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Source: Marlins dumping top names, salary in major trade with Toronto

      That didn't take long. Only 11 months after going "all in" by signing a handful of high-priced free agents, the Marlins are dumping payroll in a multi-player trade with Toronto. A source confirmed that Josh JohnsonMark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, John Buck and Emilio Bonifacio are headed to the Blue Jays.

       The source said that, in return, the Marlins would receive a package of players that includes shortstop Yunel Escobar and infielder Adeiny Hechavarria. Foxsports and ESPN.com reported that the Marlins would also receive right-handed pitcher Henderson Alvarez, left-hander Justin Nicolino and outfielder Jake Marisnick. Foxsports' Jon Morosi reported that the Marlins would also receive one of three catchers -- J.P. Arencibia, Bobby Wilson or Jeff Mathis -- in the trade. Arencibia is a former first-round pick out of Miami's Westminster Christian.

       The reported deal was quickly given a thumbs down by Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton.

       "Alright, I'm pissed off!!! Plain & simple,"  Stanton tweeted.

       The trade would shed a great deal of salary from the Marlins' payroll for next season and beyond. Johnson stands to receive $13.75 million in 2013, his final season before free agency. Reyes has five years and $96 million remaining on the 6-year deal he signed with the Marlins last year. Buehrle has three years and $52 million remaining on his contract. The deals for Reyes and Buehrle were both backloaded and will increase dramatically. Reyes will go from making $10 million next season to $22 million in each of the four remaining years on his contract. Buehrle is scheduled to make $11 million in 2013, $18 million in 2014 and $19 million in 2015.

       The Marlins made three major free agent signings last offseason in acquiring Reyes, Buehrle and Heath Bell. Bell was traded last month to Arizona.

       Little will remain of the Marlins' Opening Night roster and coaching staff that christened new Marlins Park in April. That starting infield will now be completely gone. Four-fifths of the starting rotation? Gone. The starting catcher? Gone. Since the end of the season, the Marlins have also fired Ozzie Guillen, replacing him with Mike Redmond.

       The trade is awaiting approval by Major League Baseball before it can be made official and announced.


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Marlin Fan, Welcome Home!!! Doesn't it feel good? Breathe that air. feel the tingle. You are back!!!

Flav, Is that true??


When a person writes something so idiotic, bizarre, fanciful and bordering on the psychotic, does that call into question other things that were written that you once viewed as intelligent but in retrospect you almost feel the need to reevaluate? Someone does not instantaneously turn into a blabbering idiot. It is a process--some of you may say I've gone through the process. That would be fine. However, I would hope you would similiarly realize that if all of a sudden someone appears to have lost it, there is a very good chance it's been displaced for a long time and you never noticed.

Camera Mike

Stan, like others on here I usually find myself agreeing with your posts but this time cannot disagree more. There is no chance Loria tries to pick up a free agent with all the money he is saving, and if by some miracle he does try to there is even less of a chance the player would sign. After all the trades of big league players for prospects and fire sales this man has made in the past he has only a sliver of respect in the league, and to blow up the team only after one year of trying to go in on a payroll completely destroys that remaining sliver of crediblity. I see no chance any player approaching free ageny would resign with him and even less chance any free agent on the market would ever consider signing with him. The team will be a failure as long as he is the owner and I only hope MLB realizes this and forces him out. Allowing Loria to remain the owner will guarantee the Marlins have absolutely no fan base and no chance at landing any quality players.

There is no positive way to view this trade.


Camera Mike, Almost feel like this is a revival with people coming down the aisle. No more futile nights in front of Rick and Tommy--maybe they've been traded for play by play team of the Moore Haven Terriers--no more need to experience the pain and fraustration. It is behind you. Get on with your long life!!!


Who else will say "Enough is enough" and therefore shed himself of the bizarre hold this Triumvirate of Stooges had on his person??

Stan M

Marlin Fan and Flav,
I completely understand your points.I really regret Bono's departure and his SBs. And yes, veterans are needed. I'm trying to look at any positive that can be found. As I said, it will all hinge on which catcher we get, and it looks like it's one of the has beens. Keith Law rated the Blue Jay organization as 3rd best in the ML. And we just got 3 of their top 7 prospects. To my way of thinking, this is goodbye to the Cousins, Murphys, Petersons, and Gorkys of the past. Now there is real hope. By my count, we have 8 young and talented pitchers to look forward to. An outfield of Stanton, Yelich and this new kid from Toronto. A SS who can finally field his position a la Alex Gonzalez and maybe even this Escobar nitwit at 3B. He can hit.

Did you relly have hope that this team would compete in 2014? Now, in my opinion, there is real hope. And Flav, there have been some thrilling teams in the past who fielded a plethora of kids, kids who busted their tails after that big furure contract. And there have also been teams loaded with veterans who sat on their laurels. Yes, I'm oversimplifing, but there is some kernel of truth there. In 2014, LoMo, Stanton will be veterans. Maybe I just like hungry kids. They always play hard and get their uniforms dirty.


Who believes Stanton is in Miami through 2013? He already commited the Cardinal Sin. He got angry at management. He will be gone. He will actually be FREE!!!! Giancarlo, Free at last!!! Free at last!! Soon you will be free!!! At Last!!

With my apologies to the great Dr. King.

Flav C.

Stan, how can we even believe in a team with an outfield with 2 unproven players, being one of them "this new kid from Toronto"?

As far as Keith Law and his rating system, if it depended on his system, the Mariners and Royals would have been playoff teams over the last 4 years.

In 2014 Lomo and Stanton will not be Marlins anymore. LoMo for obvious reasons and Stanton because he will be arbitration eligible. Every single player in this organization since Loria took over that is arb eligible was traded, with the exception of Cabrera and Anibal.

Next season we would have Mujica, Gaby, Coghlan, Boni, Webb, Mujica, Murphy, Cousins - All arb eligible. Look who is left from this crop: Webb, the cheapest contract of them all.

And Gorkys and Petersen aren't going anywhere, since they are the only veterans from the Mendoza squad left behind. They are cheap and not arb eligible.


Flav,I'm sure you have seen "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest", imagine you are Nicholson and you are talking to DeVito. Did Jack have a chance? Do you have a chance? Do you know when to fold them?

John currie

The Yankees or Rangers will grab Giancarlo Stanton...although I would love to see him Boston his swing in better off with a lower fence than the Green Monster...Has anybody realized that in order to make salary room for ARod...they have to shed some $$$ like they did today...ARod to Miami...Stanton to The Yankees...watch out AL East !


Flav, You actually left out one player who is stilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!! here. You mentioned Webb.


Has any owner in any sport ever taded 2 MVP's and future Hall of Famers and received literally nothing in return? When Stanton is dealt this year, our man will be all by himself in the anals of history.


Anibal Sanchez after he gets his deal will make more money than the Marlins 25 man roster!!!


I only wish that Loria could have owned the Yankees and made this deal in New York. It would have taken a late edition to formulate the back page barrage.

Stan M

Flav, we have one fundamental disagreement. I am banking on the team keeping Stanton and LoMo, if he remains healthy. Other than that, you are, of course, correct. However,as much as I detest Loria, he did spend money this past year and it is his best long term interests to build this team into a winner for when he is eligible to sell in a few years. The man is a charletan and a scalawag, but that doesn't say that he's stupid. After these trades he has plenty of money that he COULD/SHOULD invest. It's one thing to allow the team to founder in that old ballpark; quite another to do it now. Condemn me if you must, but I do see a brighter side to what is now a dismal picture. My hope is that they field some of these kids next year; at least Cox and Yelich. You are correct in saying that we haven't seen the last of our AAA complement, but they will all be history in 2014.


Certain individuals have called me out for my negativity regarding the Miami Marlins ownership. I have been near villified and yet I did not respond directly. I will not respond directly now. Just realize when you have been around a long time and didn't know where this entire fiasco was headed, you were either not paying any attention or you have wasted a significant number of brain cells.

Flav C.

Lou, I didnt mention him because the FO sent him to AAA so he could not accumulate enough major league games, hence not being arb eligible. But I would say his days would be counted. The only thing that make me think otherwise is that he is playing 2B in the Dominican League, maybe an indication that the Marlins still have plans for him.

Flav C.

Lou, I'd rather picture myself as Jack and Loria as the head-nurse, in the moment that Jack is choking her.


Flav, Go read Dave Hyde. He does not agree with some of our fellow bloggers. Just labeled Loria a "Con Man" and revealed Stanton has removed his avatar showing him wearing a Marlins uniform. He said he was "pissed."

Who said you can fool old bloggers some of the time but you can't fool old bloggers all of the time?? I tend to go with old P.T. Barnum who said "You will never go broke underestimating the intelligence of some on the Herald Baseball Blog." So, I paraphrased a little.


Giancarlo, Walk up to the pigs, look them right in the eyes(put them both on ladders) and tell them what you REALLY think of them. The Player's Union and Commissioner's Office will not allow the maggots to punish you by optioning you and you will be dealt. Do It Tomorrow OR sooner!!!


Only the God*amn marlins let a tripe crown player caliber leave but seriously look around the league see all our old talent! I'm so use to this that on thinking to myself at least we could kept bonafacio! F•CK YOU LORIA


The Marlins NEVER make the deal unless the Jays take back Buck. Wonder what a "Buck" is valued at in Ontario? Probably about .22 cents. Now if they would have traded Buck for a Buck .42 this deal would have made some sense. Surprised we have not heard the drivel about "Buck is good in the clubhouse." NO!!! Kim Kardashian is good in the clubhouse.

Lawrence Wiener

In article Beinfest says past trades for money have resulted in a better team. He lives in the armpit of Loria. Last time I looked we ended the past two years in last place 30 games out. There was a time when I had respect for Mr. B. but apparently he is a criminal just like Loria and Samson. As for Bhuerle, if you feel lied to, get on the back of a long line. I'm a fan and feel the same way.

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