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Yunel Escobar didn't want to play 3B, traded to Rays for minor-league infielder

     NASHVILLE -- Yunel Escobar, we hardly knew ye.

     The Marlins traded the shortstop to the Tampa Bay Rays for minor league middle infielder Derek Dietrich not long after obtaining him in their 12-player trade with Toronto.

      DietrichDietrich, who was listed by Baseball America as the Rays' ninth-best prospect, is a former second-round pick who hit .271 last season at Double A. The 23-year-old product of Georgia Tech has played both second base and shortstop, and can also play third.

     The Marlins, who are set at shortstop with Escobar's former Toronto teammate -- Adeiny Hechavarria --  have been shopping Escobar for weeks. But they made up their minds to trade him when Escobar waffled on his desire to play third base, the position the Marlins intended for him to play.

     "We met with Yunel 10 days ago and he said he was comfortable playing third base," said Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest. "Recently he came back to us and said he was not comfortable playing third base. So we were not comfortable moving forward with him."

Escobar is due to make $5 million next season. Beinfest said the Marlins intend to take that money and re-invest it in a player -- or players -- on the major league roster. One obvious area of need is third base. The Marlins are considering free agents Mark Reynolds and Ian Stewart as possibilities. Beinfest said they will also explore trades for a third baseman.

     The Marlins are also continuing to explore center field options.




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Dear Legal, I hope in the proceedings it is not determined that plaintiff is a Marlins FANatic. After the judges quit laughing, they would need to recuse themselves and that same set of events may go on for perputity. You could not find a panel of jurists in America who would consider such a plaintiff to be of sound mind. Just read certain comments on this blog.


By the way, invitation remains open to anyone in the Greenville area to join us at Twin Peaks Restaurant on Woodruff Rd every Thursday for the weekly remote. Will probably not be able to discuss Marlins for more than a minute on air because nobody gives a--can I say, "darn?" I must "warn" people that the waitress outfits are patterned somewhat after another restaurant that has some connection to the sound made by an FAU Burrowing Owl.


Well, I guess people have taken medications and slipped off to bed. I'm going downstairs to watch Gonzaga--Washington St, a good game.


Lou with a keyboard is more than enough.

cynthia o

I love reading the comments here and appreciate those like Stan who express their opinions even though they know the smoke blowers like lou and his alter ego will rave on about how smart they are and how anybody who disagrees with them must be insane. Stan, I have a feeling you know more about baseball than your detractors ever will. Lou, lay off the caffeine and the nasty pills.
Now it's your turn. Give me your best shot and I will take it like a woman, lying down.

David Lynch's doppelganger

Lou, say it like it is, dawg.
This Twin Peaks restaurant is a Hooters knock-off, pricey, with bad food.
Don't bring your girlfriends, though. The hot waitresses on their skimpy dresses will be almost sitting on your lap while your ordering the food.
Don't go there if you're expecting to see Laura Palmer and Special Agent Dale Cooper.


Dear Cynthia, I don't use caffeine but do like the taste of coffee so I like decaf. Since I'm very liberated I must question your comments related to women. Are you really Cynthia? I never rave on about how smart I am, but I can't be held accountable for any conclusions drawn. Maybe if I "opined"---Now there's a REAL moron--in verbiage associated with a teenager who utilizes a cell phone in 6 hour increments, you would find me nicer. I would like to know what specifically you disagree with in my comments.Cynthia, You may not have been here long, therefore I will call your attention to the fact that I was not the first to offer commentary as to anyone's DSM's status,however, I had a strong opinion running counter to some of the Tories(Not Joe) on the blog. I was called out for my opinion and since I'm half Italian,I fell back on the old bromide stating silence can be perceived as weakness.I have never relied on surrogates to defend what I say. As far as alter egos, do not confuse people who perceive the Marlins as a joke as somehow being affiliated with my general thought process. I will ask you to give me a more preferable word than "loony" to describe anyone who sees Loria in "any" possible positive light. Also suggest a word that describes a subscription to the MLB package on DIRECTV to solely view the misadventures of the Miami Marlins. Until I hear one, I will stick with "loony" and nothing more pejorative.

By the way, someone tell Florida State that purpose of game is to put the ball through the cylindrical devices set up at each end of the playing area. 72-47--------Really??? How is it possible for an institution of higher learning to have sports teams ranked in the Top 5 in BOTH football and basketball??


Dear Doppel, You can bring your wife, girlfriend or mother to that establishment and be rest assured there will be no provocative activity. I have no say as to where remote is held. The event is wildly successsful and I think both sides are happy with the arrangement.

Stan M

Dear Cynthia,
This blog can be truly rewarding when posters talk about baseball and not all about themselves. It is amazing how a person who tries to imply that he/she is the brightest person in the room is exposed as something far less than that. As far as having differing opinions, I am often in the minority, but nearly everyone who differs does so with grace. We had another poster who gradually disintegrated into mindless chatter, but thankfully he was finally banned. Here is an interesting post I found by a fellow named Lou about how we should accept the opinion of others. It doesn't mention anything about referring to those who have differing opinions as mentally unstable or crazy.

"How many people do you really think understand that when you are surrounded and only hear the opinions and perceptions of people who agree with you that soon your perception as it relates to areas outside of your sphere become distorted and not relevant? When you are only confirmed as to what you think, you begin to believe you can't be wrong. You must talk and listen to those with whom you disagree. You don't have to change your opinions but you must realize there are those who don't share your view of "reality"...." -Sweet Lou, Facebook, Oct 24th

I see political inuendos in posts above and know that such is frowned upon.

Stan M

How about something that transends the "I-me" agenda and is solely about baseball. The following article reflects upon how Loria's actions could affect the Tampa Bay franchise.



I'm glad that certain people continue to monitor my posts and comments. I do not feel the least bit threatened because I have seen these people. By the way, I would not be surprised if Clark agrees with my political commentary(probably the only thing he might agree with me) and the comments far transcend innuendo. I don't do "innuendo" for proven fruit cakes like Glenn Beck. How's that for commentary. Certain people are very easy targets because of a belief in the impossible: The Marlins are making these moves to improve in the future. Larry Beinfest is a respected baseball executive. I'm sorry that I can only paraphrase the comments because I don't go back and pull them up. It's not exactly like I would be referencing the comments of Doris Kearns Goodwin as she commented on someone who knew how to compromise. I hope that all 2 of you who subscribe to the Baseball Package to view the Marlins really enjoy the season and the bleatings of Rich and Tommy. You know it might just be worthwhile to hear how they will rationalize this and there is always e-mail Tuesday. PLUS you get to hear Samson, Hill and Beinfest. It must be very boring in some rustic outposts in the Southeast.

Flav C.

I'm not sure if this is good or bad (yet) but this blog is more and more looking like excerpts from therapy sessions taken directly from a play written by Ingmar Bergman.

Without the beautiful Swedish landscape, of course.

cynthia o

Flav C...Perfect.
Lou...Yes, I'm really Cynthia. What specifically do I disagree with in your comments? I spoke up because I really can't understand what kind of man or woman, I'm not sure which you are, finds it necessary to repeatedly attack others as loonies or crazy or whatever. I often think others are slightly daft without finding it necessary to say so. If you choose to watch Jersey Shore, I might think your choice of entertainment strange without feeling the need to tell you over and over that you are nuts. Perhaps it's better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you are stupid than open your mouth and prove them right.

Stan M

Cynthia, it is refreshing to have another take umbrage with this man who puts up far too many posts that really have nothing to say. He stopped posting about 2 years ago and then returned with apologies about how he had misusd this space. And there was normalcy for a while. Now he's at it again. The guy simply can't separate himself from his own ego...or lack thereof. Why else constantly put those who think differently, or more rationally, down?

Personally I love the Direct TV package. It's not only to get Marlin games, but to experience other broadcasters as well. There is more to following baseball than writing negative posts about the Marlins. The Met broadcasters are fonts of knowledge and aren't afraid to give their opinions. Just to hear Vince Scully for one more year is a blessing that will soon be gone. What I can't understand, and my son, Stan III constantly remarks about this as well, is why this Lou fellow keeps posting here if he hates everything about the team, the owners, the announcers, the players, us posters who dare to disagree with him, and all Marlin fans in general whom he seems to think are beneath him. I guess it is impossible to try to rationalize what is so clearly irrational nonsense.


As a longtime Dodgers fan who follows the Marlins as well (b/c I live on the east coast and can't stay up late enough for west coast Dodgers games), I know how Marlins fans must feel.We survived McCourt- you'll survive Loria.

Al - Kendall

Marlins GM makes another lame trade to further reduce payroll and completely disrespect the fans!

R. Gardner

The admission that they didn't know Escobar wanted to play 3b is more proof that they have no one in the front office that has a clue about baseball. Marlins Park??? I think not... more like Prospect Park.


Dear Cynthia, I have no problem with anyone ordering the MLB package as long as it is not solely to watch Marlins games. In fact I don't even have a problem with people who do subscribe only to watch Marlins games. I just think they are loony as you expressed your opinion that I was stupid. It always depends on whose ox is being gored. Doesn't it?

I see my political comments have not been removed. After the Electoral College landslide it appears that great majority of those outside the Deep South agree with me. It's bizarre that the states most against "Big Government" such as Mississippi are in fact Welfare States that survive upon the largesse of the productive states in America. For every dollar the great{LOL) state of Mississippi sends to Washington it gets $2.00 back. For South Carolina it is $1.64 received back for every dollar sent in. The affluent state of Connecticut gets $.64 back for every dollar sent in and the discrepancy continues for red versus blue. I sincerely hope the secessionist impulse gains speed. I'm sure the many industrial and productive states would be quite happy in ridding themselves of welfare moochers.

"Mommy, he just made more political attacks. Mommy, you agree??"


Just to clarify, I hate nobody on this blog. I have empathy for a few on this Blog. There are only about 5 Marlins fans who disagree with me as it pertains to the organization and its actions therefore there wouldn't be enough people to hate anyway. Glenn Beck disputes evolution and people respond to him. They don't hate him, they just believe he is a fruit cake. Think Glenn Beck and then think remaining Marlins fans and the organization. People stop and gaze at horrific car crashes every day and then make comments as they drive off. Is that productive? No,however, it is a fact. The Marlins are a 126 car pileup on Route 66 during a blizzard. It is sad, compelling and a tragic waste but still worthy of comment.

Notice I mentioned one of your Patron Saints again?

Stan M

This fruitcake has lost all touch with reality. Now it's the entire state of Mississippi. And somehow in that tilted mind, he equates Marlin fans with someone named Glenn Beck. At least with poor Alex, about 20 per cent of his rambling were about baseball and he happened to be perfectly correct about Reyes lapses on the basepaths which became worse as the year went on. I will grant that I tweaked his ego when he started denegrating everyone again, (did he ever stop?) but look what it has brought forth. How in the world did calling him out for his hypocracy about those who don't see the world as he does lead to political rants which he incredibly seems to justify. Baseball is the subject of this blog, it's not all about you. I don't think I'm alone in deploring both your supercilious attitude and your political ranting. Baseball is a wonderful game and if you don't like it, go post on some political blog.

Expo diehard

Jeffrey Liaria and mini me (Samson) are both loathed and loved in Canada; loathed for selling out Expo fans to pad their immense wallets and loved because they made the Blue Jays an instant contender. I hope nobody tells Liaria that he cannot take it with him.


Mark Reynolds?? LMAO!!! A career .235 hitter coming off a .221 year?? LOL!! The Marlins are a disgrace and a complete laughing stalk!!

ware adams

Irony: that's the word for it.
Loria and his inept crew paid over $100,000,000 or so last year for a last place team. The truth is/was that their absurd and obnoxious "manager" probably had more to do with the team's record than any player, including the usual paucity of relief pitchers.
But here's the irony: Loris is "laughing his way to the bank".. The worst for this year, 2013, could be another last place finish. But, this will cost him a few bucks over $20,000,000, and he'll get the baseball stipend.
If you're going to come in last, why pay more????

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