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Marlins select center fielder, LHP in Rule 5 Draft

    NASHVILLE -- Rule 5 draft picks are long shots to begin with. But if the Marlins' selection of outfielder Alfredo Silverio pans out, it'll be one of the comeback stories of the year.

    SilverioSilverio, a 25-year-old product of the Dominican Republic and Dodgers farm system, was seriously injured in an auto accident last January and did not play at all in 2012. Silverio suffered back, shoulder, elbow and neck injuries and dealt with concussion symptoms weeks after the accident. Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest said Silverio also required Tommy John surgery due to the accident.

    But Silverio had a breakout year at Double A Chattanooga in 2011 and the Marlins felt he was worth the gamble in the Rule 5, selecting him with the sixth overall pick. Silverio hit .306 with 16 home runs and 85 RBI for the Dodgers' Double A farm club in '11 and also hit a home run in that year's Futures Game.

    "The outfielder is an interesting case in that he had a big year in 2011 in Double A and was (then) in a very bad car accident," Beinfest said. "He was really hurt, banged up, missed the whole year. But we thought based on what we saw in 2011 and based on whatever information that we could get, that it was a reasonable risk to bring him in. We really like him in center field. If he's not completely healthy, we understand that as well."

     Beinfest said the team envisions Silverio as a center fielder. But, due to his recovery from Tommy John surgery, he won't resume throwing until next month. The Marlins would likely start him out on the disabled list, and it could be mid-season before he is ready to play.

     Under Rule 5 rules, the Marlins are paying the Dodgers $50,000 to take Silverio. If Silverio doesn't remain on the 25-man roster for the entire season once activated, he would be returned to the Dodgers and the Marlins would receive back half of the money.

     "We anticipate he may not be ready to go in spring training," Beinfest said. "We know that up front. We may have to carry him on the DL for a while. But we want to take a look at this kid. We think there's a lot of upside. And he performed at 23, he was awesome in Double A." Lara

      The Marlins made one other selection in Thursday's draft, taking left-handed pitcher Braulio Lara with their second pick. Lara, 23, went 6-10 with a 5.71 ERA last season at Charlotte, the High-A affiliate of the Rays. Beinfest said Lara would be considered for a bullpen role.

      "Big arm, throws strikes," Beinfest said. "We think we may have something. You take a chance on a lefty. The one thing on him, he only pitched into High A, so it could be a little bit of a reach, but we think it's a good opportunity. We'll take a look."

       Lara features a high-90s fastball, slider and change.


     The Rule  5 Draft was the last official order of business at the Winter Meetings but the Marlins aren't done doing business. They're still on the hunt for a third baseman.

     "We have some offers out (to free agents)," Beinfest said. "And we have a couple of trade ideas. We would like to do it sooner rather than later. We'd like to at least have that comfort level that we have some competition over there."


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Happy Chandler

Hi Marlins fans...any good end of the year news? Oh right. Nevermind.

Stan M

Their anti gas policy really stinks! Did you really say that? I'm still laughing! Now that was funny!


Hey, I've been pretty good too. 3 days in Beaufort, SC starting tomorrow. My wife loves it and I really like it. That's where they filmed the Big Chill, The Great Santini and a few others and the home of
"Smokin" Joe Frazier.

Bert Sugar

Isnt Smokin Joe dead ? Smolderin Joe Frazier...


May I suggest that Gas Can Urbina (no relation to Oil Can Boyd) might be just the guy to light a fire under the Marlins.


Urbina can hack his way thru the heart of any line-up with his machete-like cutter. Loria will Dial M for Murder.


Loria should sign the ex-con Urbina and upgrade his standing in the community,as it cant get any lower than it is now. Maybe.

National Felony League

Gas Can Urbina will be working out of the Pen. Loria is already planning Ex-Con Nite at Marlins Park. Marlins will apply for restored voting rights to all ex-cons in attendance. Special preference given to all NFL and NBA players that show up.

Stan M

Could any of you help me with this question. In a discussion we were trying to think of ML players who never spent any time in the minor leagues. Al Kaline came to mind, and I think Bob Horner came straight up. Whether he subsequently went down, I don't remember. Can you folks think of anyone else. Ignore the "dead ball" era.


It is to bad that my family has been ordering the MLB package to watch the Marlins every season being from the Northeast. I am glad to say we will be saving some money not doing that next year. Well... maybe we will to follow the teams my family now likes because of the Marlins. Lets see my son loves the Braves. My husband, born and raised in Miami now is a strong Tigers fan. And I will be follow the the Blue Jays and Dodgers and what ever team Nolasco and/or Stanton gets thrown out to. This organization doesn't realize that losing is part of playing baseball and fans grow to like the the players. What this organization lacks is their loyalty to their players and fans.I read that the owner (not worthy of saying his name) is proud of Lomo for not making things difficult as other players have for him. That is a joke... Watch out Lomo, you might be the new Hanley in the owners eyes and look at where he is today? Those player of whom are left have every right to say what they have been put through and maybe that is how the 2012 team felt through out their season. Don't forget we only see what media they want us to see. Who ever is left on the team I hope that your future is releived from this embarassing road that Miami Marlin organization has created.


Stan M,
Bob Feller, Sandy Koufax and Dave Winfield, to name three of the best.


wow jim abott, not bad for a one handed man. john olerud and xavier nady where surprises to. ariel prieto wasn't he a defector from the cuban nat. team.


Happy New Year To ALL!!!!!!

Saturday, January 6,2013, will mark the one month anniversary of the last story appearing in "Fish Bytes", you guys, and especially Stan, have done an admirable job of holding the blog together. The improvisation has been exemplary.

Here is a movie suggestion, try "Django" if you love Tarrantino you will love the movie. You guys know how progressive I am and I totally disagree with Spike Lee's assessment that "the movie turns slavery into a Spaghetti Western." Obviously Jamie Foxx and Samuel L. Jackson do not share Spike's feelings.


Lou....are you trying to audition for Sampson's former gig on 790?....Lou talkn'n movies & slamp'n marlins with Dan Le Batard.


Spike Lee is a racist punk. Nobody pays any attention to what that pygmy spews.

Frenchy on Hollywood Beach

As a Montrealer,who vacations on Hollywood Beach from Dec thru March, I apologize to all the Marlins fans for not running over Loria with my truck when I had the chance back in 2000 , outside of Olympic Stadium.


I nominate Stan or Laurel(Not of Laurel and Hardy fame) to take over the writing of a new story to head Fish Bytes. Whenever I come here I'm always temporarily taken aback as I believe the Marlins have signed another Rule 5 guy. I quickly realize that is the month old story but I always have that momentary disconnect.


Jan. 4, 2013
The Miami Marlins Friday traded Giancarlo Stanton and Ricky Nolasco to the New York Yankees for Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and the Brooklyn Bridge.
"Oh, really? Gee, that's not good," Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria groaned when informed that Ruth and Gehrig are dead and that the bridge has a no-trade clause.
"This could turn out almost as bad as the Miguel Cabrera deal," Loria lamented.


This blog is so old that the Marlins are looking to sign Rule 10 guys now.

Stan M

You are confused. The trade that you reported did include those names, but it wasn't for the deceased players. It was for their baseball cards. The bridge is an item to be included later. That's because it hasn't collapsed yet. However, if it was originally taxpayer funded, Loria will consider it anyway. A club official when asked why it was important that the bridge be taxpayer funded, replied that it's company policy. In a quote to a Miami radio station, Loria crawled out of the woodwork and explained as follows: "We finished last. What did ya expect?"

Flav C.


Jan. 4, 2013


The Venezuelan native ended his run at the Venezuelan Winter League with an amazing .367 bat avg and .436 OBP, simply extraordinary for a major-league Mendoza hitter.

It is important to mention that Gorkys faced pitchers of the caliber of ex-Marlins Renyel Pinto, who was in the top 10 list of best pitchers during the Venezuelan Winter League, with a 5.36 ERA and 1.60 WHIP. Other pitchers in the top 10 were MLB minor leaguers and pitchers from the Mexican League.

Maybe that could explain Gorkys' incredible results. Or maybe not.


Flav C.,
I've been trying to convince Stan M that Gorkys is no Yorkie. This dog can hunt.

Stan M


Comebacks announced. Marlin management has announced that non other than the great Andre Dawson has been working out at the new ballpark named (to be filled in later if/when a sponsor can be found) along with future teammate Tony Perez. Both were seen taking batting tips from Tony's son, famed ML hitting coach. When asked about their progress, fellow comeback hopeful David Samson said they were knocking his fastball all over the lot, but that their running is not up to his standards just yet. Owner Jeffery Loria, known for his excellent judgement of ML talent, was reached by phone at an undisclosed location. He explained that as ML returnees, both would be signed to minimum contracts as is required by the ML bylines or else he would have been proud to pay them twice the minimum salary to show the fans how much he cares. Loria insisted that he was not in hiding and his present location should not be referred to as a "safe house." When asked specifically why his son-in-law was working out with these former greats, Loria talked about his ability to run long distances and smirked, "We finished last. What do ya expect?"


This is what I'm talking about. Interesting Fish Byte stories that we can comment on. Not to be like "Samson on Movies", but I'm thinking of going to see "Django" AGAIN tonight.

Stan M


Jeffery Loria, speaking from his underground bunker, has announced that there will be a major change in the attire of the dancing girls at the Cleveland Club. The explanation given for the removal of their halters was that the climate in FL is hot and sticky and the girls constantly complained about excessive sweating. He further commented that all would be accomplished with the utmost dignity as would be expected from his organization. Another club executive, speaking off the record, explained that it was the new company policy. Loria emphatically stated that his young wife would not be a participent and her frequent sightings at ATM machines around town was proof that all was well in their mariage. In response to one reporter's qustion, Loria said, "We finished last. What do ya expect?"

Dr. Feelgood

Gorkys will be drug tested before Spring Training.

Flav C.

I think we should create our own version of Fish Bites.

Something similar to Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show".


As far as Django, I still prefer Franco Nero carrying and dragging that coffin around town. And to think that Django, at the time (1966) was considered an "extreme violent movie".

By the way, Quentin "Thirsty for Blood" Tarantino was recently interviewed by NPR's Terry Gross, for the "Fresh Air" program. It was very interesting to listen to a reporter making Tarantino feel extremely uncomfortable.

I personally enjoy seeing "pseudo"-geniuses being thrown a curveball every now and then.


Flav, What was Tarantino asked that made him feel uncomfortable?


It's funny. I have absolutely nothing to say about the Marlins. My anger towards them has evaporated and I will NOT turn this into a "Movie Review Site"--I Promise!!! Looking forward to anything the regulars have to say,however, it will be a foreboding task to write anything positive OR anything that hasn't already been said. I was trying to understand myself how I feel about this team and I just find myself devoid of anything related to them. Even commenting on Loria and Samson has lost its allure. At this stage the only interest I would have would arise from some kind of indictment related to Dade County and the dealings that went on.

Flav, Try that Jon Stewart thing. This blog will probably be the only entertaining thing about the Marlins this year. Maybe we can have it up to 100 pages on this particular story before we see the next one. We have been abandoned and yet I can see why.


Even the Herald doesnt want to report any info on this sorryass organization. All the news is Bad. Actually, no news is good news when it comes to Team Dysfunctional.

Stan M


FLASH: New use for the Temple to Mediocrity is planned for 2013! Jeffery Loria, reporting through a coded message, has promised any fan in attendance will be treated to new thrills. Although he denied that the reason was fear that it would rust from misuse next year, Loria has decided that those flashy dolphins and flamingos will twirl after each and every basehit during 2013. Front office speculation is that it could be activated as many as 3 or 4 times a game as those basehits accumulate. In a rare show of generosity, Loria said, "Damn the electrical expense, I want my fan or fans happy." Team spokesman David Samson has been repeatedly asked exactly where Loria's is now located. He laughingly replied, "Not in Montreal, that's for sure." An anonomous team spokesman promised that the structure will be well oiled in anticipation of Gorkys Hernandez spraying a hit or two into that spacious outfield every single week.


Nice work, guys. Glad to see that satire has replaced optimism among Marlins fans — because in my humble opinion, optimism will be the death of us all.


How long befoire we hit "Page 6?"

Everybody try to guess the subject matter of the next Clark Fish Bytes column and the date of the posting.

I say it will be around January 27th with the subject matter pertaining to Redmond's first year as a manager in the Grapefruit League.

Hey, I like this mellow stuff!!! I've been mollified.

Stan M


Jeffery Loria, via an encripted message delivered to an unidentified front office official, has announced even more fun at Marlin games. Loria explained that through his consistent reading of this blog, he noticed that two prominent posters names Flav and Lou are movie lovers. Taking that concept a step further, the team will now show actual movies on the scoreboard but only while the Marlin team is batting. There will even be comments by some of our Marlin stars. Opening day's film will be, "The Good the Bad and the Ugly" with comments by former manager, Ozzie G. Next "My Left Foot" will be featured with Chris Coghlan adding some color. "Eight Men Out" will feature analysis by former batting coach Perez. The team is seeking other ideas for films to help fill out the year. Mr. Loria did caution that expense must be considered in any future selections.

Stan M

On an optimistic note, next year's team will be far better defensively than its predecessor. LoMo is a huge improvement over the statue who finished last year covering the bag. Solarno is a slight step down from Infante,but is by no means a hindrance at 2B. That new kid at SS is supposed to be a marvel and even the old man the team signed for 3B is a huge improvement over those attempting to play 3B last year. Pierre, even without an arm can still catch the ball better than all but the AAA players that were put out there towards the year's end. Ruggiano is adequate in CF but admittedly a step down from Bono or Gorkys the great. Stanton is still improving and is expected to have two good legs under him in 2013. Brantly is still learning, but at least most of his throws to 2B on steal attempts won't end up in CF. Overall, defense should not be an area of major concern and that has to help the pitching staff.

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