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Source: Marlins dumping top names, salary in major trade with Toronto

      That didn't take long. Only 11 months after going "all in" by signing a handful of high-priced free agents, the Marlins are dumping payroll in a multi-player trade with Toronto. A source confirmed that Josh JohnsonMark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, John Buck and Emilio Bonifacio are headed to the Blue Jays.

       The source said that, in return, the Marlins would receive a package of players that includes shortstop Yunel Escobar and infielder Adeiny Hechavarria. Foxsports and ESPN.com reported that the Marlins would also receive right-handed pitcher Henderson Alvarez, left-hander Justin Nicolino and outfielder Jake Marisnick. Foxsports' Jon Morosi reported that the Marlins would also receive one of three catchers -- J.P. Arencibia, Bobby Wilson or Jeff Mathis -- in the trade. Arencibia is a former first-round pick out of Miami's Westminster Christian.

       The reported deal was quickly given a thumbs down by Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton.

       "Alright, I'm pissed off!!! Plain & simple,"  Stanton tweeted.

       The trade would shed a great deal of salary from the Marlins' payroll for next season and beyond. Johnson stands to receive $13.75 million in 2013, his final season before free agency. Reyes has five years and $96 million remaining on the 6-year deal he signed with the Marlins last year. Buehrle has three years and $52 million remaining on his contract. The deals for Reyes and Buehrle were both backloaded and will increase dramatically. Reyes will go from making $10 million next season to $22 million in each of the four remaining years on his contract. Buehrle is scheduled to make $11 million in 2013, $18 million in 2014 and $19 million in 2015.

       The Marlins made three major free agent signings last offseason in acquiring Reyes, Buehrle and Heath Bell. Bell was traded last month to Arizona.

       Little will remain of the Marlins' Opening Night roster and coaching staff that christened new Marlins Park in April. That starting infield will now be completely gone. Four-fifths of the starting rotation? Gone. The starting catcher? Gone. Since the end of the season, the Marlins have also fired Ozzie Guillen, replacing him with Mike Redmond.

       The trade is awaiting approval by Major League Baseball before it can be made official and announced.


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Here we go again.....


Marlins should let stanton go, its not fair to him.


Marlins stadium should be taken over by the Miami Hurricanes. Time to dump this scumbag ownership group.

Dark times

City of Miami should sue Loria for breeching his contract. This is a ponzi scheme folks. Actually, the Feds should get involved for misappropriation of public funds


An absolute effin disgrace! But keep beinfest and Samson! Brilliant! Jeffery Loria is such a pos its disgusting! Want to change your mind now redmond??? This was all a ruse to get a stadium and now bail out! They should be thrown in jail!


Here's an idea... Lets trade Loria and the entire front office for a taco. Worthless losers and a disgrace to professional sports. The one person who's loving this move - Ozzie Guillen. Smart guy...

Big Slap Shot bob

No one is ever going to sign here seeing 2 guys traded after 1 year. Awful.

Dark times

Can we the fans start a class action against these low life scumbags? I normally do not wish terrible things on people, but if there is anyone that I do, its these two greaseballs loria and scumson


LOSERS, money does not give you brains, you either have them or you don't. Marlin's ownership does not have them.

Mike Cieslinski

Jeffrey Loria needs to sell the team and get new ownership for the Marlins in Miami.


These scum ( Luria, Samson) would love nothing better than to be forced to sell the team...pocket probably 200 million in profits...to punish them, they should be forced to own the team and at the same time be denied MLB profit sharing when they pull stunts like this...these guys are the lowest form of life...I'd be shocked if they ever show their faces again at the stadium...of course if they do, hopefully they will be the only 2 people there.


Scumbags fleeced the city and are dealing a death blow to baseball in South Florida. Oh, what could have been if the team was owned by a solid ownership group.


I would seriously do mike stanton a favor and let him go too, this is ridiculous, liking the marlins makes me just hate baseball!!!

Lt. Lois Einhorn

How can they call that a "trade"??

Marlins released those players. Gave them up for nothing.

Miamians are idiots for electing corrupt a**hole commissioners who would give money to this garbage franchise.

LEAVE! Go somewhere where fans will come to games when you lose and you don't have to purge your roster every time you have good players.


Shocking. just Shocking....LOL


Vote with your feet, everyone. Don't attend a single Marlins game next year, don't watch a single game on television, don't buy any team-affiliated products. A full fledged boycott should be in the works. It's the only way to get ownership's attention.

This $2 billion boondoggle of a stadium was one of the biggest errors made in recent Miami history.

Jimmy Herring

Stanton is being traded to the Braves next! I just found out. Woooooo whooooooo!



In what rotation is RICKY NOLASCO the ACE??


I'm thinking of bringing roosters to every Marlins game, hosting rooster fights out in the parking lot. One rooster has a Marlins jersey, the other has a visitor jersey. I'm contacting Bud Selig right now to officially determine the winner of every Marlins home game depending on the last rooster standing.

Let's make it happen.


wow marlins are worst team in miami now.


Just don't show up to games plain and simple

Stan M

Many years ago Charlie Finley tried to sell off his 3 best players just before free agency kicked in (I believe) The commissioner wouldn't allow it. This is time for the present commissioner to step in.

I can actually understand JJ, Buck, and Buehrie. But why Reyes and Bono?

Loria will again need bodyguards as he did in Montreal.

Camera Mike

Fish fans, I think it is time for a boycott and protests. I live in Los Angeles so it will be tough for me to go to the protest, but I think we should start an official boycott and have a protest right outside the stadium and the home opener. We all know attendance is going to be way down next year, quite possibly the lowest in the history of baseball, but if we can get far more people outside the stadium during a game demanding a new owner it just may embarrass MLB enough where they will be forced to do something about Loria. Keep in mind Jeffrey Loria destroyed the Expos to the point where the only way to save the franchise was to not only move the team to a new city but to a new country. Things were so bad in Montreal he had to have private security to attend home games of the team he owned. He is now in the process of doing the same thing in Miami, and considering how much money the city and its residents spent on him it is entirely possible the hatred for him in Miami eclipses that of Montreal. I know this post sounds like a rant (and to be honest it is one), but if anyone knows how to go about setting up a protest and boycott please let me know and I will help in any way I can.

jose elin

hope noone go to the stadium next season like always the marlin dont want to pay and the maike a looser team count me out.....

Marlin Fan

I posted on another topic, but A's far as the commissioner stepping in , I forgot the exact verbiage , but doesn't an organization have to put a team on the field in the spirit of winning competing ?? This is a complete disgrace . I'm all for the boycott

Marlin Fan

Loria cares absolutely nothing about the players, fans , the city , winning , or even self respect . A complete piece of s$&@


If I ever see Loria I'm goings salad the taste outta his mouth


Read or listen to the Toronto media or Bowden at ESPN
The Jays just became serious AL East contenders
There are some very promising young playerrs coming to Miami but the Jays just gained instant credibility


yeah baby yeah
Go Jays Go !!! Whatta deal i tells ya what a deal, we gave up nothing.


Selig should explain why he approved this deal.


Next up Vizquel & 1st base coach Butterfield for Stanton.

Stan M

I just went to the Toronto web site and checked out their top 20 prospects. If, and this is a big if, the catcher Miami receives is Arcenribia, then I'll go way out on a limb and say that this is a reasonable trade. I assume that Escobar, whose personality is poison, and who is 30 YO, will be traded as there are plenty of teams looking for a credible SS and one of the prospects we also got is a can't miss SS and a defensive whiz who is ready right now.

My feeling now, and I originally jumped out of my shoes in disgust, is that the Marlins are going nowhere next year anyway, and we got 3 grade A prospects...4 if we get Arcencibia as well. Those other two catchers are each 29YO and Bret Hayes clones in talent.

In 2014, with this new bunch of kids, and our own top prospects, it will be fun again. The team will be awful next year, but nonetheless interesting in that it's more fun to watch kids develope that the kind of AAA players that populated the roster last year. And this thought above all...this team will be a force in the NL East for years to come after next year's transition. My only regret now is seeing Bono go.


The Marlins now have the same team Redmond had with the Blue Jays single A team in Dunedin.


Going to ask for refund tomorrow. I'm sick of this ownership. I understood Hanley and Anibal trade, but this is disgusting. I'm done with them.

I was surprised to get customer service call yesterday thanking me for being season ticket holder. They knew something was about to happen: f them!


Let's hear from the "They Will Get Better" people. Absolutely Beautiful!!!


Well they lost the last person to give the FO and the owner the benefit of the doubt. I can't believe this trade. If they wanted to dump payroll, they could have gotten more back with individual trades. This is absolutely abhorrent. These people are carpet baggers. Sell the damn team. This is the first time I've ever posted anything other than positive about the Marlins.

not a Marlins fan

HaHaHa...will be able to see all good NL teams that come here ,for under a DOLLAR all season long...Thanks Loria for being the scumbag you are.



Lou, you called it, you were right. I've given Loria so many free passes over the years but this is it. What a travesty for baseball in SoFL. And the worse part is they might as well trade Stanton tomorrow while his value is incredibly high. There is no way he plays out his prime years in Miami, he'll walk as soon as he's able to and all the idiotic FO will have to show for it is a sandwich pick.

Sick to my stomach. I hope the local fans boycott this piece of garbage owner,

Delgado, Lowell, and Lo Duca and now add Buehrle, Bell, and Reyes to the list of names the FO has signed to "long-term" deals yet only managed to have these guys under said contracts for 1 stinking year.

Sports is so unimportant and yet I' so freaking upset about this...

Please Clark, Manny, Cote and Lebetard lay into these sheisters!


Too bad they couldnt throw in Lomo the Tool...would've been a clean sweep.


Not Lebi, he's a friend of Samson's, I'm sure he'll find a silver lining.


Arencbia has power, he's hit 23 dingers in the majors, and he's young. If they get him.


rbleigh, Don't call the owner "garbage" or the Hall Monitor will blast you. That old computer term --Garbage In Garbage Out. Know what is really strange is to consider the level of sheer fanaticism that would exist in any human being who could rationalize what was just done as a "good deal" for the Marlins. I take a statin for cholesterol but I would need to be on considerable more "MEDICATION" than that to view life in such a near LSD perspective.

Tory Hunter about to sign with Detroit.


104 412 76 124 258 36 1 32 85 38 1 85 .301 .359 .626 .986 0.80

Here's his last minor league stats 36 doubles, 32 homers, and 301 BA.


rbleigh, Laurel thought I was kidding, Stanton will end up in Detroit to play with Cabrera and Fielder. It will be there or LA. Mike will love the atmosphere with those teammates. The Tigers will give up 3 minor league pitchers and a dog collar for Samson.

Stan M

Marlin Fans,
Go to the Blue Jays web site and see who we got before you condemn this trade. Again, I'm hoping we get one of the 2 top catching prospects from Toronto. No, the trade doesn't look good on first sight, but mull it over. My big question at this stage concerns the exact package that we do get. A 23 YO SS who is a better fielder than Reyes and an exciting top prospect. The top Blue Jay OF prospect who is a 21 YO line drive CF who will be ready in late 2013 or definitely in 2014. Two top young pitchers, one with a year in the ML already. The big catch to this trade is which catcher we get. I'm discounting Escobar as immediate trade bait for a relief pitcher...hopefully.

My point is that this trade must be viewed when considering the long term prospects. 2013 was already a writeoff, but skepticism could and should end there. We should be a better team in 2014 than we would have been.

And don't forget that this team should now have scads of money to sign virtually anyone they want. Will they? Probably not. But is Loria is planning on living a long and healthy life, he should certainly consider it. If he sees a drone over him, he'd better run for cover!

Flav C.

Stan, please. Don't get me started.

This team will be a plethora of prospects for years to come. Less than 30% of prospects actually pan out to be good. If those guys (or most of them) don't turn out to be what we thought they were, what do you do next?
Trade Stanton for more prospects and hope the next batch works out? And keep doing this over and over and over?

I've never seen any decent team be built up on prospects. You need a solid base of veteran players, that can hold the fort while the prospects develop. Right now, we have none. Zero. Nada.

We traded close to 80-90 stolen bases on Boni and Reyes for....for what?

We traded 200+ innings and 13+ wins a year on Buehrle for...for what?

And no decent free-agent will look for stability in South Florida while Loria is the owner. Let me repeat it: No decent free-agent.

This is unbelievable.


Flav, Welcome Home!!!!!

Escobar is the Phi Beta Kappa who cut gay slurs into his eye brows and has been despised whereever he played.

SloMo was actually funny, he supposedly tweeted(BIG surprise)--"Bet the Canadiens like NAFTA now", can't believe the klutz had the intelligence to tweet that, but if he did, that was funny.

Marlin Fan

Stan M , I agreed with you almost 100% this yr and enjoyed your posts . With that said I'll have to respectively disagree with this one . Top catcher ? So where does that leave Brantley??? Top SS , ok, but Reyes was one of the best ( not saying te best ) in the game
And a PROVEN commodity . Top CF ?? Again where does that leave Yelich??? Top pitching prospects ?? I still think JJ has alot left in the tank , especially with run support , Bhuerle the same .
You may very well be right on all these guys, but does it matter ?? Once they develop , hit their prime( and new contracts ) they are gone . Sorry by sad but true .

Flav C.

Lou, that was actually funny. It probably was Petersen's idea (LoMo's boyfriend). He has the higher IQ of the couple.

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