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Marlins going retro with payroll

       As expected, Bud Selig put his stamp of approval on the Marlins' blockbuster trade with Toronto on Monday, though he took the unusual step of issuing a statement in which he said he sympathized with fans in South Florida and will continue to monitor the franchise.

       But the big revelation came when Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said that, with the trade, the team is now within its payroll range for 2013. If that's the case, the Marlins could have the lowest payroll in the majors and the lowest for any Marlins team since either 2009 ($36.8 million) or '10 ($47 million), depending on the final figure and how it's calculated.

       At present, the Marlins have salary commitments to seven players for $24 million, $11.5 million of which belongs to Ricky Nolasco. Throw in another $1 mil for arbitration-eligible reliever Ryan Webb and $9 million or thereabouts to round out the rest of the roster, and the total comes to $34 million. In order to pad that number, the team is bound to count the $4 million they're sending to Arizona in the Heath Bell trade and the $8 million that's going to Toronto in the latest deal.

      So much for a major premise in the Marlins' argument for building the new ballpark, which was that the team promised to increase payroll once it had its own, retractable-roof facility. One year into the new joint and that premise has gone poof.

        "We did receive a payroll range from ownership that we needed to achieve and with this transaction, we have achieved that payroll range...and are prepared to move forward," Beinfest said.

        Asked for an explanation why the payroll decrease (from last season's $95 million figure ) was so pronounced, Beinfest said he's "not intimate with the numbers, why we have to be there" and also tried to make the case that success isn't tied strictly to higher payrolls.

        "This isn't about payroll," Beinfest said. "We've been through the payroll thing a million times, going all the way back to 2002, all the way back to (Antonio) Alfonseca and (Matt) Clement, where payroll was shedded and we just flat out got better. And I'm hopeful that's what happens this time. We won a World Series with a lower-third payroll. We won a bunch of years ranking in the lower third of payrolls."

        It's been reported that the Marlins lost $40 million last year, in part due to attendence that fell well below what one source told me were "worst-case scenario" projections. But teams are about to rake in even more revenue-sharing money thanks to a more lucrative television rights agreement that was recently worked out by MLB. And the Marlins did just move into their very own ballpark, the one they absolutely had to have in order to enjoy higher payrolls, right?

        -- Beinfest acknowledged that it could be difficult in the future for the Marlins to sign free agents in the aftermath of trading Jose Reyes, Mark Buehrle and Heath Bell only one season after those three players signed long-term deals. "I think it'll be a factor," Beinfest said. "It's definitely not great for the club and we're going to have to deal with it." But Beinfest said he does not want the see the team break from policy and start giving no-trade protection to players. "It's not going to be my recommendation that we change our view of no-trade clauses," he said.

        -- Beinfest said Juan Pierre, who was signed Monday, would lead off and play left. Beinfest also indicated a desire for finding a power bat to insert in the lineup. At the moment, Beinfest said the team is looking at Justin Ruggiano, Gorkys Hernandez and Bryan Petersen as the leading candidates to play center.

        -- Beinfest said he has not spoken to disgruntled outfielder Giancarlo Stanton since the trade. Stanton has voiced his displeasure with the deal. Said Beinfest: "I'm sure it's been tough for him. I hear it. I hear the frustration. I think it's not unexpected. It's an emotional time for everybody. I've had conversations with Jeffrey (Loria) that have been emotional on both sides. This has been a tough go." Beinfest said he would probably try to speak with Stanton eventually. "Our feeling was to maybe let the dust settle a little bit and maybe some of the emotion go away, and we can get to Giancarlo and talk about getting to spring training and some of his new teammates."

        -- Of the $191 million in contracts the Marlins awarded (to much fanfare) to Reyes, Buehrle and Bell, only $38 million of it will end up coming out of their own pocket. Arizona and Toronto are now on the hook for the rest.


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the Truth

Beinfest is a liar along with the rest of the FO ,plain amd simple. Never to be believed again,their words should be taken with a grain of salt,in one ear and out the other,laughed at and totally ignored.


Isn't Beinfest supposed to know exactly what's going on with the money, "why we have to be there"? He's either stupid or flat-out lying.


Will never trust them again. Sadly ownership cares less about the fans, how could they expect us to follow a team that was out of the playoff race in June. They spent unwisely and are now taking it out of the fans, with a minor league team. Will you lower ticket prices to match the team?? And to prove how slimy you are you had a "blitz" on ticket sales before the trade. You should be ashamed, but thats to be expected of you guys.

ever optimistic marlins fan

Its a business fellas. Im disappointed too but I didn't like the team that was currently in place, plus who is going to sing here after the trade? The marlins could have the Yankees payroll but if no one wants to sign with Miami what does it matter? Im not taking sides but if you are losing money then things have to change. Im only sad to see boni and Reyes gone, and they overpaid for reyes in the first place. The marlins did try to build a competative team but they also had an excellent exit strategy. Its just business sense but at the end of the day the marlins FO is runing the marlins brand thus losing future potential earnings. I am really excited to see next years team though I will still make the 2 hour drive to watch a marlins game even if im the only one there.


you will be the only one there


Rafa, Shame is a foreign concept to these guys, as are pride,decency, fortitude and courage.

Read the recent blurb about Cox, the Marlins next great 3B, in Baseball America. Sounds like the Apollo Moon Project in 61 had fewer obstacles to it than Jeffrey Cox becoming a Major League baseball player.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

What a puff piece this is!!! The Herald should change the byline from "Posted by Clark Spencer" to "Testimonial transcribed by Clark Spencer."

Dionysus Thelxinoe

For example, the $40 Million loss ... where does that amount come from, SPECIFICALLY? The Liars Club? Very likely. But is that a number that any legitimate accounting firm would attach their name to? I seriously doubt it.

And, of course, the puff piece above simply mentions that amount without sourcing it ... not even a pretense, like "unnamed sources" or something like that.

That's what passes for journalism????????

Stan M

It is surprising that the above article could be deemed a "puff piece".
*In the second paagraph Clark points out that the Marlins could have the lowest payroll in the ML.
*In the third paragraph, he postulates that the FO will pad the payroll by including money forwarded in trades.
*In the fourth paragraph he ridicules the team's former promise to increase payroll with the advent of a new ballpark.
*In the sixth paragraph he points out that Beinfest "tried" to make the case that payroll isn't tied to success.
*In the eighth paragraph he nullifies the claim that losing a considerable amount of money is the problem by pointing out the new and lucrative media contract that isn't mentioned.
*In the last paragraph he explains that the Marlins have been responsible for only a fraction (38 million) of the 191 million that would have been owed to the recent fee agents.
As the old song from Oklahoma said, "He went about as far as he could go". Clark is a beat writer, not a columnist, but he still included enough inferences that one can't help but see where he was going with this. In my opinion, it is foolish to expext a man who is with this small and closed group of personnel to burn his sources and then become useless as a beat writer. Would someone who criticizes Clark's example post a written condemnation of his/her fellow workers and office personnel? I respectfully think not!


Good job Stan. The article was solid, as you pointed out. The ignorant sounding criticism of Spencer and other journalists who are actually doing an excellent job of shoving it up Loria's anus reflects bad on all of us and its good you spoke up. One minute Thelxinoe sounds sharp and insightful and the next minute he acts like an ignorant bully with an IQ of 10.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Bull. If someone in my office provided me with an analysis that consists solely of what everyone already knows, I'd fire him. What purpose is he serving?

What's really ignorant is insulting those who offer an opinion here simply because you disagree. It's a sign that you don't have the wherewithal with which to respond intelligently.

And it's not about burning sources, it's about writing the truth and not being afraid to do so. Beat writers in just about every other town have demonstrated that they're not afraid to criticize management when warranted, columnists or not.

Like I said, puff piece. You can go right on ahead drinking the kool aid and repeating his (and Loria's) talking points.

Uh oh

Boycott Loria. Boycott 2013!!

Flav C.


Great to hear your voice during the Beinfest's press conference and you asking the tough questions he avoided at all costs to answer. Good job.


Thelxinoe...Nobody insulted you. In fact, I probably gave you more credit than you deserved. I only said that your criticism sounded ignorant, which it did. And then you repeated it, as if to confirm our suspicions. Maybe you would like to try for a three-peat.

Philly Phanatic

Three peat is what the Marlins will do in 13'. 100 loses. Last place. I'm Lovin it.


The Marlins arent even good liars anymore. They are not to be believed, even when speaking the truth.


They are tired of being in last place , ??? and this move is going to take them to where ? still last place.

They main thing here is that they don't know which players to sign, and that was the main reason for them to be in last place. The FO S.U.C.KS. at evaluating the team needs, players, coaches, etc.


They sold this team to us , the fans, as a PLAYOFF TEAM. Did they really know about the players they previously had or the ones that they were signing?

JOSH JOHNSON was coming back from surgery, and they were expecting him to be a 20 game winner right away ? Wrong it takes time to gain the strength and command back. Baseball 101

JOSE REYES had his first batting title in 6 or more seasons, what they were thinking that he was going to be a batting champ for the rest of the contract. and besides had been playing avg. of 110 games per season.(more or less). The Marlins were the only team offering Reyes 6 years. They got lucky that he played for the entire season healthy. He played great the second half,

BUERHLE. He just did what he was supposed to, being and inning eater and won 12 games.

BELL: Overrated never been overpowered used to play in a cavernous Petco Park. and in his mid 30's and they give him 9mm per season ? Bad decision again.

HANLEY since the All star game Home run derby, he lost his swing, his mechanics , confidence , everything. so they were thinking that he was going to be an MVP when he just didn't performed for the last couple of years ???

So the main problem here is the front office just signing players without evaluating them first and us as a fan in the middle of a honeymoon with the new stadium and everything trusted them once again.




Yesterday in Seattle, Jack Zurin? answered questions on why the M's are likely to not sign Josh Hamilton and what the overall direction of the club is.

Unlike the Marlin's brass he actually gives answers as opposed to skirting around the issues. He may make the wrong decisions but at least he holds himself and the organization accountable.

I have never once heard Samson give an actual answer to a baseball question. The M's may be terrible like the Marlins but they do have a dedicated Front Office. Now if they can find the right bats to give the big contracts to instead of Richie Sexson and Chone Figgins is another story.

Eddie S

How dare management say there are 3 center fielders competing for the job, PETERSEN, HERNANDEZ AND

never touch the stuff

What's a Chone Figgins ? Something you smoke ?

Stan M

Three center fielders, my left foot! My only regret with that trade was losing Bono. The FO is probably thinking of Ruggiano in CF. He's OK ther, but the statheads showed that he was incredibly lucky last year with ball that he hit that fell in for base hits. If he should return to the ML nrm, his BA next year will be closer to .250. Hope they're wrong.

Does anyone besides me suspect that someone is now regularly posting under two names?

Camera Mike

ESPN.com has posted a story from the AP saying the players union is going to be monitoring the Marlins payroll the entire 2013 season to make sure they are in compliance with the minimum spending requirements under the revenue sharing rules. The article states the rule requires teams collecting revenue sharing to have a payroll no less then 125% of its revenue sharing funds. If the Marlins payroll does turn out to be the $36 million that is being predicted they would have to receive more then $28.8 million in revenue sharing to be in violation. Does anyone here know what teams collect in revenue sharing?


By the way, ultimate oxymoron---"useless Maimi Marlins beat writer", C'mon Clark, shake the lethargy and get those Woodward like sealegs and pillage these clowns. I kinow when you grow up you don't want to be the beat writer for the Miami Marlins. And even if you do, the Herald will not be dictated to by a despised fat man who has alienated 99.78% of the people who care about baseball in Dade, Broward, Palm Beach and Monroe Counties. i know they don't give out Pulitzers for sports stories but this isn't about sports. It's about deceit, corruption,power plays and just out and out visceral evil. Clark, DO IT!!!


Camera Mike, The sad thing is if you follow this team you must have a knowledge of the arcane question you just posed. Most people who follow teams worry about the farm system, off season signings and blockbuster "good" trades, we need to worry about a corpulent stooge, his midget tag along and a guy who coundn't tell Lou Groza from Lou Gehrig.


Hey, I should have thought of that. All the people who dislike what I say are in actuality 1 person posting under 32 names. that would explain all the people who think I'm mistaken.


Camera Mike, this article above provides the ground rules. Good luck with the math.

boycott the marlins

Marlins are bragging that only 5 people showed up at a protest today at Marlins Park. Marlins wont be bragging come April , when only 5 people show up at their games at Marlins Park.

Camera Mike

Lefty, thanks for the link and you weren't joking in wishing me luck with the math. I think I got the gist of it but there are two things I know for sure. One, it was definitely written by lawyers and two, there is no way to calculate how much any team puts into the system or receives from it without all kinds of financial info from all 30 teams. I imagine the CBA allows the union access to this info and I'm sure they're lawyers and accountants will be going through it with a fine tooth comb as they seemed about as pissed off with Loria as we are.

Stan M

Camera Mike,
In the interests of fairness, my son and I met Clark at a ballgame late in this past year. He spent well over a half hour discussing the team and even passed along some info that can't be placed in print. We both liked him and feel that he does an excellent job. I explained my thoughts on his article above.

When comprehending the written word, the reader is exposed to factual material and also contextual clues. Interpreting contextual information is a higher intellectual function and some can never understand or interpret this information. Clark, in his article above, factually quoted Beinfest and some of management's position. Contextually, he put their feet to the fire. If someone were only loking for material to criticize, that person could easily miss the major premise of the article. It is interesting to note that Buster Onley , a senior writer for ESPN, and who might know a thing or two about journalism, as well as baseball, understood Clark's piece and quoted it extensively in a recent blog of his own.

Camera Mike

Stan, you addressed your last post to me but I must ask if that was in error as I did not attack Clark for not speaking negatively on the Marlins or Loria?

Orlando Dolphan

The City of Miami should sue Loria. The Tax Payers built him a stadium in exchange for a MLB team and instead he gives us a triple A team. If the City of Miami knew that they would be building a 500+ million dollar stadium for a AAA team then they would have never built it. There should be some kind of legal recourse against this MLB owner wanna be. If he does not have the pockets to own a baseball team then he should do us a favor and sell it.

As for the fans, we will make him pay because we are the smartest fans in baseball. We will set the record this year for low attendance in baseball. Loria should know by now that SF sportsfans support winners and we do not reward losers.


Somebody above mentioned a guy named Chone Figgins. It just so happens that Seattle has decided to pay him 8 million to get lost. Cant trade him for a bag of dog shittt. Beinfest started his career in Seattle.Hmmm. Another stiff the Marlins can get for peanuts,with the other team paying the freight. Sounds like a match made in Marlins heaven.

Stan M

Camera Mike,
Plese forive my error. I should not have assumed that you would realize that this was meant to you because you had agreed with me up above. I should have been more specific and you are right to question my mistake.

Stan M

Thanks from me too. That is a great link.

Camera Mike

Stan, don't worry I assumed it was just a mistake.

JC Basura Caliente

I'm so sad. I will still follow the team, but won't be spending a dime on them until the team is sold to someone who cares about baseball in Miami. That means more than fielding a team of major leaguers. That means embracing the total experience Marlins fans want when they follow their team and go to games.

all things being Equal

Basura = Garbage = Marlins

Marlins #1

i say every true marlins doesnt attend any game until they sell the marlins screw loria and samson they are all just a bunch of liars


well sports fans with an ownership that cares only about the pice of s--t in center field and the strip club in left what can u expect. until we get a owner who realy cares about the team and not there pockets we will never have anything but a single A ball club. watch if not before the trade dead line or at it they will find a way to trade STANTON and RICKEY watch and see!!!! these nuckel heads will bleed the team dry as they did the expos and blame the fans.until we get a YANKS!!!!!!


some how i lost part of my post I was saying until we get a real owner I hate to say it GO YANKS!!!!!


add selig to the group of lowlifes called marlins ownership and management. i feel bad for the players who will have to play in a brand new empty ballpark


The Marlins owner & FO are flat out liars. The team is a fraud, the uniforms are horrible, the stadium is a joke AND no Free Agent will sign with them unless ridiculously overpaid !!! Boycott the games, oh wait, nobody goes to the games anyway...


yea, sure they lost $40 mil. just like they lost $40 mil every year in the old park... until Deadspin got ahold of their books and showed that they MADE money as one of the most profitable in the league. sorry Larry, we aren't buying your BS. I'm counting the days until this team is sold and I never have to hear from these liars again. Beinfest and Samson can then go to their true calling as Assistant Managers at WalMart.

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