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Marlins select center fielder, LHP in Rule 5 Draft

    NASHVILLE -- Rule 5 draft picks are long shots to begin with. But if the Marlins' selection of outfielder Alfredo Silverio pans out, it'll be one of the comeback stories of the year.

    SilverioSilverio, a 25-year-old product of the Dominican Republic and Dodgers farm system, was seriously injured in an auto accident last January and did not play at all in 2012. Silverio suffered back, shoulder, elbow and neck injuries and dealt with concussion symptoms weeks after the accident. Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said Silverio also required Tommy John surgery due to the accident.

    But Silverio had a breakout year at Double A Chattanooga in 2011 and the Marlins felt he was worth the gamble in the Rule 5, selecting him with the sixth overall pick. Silverio hit .306 with 16 home runs and 85 RBI for the Dodgers' Double A farm club in '11 and also hit a home run in that year's Futures Game.

    "The outfielder is an interesting case in that he had a big year in 2011 in Double A and was (then) in a very bad car accident," Beinfest said. "He was really hurt, banged up, missed the whole year. But we thought based on what we saw in 2011 and based on whatever information that we could get, that it was a reasonable risk to bring him in. We really like him in center field. If he's not completely healthy, we understand that as well."

     Beinfest said the team envisions Silverio as a center fielder. But, due to his recovery from Tommy John surgery, he won't resume throwing until next month. The Marlins would likely start him out on the disabled list, and it could be mid-season before he is ready to play.

     Under Rule 5 rules, the Marlins are paying the Dodgers $50,000 to take Silverio. If Silverio doesn't remain on the 25-man roster for the entire season once activated, he would be returned to the Dodgers and the Marlins would receive back half of the money.

     "We anticipate he may not be ready to go in spring training," Beinfest said. "We know that up front. We may have to carry him on the DL for a while. But we want to take a look at this kid. We think there's a lot of upside. And he performed at 23, he was awesome in Double A." Lara

      The Marlins made one other selection in Thursday's draft, taking left-handed pitcher Braulio Lara with their second pick. Lara, 23, went 6-10 with a 5.71 ERA last season at Charlotte, the High-A affiliate of the Rays. Beinfest said Lara would be considered for a bullpen role.

      "Big arm, throws strikes," Beinfest said. "We think we may have something. You take a chance on a lefty. The one thing on him, he only pitched into High A, so it could be a little bit of a reach, but we think it's a good opportunity. We'll take a look."

       Lara features a high-90s fastball, slider and change.


     The Rule  5 Draft was the last official order of business at the Winter Meetings but the Marlins aren't done doing business. They're still on the hunt for a third baseman.

     "We have some offers out (to free agents)," Beinfest said. "And we have a couple of trade ideas. We would like to do it sooner rather than later. We'd like to at least have that comfort level that we have some competition over there."


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Stan M

I think anyone would advocate the banning od firearms if it could be done universally. Unfortunately that is an impossibility and the unintended consequences of partial bans would lead to the strong prying upon the weak as history has repeatedly shown. Rather, my point, which I probably didn't clarify properly, was that much more mayhem is fostered throughout the world by the supercilious and shallow thinking that others who disagree with you are somehow inferior (morons?). The next step would naturally be to somehow ban, prohibit or punish such miscreants and that, to me, is frightening. Far too many have been burned at the stake, gassed and put in ovens, stoned to death, and fed to lions, because they had the audacity to think differently. Incidently, Lou never mentioned guns.

dont shoot the messenger

Its all about the gun nut lobbyists, campaign contributions and backing from those lobbyists to politicians currently in office. Follow the money trail and expose these lobbyists and politicians for having blood money on their hands and get them out of office. Wonder how quick those in Washington would change their tune/votes if their families were victims of gun violence.

cynthia o

Stan...I would never imply that Lou was talking about guns if I thought there was any chance that he wasn't talking about guns. And I would never imply that you are a moron because I'm sure you are not. But I still believe that if NRA members put the millions of dollars they spend to bully congress each year into mental health programs and efforts to feed the poor, this world would be a lot safer and a lot better fed.
And no, I would never trade away Campanella for Berra.

Stan M

I differ with you only in emphasis. If the NRA was left alone and didn't have to spend that money to defend itself, then those millions could and should go to other causes. Personally, I'm more upset with the billions of dollars that go to foreign countries in order to buy their allegiance. Better those funds went to local social causes although I fear the consequences of any social programs run by the federal government itself. And it was I who implied that Lou was talking about guns. It was obvious that it was where he was going.

cynthia o

If women ran the world, common sense would prevail. We could build rooms with lead walls and put all the guns inside those rooms. Any nut job who felt it necessary to kill someone could go inside and shoot it out with all the other nut jobs until only one was left standing. Poof! No more wars, no more school shootings, no more need for an NRA.


Stan, Why dont we just assume that I only view one person on this Blog as a moron.

Notice that once again Clark leaves my "political" posts alone. You ever wonder why that occurs? Why don't you reveal your view of life. We'll see how long that stays up. We all know what you think of the 1950 Phillies Whiz Kids and the Boys of Summer.

I'm looking forward, as are the many of your fans, to your next link to an article describing the progress of the Marlins farm system.

I can't stand you and you can't tolerate me. Can we agree this is just the way it is. In spite of that, I hope that you actually live long enough to see the Marlins as a perennial and serious contender and not as a universally viewed joke.. That should guarantee you a veryyyy!!! long, productive, happy and contented life.

By the way, The use of "Moron" yesterday had nothing to do with ANYONE on this blog and referred to those who think things like yesterday will change without intervention.

Stan M

it isn't you personally whom I find repulsive. However, I darn sure dislike how you must consistently refer to those who disagree with you as somehow inferior. Anyone can type "lou" in the search box and find this to be all too true. I'm sure that you are a man of above average intelligence. Unfortunately, that intelligence doesn't extend to the superior or very superior categories and you are a victim of you own prejudices to the extent that you cannot think beyond them and will never become aware of any larger scenario. Yes, I become annoyed when you post far too much and solely talk about yourself. But that is not the major reason that I take this time to exchoriate your attitude. What I personally can't stand is your supercilious attitude toward others, and that extends far beyond myself. Who in the world do you think you are and how can you possibly value your own importance so highly? I fully realize that I am perhaps too optimistic and others have pointed this out and disagreed with me more than once. But no one, other than you, has done so in such an insipid manner. And if it were just me, that would be understandable, for as you say, we are not terribly fond of each other. But you do this to everyone,over and over again to the point that I thing that there is some underlying neurosis at play. Ask yourself why you must put down everything and everyone with whom you come in contact. In my opinion, without you mucking things up, this blog would remain all about baseball and with all of the varying opinions respectfully considered.

cynthia o

I apologize for my contribution to what has become a very toxic conversation. That's not who I am and I am embarrassed. I have read this blog for some time and thought it would be fun to join in, but I was wrong and I will bow out. I can understand why some of the regulars that I once enjoyed reading have apparently done the same. There seems to be no room to say anything pleasant or even slightly optimistic about the team without being accused of idiocy or buffoonery.
By the way, lou, I have found several of the links posted by stan to be very interesting, so my suggestion is if you are not interested, don't click.
The current state of the marlins and the world in general is more than I can handle without trying to wade through the hatred and negativity being expressed here.


Dear Cynthia, The level of toxicity on this blog between 2 people who despise each other in NO way should be compared to the toxicity that occured yesterday due to a powerful group who will continue to get their minions to jump through hoops while voicing platitudes about how they are in no way responsible for the carnage.

As I said earlier my pejorative use of the word "moron" yesterday referred to nobody on this blog but rather the enablers of the perpetrators of these carnages. As far as reading the posts of certain people, may i just suggest scrolling to the end of the message and seeing if you wish to read the commentator. This is easily accomplished. I regret the level of enmity between 2 people has made you feel worse. There is a history here and I really wish you would have known the level of mutual disdain between the two of us so that you could have missed my remarks.

Let's do all we can to insure we haven't forgotten about these 6 and 7 year old kids and their protectors before the next inevitable assault takes place. Please Scroll past my posts--IF you haven't started already--because i wish to cause you no pain.

Rodney King Dangerfield

cant we All...just get along?

As the World Turns

Will Lou and Stan ever talk to each other again? Will they kiss and make up? Will they shake hands and come out fighting? These are the Day's of Our Lives.

Stan M

CYnthia, hang around...I promise to obstain. Let him rant on to his hearts content. I promised Samson's Boyfriend, whom I greatly respect, that I would cease and desist a couple of weeks ago...and to my discredit, I didn't.

On page one I tried to stir up some baseball controverseries after what had happened . On the very next post Lou hinted that it was moronish to disregard and or dismiss that mornings horrors, completely missing the point that I was trying to get our minds off that tragedy for a little while...and I blew my stack. Cynthia, I'm just an old man who hates arrogance but I promise that from this point on, it will be only baseball from me. Please give not only me but all of the other very interesting posters on this site another chance to hear your opinions. I was wrong!!!


Cynthia, Come Back. It's as I said yesterday, just go to the bottom of each post and read the name, if you don't want to read the content just move on.

I appreciated the angst you felt for these kids yesterday. Don't let that feeling slip away until you have communicated those feelings to people in power. You must remember that other individuals will be coming from the other direction.

I really hesitate mentioning baseball but you mentioned something yesterday related. You said I try to neutralize optimism. How many people who follow baseball in America do you think believe the Marlins will ever be relevant? If people who access this blog continue to believe the Marlins will come back and be a force, do I have the right to express the opinion(too harshly)that I just can't see how anyone believes that? There is now an established pattern of what will happen to young talent when it matures. I believe people who not only follow baseball, but who are in baseball and play baseball realize the Marlins are a complete aberration of how a MLB franchise is suppose to operate. You can believe differently if you want but maybe ask yourself if you are in the distinct minority. The Miami Marlins could be judged to have the Number 1 Minor League System in baseball and it still won't matter if they will all end up on other teams, traded for fringe prospects and washouts.

Remember wear yellow and blue tomorrow in honor of these kids and their teachers.

cynthia o

I know I promised to go away, but like a bad burrito, I just keep coming back. A few minutes ago, I posted a long comment trying to explain why some things I've said recently may have made me sound like the B**tch of Biscayne Bay. My comment appeared briefly, then vanished and I don't know why. So I'll try again.
Einstein said, "If you can't explain it to a 6 year-old, then you don't really understand it yourself." Lately, I've had trouble explaining some things to my 6-year-old. Until recently, it was mostly why he won't be able to see his hero Jose Reyes playing for the Marlins next year. But lately, the questions he's been asking are a lot more heartbreaking and I have no answers.
What I was trying to say earlier was I don't really see any point in reading over and over again that the Marlins suck and will suck for a long time when I already know that the Marlins suck and will suck for a long time.
Maybe somebody should say, "You know, it might be fun watching these kids play, even if they do lose 100 games. After it's only baseball and losing 100 games won't kill anybody's child. And if they surprise everybody and only lose 80 games, we can celebrate the accomplishment and go on with our lives."
And the person who said that wouldn't have to be crazy. Maybe, like me, they're just trying to find a way to cope and go on enjoying what I consider the greatest sport in the world. You all may have the luxury of boycotting the games and screaming insults at everybody connected with team, but I don't. I have a little boy to think about. He lives to attend the Marlins games and there is no way I can allow my dislike for Loria to ruin the baseball experience for him.

Stan M

2013 will be a year of transition, but watch out in 2014. Contrary to what someone said above, not all of baseball thinks that the Marlins have made bad moves. Should we have kept the very competent Sanchez and watch him leave next year? Did we need another year of Hanley being Hanley? Yes, we will miss the quiet competence of Buhrlie (I still can't spell his name) and Reyes was electric...but how many times was he picked off? Eight? That's a third of a ball game. JJ was a horse, but 8 and 14, and seldom pitching more than 6-7 innings? LeBlanc can go 8-14. Cynthia, we weren't going anywhere anyway. Now for one year we can continue to go nowhere, but with one exception. Hope. Hope for the future and it wasn't there before. Philadelphia is old and getting older. The Mets have no money. It's the Marlins, Nats and Braves from 2014 and beyond.

The problem wasn't the trades. The problem is the owner and what he will/won't do with the money saved. Personally, I'm not terribly upset that he didn't blow a wad for 2013. One more ray of hope will be that he sells after this year (much points to this, as one of our more worthy posters told us recently, he would only lose 5 per cent of the selling price by 2014)and new ownership then fills any gaps...and there shouldn't be many. Just think of this one little tidbit (even though I disagree with it). Brantley is rated #13 among our prospects. That means that we must have some pretty good talent above him.

Stan M

Our two forgotten men:
LOMO came to this club with an excellent reputation for his ability to judge balls and strikes. He had/has a beautiful swing, and one conducive to being productive in our capacious ballyard. Other teams coveted him. Unfortunately he dad was dying. This led to national publicity and LoMo was 22 or 23 at the time. How many of us know of youngsters of that age who still have a lot of growing up to do, never mind in the national spotlight. LoMO did well on the field...then he got hurt. Put in an unfamiliar defensive position he played hurt...for 2 years he played hurt. Is he now, at 25YO, a washed up bumpkin? I think not. If healthy, and we should blame the organization and not LoMo for playing him when he should have been rehabitating, he will be a tremendous improvement over those who played 1B last year.
Coghlan was ROY. For two months he had the highest BA of all major leaguers. Think about that for a minute. He had the skill (and probably some luck) to exceed 749 other ML players in BA for almost 1/3 of a year. Has he completely lost his skill level? Admittedly, he hasn't looked very good lately. But if he had a terrible regression, and his skills depleted by 30 per cent, he would still be better than anyone whom we placed at 3B last year. If he's done, he's done, but I hope he gets a chance to show what's left next Spring. There was too much talent there to simply write him off.

cynthia o

Stan..Your baseball knowledge far exceeds mine and I appreciate that you've gone beyond the "Loria sucks" stage to look for a ray of sunshine. Like you said, the problem wasn't the trades but what they signaled to the world, that Loria had reined in the sails and was going to ride out of the storm below deck. I don't know too much about the new people, but to my untrained eye Brantley looked like a superstar to be last year and Lomo may be a big dumb jock but he plays hard and I like that. (No pun intended. Don't pick on the only girl on the blog.)
Paul Fussell, who died recently, said "I find nothing more depressing than optimism," and I think many bloggers here agree with that attitude. But I appreciate your optimism because right now I'm living on optimism and little else.
Unfortunately, I think Loria will owe much more than 5%, maybe 7% or 8% if he sells by 2014. That amounts to millions of dollars, more money than I earned as a substitute teacher all of last year.


Stan M great points in your 6:29 pm post. I have always blamed the lack of progression from the young players on the marlins front office, the field manager, and the coaches. Not one of the starting lineup, (JJ, Nolasco, Andrew Miller, Anibel Sanchez, or Chris Volsted) made any improvement under the "watchful eyes" of St Claire. Except for Stanton, not one offensive player improved production under Eduardo. Then there is the stupidness of playing a 2nd baseman as the starting center fielder, and a 1st baseman as the starting left fielder. the marlins will only get better when loria, samson, and bienfest are gone.


I can't help but to feel some guilt about the Stan M, Lou disagreements, sometimes I cringe when I read some comments. I speak regularly with my father, and am often in his ear about "Lou" and how much I don't like the guy, and how negative he is. And by saying Lou, I mean the avatar, as I don't know the man. I often get bothered by his posts, and seem to bring them up and feel I have tainted the water sometimes, so for that, I apologize. I don't always agree with my father and his Coghlan fandom either. I think we can all list a flash in the pan that did quite well, then fell off...Ken Harvey 1B KC Royals comes to mind. But anyway boys let's keep it fun, and about baseball, no politics. Can't we all get along, even us "morons?"....just kidding Louie.
(I'm changing my name from Stan III to yelnats on here, not that I post or anything, just wanted a change. Same name, just backwards)

Stan M

As you folks can see, my son and I can sometimes disagree. He can run hot and cold. Anyone who reads his post above can see how insightful and knowlegeable he is in the beginning. Unfortunately, he then has the audacity to disagree with me, his own father. Makes me wish I had left his diapers on a little longer those many years ago.


I'll paraphrase---"there are many reasons and causes, but do we stand by silently and watch the carnage?" Also asked--"Why are we here?" Believe the tide may have turned, guess many have become so jaded that it took the pictures of 6 and 7 year old kids and the pictures of people who risked their lives to save them to make a difference. Kinda like when you saw the Humvees everywhere. Always thought, if you want a humvee, show some guts and join the military. Want an assault rifle? Fine!! The U.S. Army will give you one and you can help defend the country, just like that "well regulated militia." I actually thought of a compromise--Give EVERYONE 2 Glocks. One for home and one to walk around with, Wyatt Earpish like. Also everyone can also have a nice hunting rifle, but it must stay in your castle(home) to defend yourself or put in the trunk and kept there until you reach the forest to hunt the game. Upon leaving the game area, the rifle goes back in the trunk. Assuming 4 hunters, you would still have 4 glocks to defend yourselves on the way home. In return for this a ban on the issuance and possession of all MILITARY level armaments. If seen with one in public, you get a mandatory 25 years. This solution will actually be more palatable than a military/police presence in every school and public place in America. Let's compromise. We can do it----Jefferson, Franklin and Adams style. By the way, the Framers all believed in slavery and treating women like property so they may not have been omniescent(Sp??) when it came to weaponry and militias.

Stan M

No posts for a while, so here goes my opinion of a comparison of next year's starting lineup as presently constituted:
*1B Lo MO sould be a tremeddous improvement over first the guy who coldn't hit, then the guy who couldn't field. Yes, I'm assuming a recovery +2
*2B Infante wasn't the same player that he had been the year before. A great first month and then a drop to mediocrity. His fielding also suffered. Salerno was very lucky with hits falling in last year and he has virtually no power, so he's a step down from Infante but with 1/2 year's experience under his belt -1
SS Reyes was all we hoped for and it is unfortunate that he wasn't retained. This rookie obviously can't hit anywhere near his level, but has a reputation as a superb fielder -3
3B Who knows. Whether it be Cox, Coghlan, or that ex Padre we signed to a minor league contract, fielding will be an improvement. Dobbs was a poor fielder and had very little power. We can't get any worse -0
C Brantley and the veteran we got from Toronto have to hit better than Buck and Brantley also throws better. There is that veteran leadership thing...but... +1
LF Pierre has to be better than anything we had out there last year and his example will be a plus +1
CF Ruggario was hurt at the end of last year and even if he regresses he'll make us forget Gorkys +1
RF Stanton missed 1/4 of last year so we should see some improvement simply if he plays more +1

Overall, I see our offense about 10 to 20 percent better than at the END of last year. This discounts Yelish whom I think will be up around August.

Anyway, here is some fodder for controversy if anyone wants to pitch in. I didn't touch the pitching, but the starters will be a mystery and impossible to quantify at this stage, but the bullpen has to be better simply because it can't get any worse.


Dear Miamiherald.com, It's been over a day since your post and there has been 1 baseball comment since. I'll let you decide if 1 baseball comment every 24 hours or so indicates a willingness for baseball dialogue. Since my "rants" will probably be blamed for driving everyone away, how about I don't post anything until Friday night at 11:00 PM or so and we will add up the baseball comments and the number of commentators making them. You can be the sole arbiter if the next 94 hours indicates a level of interest in the Miami Marlins. See you Friday night.

Flav C.

Clark - I saw your tweet about Bourjous. Was that based on sources from the Marlins?

Stan M

Here is a link with an article about a trade idea for Bourjous. Personally, I thought that the writer wanted to give up much too much for such a weak hitter. If he is picked up, what happens to Ruggiano? Wouldn't it be nice if he could play 3B?

Stan M

Sorry, I meant Flav.

Flav C.

*1B LoMo is not an improvement offensively, until he proves he is. Defensively, both Lee and Gaby are grade A fielders. Marlins is moving LoMo to 1B because this where we would make the least damage. 0

*2B Infante could give 50 RBIs, 10 HRs, 60 Runs scored and steal some bases. Defensively, he can turn an amazing number of DPs. Solano is only average defensively, struggles a lot with DPs. Offensively, he can't take BBs and is a soft line-drive type of hitter. He is a "Boni" without the speed. Even Boni, who is a below average hitter, learned to take BBs. If Solano wants any future in the Major League, either he improves his DP numbers and learn how to take BBs, or he is done. -3

3B Cox is better defensively than Coghlan and Kouzmanoff hands down. Coghlan never played 3B and Kouzmanoff is even worse than Dobbs. None of them hit for power or average right now. If Cox starts, then is +1. If not, -1.

C Brantley struggles big time with guys on base trying to steal. Not better than Buck in this aspect. It seems like he can hit better. Question is how a young catcher will handle an even younger pitching staff. Anyway, +1 for the hitting improvement over Buck.

LF Pierre hits for average, knows how to bunt, lots of sac hits, steal bases. At 35, he is the real improvement on this team. +3

CF Ruggiano 2013 is not an improvement over Ruggiano 2012. Average defensively (several times he looks lost trying to track the ball off of the bat), he can have a good hitting-streak, but in the end, his historical high strike-out numbers will prevail. -1

LF Stanton won't have any protection on the lineup. Therefore, lower HRs, lower RBIs, and incredibly high IBBs and BBs. It will certainly be interesting to see how his level of motivation will unfold throughout the season. -1

So, basically, other than Brantly and Pierre, I don't see any areas of improvement, offensively.

I forecast this team with the lowest numbers of Runs scored, RBIs, and HRs in the entire MLB. Maybe a slightly better bat avg and OBP, which will not translate into runs scored.

the Truth

the Marlins depending on Lomo and Stanton like last season , will have the same results in the coming season. Low run production and injuries. The starting pitching will be hit hard ,the bullpen will be shot and they will lose 100 games. The Marlins know this ,that's why they are signing so many bodies that are nobodys,so they can have the shuttle between Miami and NOLA up and running by the end of May,when they will be out of contention for anything but last place in the NL east.

Flav C.


Ruggiano will start CF next season. The team still has Petersen and Gorkys as CFs, and Ozuna as a prospect. They also have the prospect Jensen, a power-hitter RF, who can play decent CF.

So basically, Ruggi is a temporary (and cheap) fill-in until Ozuna/Jensen are promoted.

Gorkys is out of options in 2013. Petersen is still under team control, so are Ruggiano, Ozuna, and Jensen. With that said, I think Gorkys will be shown the door out.

Flav C.

The Truth - You're absolutely right. The Marlins has handled lots of minor-league contracts to a bunch of no-names lately. Most of them pitchers, which clearly shows how confident the FO is on the young pitching rotation in 2013.

M.M. Black

Gorkys...Petersen...Ruggiano...Alfredo Silverio...Kevin Mattison...Ozuna...Jensen...
All those guys are outfielders in the 40-man roster. All triple A players.
From the 11 outfielders in the 40-man roster, only Stanton and Pierre are worth something.

Stan M

Flav, in my evaluation above yours, I was comparing next year's starters with last year's finishers. Therefore Ruggiano was being compared to Gorkys, not to himself. In considering your points, I think you are over evaluating what Infante was doing, he wasn't the same player as the year before. I wonder what he hit after that good first month. I'm more optimistic on LoMo, the talent is definitely there, it's only his health that's a concern.

I'm not as confident as you on Jensen or Ozuna. Both strike out much too much. I think Yelich is the better bet there. I hope they dump Gorkys, heard that he doesn't take instruction well. Petersen has his uses, but his swing is too long to ever be more than a .230 hitter in the ML in my opinion. As none of those AAAA players hit very well, I'd like to see them keep Mattison on the ML roster just because he's so fast and also can replace the CF in late innings for defense. From everything I've red about Silverio, he seems like a good gamble. There's an awful lot of upside there. Maybe he'll end up the 4th OF.

Glad to see you posting again, even if we respectfully disagree a little. Agree with your assessment of Cox defense at 3B. However, I think you'll find that Coghlan was originally a 3Bman. At least in college.I'll agree that the only way this team can stay out of last place again is if the Mets are even worse. But at least now, we can have some hope for the future despite our ownership.

Flav C.

Offensively, you're right. Infante wasn't the same as the year before. He was actually better than the year before. In 2012, he had more runs scored, more RBIs, 2 times more HRs, 3 times more stolen bases, and 32% of his hits went for extra-base, compared to 26% in 2011. He had better OPS and SLG numbers than in 2011.

LoMo had a 2nd surgery on the same knee. Whoever has gone through that will tell you he will never be the same player. And with the pressure of having to make it happen, do-or-die type of year, and having to protect Stanton, he will succumb to it. He's done it before and will do it again. Next year he will be arb eligible, so this is the end of his affair and love-hate relationship with the Marlins.

As far as Ozuna and Jensen, I think both have very good value for the organization.

Jensen is known for striking out much. However he's improved significantly over the last few months. He had a great Arizona league, leading the league in HRs and batting .330. He improved drastically his strikeout rate. With a good hitting coach, this kid can easily put up 25+ HRs per season. He can play all OF positions and 1B.

As far as Coghlan, I really don't know what to think of him. He struggled in the majors, in the minors, and even during winter ball league in the Dominican Republic. He needs something short of a miracle to help him rebound.

Stan M

Flav, I am enclosing a paste of Infante's stats for last year. Please look at his record after his hot streak at the beginning of the year. He only had one month of an OBP over .300 and that was an inadequate.308. I watched nearly all Marlin games and his fielding wasn't nearly what it was the year before. Admittingly I'm using my lying eyes and not the stats in this case. Was he still an average or slightly above fielder? Yes, but the preceeding year he had been a marvel.


You obviously follow the Marlin minor leaguers as do I. More than any other development, I watch a kid's K vs walk ratio along with his OBP. I agree that Jensen improved and Ozuma showed well in Winter ball. However, neither is as highly developed as Yelich at this stage of their careers. Personally, I think Ozuma needs one more year and Jensen might be peaking skillwise. I hope both develop into fine major leaguers. However, were I the GM, I would consider trading both IF the right deal were avaiable. Why? Because there are better prospects ahead of them and I don't see either filling a need on the Marlins. I like an OF of Stanton, Yelich and that kid from Toronto. That's just my opinion. Our ballpark is not conducive to HR hitters unless something is done with the fences.

Your opinion that LoMo will fail is simply an opinion. And that is all my optimism is regarding him. We'll just have to wait and see. Should LoMo fail, then Jensen would have an available position on the team.

I can't understand Coghlan's downward trend either. I really liked the guy for he wasn't afraid to get his uniform dirty. I did point out that he was draging his back foot which seemed to drop his leading shoulder and he was popping out more than in the past. But any ML hitting coach would have seen the same. I heard from a reliable source that he wasn't well liked by management because he refused to accept instruction. You are right about that miracle though. I just hope they give him one more chance. I'd hate to see him become another D'Aza.

Flav C.

Stan, my point about Infante is that, no matter how we look at it, he is far superior than Solano, in every single aspect. He had a good 2011, more consistent. There is a good reason why: he batted # 2 more than 90% of the time, which always brings good results to a batter. Consistency is key.
In 2012, he started the season batting #7, moved to #6, then # 5, and finally # 2 for a while. Then back to bottom of the order, batting #7, #6 again. That definitely messes up with any hitter.

As far as LoMo, yes, it is simply my opinion. He upset this organization enough, including filing grievance against the Marlins. On top of that, over the last 2 seasons, he hasn't shown any signs he can hit well.

As a side note, John Mallee, former hitting coach for the Marlins (known for getting great results out of Coghlan, Stanton, Gaby, LoMo, and others while he was still around), is now hitting coach for the Astros organization.

Stan M

Wasn't the firing of Mallee sort of the beginning of the evil times. Little has gone right since. At the time he should have been offered another job w/in the organizaion for he had preformed well even before coming up to the parent club.

My reason for the optimism regarding LoMo is because he was playing on one leg for the past two years. Let's see, and hope, that he does much better when healthy. Remember how even Stanton didn't hit that well when he was hurt. It took quite a while before that first HR if I remember correctly.

Regarding Infante. I liked and respected him as a ballplayer. Although not a star, a club could win a pennaent with him at 2B. I guess my fault, if it is one, is that I don't think Salerno is that much of a step down. In my opinion, a team could also win a pennent with him at 2B. Would I prefer Infante? Of course. But Salerno is whom we have now. More than Infante, I lament the loss of Bono.

For what it's worth, I greatly respect your input and opinions and hope you can understand if I differ in some matters. But that's what makes this blog fun; especially when we just talk baseball.

Stan M

I did it again, I mean Flav, although Glags is no slouch either. It's just that you haven't been posting much lately...that's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

Flav C.

Stan, no problem. I enjoy posting here and reading your posts as well. We'll definitely agree on some points, and agree to disagree on others. Hopefully we'll have the opportunity to attend a game together and have some laughs.

Stan M

Just sitting here thinking about my misspent youth loving baseball. Had I studied more, maybe I could have grown up a Yankee fan...NOT

A couple of things that I remember that most of you never saw:
*At the end of an inning, and especially colorful if it ended in a DP, was the manner in which the SS and 2B threw their gloves out onto the OF grass. Yes, most position players left their gloves on the field when on offense back then. Each player has his own style and I can still see Pee Wee spinning his glove in such a splendid manner.

*There was a player on the Chicago Cubs named Bill Nicholson. When he came to bat, he would take several slow practice swings; so many in fact that he became famous for it and acquired the name of "Swish Bill". Anyway, every time he came to bat, everyone in the park would shout "swish" each time he took his practice swings.

*The Dodgers in Brooklyn were a great team of sluggers, but one man is seldom remembered or mentioned. That would be Carl Furillo, he of the legendary throwing arm. From PA, he was called "The Reading Rifle" and except for one year, he had an amazingly consistent career. As I recall, he always hit 5th in the batting order, and that was ahead of some pretty good sluggers. Anyway what I remember, and I was watching the game on TV, was when Leo Derocher(sic) told his pitcher to "stick it in his ear". There was no love lost anyway, but that was the last straw. Furillo threw down his bat and literally charged into the Giant dugout after Leo the Lion, or Lyin' as the Dodgers would say. When was the last time any of us saw an opposing player challenge a whole dugout. It didn't end well for Furillo was knocked down and someone crushed one of hands and broke it. Carl was out the rest of the year. But the guy had guts, that's for sure!

Stan M

Where have you gone, Laurel Bowie?
This post turns it's lonely eyes to you,
Boo hoo hoo!

Miss ya!

M.M. Black

Marlins eyeing Inge, Polanco, or Tejada for 3B...yeah, that will fix the 3B problem...

Mr Wheat

Where's be Fone Chiggins?


I Dont Know-3rd base


no offense I like tejada but only if cogs,or kouzmanoff have a bad spring or there is no options he would be a great club guy for echeveria and solano on playing both second or short can help with stanton as an ex star himself and it kind of gives the club house a type like gonzo even when they where expected to lose 100 games gonzo always seemed to step up or leed by example. and as far as options the marlins use on players by mixing veterans with young guys help the players that need seasoning in the minors another year like cox or jensen you bring up jensen to early or mathison you will end up using up their options quick. like the marlins did with maybin he should of stayed down in double a or triple a until he developed some power and consistency. Instead he was shipped up and down for two years and finaly out same with de aza and many more players florida has rushed through to fill quick and cheap spots I try to keep an open mind and if it helps in the long term I rather see a vet contribute than a kid struggle when he can susceed if just given time to develop many organizations make sure a players ready before eating their options.


sorry for punctuation but trying to write and watch to kids a 3 and a 8 year old is kind of tough. lol

Rabbit Ears

Hooray!!!!....No more Samson on the radio @ 790 with Lebadoosh....ever.

Flav C.

juanv, forget about punctuation. Your points about the Marlins rushing the young prospects through the minors and using up their options too quickly was dead on.

Stan M

I agree with Flav. It's also ironic that this very day Jason Vargas, a pitcher who is another example of a player whom we let go too soon, garnered a good hitter from the Angels in trade. Your idea of a veteran is fine...as long as we first try the two players you mentioned and maybe Cox. I especially think a veteran presence will be needed in 2014 when this will be a team of children...well almost. For that reason I hope the team keeps Pierre for another year, even if only as a reserve...and someday he would make an excellent coach.

the Beast

Loria yanked Samson off the radio with LeBatard. Loria is always yanking on something.

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