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Source: Yunel Escobar may be "on the move"; Ricky Nolasco wants out

     NASHVILLE -- While the Marlins have spoken to Yunel Escobar about switching positions, it now appears almost certain that he'll be switching teams, instead.

     A source said Monday that Escobar, whom the Marlins obtained in their 12-player blockbuster with Toronto, could be "on the move" again. The Marlins are in serious trade discussions with at least two teams for the infielder, the source said, and a deal could be completed as early as tonight.

     One of the teams that could be interested: Oakland. If the A's are unable to re-sign Stephen Drew, Escobar could be a fallback option for them. Ken Rosenthal of Foxsports reported that the Tampa Bay Rays are one of the teams interested in Escobar.

     The Marlins have spoken to Escobar about moving from shortstop to third base, and Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest told reporters last week that the player was "good with it." The Marlins intend to play Adeiny Hechavarria -- also obtained in the Toronto trade -- at short, making Escobar expendable.

      Meanwhile, Matt Sosnick, the agent for Ricky Nolasco, confirmed an ESPN report that the pitcher wants out of Miami.

      Nolasco, whose $11 million salary next season would make him the highest-paid player on the Marlins, is entering the final year of his contract. Sosnick would not say whether Nolasco has requested a trade.

      As for Giancarlo Stanton, who has previously expressed his disfavor with the team's roster tear down, Beinfest told reporters earlier tonight that he has spoken with the slugger's agent, Joel Wolfe, but refused to specify what was said.

      Asked directly if Stanton has requested a trade via his agent, Beinfest replied: "I'll keep those conversations private. Not going to go into any conversations I've had with Joel. I've not talked to (Stanton). I'm not going to talk about anything we've talked about with Joel, out of respect to (Stanton) and just being professional."

      Asked if he was concerned about Stanton, Beinfest replied: "I think you have to have some concern. Is it grave concern? I think (Stanton's) a professional. He's a great kid He's going to come play. We all believe that you get on the field, you get with your new teammates. You get back into a baseball environment, maybe out of the media pecking at you. Hopefuly he'll be a lot more comfortable with what's going on. I understand the disappointment and questions about the dirctioon of the team. I think those are understandable and we santicipated some of that. He's always behaved in that manner since day one."

     Beinfest said Stanton is being considered to play in the World Baseball Classic next spring.



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how about another mega trade nolasco,stanton,escobar,solano and ruggiano for the twins miguel sano,oswaldo arcia,matt albers and ben rever,arron hicks and willingham


I'm sorry you have to cover this joke of an organization.


First of all I just love that Reyes jersey still stuck on the Marlins banner on this page. This is a total mess. Stanton wants out, it's no secret unless you run the Marlins, then everything is a secret. The Marlins are the only team to hire it's staff from the KGB. You know that LoMo can't stand Loria and Samson. Who's left? Batting 3rd Solano and 4th Ruggiano. I need an aspirin.


As the Marlins Turn....stomachs....

A. Nunez

Fish Stripes anticipated that our GM would deal Nolasco plus money in return for Bourjos, so more salary can be dumped and we can have a staff comprised mostly of AA pitchers. This would be a great negative return of a mediocre pitcher for a defensive replacement outfielder. Hey, aren't we all suckers?


Does Loria not see that even the players cannot stand to be around him and his side-pig, Samson...?

If he doesn't sell the team soon, there will be no more baseball in Miami...maybe we can convert the new stadium into a college football stadium and move UM back to where they belong...!!

F**K LORIA, SAMSON and the Marlins!!

Al - Kendall

Nolasco always pitches better in California!

Twilight Zone

I seriously think that Selig and MLB needs to step in and relieve these scumbags of their ownership. This is beyond funny anymore.

boycott these low lifes

where the hell is selig and mlb on all this? isn't it obvious that the marlins need to have new ownership? loria and his goons have pissed off the fans and all of the players, past and present.


It's not the Marlins fault. Its Loria and Samson's fault. The current ownership stinks. Just don't show up to the games and don't watch them on television until they have no choice but to sell. Also lets make a petition to mlb to force loria to sell already.


Let's just hope to God there is somekind of a federal investigation--Secret???----going on behind the scenes. There are 3 special guys I need to see in a perp walk. That perp walk could be sold for Pay for View in Dace County for $99.99.


PUT IT OUT THERE LETS GET IT GOING BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, Loria (scoria), Sampson (weasel), Beinfart, STINK!!!!!!


Boycott, Boycott,BOYCOTT...........................................................................................................................BOYCOTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Over/Under on when the bullpen pitcher's arms fall off? I say June 15th, the rotation is shaping up to be a bunch of kids & maybe Nolasco who will not make it out the 5th inning on most nights. This team is losing 100 games, its beginning to look like a mathematical certainty.

Middle Relievers galore all aboard the Carolina and New Orleans RJ Express.


Investigate City Manager George Burgess for "not" negotiating this contract for the stadium. Apparently he gave a blank signed contract for Loria and Samson to write anything they wanted.
As for the BOYCOTT, I have never stepped in Marlins Stadium and until they sell I never will. As a fan I watched games on TV but now not even that. I refuse to wear any Marlins gear unless I know it's counterfeit, that way they don't get a penny from me.


Why not convert the stadium into a baseball/football facility so the Canes can come back home. That is hallowed football ground being desecrated by the scumbag Marlin owners. Going to Joe Robbie stadium to see Canes sucks.


Man, what a mess.

The Marlins have spoken to Escobar about moving from shortstop to third base, and Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest told reporters last week that the player was "good with it."

Hmm, where did we hear THAT before?

And now, Giancarlo and Nolasco want out.

This team is just sad now.

boycott the Marleens

Loria's only legacy will be that he will be known as the only owner to destroy Baseball in two different cities in two different countries.


Yesterday I just bought 6 season tickets for myself and my family. I just love the Marlins, the players, and yes, even the ownership too much to abandon them. I believe Loria and Samson are the right men at the right time for this struggling franchise and I will support them with my wallet in any way possible. They inherited a mess 10 years ago and brought us a World Series, a beautiful new stadium, and several fun teams to root for. I really like their personalities too. They make it so darn hard to root against them. In fact I named my most recent child Jeffrey David in honor of the owner/president. So please fans, let's get behind these owners, managers and the players as they will need our support this year. It won't be easy but I see 3-4 World Series championships for this squad in the next 5 years. Go Marlins!


Marlins no playoffs 10 years and counting. All cause of Loria's greed and cheapness. As long as Loria is the owner the Marlins will never make the playoffs. Especially that the Marlins play in a tough division with the Phillies,Braves,Mets,Nationals

Flav C.

Bob, you summed it up, short and sweet:

What a mess.

Miami-Dade Metro Police

B.O.L.O for Seth..escaped mental patient from S.Fl State Hospital...


rueters:Nashville- Marlins Front Office causes mass stampede at Winter Meetings. MLB player agents run for the exits as the Marlins FO enters main room at Gaylord Opryland Resort&Convention Center on Tuesday morning. Fortuantely, nobody was injured during the mad dash to get as far away from the Marlins brass as quickly as possible.


I think that Seth is a cover name for David Samson... David stop writing on this blog! You are dispicable and have a severe Napoleanic complex! You are a retard and the only reason you are a part of this team and have a position in ML baseball is because your father in law is an owner of a team. You had the balls to publicly say that 98% of all the people in Miami are stupid... Anybody who pays to go to a Marlins game is beyond ridiculous!
Sell the team...move baseball out of here and refit the stadium for the CANES!!!!


Seth is on Meth


It's amazing that Bud Selig hasn't stopped this mess. He continues to show what a scumbag commish he is, always bowing to the owners. You couldn't write a script like this if you tried. A BRAND NEW BALLPARK empty. An entire team dismantled. A secretive owner, president and entire FO of lies and deceit. The question is when will a lawsuit come?

Look I don't think Ricky Nolasco is worth keeping but at least be honest with the fans. Give us the plan. Replenish the minors, I get it, but to completely dismantle everything? This team should also revisit its no trade clause policy with players or they will never sign another FA again. Simply put Jeffrey Loria and David Samson can never be trusted again. What little faith any fan had last spring is gone. Marlins Park will remain empty for years to come.

The best predictor of the future is the past. What have we learned from Loria? You'd have to be insane to go to a game. I hate saying that because I love the game of baseball. Sad.


marlins front office could double as the obama administration.

by the way, Seth, Great Post. OSCAR worthy.

Oscar Madison

yeah right..Oscar worthy..must mean Oscar Meyer Weiner.


richiej, I don't think old Oscar Madison is bright enough to get it. I agree, cool post Seth.


Richie, you're a complete and total idiot. If anything, Loria is Romney, a rich jerkoff who promises people one thing then does the opposite.

Oscar Madison

trex are for kids

the Great Kreskin

Fear not Marlins fans. Loria is cutting the payroll to the bone to sell his interest in the Marlins by 2014.

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