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Marlins go back to the past, sign Juan Pierre

      Juan Pierre is back. The Marlins have agreed to terms with Pierre, a key catalyst on their 2003 World Series team, on a 1-year deal worth $1.6 million.

       Pierre, 35, had a bit of a resurgence last season with the Phillies when he hit .307 and stole 37 bases in 130 games. He ranks first among active players in stolen bases with 591 and 19th in hits with 2,141.

       With both Jose Reyes and Emilio Bonifacio bound for Toronto, Pierre would appear to be the likely candidate to move into the leadoff spot. Pierre, who lacks a strong throwing arm, was used exclusively in left by the Phillies and has not played in center -- where he was a permanent fixture during his three seasons with the Marlins -- since 2009.

       Pierre did not miss a game with the Marlins from 2003-05.

       Pierre was unloaded the last time the Marlins had a major roster overhaul. He was traded to the Chicago Cubs in December, 2005, for Ricky Nolasco, Sergio Mitre and Renyel Pinto.

       Pierre and new manager Mike Redmond were teammates on the 2003 and '04 Marlins.


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Whats next, mike lowell?


Thank goodness Juan Pierre is back, now we don't have to worry about "Wrong Way" Joe Espada holding up runners trying to score against Pierre's weak throwing arm. Cue Tommy Hutton. "The whole league knows that Juan Pierre can't throw anybody out...."
Now we just have to worry that all the other 3rd base coaches get magnesia (milk of) and hold up the runners, not to worry, ain't gonna happen.


Marlins at this point may need to bring dontrell back, lol...


Does Pierre get a no trade clause?


Might as well bring back Sheffield to protect Stanton and Kevin Brown to anchor the pitching staff. What's Bryan Harvey up too?


If only he were 10 years younger. I thought he had already retired.


What's Charlie Hough doing these days, maybe he can be the opening day pitcher. Is Rob Nen around, the Marlins need a closer. Would Chuck Carr be interested in playing? But seriously Juan will be traded by August.

Key West Frank

i like juan pierre, stop bashing him. He hit for a better average than jose reyes at .307 and only had 3 less SB's and will make 9MM less.

R. Gardner

Wow the Marlins sign a dinker... I am sure he'll strike fear in the heart of opposing pitchers when he singles.... And for his defense well that should also be a joke. You sign Pierre but dump Bonafacio and Infante???? This team needs a baseball mind in the front office.


Listen to Le Batard, Stanton will be gone before July!!


Pierre left, Nolasco arrived. Pierre arrives, Nolasco leaves.

jimmy the geek

Over-Under on Marlins 13' avg. attendance is 18500 as per Bovada.com.


pierre comes in with the best work habits in the game. a professional baseball role model and full of experience.... i like it... great fit.. hope he still has gas in the tank because he will be needed even in limited capacity


Adding JP would have been a nice fit...if they would not had made that stupid trade.


With all the negative news we have had lately, I have chosen to welcome the acquisition of Pierre as good news.
Yes, he has a weak arm, but he can still get on base and steal them. But most importantly, he is a veteran player with the best work ethics I can think of. He is also very popular with the fans.
So for all you haters out there, criticize the Marlins all you want for the Reyes and Burhle trade, but not for this one.




Stan M

Bringing back Pierre is a nice gesture. He is emensely popular and at this stage in his career, he's almost an additional coach because of his attitude and work habits. Unless I'm mistaken, Ruggiano kills LH pitching, not so much RH however, so Pierre could perform a situational role unless he plays regularly which might not be the best idea.

However, Pierre's return is only a gesture. We on this blog universely hold Loria in contempt. Undoubtedly fans who take a more casual approach are also frustrated. Loria can never reach us for anything but disgust. But could he reach those of less intensity if he followed this acquisition with some meaningful free agent buys. He spoke about an 80 million payroll (or should I say he lied about that payroll.) It's now around 30-35 million. It's probably too much to ask, but if he kept 5 million for personal greed and used all that extra loot to improve the team, he just might win back those more casual fans. As Flav pointed out a couple of days ago, Melky Carbera would have been an exellent starting point. Will he? Hell no...unless the union forces him to do so. The old axiom, "You have to spend money to make money" has never applied to this skinflint, but he still rakes it in to the consternation of all. Maybe there is hope that this time he has gone too far.

Do any of this man's actions make sense? I've tried to remain at least partially positive because of my love for this team. I still think the trade makes good baseball sense if it is properly followed up. But even I'm losing faith. It would be so easy to root for Atlanta or the Nats; teams that have ownership that realizes it's responsibility.

Camera Mike

Stan, you have tried much harder then the rest of us to put even a slightly positive spin on the trade and as a fan I do commend that even while I am incapable of it in this instance. Though like you I think all of us in here are starting to lose faith in the team, if we haven't completely lost it at this point.

That being said after reading some of the reactions to this trade from other owners and the national press I am starting to gain just a tiny bit of optimism that Lora's days as owner could be coming to an end. I read articles in both the Oakland and Tampa press stating Loria's actions just made their bids for new stadiums far more difficult if not now bordering on the impossible. Plus owners of large market teams who literally have to pay Loria to not field a competitive team seem to be getting past frustration with him and into outright anger. If the union forces Loria to increase his payroll due to a violation of the revenue sharing rules for the second time in just a few years (and the union has already had preliminary conversations with MLB regarding this) it will just add to level of anger the other owners and MLB feels towards Loria.

During the owners meeting last week I saw a video clip of a reporter asking Selig if it was in the best interest of baseball for Loria to continue owning a franchise. While Bud answering that he will not comment on the trade while it is under review thus ignoring the actual question, I cannot remember any commissioner of any sport ever be asked such a question. It is obvious the anger and desire to get Loria out of the sport is now growing from just Marlins fans and to the rest of the nation. While there is still only a little amount of hope any Marlins fan can feel towards the future the one I am directing my hope towards is Loria continuing to anger the other owners and the league to the point where they so tire of the black eye he causes the sport they actively try to force him out.


ndres, Would REALLY like to read your definition of a "hater", what exactly is a hater when it comes to the Miami Marlins. I know that NOBODY hates Juan Pierre and at the same time I would say there might be about 2 MLB teams who were looking to sign him. I believe at his age and with his skills that Juan Pierre is a cipher as far as being a Major League player but I certainly don't HATE him. I don't even HATE Loria, The Midget and the Wizard of Talent, I just despise them for what they have done to baseball. If you don't minimally despise them for their actions, you have not been paying attentions. I can promise--I don't HATE you or anyone else on this Blog.


Camera Mike, Do not fret. That is what Loria does----He angers people. Well, in reality he infuriates people. This is not going to stop. If all we need is for Loria to be himself, we have it made. Would be very interesting to judge what you or anyone else would do if you saw Loria in a public setting. Hopefully you(I trust you) would have the guts to tell him what you think of him and his Son-in-law/stepson. To do anything else would be extreme cowardice. Cowardics is not a nice quality.

fat, fatigued and fedup

Lou...First, what is the difference between hate and despise?
Second, I agree that hate is a feeling we must avoid. My religion forbids me to hate. However, now that osama bin laden is fish food, I love loria maybe less than I love any other person on earth.
Third JP can still play, based on what I saw last year. He stays in such good shape that 35 to him is like 30 to most other players and he will be going strong at 40 if he wants to. Interesting the Marlins are paying him almost two and a half times what he made with Phillies last year. Sadly, his addition won't do anything if they don't pick up some bats, especially with Stanton being shipped away soon. He is obviously trying to taunt them into dumping him, which is sad for fans but smart on his part.

fat, fatigued and fedup

Stanton is either furious or his agent his feeding him those lines, because he is not normally the kind of person to flaunt authority and fly off the handle.

#1 Marlins fan

what a joke of a AAA team! Marlins are dead to me!

Scylar Tyberius

Haters and bullies are always cowards. Live for the lovers, not the haters.


I'm not being facetious. This is an honest question. Do you all think Loria cares that he is the most hated man in sports, or is he so used to it that he couldn't care less? Or even worse, does he actually enjoy our hatred? What a stigma to inflict on your family. Does having millions of dollars make the loathing worthwhile? I guess if anybody in his family complains, he just fires them.

Camera Mike

Lou, I most certainly would tell both of them my honest opinion. In fact the other day I did call the Marlins main number and after working my way through their menu system was able to search the directory and get connected to David Samson's voice mail. I did leave him a message in which I told him the main problem the team is the involvement of himself and Jeffrey Loria in all the decision making and if they were truly interested in improving the team and selling more tickets they would immediately either sell the franchise or take themselves completely out of all decision making rolls. I was extremely polite in the message being sure to say please and only referring to himself and Jeffrey Loria as Mr. Samson and Mr. Loria, as there is no need to sink to their level in be rude. I also made sure to give me full name and leave my number if he wished to contact me. I know nothing will come out of this but it did feel great to do and I recommend all here do the same.


Camera Mike, I have done something similar, and left a message on Samson's phone two days ago. I also was polite but did say if he and Loria were truly surprised by the negative reaction to the trade as they claimed, they must be braindead. I left my name and number and said I might still be able to play a little third base if they couldn't find someone else dumb enough to play for them.

Stan M

Camera Mike,
Very interesting posts. You are right in saying that pressure to rid baseball of this man must come from a source other than us fans. Your point about other teams having trouble getting publicly financed stadiums after seeing what Loria has done had completely escaped me. Could this be one of the rare instances when the owners and the player's union work together? The problem is that clause that says he can't sell for a certain period without losing his shirt. Perhaps the commissioner, under pressure, could void it.
I do disagree with someone above who says that Loria doesn't care if he's hated. First, no one wants to be universely disliked. Second, consider that fiasco on opening day when our hero rode around the park with Ali. That wasn't really about Ali. That was all about Loria seeking approval, or he would have had a hireling hold that poor man up.

Flav C.

When the number of fans is reduced to 3,000 a game,

When sponsors start to get scared to be associated with the Marlins brand,

When some of the concession stands start to close-out,

When several of the Marlins employees in the stadium start to be fired,

.... then you will see pressure coming from the outside to get rid of Loria.


I have not heard or read much lately on the SEC investigation. This trade might jump start it.

I can remember when Steinbrenner was suspended from baseball & when it was announced in Yankee stadium, the fans cheered. The dislike of the Marlins ownership..... I would say have surpassed what went on in NY.

Stan M

For better or worse, Steinbrenner always put his money where his mouth was. In my opinion, he was far from one of the richest owners. Rather he took the income from his cash cow, the Yankees, and plowed it back in. And it was far from a big income earner when he first bought the team. Some of you might remember that the great Red Barber was fired for having the TV cameras span around the all but empty stands while CBS owned the team. Loria is no Steinbrenner in any way.


Anywhere Juan Pierre goes, even this lae in his career or even later, in any job he's given, he will be a great asset to his team. Quality player, quality man.

As for Stanton, it's reasonable to infer that when it's time to decide whether to stick with the fish or light out,he'll bolt. Loria is smart enough to realize Stanton won't stay for any price, and will trade him. Trouble is, everyone in baseball knows Loria will have to take whatever he's given in return. Loria won't mind; he wouldn't be willing to pay Stanton's true market value. That was why Cabrera was swapped to the Tigers, who probably were glad to be rid of all the guys they gave up for Miguel.


For the first time in 10 years since I left Miami I won't be purchasing the MLB Ticket to watch the Fish. I still love the game but simply supporting a man like Jeffrey Loria in any way is pure insanity. That is the definition isn't it? Watching him do the same thing over and over and over again expecting different results? I feel sorry for the people of Miami. The ballpark will be empty for nearly every game in its 2nd year!! How is that even possible? Stanton will be gone soon and I just can't watch that happen after Miggy. I sent my letter to MLB and expressed my anger and disbelief but we know how Selig operates and will pander to the owners at any cost.

So now to turn my baseball eye to the Arizona DBacks, well at least they made the playoffs two years ago. I will rely on all the great folks on here during the season to keep me informed throughout the year. I wish I could use expletives on this blog to really express my feelings but it would be deleted so fast it would make Juan Pierre look slow.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

In his interview with Lebatard, Sampson claimed "immense personal risk" for Loria. This is a lie. He neglects to mention the increased valuation of the franchise as a result of the stadium built largely with public funds. So what is/was he actually risking?

Also, according to Rosenthal at foxsports, promises were made to both Buerle and Reyes when they signed that they would not be traded. More lies.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

And the acquisition of Pierre is intended to deflect attention away from the facts. Pierre is 35, not 25, so his value is diminished, not to mention that he'll allow as many runs to score with his noodle arm as he can ever hope to score for the team.


Another thing....getting the All-Star game...forget about it.


We can definitely forget about seeing the All-Star game coming to Miami any time soon. As long as Jeffrey Loria stays as owner, MLB won't give us the All-Star game. Even though Selig approved the trade, he wasn't happy with the Marlins, and if he couldn't block the trade, you can bet he would want to punish the Marlins in some other way.

Not like anyone would care though. If Miami doesn't get the Super Bowl, however, you can bet there would be an uproar. There might even be blaming the Marlins for screwing over the Dolphins like there already is blaming for screwing over the Rays.


three to four years till this bunch of players are gone as soon as arbitration hits it would be time for another roster overhaul like ready for this willingham,maybin,ross,uggla,olsen,olivo,baker,sanchez,johnson,the bullpen brian sanches,hensley, almost all the guys that they got in there last salary dump (restructuring) are gone do to not winning 2004 to 2012 .now 2012 to 2018 the same will happen everyone in the team will be traded again. all except the g.m and the front office.

fat, fatigued and fedup

I know everybody is down on the Marlins FO right now, but I'm truly convinced that Loria has the best interests of this city and his baseball team at heart, and that he will spend whatever money it takes to immediately return the Fish to their glory days as a playoff contender.

Just kidding!!!


So how does the city send a clear message to Loria, Samson and crew? The Rosenthal report about making promises to players concerning a long term vision is telling. Quite simply, they are liars. Now it's the players fault for agreeing to any contact without a no trade clause but this organization sold everyone on their "long term" commitment to winning.

Don't show up to any games.

Lawrence Wiener

Have you noticed, very little in the news relating to the Marlins. They must be laying low. Keeping a low profile. Hoping emotions will settle and people will forget how badly they've been treated. Screwing the fans and not caring about the community or the game of baseball is this owners MO. When average attendance goes down to 5,000/game next year it will give hem a good pretext to seek another community to move to and hang the local taxpayers with the amortization of the white elephant.

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