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Marlins select center fielder, LHP in Rule 5 Draft

    NASHVILLE -- Rule 5 draft picks are long shots to begin with. But if the Marlins' selection of outfielder Alfredo Silverio pans out, it'll be one of the comeback stories of the year.

    SilverioSilverio, a 25-year-old product of the Dominican Republic and Dodgers farm system, was seriously injured in an auto accident last January and did not play at all in 2012. Silverio suffered back, shoulder, elbow and neck injuries and dealt with concussion symptoms weeks after the accident. Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said Silverio also required Tommy John surgery due to the accident.

    But Silverio had a breakout year at Double A Chattanooga in 2011 and the Marlins felt he was worth the gamble in the Rule 5, selecting him with the sixth overall pick. Silverio hit .306 with 16 home runs and 85 RBI for the Dodgers' Double A farm club in '11 and also hit a home run in that year's Futures Game.

    "The outfielder is an interesting case in that he had a big year in 2011 in Double A and was (then) in a very bad car accident," Beinfest said. "He was really hurt, banged up, missed the whole year. But we thought based on what we saw in 2011 and based on whatever information that we could get, that it was a reasonable risk to bring him in. We really like him in center field. If he's not completely healthy, we understand that as well."

     Beinfest said the team envisions Silverio as a center fielder. But, due to his recovery from Tommy John surgery, he won't resume throwing until next month. The Marlins would likely start him out on the disabled list, and it could be mid-season before he is ready to play.

     Under Rule 5 rules, the Marlins are paying the Dodgers $50,000 to take Silverio. If Silverio doesn't remain on the 25-man roster for the entire season once activated, he would be returned to the Dodgers and the Marlins would receive back half of the money.

     "We anticipate he may not be ready to go in spring training," Beinfest said. "We know that up front. We may have to carry him on the DL for a while. But we want to take a look at this kid. We think there's a lot of upside. And he performed at 23, he was awesome in Double A." Lara

      The Marlins made one other selection in Thursday's draft, taking left-handed pitcher Braulio Lara with their second pick. Lara, 23, went 6-10 with a 5.71 ERA last season at Charlotte, the High-A affiliate of the Rays. Beinfest said Lara would be considered for a bullpen role.

      "Big arm, throws strikes," Beinfest said. "We think we may have something. You take a chance on a lefty. The one thing on him, he only pitched into High A, so it could be a little bit of a reach, but we think it's a good opportunity. We'll take a look."

       Lara features a high-90s fastball, slider and change.


     The Rule  5 Draft was the last official order of business at the Winter Meetings but the Marlins aren't done doing business. They're still on the hunt for a third baseman.

     "We have some offers out (to free agents)," Beinfest said. "And we have a couple of trade ideas. We would like to do it sooner rather than later. We'd like to at least have that comfort level that we have some competition over there."


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Diggity Dave

He'll become an All-Star and then be traded the following year.


Beinfest is the only person in America rewarded for doing a piss poor job... I wonder what else he does for Samson and his daddy... Hmmm


read every mlb blog marlins not mentione once u suk loria

Marlin Fan

Glad were getting 1st and 3rd baseman , oh wait ......


not bad picks lara baseball america had him as the top pither available he hit 100 mph for licey a couple of weeks ago and seems like could of used some more time in higher levels in the minors but if he sticks could end up being a good peice of the bullpen and he's from the rays org. they know there pitching over there and silveiro's #'s before the accident where realy good needs help with basestealing overall good numbers out of cf. they also signed zach phillips a lh releiver from baltimore and an outfielder jordan brown from the brewers a .300 minorleague hitter let's cut the loria bashing and try to see what team emerges from the salary dump in two years we could end up with a couple of all stars or a pretty competetive team why not see how it's built and let the product dictate the owners and g.m's reputation. most of the fans already knew that reyes and buerle weren't going to last till the end of there contracts anyway just not that soon i guess.


I mentioned earlier that Marlins are the ultimate sports "car wreck" and now they are selecting victims of car wrecks. As Glenn Close said in "Big Chill", "There is a certain irony to that."

cynthia o

Spend some time with a few good friends.
Right, Lou?

Camera Mike

Lou, Loria has been choosing the victims of his car crashes for over a decade now both in Miami and Montreal. Though while that is not new the degree of the anger his has caused has grown to heretofore unseen levels, and that includes the time he needed body guards while attending home games in Montreal. It is no secret you besiege the fans here to give up on the team since Loria will never change, but what I and I feel others on here prefer to do is continue supporting the team while waiting for Loria to sell the team and hoping against hope that day will soon arrive.

There has been a lot of talk on this blog of a full on Marlins boycott in the hopes of speeding up Loria's decision to sell. There was also a great idea on a past blog about boycotting the sponsors of the team. If I remember right it was Flav C who came up with this though if I am mistaken please do correct me. I think that is a tremendous idea. The only way to hasten a sale is to get Selig and/or the other owners to pressure pressure or even force Loria out. Sponsors dropping their support of the team will not just put financial pressure on Loria but also garner national press that will be an embarrassment not just the Marlins but all of baseball, and if he cause's the league and sport a big enough black eye I feel they will start to force him out.

Another idea I would like to see come to fruition is a protest on opening day. If there were far more people outside the stadium protesting Loria then inside watching the came it would be another giant embarrassment for the league that will at the very least force them to publicly comment on the situation and be one more straw upon the camels back.

Also Lou before you ask me to give up on the team again please remember that I have been a fan of this team since Charlie Hough threw the teams first pitch against the Dodgers back in '93 and will continue to be so for years to come through both good and bad. Being a fan of a team doesn't automatically make one a fan of the owner as well.

Stan M

Camera Mike,
At this point Loria must realize that he has brought the wrath of all down upon him. Maybe I'm wrong, but it wouldn't surprise me if he clears money if the team draws almost no one. Someone in the last couple of days mentioned that if he sells after this year, he only forfeits 5 per cent of the sale. It certainly seems as if he is heading in that direction. If so, a boycott would have little effect on his thinking. In my opinion, it's Selig who needs to have pressure put on him. As much as I deplore Loria, I loath Selig even more. "For the good of baseball, huh!" That's a phrase that he has completely ignored. It seem that he is worried about his legacy. This disaster isn't going to help put a smiley face on his record and he is probably more sensitive than Loria will ever be. Furthermore, at this stage, I really don't think a boycott needs to be organized. The law of diminishing returns should take care of attendance all by itself.

Camera Mike

Stan, I agree that a boycott or even just low attendance in and of itself won't help force Loria out. ESPN and rest of the national sports press is not going to cover that story. Though if there were protests or sponsors publicly dropping the team that may get national coverage which would embarrass the league and put pressure on Selig and like you say the best way to get Loria out is to pressure Bud.

Stan M

There is little to be positive about lately. However, it does seem that this Silverio is a good gamble. No downside, just a 25,000 loss if he is returned, and he certainly looks better than good ol' Gorkys.






Dear Camera Mike, I really do appreciate your ardor for the Marlins. I once felt the same way,however, I refuse to let the dominant force behind the Marlins kick me in the head. You and others continue to believe Loria will evntually behave in a rational way as far as his financial interests. What if what he is doing now is somehow pathological related to his perceived(and realistic)view of how others relate to him. Is it possible he is deliberately attempting to destroy the team, the market and the interest in baseball going forward for next 2 generations? We keep attempting to attribute sane motives to what is being done. I would not attempt to crawl into the head of Loria. He is a man who surrounds himself with peons and gophers and who does not abide any criticism. What does that sound like to you? He also appears capable of deconsructing things with no regard to harm done to himself I believe we should all be fortunate that Loria is a baseball owner and not the President of a Middle East country with access to all types of dangerous stuff. If Selig still has not intervened, I believe we should consider the real possibility that for some reason--abject hatred???--the rest of the owners just want Loria brought down. Selig would not resist a concentrated effort by owners to have him address this issue. There appears to be no such effort.Sorry to YOU if I seem harsh in this matter but after my trip to DC and after speaking to those people connected with the Nats, I received a clear feeling for who Loria really is and at that point I realized it was over. Most of the people on this blog are really good people and I considered not speaking out on the bleakness of the situation to be synonomous with not yellig "FIRE" if a theatre really was on fire. Have a good day.


I forgot. Just think back to the Ali debacle. Remember the Greenberg publicity stunt. Think of the dismissal of managers. Think of his coaching hires. Recall his reactions to people who stand up to him. Consider the CIA like secrecy. Think of the "quality" of the peons. This guy is, in the words of Ralph Kramden, "Oh, he's gone."

Camera Mike

Lou, I think you and I interpret all the posts in here in a different way. You keep stating the people here expect Loria to change, yet everything I have read shows the fans here have total and complete faith in Loria continuing in his greedy and destructive ways if not getting worse. As far as Selig not stepping in yet please keep in mind up until know the attitude towards the Marlins and Loria in South Florida has been different. Before this latest salary dump sports fans treated the fish with indifference and not the unadulterated anger now directed towards Loria. The only situation Selig has seen anything akin to this was in Montreal where he eventually moved to team. However I do not recall ever reading about all the other owners being so angry with one of their own nor do I think Bud Selig would try to move a team where the city has just spent hundreds of millions of dollars on a new stadium. If the blowback and embarrassment from this is large enough it stands a chance of being the final straw against a man who is in the process of destroying his second baseball market, and as that being something neither Selig nor the other owners has had to deal before it may just push them into taking actions never before seen. It is a desire for that which I interpret in the posts here and not a belief that Loria will change his ways.

Stan M

Camera Mike,
You interpret well.


Where are the so called advisors...Jack Mckeon, Tony Perez, Andre Dawson & Jeff Conine. Are these guys so hard up for money that they have to tow the Loria line.
It is discouraging that these good baseball people have been silent on the destruction of this franchise. Being silent only shows support for Loria & a disregard to the Miami baseball fan.


Dear Spitballer, I believe you may have to come to grips with the obvious answer to your qurestion. We know they are not hard up for money so what is the quality of a man who would continue to associate with someone of Loria's ilk? Think of the best friend you have ever had or the man or woman you most respected and ask yourself if he or she would want any part of Loria.Hell, consider someone who you never had any use for and ask yourself if he or she would have associated with Loria? Do you believe it may be time to reevaluate the opinion of anyone who associates with a person universally reviled around the nation? Where these guys are would be a real good question, however, the answer is easy they will be in the dugout, broadcasting booth and on call to "consult: with our hero. What's the old saying about "Lying down with dogs---------?"

Marlin Fan

It's been documented how Selig was in with Loria in Montreal . How does a commissioner have a daughter who owns a team and it's magically picked to change leagues , no conflict of interest right ? I'm tired of the whole prospects scenario, the Marlins had a roster WITH some tweaking that could have been competitive . I'm tired of always waiting for two yrs down the road and then ........


He that lieth down with Dogs, shall rise up with Fleas. ~ Benjamin Franklin


Well, it appears some of the people who we shower with respect just may need to be bathed with some kind of product purchased at a veternarian office. We can't be universally opposed to every action of an individual and at the same time regard his minions any differently. Now if we were discussing administrative personnel or others with lowly positions who do not dare quit under dire financial conditions, that is a different story. However, we have some financially secure people who "appear " to be capable of spraying perfume on a waste dunp and then lingering in the area.


Before anyone thinks I may be alluding to Clark--PLEASE!!! Clark is a journalist who gets compensated to cover a sports entity. It is undoubtedly more fun and more interesting to cover the Miami Marlins than any other team in baseball. He is actually doing a very entertaining job of injecting little zingers into his pieces and describing the true nature of the baseball equivalent of Chernobyl. Of course the events at Chernobyl were not deliberately brought about. That was a dire event with sad consequences for humanity. The Miami Marlins are a disaster but the impact is limited, to the soon to fade emotional impact,on a group of people who will recover very adequately.

It is hard to believe that Loria can only be described adequately when one utilizes references to fleas and radioactive meltdowns.


Clark, It might be appropriate to ask McKeon, Dawson, Perez and Conine how much longer they can tolerate having their good names linked with Loria on any level? One would think at some point there would be a desire to seperate oneself from the negativity. People do leave long held positions when the actions of the "Boss" transcend any boundaries of tolerable actions. What more would Loria need to do? Well, I better leave that question open ended.

Old Gator

Nobody cares anymore, Clark.

Stan M

Choate just signed a 3 year contract with St. Louis. He was a virtual throw in when we traded Hanley. However, in many ways I think we lost more games due to his departure than that of anyone else It's probably an exaggeration, but it seemed that every time Dunn came in to face a LH batter, a disaster occured. Choate was one relatively inexpensive specialist that could have and should have been kept.


Exactly...why report on any Marlins roster activity at all? Players are drafted to merely provide fodder for trades three to four years into their tenure. No one will stay. No progress is made. Ever.

Watching this from afar, the Marlins are not a legitimate sports organization and the Herald and other South Florida media should not give it the attention befitting a legimitate franchise.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Where's the SEC investigation? Any chance Loria gets indicted?

Stan M

This should set some tongues to wagging. In my opinion, in 2-3 years time, Bono will be considered best player we sent to Toronto.

Here is an evaluation of Marlins prospects from a different site:



I read that story. First paragraph was a little scary. It was nice that their farm system has been improved and it is also good news that
"fears beyond 2014 should be allayed", I guess that is good news for most folks, however, I'm 65 and I don't believe the Miami Marlins winning another World Series should be on my revised Bucket List. If I was younger I would probably get some degree of satisfaction from watching development,but of course those moments are always tempered by the realization that once they develop the cycle will just repeat itself all over again. If you are 65 and above with a clean bill of health and a longggggggg family history of good genes, I would encourage you to jump on the Marlins' Express. If you have some health "issues", the Marlins are probably not for you and you should settle on a surer thing. Things on a Bucket List should have some chance of coming to fruition.


DT, if you find out the answer to that question, please post it. I would say the answer would be a resounding "No", I'm not a lawyer but I believe when you enter into a contract with someone who has a very public "history" that you would be expected to take that into account. I guess what I'm saying is if you decided to negotiate--let's be really extreme here---with Meyer Lansky to buy a casino in Cuba that you might be culpable yourself for any bad things that occur.

the truth

in 2-3 yrs time nobody will care about Boni,the Toronto trade, or the Marlins, if they're still here. Hell, nobody cares now.


I had not looked in awhile so I took a peek. Now could someone please tell me who are the Marlins 4th and 5th starter, who is the 3B, who is the 2B and who is the 1B--when SloMo shows up "physically unable to perform?" I guess it will be fantasized as Solano at 2B, Cox at 3B, SloMo at 1B, but I'm still having trouble with Nolasco being considered the "ACE" and Turner and Evoldi at 2 and 3 and still no idea of 4 and 5 and the bullpen is barren, a noodle arm in left field, a 32 year old burgeoning regular in CF and absolutely no bench except for Dobbs.

They say it's hard to lose more than 100,however, i would say this group of "talent" assembled may have a shot. Too bad that Ashburn, Bouchee, Neal, Thomas, Kranepool, Zimmer, Craig, Jackson and Hook can't be "reincarnated" and play this group in a Best of 7 Series.

boycott these low lifes

Lou, samson will be the 4th starter. not sure of the 5th yet. rumor has it that eduardo perez might be moonlighting away from Houston, as the marlins 5th starter. but only a rumor.

Abbott & Costello

who's on 1st...what's on 2nd...I dont know's on 3rd

cynthia o

Clark...Be interesting to get copies of the council meetings where Loria or his reps appeared to discuss the ballpark issue and see what promises or statements were made re the quality of team the Marlins would provide to play in the new park. Bet they made all kinds of promises to fill the park and build a team the city would be proud of. Maybe the city could force the tight-ass to spend a little money.


Sanchezn verge of signing a 5 year 80,000,000 deal with the Tigers. Will 16,000,000 a year be larger than Marlins payroll for entire team?? Maybe the Marlins can get Porcello for a 1 year "rental", of course they will give up too much for him and Porcello would probably go 7-12. Hey, that would almost make him the ACE of the staff as Nolasco will be gone by trading deadline. Has anything in your recent memory fallen apart faster than this? i was thinking maybe the Lakers but I can't believe they won't fix it.

Like the idea of Samson as the 4th starter. He can run a marathon before every start and enter the stadium through center field where he will be presented a garland of flowers by Loria.

On a serious note just found out about Rodriguez's health issues at the Sun-Sentinel. We should probably all drop him a message of support. OUR Clark's intervention was commendable. Thank You!!!

Stan M

Here is link to Marlins top 20 prospects as picked by John Sickles. If you are down in the dumps about next year, and who isn't, this can be encouraging for the future.



I'm sorry. I had not heard of the Connecticut slaughter when I posted this morning.Started reading a book when I first woke up and knew nothing about it.

Stan M

I'm putting up this link because it has a photo of our top pitching prospect. If I'm not mistaken, and I sure hope I am, his arm position is exactly where those doctor specialists said it shouldn't be. According to what I remember, he is a candidate for Tommy John surgery someday. LB, if you're around, have a look and give us your take.

If you click on "top 10 list" in the sentence on Baseball America, you will see their evaluation of our prospects.


Stan M

To Juan Rodriguez,
Any of us who read your articles and especially your Q&As, know you to be a stand up guy who isn't afraid to give his opinion. I join all of your other readers in wishing you a full recovery and look forward to your return soon.


Juan has left a few tweets on twitter...it's good to see him getting back into the saddle.

Stan M

In case some of you missed it, I'm posting ESPN's compilation of whom they consider the 100 greatest players of all time. There will be all kinds of arguments back and forth. I almost jumped out of my chair when I found Mantle rated at #9 all time. That is over Walter Johnson, Honus Wagner, Lou Gehrig and many others that surprised me. Ted Williams was at #4 which is unrealistic. That is over Hank Aaron (ok there), Stan Musial, and Ty Cobb. Williams was a great hitter, not a great ballplayer, at least not #4 of all time. I couldn't understand Aaron at #5 and Frank Robinson at #22. Robinson was the better ballplayer and I saw a lot of both. Anyway there is a lot of fodder to argue over. Ruth and Mays were where they should be.

Stan M

Just read an article about trading Stanton. Before going on, I love the guy and think he will be one of all time great power hitters. However, his tenure must be considered while under the present ownership. If Loria stays, then it's pretty obvious that Stanton will be gone as he starts getting expensive. His value will never be greater than right now. And there is an injury history to think about as well. He missed 1/4th of last year.

The Rangers just lost their best power sourse and they have tremendous prospects as everyone knows. If the Marlins could get Profar, Olt and one or two more outstanding prospects, I would give a trade real thought. However, there is no way I'd trade him if Loria goes.

Here is the article that made me change my mind:



congrats to Anibel Sanchez on the contract with Detroit. all the guys that were traded away or just let go, will be much better off. Anibel ended up in the Post Season as did Cody Ross a couple of years ago. Gonna be interesting to see how well the guys at Toronto will do.

Stan M

For those of you who were around then, would you have traded Roy Campanella for Yogi Berra? Campy was a far better catcher (there is simply no comparison here), holds the all time percentage record for throwing out baserunners, and had much more power. Both won 3 MVP awards. Yet ESPN has Berra at #52 all time (OK) but Campanella at #125 (what?). Another puzzler was Lefty Grove. There can be very good arguments that he was the best pitcher of all time, certainly one of the top 3 or 4, yet he was rated in the 40s.


After a horrific day of unthinkable horror I sense a feeling on Facebook, Twitter and the Internet that this may have been the unthinkable act that not even the morons can disregard or dismiss. I may be wrong as the big money may just swoop in again but at least the level of sadnesss and outrage may have struck a chord. Maybe wishful thinking but a chance. We'll see. Sorry, can't get into the baseball talk tonight.

Juan, Trust you are doing well. you are a good man!!!Trust in modern medicine. You will be in my thoughts.

Stan M

After reading your piece above I went in search of the morons (there's that word again) who are disregarding and dismissing what has happened in CT. There has always been and always will be depraved individuals and misguided zealots who bring untold horrors to those who disagree with them. Isn't baseball, and sports in general, one of the avenues that mankind uses to momentarily forget about these miseries? Why else did FR insist that baseball be continued during WWII? My point is that to make an effort to get one's mind off this or any tragedy is neither a sin nor the application of moronic tendencies. One could argue that it is probably healthy.

An alternative might be to go from town to town flailing our backs to atone for both our sins and those of the world in general. When such was actually a cult driven reality during the Middle Ages, it had no effect upon eliminating the plague. In fact the unintended consequenses probably helped to spread the disease. To follow up on your train of thought, if only Royalty had banned the bow and arrow hundreds of years ago, we wouldn't be in the fix we are now.

cynthia o

I agree with Lou. There just can no longer be any excuse for not doing everything in our power to stop the proliferation of guns in our society. Yes, it's true we can't entirely eliminate the possibility of guns falling into the wrong hands, but we have to TRY. The gun nuts have controlled the debate too long and it's time that sanity prevailed. No more lame excuses. Piles of dead babies don't lie.

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