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So who are these guys the Marlins got back in the fire sale?

Spent a few minutes doing some research on the seven players the Marlins will get back in this trade with the Blue Jays. Here it is.

SS Yunel Escobar (6-2, 210)
- Only established big league, everyday starter of the bunch. Escobar turned 30 on Nov. 2 and hit .253 with nine homers, 51 RBI and just five stolen bases in 145 games for the Blue Jays last season. He's a career .282 hitter. He made 12 errors last season and is a career .976 fielder. Signed through 2013, he's due to make $5 million next season.

Henderson AlvarezRHP Henderson Alvarez (6-1, 210)
- Venezuelan born right-hander, who turns 23 on April 19th, has been in the Blue Jays system since he was 17. He went 9-14 with a 4.85 ERA in 31 starts in 2012 with Tornoto in his first full big league season. He had 79 strikeouts and 54 walks in 187 1/3 innings in 2012. He went 1-3 with a 3.53 ERA in 10 starts in the big leagues in 2011. He figures to join Ricky Nolasco, Nathan Eovaldi and Jacob Turner in the Marlins starting rotation -- assuming all those guys are still around come March.

INF Adeiny Hechavarria (5-11, 180)
- Known for his speed and glove, the Cuban born shortstop turns 24 on April 15. Ranked the seventh-best prospect by MLB.com in the Blue Jays farm system, Hechavarria spent almost all of 2012 with Triple A Las Vegas of the Pacific Coast League and hit .312 with 6 HRs, 63 RBI and eight stolen bases in 102 games. He has played 332 games in the Blue Jays minor league system. He played 41 games in a brief August call-up with Toronto inand hit .254 with two homers and 15 RBI.

LHP Justin Nicolino (6-3, 160)
- Considered the fifth-best prospect in the Blue Jays farm system, Nicolino turns 21 on Nov. 22. The former 2nd round pick out of Orlando University High went 10-4 with a 2.46 ERA, 119 Ks, 21 BBs in 28 games, 28 starts in 2012 with Single A Lansing (Mich.) of the Midwest League. He's 16-6 with a 2.09 ERA in two minor league seasons. He can run his fastball up into the low 90s and complements it with a breaking ball and a changeup.

OF Jake Marisnick (6-4, 200)
- He turns 22 on March 30. The former third round pick from Riverside Poly High in Calif. was considered the second-best prospect in the Blue Jays organization by MLB.com this past season. He played for Mike Redmond at Single A Dunedin for half of 2012 the season where he hit .263 with 6 HRs, 35 RBI and 10 stolen bases in 65 games. He hit .233 with 2 HRs, 15 RBI in 55 games with Double A New Hampshire of the Eastern League in remaining 55 games of 2012. A center fielder most of his career, Marisnick will probably end up moving to left field since the Marlins already have Christian Yelich in center.

RHP Anthony DeSclafani (6-2, 195)
- The former Florida Gators standout nicknamed 'Disco' turns 23 on April 18. He went 11-3 with a 3.37 ERA, 92 Ks, 25 BBs at Single A Lansing of the Midwest League in 2012.

C Jeff Mathis (6-0, 200)
- Veteran big league catcher who hits from the right side turns 30 on March 31st, but has spent most of his career as a backup. A former first round pick from Marianna, Fla., he's a career .198 hitter with 34 HRs, 166 RBI in 497 career games, most with the Angels. He spent 2012 with Toronto and hit .218 with eight homers and 27 RBI in 71 games. Assuming the Marlins don't dump him, he'll serve as the backup to Rob Brantly.


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jay cohen

can the stadium be converted to football? make it the new orange bowl for the canes and send the marlins packing.



i can't wait until some sort of a scandal comes out about loria and he's put in bars


Only part of the deal I care about is Anthony Desclafani.


Jean-Jacques Payette

Loria has been a fraud since I knew him in 1999 here in Montreal. But we played him safe: no stadium to Mutt & Jeff.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Hold up! Aren't the Marlins supposed to win a World Series, then bust up the team? Did I miss something?


Should've listened to Norman Baman. These 2 schlocks, Loria and Samson, aren't worth the time of day and can be trusted about as far as they can be thrown.
Now, public funding that could've gone to better causes is tied up into the white elephant that is Marlins Park. Not like this city couldn't use the resources.
Thanks Miami City Commisioners, you've done it yet again.

Marcos Rodriguez

I call for the District Attorney to charge Loria and Sampson with felony fraud and hold them without bail at DCJ. Isnt that what we do to thieves?


Agreed, They usually win one Ship before they break em up. What happened?

Rob M

Classic....just classic. How much more of this bull *explative* are we supposed to take before EVERY fan walks out on this team??? They say they're trying to build a fan base. They hype everything through the roof and then THIS?!?!? My wife is a Nats fan. Maybe it's time to jump ship. I'm so sick of this *explative* ing garbage it makes me sick.

Vete P. LaPinga

I'm not in Miami Beach!

Vete P. LaPinga

Vete P. LaPinga agrees that it is time to jump ship. Return when ownership and management changes. GO RAYS!

Frank LLaca

This is a sham of a mockery of a sham. These bums running the Marlins should be tarred and feathered. Done with these guys, lived through 2 purges enough is enough. Loria ia an a--clown.

Old Gator

Yunel Escobar. Just perfect, exactly what we need in an already Balkanized community. He'll probably wear his eyeblack on South Beach out of sheer stupidity. Of course, there's a semblance of method to this madness - since Escobar is Cuban, Scrooge McLoria probably figures he can fill the stadium with homophobic countrymen who love bigoted shortstops who can't hit their weight and pitchers who can't keep their ERAs lower than their area codes.

Steve G

Braverman was right when he warned us about Loria and sampson. These guys have been lying to us for years and we kept believing them. Can not believe that MLB lets them get away with this. Years ago the Oakland A's made irrational moves and the league stopped them.
The bottom line is, this team deserves no support and Loria and sampson are just bad people. A plague on their homes.


The great and good Jim Mandich warned everyone day after day about this gang of thieves. Trouble is they were matched cockroach for cockroach by the city. Jail all of them even the ones who have been there before

Marlin Fan

The topic , So who are these guys we got ?? .. Does it even matter ????? The commisioner is a jerk for letting this go thru . Then again didn't his daughter own the Brewers who moved leagues and now owns the Astros ( at least has a share ) and they magically move leagues . Wow no conflict of interest there . Btw great steroid policy with no bite to it . Well suspend you after already getting caught previously and with pay .

This will never happen , but all of the Marlin players and minor league system should stand together in Solidarity and openly bash Loria . I'm sure the players union would back them . Maybe just nonsense , but enough already


I say let the marlins leave town and give the stadium to the dolphins who could use a new one for sure.

Marlin Fan

MLB , fool me once ( expos) shame on me , fool me twice ( marlins) shame on you


Marcos Rodriguez, good idea, but there's no such thing as district attorney in Florida. The civilian legal authority for cities is the state attorney. A little civics lesson.

Marlins fans are SUCKERS

Believe it goes fool me once shame on YOU ,fool me twice shame on ME....Yes .Marlins fans .you have been fooled twice, making YOU the SUCKERS.....


OK. I just switched to the Oakland A's.I would suggest that all the companies dealing with the Miami marlins end it immediately. New contract stipulate and trade of some kind ends the deal. I recommend no way show up to any games even if free. If you have season tickets, don't spend a dime on food. Someone please buy the marlins and make it better. To marlins staff(you know who you are); may you have many sleepless nights and torment. Resign and leave this state. P.s. don't leave a thing behind.

Banana Republic

@ Marlins fans are SUCKERS

How are we suckers? We didn't agree to any of this. Hell the team could leave for all I care.

Gulfstream George

Keep up the good work Loria...not a Marlins fan,but love to watch the Nats,Phillies,Braves,Reds,Cards,Giants ,Dodgers,etc at a fraction of the cost,under a dollar a ticket,park in Alphonsos driveway for five bucks,bring in my own food & drink,and enjoy MLB for under ten dollars a game.Hope you can continue to screw your own fanbase so my friends and family have our own section and can walk to foul balls ,like we did at SunLife.. Thanks again...

Boycott Loria

I done with this team until Loria sells the team.

I will be a Detroit Tiger from now on.

1.) Jim Leyland
2.) Miguel Cabrera
3.) Anibal Sanchez
4.) Omar Infante

Dionysus Thelxinoe

I submit that when Loria signs all these guys to heavily back-loaded contracts, it constitutes compelling evidence that he was intending to unload these contracts from the start. This strategy goes back to signing Carlos Delgado and keeping him only one season before trading him, if memory serves, so it's not new. This is the very definition of a scam, perpetrated on the paying public ... emphasis on the paying!

Pu Pu Platter

Mr. Jeffrey Loria, Miami Marlins, 501 Marlins Way, Miami, FL 33125. Or just call 305-480-1300 and express your disgust

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports correctly defined this scam back in July. But even he didn't recognize the even wider scope of his views, as they've been revealed three months later.



Everybody please! Give the Marlins what they deserve! NOTHING! Do not buy their cool orange hats, do not go to games, do not even watch them on tv (even to root against them). Even if they start winning, I am asking Miami to please stay strong AND DO NOT GO TO THE GAMES! This man is a thief and a liar and the Marlins are just laughing at us.


I will still go to the games. I like to relax in my own section.


Been a season ticket holder for over 10 years..as long as that hustl er,scuuuum is still the owner I will NEVER give the marlins another cent..go get hit by a car scumbag and get the fuc_ outta miami


I agree with Sean, Loria and Samson should play catch on I-95 during rush hour. Your both worthless human beings!!!!!!

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