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Yunel Escobar didn't want to play 3B, traded to Rays for minor-league infielder

     NASHVILLE -- Yunel Escobar, we hardly knew ye.

     The Marlins traded the shortstop to the Tampa Bay Rays for minor league middle infielder Derek Dietrich not long after obtaining him in their 12-player trade with Toronto.

      DietrichDietrich, who was listed by Baseball America as the Rays' ninth-best prospect, is a former second-round pick who hit .271 last season at Double A. The 23-year-old product of Georgia Tech has played both second base and shortstop, and can also play third.

     The Marlins, who are set at shortstop with Escobar's former Toronto teammate -- Adeiny Hechavarria --  have been shopping Escobar for weeks. But they made up their minds to trade him when Escobar waffled on his desire to play third base, the position the Marlins intended for him to play.

     "We met with Yunel 10 days ago and he said he was comfortable playing third base," said Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest. "Recently he came back to us and said he was not comfortable playing third base. So we were not comfortable moving forward with him."

Escobar is due to make $5 million next season. Beinfest said the Marlins intend to take that money and re-invest it in a player -- or players -- on the major league roster. One obvious area of need is third base. The Marlins are considering free agents Mark Reynolds and Ian Stewart as possibilities. Beinfest said they will also explore trades for a third baseman.

     The Marlins are also continuing to explore center field options.




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Steve Landesberg

Was Dietrich's father on Barney Miller in the 70's

Flav C.

Folks who are not sold on Reynolds: I'm aware of his high strike out percentage (which he actually cut down substantially this last season), and I'm aware of his subpar glove on 3B.

Basically he would be no different from 90% of the Marlins we have in the roster, with one big difference: This guy can hit goddamn HRs and actually drive runs! Jesus, this is an abnormality, a rarity these days with this organization.

In a world of Solanos, Pierres, Echevarrias, etc, who can barely hit the ball out of the infield, I will take Reynolds' 30 HRs and .221 bat avg any day, over what we currently have.

Besides, LoMo's days with the Marlins are counted and Reynolds can transition to 1B smoothly.

Bottom line, we are not getting first line power hitters (Hamilton, Swisher, etc) anytime soon, so we might as well settle for a guy like Reynolds.

At least, he will make that ugly center field thin go off and put a smile on the face of 500 fans attending the games.

boycott the mAAArleens

500 fans attending the games? Stadium workers dont count.

stadium worker ,  not for long

Samson is thinking of moving in the outfield walls to right behind the infield,so the Rainbow PileofShit goes off, other than when Stanton jacks one


Lomo should fit right in ,being a AAA player himself.

Stan M

Those of you who know me realize that I try to be optimistic. But this trade? I don't see it. Escobar was signed for 3 years at a salary very favorable to management. One writer even said it could be the best contract in all of baseball! According to the stat heads, he's an above average ML player. Several teams are looking for a SS. So we get a 23 YO who spent half the year in A ball. That'a a prospect? Baseball America had him as the Rays #9 prospect, but on the team's own blog, he rated at #14. The guy wasn't even on their 40 man roster. Damn! Hope I'm wrong, but damn, damn, damn!

Flav C.

Stan, just stop looking at this type of info and try not to make sense of it.

Loria is just driving the payroll down to make the most revenue out of it, from the money MLB will give to each team, and will probably sell the team in 2014, when he will have to pay only 5% back to the city, instead of 10% this season, or 7.5% next season.

End of story.

Fed Up fan

What a joke this team has become.

the Amazing Kreskin

you are correct Mr. Flav C.

Daniel in Pasadena

dumping another 5mill in salary. bargin bin chasing for guys that other teams aren't interested in and then will say it's a big signing and fill a need until the trade deadline when they get jettisoned for more "prospects". I hope Loria chokes on a Picasso.

Chad Muska

As a fan of the Marlins since the inaugural season, I can comfortably say I no longer root for the home team. This organization has been stripped down to it's bare bones and exposed the ugly and greedy face of management. I feel sorry for guys like Stanton, who I have plenty of faith in.

Camera Mike

There is a great irony going on with Nolasco. He wants out and I feel safe in saying Loria does not want to pay him $11.5 million. Though after dumping another $5 million in Escobar and with the union already looking into the Marlins payroll this season to make sure they don't violate the spending rules of revenue sharing for the second time in a few years the cheapest owner in the league cannot afford to not overspend on a middle to late rotation pitcher. Unfortunately for all Marlins fans as well as Nolasco there is no humor in this irony.

Cardinal Richelieu

I love how the Marlins made it sound like Escobar isn't good enough for them because he didn't do their bidding. Get a clue Beinfest you just did him a favor. Escobar is a genius - Nolasco and Stanton haven't figured out how to get traded yet.

boycott these low lifes

Escobar had a change of heart about moving to 3rd base? hahahaha. he finally realized what a crap organization he was traded to and figured out how to get traded...be difficult about moving from SS to 3rd.
Congrats Yunel!


Stan I think this was the last year of a 3 year contract for Escobar.

Flav C.

Interesting the dynamic of things: Boni went to Toronto in that big trade, but might be available for another trade, since Toronto already like Izturis a lot on 2B.

The interesting part of it is that there are talks that the Braves are interested in obtaining Boni.


Can we get the Owner of the Miami Heat to buy this team!!!! Lets get a real owner in here


Is it sad that, as a (former) Marlins fan I'm actually pulling for Stanton to get traded? Too much class to be part of this sham of an organization. I feel bad for him...

Marcos Rodriguez

I still think that the publicity hound Katherine Rundle should prosecute Loria for the fraud he committed in obtaining the stadium under false pretenses. If any one else had done this, they would in Dade County Jail by now. Oh sorry, she only goes after rogue cops...forgot!

Stan M

Club has 2 5 million dollar "club" options on Escobar in addition to this year's 5 million salary.

the Amazing Randi

Hooray!!!! Loria is stripping the team bare for a sale in 14'. Beinfest ,Hill and the restof the FO contracts are up in 14' and they all will be gone.

Blabby Bowden and Big Mouth Ann

Steve Landesberg, Good one as usual.

I believe ALMOST everyone is now on board with what is going on. Hopefully we have heard our last reference to how Loria is a good businessman and how it would behoove him to make the team competitive. Anyone, at this stage, who lives outside of the state and orders the DirecTV package to primarily watch the Marlins, well that person not only needs psychological intervention but he or she should probably be watched as a precaution to the possibility of self-inflicted injury.


MLB in approving the 12 man trade is just as guilty of STUPIDTY as the Marlin FO is in thinking this is a legit trade and the fans won't see through it. Ef the Marlin FO. We, the (ex)fans will have the last laugh when the team is playing to low/no attendance. How soon will the BOGO's start?


At least as a Magic fan I have the pleasure of watching Dwight Coward suck in lala land. This what my sports fan life has come to. Please sell the team you JERK!!!!!



Have to disagree I couldn't bare to watch Reynolds taking 600 ABs a year at the mere chance that he'll hit on out every 20ABs and strike 1/3 of the time in doing so. I'd much rather see what Cox can do or any other kid for that matter at this point.

That was the only positive of 1998, watching guys like Derek Lee become MLBers who would not have had the chance otherwise. Again, my main concern for next season is how many Middle Relievers will be blowing their arms and careers out when our not-ready yet starters can't get out of the 5th.


boycot boycot boycot the marlins. games. tv. merchandise. it'll take a year or so for MLB to step in and get rid of the ownership group.


trade solano,ruggiano,stanton and lomo and any one with any major league experience and sign some has beens for a year while all the prospects get ready for a full time job. bring in canseco at rf,,miguel tejada at third,pudge rodriguez catcher,manny ramirez at lf,rickey henderson at centerfield,omar visquel at ss derek lee at first and luis castillo at 2nd. with a rotation of d.willis,c.pavano,livan hernandez,brad penny,and charlie hough the knuckler (they can throw for ever and it would be a good match up with dickey. now that would be a better watch right now then seeing all these kids struggle. most of these guys would love to play one more year anyway.


why not make a run at some leadership and some experience pudge would be great for the rotation and brantley. mathis would be a bat of the bench. a tejada would help young infielders and his passion for the game is very well known plays in dominican league almost all summers. visquel would also be a great bench coach. manny ramirez would actually be interesting to see if he could still hit. pinch hitter and can play just as good as lomo did last year in left field all for loria's circus.


It's AMAZING what different OWNERSHIPS can do to FLOP an organization!!

Satellite Beach

The only reason I'll visit Marlins Park this year is because I used to live in DC and I'll want to see the much-improved Nationals in person.

hey Loria..bend over and say cheese

Make sure you buy your tickets on stub hub, park in somebodys driveway for less than the parking garage and bring in your own food and drink in so Loria gets none,nada,zippo and zilch of your cash.


Why would anyone buy a full priced ticket? Buy the cheapest seat in the stadium and slip the usher a 10 or 20 spot and sit field level. There should be absolutely NOBODY sitting farther than 90 feet from home plate. Everyone in dade County must do everything in his or her power to bust this guy financially. You don't have to boycott, just buy the least expensive seats and go to watch the other teams. Don't buy the pitiful concessions--eat before the game in Little Havana or somewhere else in Miami. Park a 1/2 mile away and walk. Do not park in their garages. Buy no merchandise. Bring this guy's franchise to its knees. He will not do a thing even if you support the product so don't support the product. Ruin Him!!!Well, you can't ruin him as even a reprobate as Loria has enough stashed away but you can make a fool of him. Also call your representatives on state, local and national level and call for something to be done. samson should be prosecuted just for looking disgusting AND that voice!!!!!

Juvenile & his Marlins friends

Hey Loria...the Marlins fans are gonna do to you what you've done to everybody else...so Back That Thang Up

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Some of you are writing about possible FA signings ... did you not read what Stanton said after Loria the Fraud gutted the team? The players all around the league talked openly about the Marlins and their cheap, lying owner.

Escobar came to his senses and asked out. Nolasco also wants out. Stanton wants out. No player with any talent will want to stay. No player with talent will want to come here.

Reynolds will bring his 200 Ks here only if the mAAArlins outbid everyone ... what are the chances? Same with every other FA. Plus, they all know thatnifnthey sign a multi-year contract, they have no idea or say about where they end up playing in the second year of the contract.

So, have fun talking about who they should sign.


Dear DT, The ONLY people speculating on free agent signings were probably standing to close to Hendrix at the Fillmore and received too much second hand smoke. The most amazing thing about this blog are the "stalwarts" aka crazies who continue to believe Loria will spontaneously change his behavior. I would sponsor a trip to Lourdes and maybe he could dip his cranial cavity into the grotto.


By the way, IF, I repeat IF Beinfest had one iota of respect around baseball don't you think he would extricate himself from this situation. IF Beinfest had any semblance of pride, do you believe he would continue this dailliance? This is another myth---Beinfest is respected. No he's not. He does not even respect himself enough to get out of Dodge. Samson has no choice. It's questionable he has any measureable,marketable skills in anything besides being a hanger on, but Beinfest!!! You should be ashamed.


Hey DT, I don't think you need to be a CIA analyst to detect a difference in our writing styles and yet there will continue to be individuals who believe we are one and the same.

Orlando Dolphan

Let's break the record for low attendance on opening day. Our voices need to be heard. Let's have ESPN talk about all of the empty seats on opening day. Hopefully, the 5000 fans on opening day will be Braves fans. I hope that we don't see 1 Marlins fan there. Marlins fans, Loria is laughing all the way to the bank.


Orlando, Let's Do It!!!!

Orlando Dolphan

I wonder if any fans will show up for Marlins Fan Fest this year. Once Nolasco is traded the only true major leaguers on the team will be Pierre and Stanton. Will the have the guts to have this event this year?

Orlando Dolphan

Why does baseball even have a commissioner? To allow an owner to operate a franchise like this is irresponsible. This is horrible for the sport and sets a dangerous precedent for other cheapskate owners. This type of stuff would never happen to the NFL or the NBA. Those commissioners care about their fans and the sport. Bud Sileg, have some guts and defend the fans in S. Florida and baseball.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, you have a point about Beinfest.

As for the loonies who insist you and I are the same person, I wonder what you said here that makes them see you behind every shadow. Or perhaps they just need to get a life.

Stan M

You are usually fruitful in this area. I wonder how much money Loria would clear if not one fan showed up for a game? I don't think it would matter to him at this stage. Those of you who don't think he's a good businessman should check his bank account and how it has risen since he entered the baseball scene. He is a horrible human being, a terrible baseball owner, and a person who has ruined baseball for fans everywhere. All of which, sadly, has little to do with his personal goals toward wealth. The pity is that the rest of baseball doesn't do something about him.

Zeus and Semele

I guess Yankees fans should get a life and get the hell out of this blog, right lil' Bacchus ?

Stan M

Yankee fans, or any fans really don't bother me. What bothers me, or perhaps I should say, worries me, are comments above that refer to anyone who would watch the Marlins on Direct TV as needing psychological help. Also referring to those who differ with this particular poster as "crazies".

The fact that people differ and are not afraid to voice their opinions are what make blogs such as this interesting. But I can't help but wonder what sort of makeup a person has who must denegrate those who differ with him or her. It certainly doesn't show superiority as is intended.


My buddy and I were discussing whether a person's net worth is lways indicative of sound business dealings or if a person may have just had a specialization in one area that made him appear smarter than what he was in other pursuits. Obviously the head of the Medallin Cartel had a lot of money but was probably not looked up to by majority of Colombians. It is always telling when you find people forming judgments about a human being based on financial worth. Al Capone did well as did Bugsy Siegel, Meyer Lansky and a few others. This obviously has nothing to do with current discussion but just wanted to inject a change of pace.


DT, We must be the same person because we don't shuffle along to the voices of the choir. We see a reprobate and we label him a reprobate and quite early in the game. By early, I mean before he maifests behavior that we knew was not only predictable but inevitable. Some people believe human beings conform to a code of conduct that must be beyond reproach because said person has accumulated a lot of money. Check out people that really have a Hell of a lot of money and make an assessment of their behavior as human beings. The funny thing remains that so many who will need to work up until the day they die, identify with people who would not call 911 for them if they were observed bleeding in the street.

legal beagle

Good News...Today,a Federal judge in New York refused to dismiss an anti-trust case against MLB,who is being sued by several baseball fans across the country for forcing fans to purchase expensive package deals on Cable and the Internet,such as the MLB package,to watch their favorite out of town team. MLB makes 600 million a year off of such deals. This case could be a landmark case. If a fan wants to pay to watch just one team, he shouldnt have to pay to get all,just to watch one. MLB is shocked and dismayed at todays decision.This case may take a year or two,but it's worth following,as MLB ,since it's anti-trust victory in 1922,is really a monoply robbing the public. Guys like Loria have been taking advantage of the anti- trust designation for decades.


I am open to any description of people who would willingly and purposefully subscribe to MLB on DirecTV to solely watch the Miami Marlins. I have no need to worry about the 99.9999% of the nation's populace who would view such behavior as abhorrent, but rather those who would try to justify it. I don't care if people go to a Glenn Beck Concert, do I worry about them? Yes. Do I have empathy for them? Yes. Do I consider them loonies? Yes. Would I defend their rights to attend while avoiding them in real life? Yes. I always believe if there were to be 1000 people in a room and I was in one corner and 999 were in the other corner that I would be the one in the wrong place. I have nothing but confidence that the good people of Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Monroe, Martin and St Lucie Counties will be in the "correct" corner when it comes to the Miami Marlins. I feel the same way about people who have DirectV access from Seattle to Key West and San Diego to Presque Isle that they will look with derision upon anyone who wastes 10 minutes an evening viewing a compelling and tragic spectacle. But I will defend anyone's right to engage in any behavior as long as no harm is brought to anyone else.

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