with it? Another dickhead!


So, how do the taxpayers and "leaders" of Miami feel about turning their backs on the Hurricanes and renovations to the Orange Bowl now? Stupid, stupid, stupid!!

fat, fatigued and fedup

anybody who does not go on MLB.com fan feedback and email their displeasure over loria's thievery isn't doing their duty as a true baseball fan. I didn't say Marlins fan I said baseball fan. I did that earlier today and feel a little better. I didn't spew profanity or do anything that would let them write me off as a lunatic, I just told them its a disgrace that Loria is not in prison and that the commissioner allows him to go on destroying this franchise. Try it, you'll like it.

suzy q baseball

Once again we've been duped!!!! "When we get a stadium, I will go out and find the talent for this team" or something similar was said by Loria and his band of misfits. I was one of the last fans holding on. I've let go now.....


Loria and his mafia will not change at 72..He4 is a scammer since he was born


He dumped the most expensive players, not the worst players. He is avoiding the question and is frustrated at the backlash.


There are two courses of action that should be taken. 1) A total boycott of Marlins games. Total!!! Even those who love baseball, as I do, must stay away in order to force Loria and the eighth dwarf to sell. 2) Norman Braman must lead a recall of those commissioners who enabled Loria and the dwarf to steal the tax payers money. I will contribute $100 to Mr. Braman's campaign if he will lead.


"Figure it out" = permission to assume the worst possible conclusion


Man Loria has to be the dumbest guy I've ever seen. "Figure it out"? Are you serious Loria?

Most teams, when they want to get better, look at the holes in the lineup they have to fill and fill them. They don't give up THE WHOLE FREAKIN' TEAM.

"That's more stupidity" describes this franchise. Selling the team will be the smartest thing Loria has ever done, if he ever does it.


They should be charged and put on trial,taking those season ticket holders money ,used everyone of those players named in trade to sell tickets,stanton should walk in demand what there plans are and then tell them to trade me or pay me to stay with team,nothing like hitting home runs when your losing 8 to 1,this just makes me sick !!!

R. Gardner

Figure it out yourself Loria... Your front office should have gotten rid of Ramirez prior to last season. He was horrible at 3b. Not to mention your unqualified infatuation with the old man reliever Bell. This franchise is a joke and will continue to be so until ownership is changed. I don't know how in the hell McKeon won that WS with these Bozos running the team.

Boycott Loria

Figure it out... You get rid of your whole starting rotation (Anibel,JJ, Buerhle)

Who's Pitching next year. Our new Ace is Nolasco. Yayy!!


Hopefully a piece of the retractable roof falls on this piece crap and the midget Samson. Now that's a reason to go to the stadium.

Boycott Loria

I can't believe they kept LOMO. They should have shipped his ass too.

ware adams

Luria's worst mistake was to hire Guillen. The team he has now traded would have been in competition but for Guillen, and inadequate relief pitching.

Sympathies go out to Stanton, Morrison, and Coghlan. They deserve better---can they find a way to get away from Miami?


Even if it hurts, this is a good move by the Marlins.
Getting rid of overpaid players, acquiring good young prospects and saving a lot of money. It will take about
two or three years....
Could we take a look at Kendry Morales?. Good lefty power hitter, who could play first or even the outfield.


Jeffery won't ever sell the Marlins. This is his main source of income. It's reported that he pays himself $10 million per year. I doubt he makes any thing near that swaping paintings.


wow when I brought up yunell escobar a couple of months ago as a posibility I did n't expect he would br traded for a whole team. I thout he fell out of favor in toronto and could ve been haved for a minor leaguer. not the whole bleeping line up. The funny part is I lived in montreal when loria owned the expos and I was there when the marlins clinched there play off birth in montreal amongst 2000 expos fans. in olympique stadium I guess loria doesn't like big crowds.


Mbc, New here?? We are taking a look at NOBODY good!!! I repeat NOBODY good, unless it is a NOBODY. We will look and take a whole gaggle of flotsam such as the inimitable 3B "suspect" acquired from the Cards.

Kendry Morales??? Now IF there is another Kendry Morales living in Perrine, he would be a possibility.


What an arrogant lying POS this guy is. Thanks for putting the cherry on top of this diarrhea sundae. Marlins are dead to me and my kids.

fat, fatigued and fedup

Good story in the PB Post about how even Muscle Boy has thrown in the towel on the marlins. The story also mentions that someone is trying to organize a protest outside Marlins Park. That would be fun to have more fans protesting than attended the last Marlins home game, but apparently no one outside of PB County has been informed. Oh well.

fat, fatigued and fedup

Btw, Jeff Mathis? Shiite.


MLB needs to step in, take over the club, change the name back to FLORIDA Marlins, bring back the old uniforms, and forget the last year ever happened. Loria is a disgrace to baseball. MLB and Miami have combined in allowing him to desecrate this franchise. It's a shame.

He is a plague that destroys baseball wherever he goes. Him and his little weasel Samson. RIP Florida Marlins and Montréal Expos.


I GUARANTEE there is STILL 1 person on this Blog who sees the positive aspects of this "trade"---wait for it!!!


Tigers just signed Hunter. How about Stanton to Detroit for a couple of Lakeland Tigers? C'mon Loria, you can do it.

Ken and Jerri Grossman

First he conned the city of Miami and the taxpayers. Then he conned the fans with new talent.Then he got rid of all his decent players and some bad ones too. You don't build a champion by removing good players. You and pieces.
As fans we get attached to players but Loria gets rid of so many that attachment is gone.
After this season Loria stated he was going back to the Marlin way. "the Marlin Way" under Loria sucks!
I am not renewing my season ticket packet. Loria probably doesn't care. He will make his money either way but I won't be a part of it.
He is a despicable, deceitful, ungrateful, and unapologetic owner who duped us all, laughing all the way to the bank!


This just in... Billy the Marlins has been traded to Long John Silver's for 3 Fish Nets and a side of fish sticks.

silvio siles

don't understand this idiotic moves keep them for one more season! if it doesn't work then make the trade they r gettin to know each other, they probably didn't get along with the coach this was a good team why he does that fans r going to walk away and he is going to lose more money , beleive it , there is no good prospects out there now to pick from everybody is taken but the rookies now we r talking about a longer gap to win or at least go to the post season i'm pissed up !! got to do better than that

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Is this a Marlins blog or Loria's propaganda platform? Grow a pair, Manny and Spencer!

Btw, Manny ... "12-team trade"? Good job.


Loria AKA Dade County Rapist!! Still fuming over insane stadium deal in horrible location. Who in their right mind wants to spend several hours in traffic on a Tuesday night in July driving to a game from Martin, Palm Beach, or Broward County? This guy makes you long for Huzienga!!! WTF!!! I forgot, changing the name from Florida to Miami alienated a ton of fans long before you started gutting the team. Drop dead you P.O.S.!!!!!


Can baseball please make this guy accountable. What a stain this owner is to a great brand Mlb is! He just lost 500 seats a season from me and circle of friends. We will never attend another game until he sells.

Miami lets force him to sell by boycotting this team. His pain will come from 4-5k attendance per game.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, you mean besides Spencer?

Jordi pLA

People it's on your hands to fix it, DO NOT GO TO THE MNEW STADIUM BOYCOT LORIA.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Spitballer, no way Loria pays himself $10 Million a year. If that were true, he would have included himself in this trade.

We should be so lucky.


Hey i say we call help me and howard and get this thing sorted out. Im really liking the idea of a total boycott of the marlins period.


You no longer have our support, FIGURE IT OUT!

david j

Look guys your owner TRIED. He signed the big agents got a world series winning manager. Jose Reyes, Omar Infante, Mike Stanton, Heath Bell (pre miami) Hanley Ramirez, Mark Buerle to compliment Josh Johnson. He really tried. I am a braves fan and I saw the moves your team made this past off season. I wished Frank Wren and Liberty Media woudve spent some money on our team. Marlins fans look at how much the Loria spent to bring talent to South beach. The talent was there. On paper you guys had the potential to match up against anyone. The thing is you guys underachieved in a MAJOR way. There is absolutely no way if I were in his shoes I would spend that kind of money and not hold someone accountable for underperforming. At least your owner got rid and is going with hot new young talented prospects. Were still stuck with Uggla. Guys in Miami youve won 2 championships in a short period of time. You guys will be ok. Is what you do..tear a team up...then rebuild and then kick the crap outta everyone else.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Forget boycotting the games. That'll play right into his hands.

What we need to do is pressure our elected representatives to investigate Jeffrey Lurid and put the public spotlight on him and his shenanigans. Since WE are footing this $2 BILLION bill, aren't we entitled to at least as much?

And believe me, this would happen, if it weren't for the gutless local "journalists" who are nothing more than team mouthpieces. Can you say "investigative journalism," Clark Woodward and Manny Bernstein?


David no he did not. We had a good team and he brought in 3 above average players. 3 months later he trades half the starting team and 8 months later the other half. Come on man...

If you want any return in anything in life…give yourself mord than 3 months...Freddie is going on yr 3 to turn the braves around. Imagine if 3 months into his first yr he gets fired....bad business


Now I know a second way to spell DOUCHE.


Maybe Redmond and tino Martinez are going to coach and play


This headline should read...Loria on trade: We are conniving,thieving liars. You havent figured that out by now?


If our county officials were not sullied in the transaction that gave Luria a 535 million dollar stadium, and became accomplices in the fraud that brought baseball park to a dubious (or at the least) "could care less owner", instead of schools, they should get legal advise to exercise "Eminent Domain" on Marlin Park and go into the Baseball business themselves with all the income coming for the sole benefit of the Miami community. If Selig opposes it, he might show his true character and show us the difference between a "business man and a baseball man, or a part of the gimmick". I am from San Francisco, and lucky for me I have the Giants and the 49ers. to fall back on. But I lived in Miami for the past 16 years and was soft on the Marlins!

Luther Stubbs

SEC please indict these scumbags


This Loria scumbag makes all of Baseball look bad. He's a piss-stain on the game. I guess he couldn't scam the rich people by selling any more shite on a canvas, or pickled bats in a jar. Please, someone expose this louse and his accomplices for the crimes committed by him and cohorts.

I've been rooting for the Cardinals my whole life. He wouldn't be able to pull something like this in our town, St. Louis.

Feel sorry for the Marlins fans. We were there on Opening Day last year, and the Miami Fans were terrific.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Speaking of the SEC investigation, ehatever happened with it? Read this to know Jeffrey Lurid and his scams...

Jane W.

Capozzi says they're looking to get rid of Nolasto And Lomo the Tool....hope they're successful...good riddance to bad rubbish.

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