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The latest on Yunel Escobar

     NASHVILLE -- The Marlins are continuing to talk with several teams about Yunel Escobar and an agreement could be reached tonight. One major league source said the Tampa Bay Rays appear to be the frontrunner for the infielder, but the A's, Yankees and Cardinals are also reportedly involved.

      In a story published Tuesday by Nuevo Herald, Escobar said he's ready to move on from the Marlins, who obtained the shortstop in their 12-player trade with Toronto last month.

      Said Escobar: "I came here with a lot of excitement to play in front of Miami’s Latin fans, especially the Cuban ones, but in these moments I think the best for my career is to go somewhere else where I’m appreciated more. I think I have a lot to offer as a ballplayer, but you need to be wanted. I’m not feeling that here.”

      If the Marlins are successful in trading Escobar, they're expected to take his $5 million salary for next season and re-invest it back into the major league roster. Third base is one obvious area that would need addressing, and free agents Mark Reynolds and Ian Stewart are considered "possibilities," a source said. The Marlins also have interest in Mark DeRosa.


      Ricky Nolasco probably isn't going anywhere, even though his agent has said he wants out of Miami. According to one source with knowledge of the situation, the Marlins don't want to trade Nolasco because they need his $11.5 million salary next season to prop up payroll. Nolasco stands to be the highest-paid Marlin by far.

      There's a better chance that he would be dealt at the July 31 trading deadline.

      Larry Beinfest, the Marlins' president of baseball operations, said he "really have nothing to say" when asked for his reaction about agent Matt Sosnick's comments.

      "We definitely did see them," Beinfest said. "We read them, and that's it."



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mary cone

does 'Yunel' translate to homophobicubanonaraft ?

Flav C.

Trade Nolasco.

Get Reynolds.

Payroll will remain the same.


Flav, Reynolds led the AL in strikeouts and had the lowest fielding percentage of all MLB third basemen. He hits homers but his average was barely over Mendoza. Marlins fans would absolutely hate him one month into the season.

Blabby Bowden and Big Mouth Ann

trex, there will be NO Marlins fans one month into the season, except for the hard core FANaticS.

Orlando Dolphan

This team is a disgrace. To build a new stadium at the expense of tax payers only to pull the rug from under them is disgusting. If Loria can't afford the team he should do us a favor and sell it. I cannot think of a bigger joke of a franchise than this one.

I love baseball and this just breaks your heart. The only ones that can do something about this is us. We cannot under any circumstance go to any games, even to see stars on other teams. This guy is sitting back and laughing his butt off. He just made fools out of the Miami Dade County officials and the fans by having them build a brand new stadium for a AAA team.


Not only do these guys not have a problem alienating fans but sooner or later no agent is going to want to yield a phone call from these clowns. What a colossal mess!!!!

boycott the mAAArleens

Who cares if mAAArleens trade Escobar for an Icecreambar ?


Are there meetings for recovering Marlins fans? Free coffee and donuts and such?

hard liquor & hand gun nite

Coffee and Doughnuts? Better roll out the hard stuff.


I don't like hard donuts.

alex trebek

Who is Derek Dietrich...remember ,the answer must be in the form of a question.

marlins jeopardy contestant

the guy the Marlins are getting from the Rays for Escobar????

Sgt. D.Wasserman Schultz

bet you'd like a hard german cruller

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