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Marlins select center fielder, LHP in Rule 5 Draft

    NASHVILLE -- Rule 5 draft picks are long shots to begin with. But if the Marlins' selection of outfielder Alfredo Silverio pans out, it'll be one of the comeback stories of the year.

    SilverioSilverio, a 25-year-old product of the Dominican Republic and Dodgers farm system, was seriously injured in an auto accident last January and did not play at all in 2012. Silverio suffered back, shoulder, elbow and neck injuries and dealt with concussion symptoms weeks after the accident. Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said Silverio also required Tommy John surgery due to the accident.

    But Silverio had a breakout year at Double A Chattanooga in 2011 and the Marlins felt he was worth the gamble in the Rule 5, selecting him with the sixth overall pick. Silverio hit .306 with 16 home runs and 85 RBI for the Dodgers' Double A farm club in '11 and also hit a home run in that year's Futures Game.

    "The outfielder is an interesting case in that he had a big year in 2011 in Double A and was (then) in a very bad car accident," Beinfest said. "He was really hurt, banged up, missed the whole year. But we thought based on what we saw in 2011 and based on whatever information that we could get, that it was a reasonable risk to bring him in. We really like him in center field. If he's not completely healthy, we understand that as well."

     Beinfest said the team envisions Silverio as a center fielder. But, due to his recovery from Tommy John surgery, he won't resume throwing until next month. The Marlins would likely start him out on the disabled list, and it could be mid-season before he is ready to play.

     Under Rule 5 rules, the Marlins are paying the Dodgers $50,000 to take Silverio. If Silverio doesn't remain on the 25-man roster for the entire season once activated, he would be returned to the Dodgers and the Marlins would receive back half of the money.

     "We anticipate he may not be ready to go in spring training," Beinfest said. "We know that up front. We may have to carry him on the DL for a while. But we want to take a look at this kid. We think there's a lot of upside. And he performed at 23, he was awesome in Double A." Lara

      The Marlins made one other selection in Thursday's draft, taking left-handed pitcher Braulio Lara with their second pick. Lara, 23, went 6-10 with a 5.71 ERA last season at Charlotte, the High-A affiliate of the Rays. Beinfest said Lara would be considered for a bullpen role.

      "Big arm, throws strikes," Beinfest said. "We think we may have something. You take a chance on a lefty. The one thing on him, he only pitched into High A, so it could be a little bit of a reach, but we think it's a good opportunity. We'll take a look."

       Lara features a high-90s fastball, slider and change.


     The Rule  5 Draft was the last official order of business at the Winter Meetings but the Marlins aren't done doing business. They're still on the hunt for a third baseman.

     "We have some offers out (to free agents)," Beinfest said. "And we have a couple of trade ideas. We would like to do it sooner rather than later. We'd like to at least have that comfort level that we have some competition over there."


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Flav C.

the Beast - did their contract with 790am expire? or was it Loria's decision to yank Samson?

I figured something like that would happen since some of the guys in that station were more and more critical of the Marlins, notoriously Josh Friedmann, and Jon "Stugotz" Weiner.

Flav C.

wow, his list of friends is getting shorter and shorter.

Marlin Fan

Just like to wish everyone who celebrates it, a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! I hope it's filled with health and happiness for everyone . See you in spring training .

M. M. Black

Let's all celebrate! Par-tay!

Marlins signs Polanco as their new 3B!


Such a bargain... $ 2.75 mil for a guy who will play 80 games...

Stan M

Not too bad at all. I'm really surprised.
Pierre, Polanco, LoMO, Stanton, Ruggiano, Brantley, Solanro, and the rookie SS with the long name....
There are worse lineups, not great but possibly good enough to stay out of the cellar. It gives the team two veterans, neither of whom is a problem in the clubhouse. Gives Cox either another year to develop or to be broken in gradually on Polanco's days off. Also, this is a far better defensive club than we had last year.


Stan I agree with you if he holds up pierre and polanco can be a good 1 2 punch ahead of stanton hopefully lomo bounces back and the marlins pick up a vet starter to go inbetween nolasco and the rookies could be fun.

keep dreamin

Good enough to stay out of the cellar? Pull in your balloon and stay off the helium.

Flav C.

With all due respect...Pierre and Polanco a good 1-2 punch?

Polanco can't run. He can't steal bases. Gosh, he can't even hit for extra-base anymore!

How can we have a guy batting #2 who can't run and barely reaches .300 OBP?

We got rid of Buck, Gaby, Cousins, Murphy, etc exactly because not only they couldn't hit, but because they couldn't get on base, and here we are bringing a 37 year old 3B, who will be in the DL for most of the season, and way past his good days. And can't get on base.

I'm verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.


stan I want to get an opinion on this matter from you. you seem to be less cynical on the marlins moves and look at it more through a baseball stand point. who would be a better fit pavano or livan hernandez. pavano could be a good bounce back starter from the al going to the nl usually works good ala javier vasquez. or a guy that can get the ball and throw for 130 to 140 pitches when the bullpen gets used up. I just don't see eovaldi and turner getting out of the fifth inning each time. eovaldi with control problems and turner when the second time around the batters seem to square him up better It's like he needs to show less stuff the first time around or something.

Stan M

At this stage of their careers it would be my opinion that neither would be a good investment. Livian would be the better of the two in that he is always available and he throws strikes and we have a big outfield to catch those long balls that would be hit off him. Maybe I'm wrong about Pavano, but he has always seemed to me to be a "me first" type of player. Of the two, he undoubtedly has the most left from a talent point of view. I don't know how he was received on the Twins. If he was a good teammate, then he would be the better choice. However, in both cases, I think the team could do better looking elsewhere. But you are right about this team despertely needing a good middle reliever...or two, or three. I would be interested in Glags opinion on this quastion.

cuban pete

sign livan...he's only 16 in dog years and he love meeyami.

obammy's mammy

samson is trying to get polanco medicare

Flav C.

This team has 20 pitchers in the 40-man roster. And they just brought a ton of other pitchers to fill up the triple A roster in NOLA.

The Marlins will use Ramos, Caminero, Dunn, Maine, Lara, Hatcher, Jennings, Koehler, Olmos, Reed, Webb for relief.

I hope I wrote in a non-cynical way.

the Truth

Marlins pitching staff will be the frequent flyers club..daily PM flights after the game..

Stan M

Would you prefer another year of Dobbs? My opinion...Loria wasn't looking for an expensive star, so of all of the one year fill ind out there, I'll take Polanco. And you didn't mention his glove? Who called you cynical? It wasn't I.


Quick update....

45 posts buy 14 posters as of now

flav c,
obammy's mammy
cuban pete
stan m
juan v
keep dreamin
nurse wratchit
the fat lady
m.m. black
marlin fan
the beast
mr. Wheat

the Truth

Notice that the greek Dionywhatever, is a ghost. hmmmm.

Flav C.


The Phillies, rather than keeping Polanco for $ 2.75 m, decided to trade for Michael Young.

Young is 36. Doesn't have the same power anymore. He is costing $ 6 million dollars to their coffers, plus they sent to Texas a pretty good reliever (Lindblom) and a very, very good pitching prospect (Lisalverto Bonilla).

So, basically the Phillies gave up a lot to bring a guy who is the same age and produces a bit more offensively as Polanco. Caveat: Young is not even close defensively on 3B compared to Polanco. And hasn't played the position regularly since 2010.

Are the Phillies bad negotiators or do they know more about Polanco than the Marlins think they do?

Stan M

Flav, good point and understood. But I still think he's an improvement over whom we finishrd the year with. Frankly, I had hopes that the Marlins would go for Young. Oh well, we who are starving must eat the scraps of those who are more fortunate.

Flav C.

I was reading that the Marlins tried tried to trade for Olt, Castellano, or Gyorko (3b prospect with the Padres), before signing Polanco.

I wonder what the Marlins FO offered in return.

the Truth

Other than Stanton,Yelich and Fernandez they have nothing special that anybody would want.One MLB player,the rest prospects.

Stan M

My guess would be Nolasco in a 3 team trade, or Ozumo with another prospect such as Cox. Truth, I must respectfully differ with you. After all of our trades, the Marlins are finally loaded with prospects but I'm personally happy that none of the new ones was moved. It will be interesting to see where our farm system now ranks. I'd have to guess in the top 5 for sure and maybe higher. Some of the teams that had great prospects themselves just traded a load of them away. And Flav, it would have been great if one of those trades had worked out.

They suck,but their Farm system is good

Prospects are just that. And more than half of them never amount to much. You can have all the prospects you want . I'll take a veteran team,with a few rookies breaking in. Nobody cares about your farm system ranking in the top five. That and 1.00 on stub hub will get you into Marlins Park. Whoopee.

ex Marlins fan

New name for stadium....Prospect Park.

Stan M

Answer to orange square just above,
First I differ with your statement that prospects don't amount to much. As a generalization it might be true, but it ignores the level of prospects being discussed. Top level prospects are called that for a reason. Most will become major leaguers, some will become regular players, and a few will become all stars.
Regarding veterans and the Marlins present situation. I think all would agree that this team is going nowhere in 2013. Loria has again demonstrated that he will line his own pockets before spending money on the team. Therefore, what kind of veterans would we get? More Polancos? Any veteran additions would first of all be inexpensive. That means they are either well past their prime or have serious flaws. This is just an off the wall opinion, but it seems to me that more veteran teams under perform and more youthful teams over perform. Respected posters have opined that we do need a veteran presense. Again in my opinion, both Pierre and Polanco will provide such and are good pickups considering Loria's penny pinching ways and their character makeup. As to the rest of the team, I, for one, would much rather watch youngsters mature than oldsters fade.

toronto star

Give it up...Your team is garbage..wake up and smell that garbage. You can smell it all the way up there.

morris buttermaker

better off watching little league games...all the youngsters you can watch til your hearts content. maybe they'll become prospects for the Marlins

cynthia o

toronto star...You must a friggin' baseball genius. You can probably tell from our comments here that we all thought the Marlins were terrific. My guess is that you love to smell it all the way up there.

Sadaharu Oh

are you familiar with the Big O

cynthia o

Sure, we're all familiar with Oscar Robertson.

toronto star

my guess is you're used to smelling it down "there".

Orlando A.

Whadya me by we? Do you have a Lou in your pocket.


flav c when I wrote cynical posters I meant the ones who follow the marlins. read all there updates on this blog but can only contribute crap to any conversation about the team you and a couple of guys here and ladies actually post things that bring discusion not wild rants that take away time from what I am actualy doing in this site to see how the team shapes up and how they do. as far as polanco he has always been a good 2 hole hitter his numbers are a little of in the last two years do to his back but I rather see a proven vet bat at the two. not by choice but solano is unknown if he can replicate last year and the ss needs to hit in the majors before you put him in that spot. spring should dictate the outcome but to have a healthy polanco at the top could be beneficial for stanton lomo,and ruggiano.

Stan M

Look what crawled out of the woodwork! cynthia o, it doesn't pay to answer the crazies that sometimes appear. Anyway, I'm glad you are back to posting. And juanv, couldn't agree more. Criticism is one thing, especially when backed up by some kind of argument. But you probably know how I feel about wild rants. Some of the more dispicable might have to stop now for an obvious reason.


gorkys batting .359 in vzl the forth outfield spot loooks like could be fun to watch for this spring petersen,cogs,gorky's and others. who's the utility infielder on this team? dobbs first and third who's backing second and ss.

2 live jews

Orioles sign Adam Greenberg to minor league contract. Too bad Loria is such a goniff.

cynthia o

Stan, I know how dumb it is to respond to gentlemen like toronto star...notice how genteel I'm being...but it bugs me when people state the obvious like they've just discovered something that none of the rest of us was smart enough to figure out.
As for Polanco, I fear he's going to mess up his back again by the second week of the season Dobbs will end up as the Marlins regular third baseman, which will be a disaster. I would hit Polanco lower in the order where he possible won't have so much wear and tear. My guess, Pierre, Ruggiano, Brantley, Stanton, Lomo, etc. Lefty, righty, lefty, righty, lefty. Just one girl's opinion.

Orlando Dolphan

LOL, a Miami Herald Article states that the Marlins are hoping Polanco comes back to what he was when he hit 277 with 5 HRs. What a joke this franchise is. 1 good major league player in Stanton (who will depart soon), 2 has beens in Pierre and Polanco, and a bunch of AAA players. Are you kidding me? Will anyone be stupid enough to go to a Marlins game? Everyone critisizes Marlin fans but we are the smartest fans? You better give us a winner or the stadium will be empty. We value our money and refuse to pay for a loser. We are not Cub fans here.

Marlins fans lets boycott the games until Loria sells the team. I usually get one of the weekend packages or try to catch 8-10 games but not this year. Marlins fans let's break the record for fan attendance on opening day. I am hoping to see 5000 Brave fans and no Marlin fans in there. We need to send this scoundrel owner a message.

Stan M

Does anyone know the answer to this? If very few fans show up this year, will that mean that Loria will simply get a larger chunk of the compensation nest egg? Wouldn't that be awful? We all know he thinks like that. Some sort of rule is needed to penalize conduct such as he consistently displays.

cynthia o

Let's agree to call Hechevarria "Hech" so we don't ever have to spell it out again. Or maybe call him "Whatthe," as in "whatthe Hech."


A firing squad at dawn would be Loria's just reward.


We just heard the good news today about Loria pulling Samson off the radio. Cant believe that we have to actually thank Loria for something ,but thanks Loria for ending that wretched pollution on the public airwaves. What took you so long.

Orlando Dolphan

The situation in baseball is worrysome. How can baseball allow an owner to hoodwink a city and its fans. This is not good for the game. An owner promises higher payrolls if they build him a stadium, then in the first year goes all out. Then the following year he goes back to the cheapest payroll in baseball. Now he sits back laughing at everyone. He is probably saying you dumb idiots fell for it and built me a stadium. Why is Bud Selig not defending the best interests of the game?

cynthia o

FCC, I've heard that before but never seen it in print, other than in comments here. Anybody got a link or more juicy details. Stan, can't answer your question directly, but revenue sharing comes from two pools, one of which is ticket sales. The other includes TV rights, merchandise sales etc. The less money the Marlins make on gate, TV and merchandise, the less they have to contribute to revenue sharing. So I guess that means that boycotting the team won't hurt Loria as much as some like the think.

Orlando Dolphan

It is not just about money Cynthia. It would be an embarrassment for Loria if no one goes to games. He would also make no money at the concession stands, restaurants, and in merchandise sales. Going to games to watch a major league team play against a AAA team plays righ into Loria's hands. Why reward this con artist after what he does to us. He is laughing at the City of Miami for building him a stadium and now he is not holding his end of the bargain. He is supposed to put a competative professional team on the field for the tax payers to enjoy. I refuse to pay one dime for a game or merchandise.

Stan M

Agree that concession and merchandise money would hurt. However, embarrass Loria? Thank's for the humor. We needed a good laugh.


I am sad to say the only person that can stop loria seems to back him in all this shenanigans and that is selig. he could step in like he did whith the mets and asign sandy alderson or he can do what he did with the dodgers and mcourt. all sales on merchandise in mlb.com are split between all teams and a 24 mil per year mlb tv deal starts next year meaning teams will get an extra 24 mil per season he is making his money on handouts alone so I don't think he will be selling anytime soon but selig can also remove loria from the team managment and asign a floor budget for player salaries in par with the income of extra income from mlb.

Stan M

The witching hour has passed!!!


Have not seen or heard much about the Samson show being pulled from 790 by Jeffery. Anyone have any more info than just the few statements that have been posted? Is there a rift between ex-stepson & ex-stepdad???

Merry Christmas & or happy holidays to my fellow bloggers….. Pack'n up the car for my 225 mile trip to Miami. Haven’t been down since my last Marlins game in late August.

answer man

GGreg Cote's Blog in the Herald has the info on Loria taking Samson off the radio.

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