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Selig: Marlins trade "under review"

    Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig said he has the Marlins/Blue Jays trade "under review," but industry experts don't believe he'll use his "best interest of baseball" powers to disallow the deal, which has baseball fans -- and non-baseball fans -- seething in South Florida.

    "What I can say to you today is I have the entire matter under review," Selig told reporters following the conclusion of the quarterly owners meetings in Chicago. "That's as much as I have today."

    Selig was making his comments as Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria was slipping out a side door of the hotel where the meetings were held, according to the Chicago Tribune.

    It would be difficult for Selig to kill the trade given that other teams have made similar types of trades in the past -- such as the Red Sox sending Josh Beckett, Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford to the Dodgers last summer -- without having them overturned by the commisioner.

    "It's a good analogy," Selig said Thursday of comparing the Red Sox trade to the Marlins' sell-off. "That's a fair analogy."

    Sports economist Andrew Zimbalist told The Miami Herald that he could not see Selig invoking his powers to nix the deal because of the precedent it might set. "I do think that the commissioner is always concerned when there's an appearance of a fire sale, or of an owner giving up," said Zimbalist, who wrote the book, In the Best Interests of Baseball: The Revolutionary Reign of Bud Selig. "But I don't think this is a battle Selig would choose to fight. My guess is that the commissioner, although he will have some concerns, will say it's up to the team owner to make that decision."

    Selig, though, is said to be "not happy" about what's taking place with the Marlins and told reporters in Chicago that he spoke with Loria about the trade. Because the 12 players involved in the trade continue to undergo routine physicals, Selig said the deal has not yet been submitted to him for approval.


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Jo jo

Selig himself is hardly a stand up kind of guy anyway.Don t expect anything from him.


50/50. It's a Canadian team. No love loss from Selig. Look at the Expos fiasco and again Mr. Loria.


I disagree that this trade is analagous to the Red Sox trade, at least as far as "the best interests of baseball" are concerned. There was little doubt the Red Sox made that trade with the intention to help the team win games in the long run. Much more doubt in this situation. So even though on paper the trade may look similar, when judging whether each of the two trades is in the best interests of baseball you would consider all relevant circumstances, not just the deal on paper. Red Sox ownership is nothing like Marlins ownership.


Boycott, boycott, boycott

Marlin Fan

People must understand Loria will not spend money ever . So what was " saved " will not be reinvested . It's a vicious cycle . There is NO interest in winning , now or in the future , only maximizing profits .

Dionysus Thelxinoe

1. Did the Red Sox get a new stadium built this past year, financed by tax dollars?

2. Have the Red Sox missed the playoffs 10 years in a row?

3. Have the Red Sox ever pocketed revenue sharing money from other teams?

4. Have the Red Sox ever traded 3 free agent signees for next to nothing less than a year after signing them?

5. Have the Red Sox ever been warned to start spending on the team's talent?

6. Did the Red Sox make a commitment to their community?


Loria is just a jackass and Miami fans are even bigger jackasses for believing in him. He has only HIS self interests to make money, Dade nakes NO MONEY other than parking revenues, The best that can happen is that the stadium becomes a concert venue, other than that it will be Miami Stadium II.


Selig is a Castro operative. Fact:

Canadian Guy

From Toronto, Canada. "Thank you very much!"


Given the way Mr. Loria trashed the Expos it's poetic justice that the only Canadian baseball team left benefits from his duplicity against the city and fans of Miami.


Loria screwed the Expos, sold them to Major League Baseball and then used the profits to screw over Miami.

Tony in Miami

Force this M**** Fu*** to Sale The franchise and in the meantime BOYCOT THE MARLINS !!!

Slap Johnson

I still say "Let's see who he brings in. If he doesn't sign any free agents with the money saved, then simply don't show up." MLB and Bud Light will then be forced to make him sell. I have to say that all the Dade County politicians who were in on this deal and profited from taxpayer dollars should be called out and held responsible also. I always wanted Loria to build his stadium in Broward knowing that the Dades would never show up. Man, am I glad we didn't get stuck with the bill!


What people forget is that Selig himself did the same scumbag thing. After he got his new stadium in Milwaukee, he had promised to spend more money on payroll. Instead he lowered the payroll. And sold team at a huge profit. This is exactly why, the public should NEVER pay for owners new play sites. The old 1% strike again with the worst kind of welefare there is.

Once a shyster,Always a shyster

Before Selig got involved in baseball,he made his living as a car dealer. Enough said.


Other than the Marlins being purchased by an owner who really cares about baseball... the best case scenario would be for Scumbag Loria to take the team to another city and skip town. Miami is not really a baseball city so it would not be missed a whole lot.
Then, the city could turn Marlins Stadium into a football stadium and call it the New Orange Bowl. Then the UM would be back to its roots, high school games could be played once again and the city could hold concerts and events to generate revenue that this Marlins team could not.
But all that is wishful thinking.

fat, fatigued and fedup

Bloomberg reports the trade will cost Reyes about $8 million in taxes over life of his current contract, because he's not a Canadian resident. The story was about Reyes, but the rest of the Marlins traded away will probably take a very big hit, too. And they're probably still delighted to find a way outa here.

fat, fatigued and fedup

There was also a story that none of the other owners would sit with Loria at their big meeting in Chicago. They made him eat alone.


my heart bleeds for his taxes...
I wish I had to pay same.
Toronto fans already paid for new stadium


The damage is done, even if Selig rescinds the trade Loria and Samson have lost all credibility with fans.


Where's our "buddy" defending the trade? He knows who he is.

stu harmon

Thank goodness for The Miami Heat Micky arison and Riles. What would Miami sports fans do without the best Franchise in Basketball. ? No hope for any football or baseball playoffs maybe in our lifetime.


I called the Marlins' ticket off and asked about 2 tickets and a parking pass for Opening Day and they countered by offering me Yelich and Ozuna.

Stan III

Lou, why are you still posting on this blog? Clearly you are not a FANatic.
Shouldn't you be posting about the Cabrera trade? He won the MVP!!! Did you see that! You were right! That was a bad trade!

Stan III

"How many people do you really think understand that when you are surrounded and only hear the opinions and perceptions of people who agree with you that soon your perception as it relates to areas outside of your sphere become distorted and not relevant? When you are only confirmed as to what you think, you begin to believe you can't be wrong. You must talk and listen to those with whom you disagree. You don't have to change your opinions but you must realize there are those who don't share your view of "reality"...." -Sweet Lou, Facebook, Oct 24th

Commissioner's Office

Upon further review , the plunder and pillaging stands.

We're Waiting...C'mon Already

Whats takin em so long to trade Lomo to KC for Hosmer

Frank Nitti

Is Andrew Zimbalist with the Untouchables ?

fat, fatigued and fedup

Nitti...I don't think so. His name doesn't sound Indian.

Bob Greasy

The new stadium will be just as empty as the old one was.

wife was hot,  not anymore

But the a/c is better


the new stadium is already rusting on the exterior, but the art dealer is still getting fat off his dade county swindle.

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