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Austin Kearns returning, Matt Capps on wish list

       A couple of items of note from our Barry Jackson's Buzz column: it looks like Austin Kearns will re-sign with the Marlins. Kearns has agreed to terms on a minor league deal with an invitation to spring training, just as he did last year before working his way onto the Opening Day roster.

       If he makes the club again, Kearns, 33, would serve as a right-handed complement off the bench to Greg Dobbs. While Kearns hit just .245 for the Marlins last season and struggled badly in the second half while battling back and leg injuries, he hit .325 (13 for 40) as a pinch-hitter.

       The Marlins are among a handful of teams interested in free agent reliever Matt Capps to help shore up what is a woefully thin bullpen. Capps recorded 14 saves last season with the Twins, but missed most of the second half with rotator cuff issues. As a result, the Twins declined to pick up his $6 million option.


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hey Clarkie why'd ya leave out the best part of BJ's buzz where he sez that Loria has finally shut Samson up and wont let him do the radio schtick OR interviews with the media anymore???? The world is a better place now,not having to hear Samson's wretched voice pollute the enviroment with his pathological lies on a regular basis. Dont know who to thank first..the media or Loria.

Flav C.

Kearns back to the team. This makes the Marlins automatic contenders.

Opie's cousin

is Kearns related to Goober in Mayberry? he resembles that remark.


This team sounds like another sequel to Major League

Has anyone looked at this roster of who's who. It looks more like a Mash unit, rehab center and an old
players home for those that no one else wants or can
not find a job and the Marlins are the last....option.
WE Signed at least three to four players that have not played baseball in a year due to auto accidents,arm injuries,players with chronic back issues.....Really... where is that power hitter that your looking for (on the cheap), No one wants to sign with the marlins, MLB players, the word is out, Marlins, have you tied looking in Japan or Korean Leagues..How about He Sop Choi??????? 69-93, you wish!


With Loria's reported banning of Samson speaking to the media...has a rift developed between them???? That could be news.....a power struggle for control??? Let's go, Clark & Manny...get to the bottom of this!

the Truth

Loria still thinks he's Samson's step-father. He just spanked Samson and took away his media card. No power struggle , for without Loria , Samson would be just another unknown thieving con man on Wall Street instead of a well known thieving con man in MLB.

Flav C.

Since several here believe that a vote for the HOF is not only related to STATS but also to the character and integrity of the candidate, I'll see what y'all think about it:

Tony LaRussa is seen as a sure 1st ballot HOF. However, his STATS as a manager were significantly bumped up by winning a WS with the A's, when he coached individuals like McGwire and Canseco. Later on, he continued coaching McGwire with the Cards.

If anyone comes up to say he was not aware of those players using PEDs, this person is absolutely naive.

So, by being aware of that and allowing these players to continue using PEDs, and reaping the benefits of it, isn't he as guilty as others? What does it say about his character?

Clark, will you take that in consideration when filling up your ballot?

I still can't get over the fact that a guy like Clemens, who gave his all during more than 20 seasons in the MLB, put together amazing numbers, is not in the HOF.


Speaking of baseball bad boys, 71-year-old Pete Rose — how the hell did he get so friggin' ancient all of a sudden? — and his Playboy playmate of a fiancee now have their own reality show on TLC. (Maybe, being hidden away out here in Oregon, I'm the last person on Earth to learn about this.)
Anyway, in promos for the show, Pete's fiancee Kim — referring to Rose's criminal record and her own mammoth mammaries — says friends call the couple "felons and melons."

the GoPhuckOff Channel

Why do they call it The Learning Channel? Oh...we learn that Pete Rose is a bigger douche-bag than we ever knew before.

Keye Luke

Read that Kim's father was in the Charlie Chan movies. That makes Rose the #4256 number one son.


Flav...Clemens IMO...would never had played/pitched as long as he did with out taking PED's. As anyone ages...the body breaks down...it doesn't get better.
The "Rocket" took PED's to prolong his career so he could get paid those inflated contracts. It was all about the money...not the game. As for LaRussa...you have definately hit upon something here....he didn't take PED's to improve his managing skills...he probably knew & should have done more to stop it. I say let him wait a few years.

Flav C.

spitballer...I completely respect your opinion.

However, before PEDs, amphetamines were the drug of choice. The greenies kept players going when they were exhausted, helped them focus, increased their energy, alertness, etc. That had a much bigger impact on the fame, on a daily basis. Looking from this perspective, how many stats of players from the 60's, 70', and 80's were inflated because of that? They were able to play more games, feel better, feel stronger, hence getting more hits, more rbis, more runs, more strikeouts, more everything. Some HOFs have actually come clean and admitted usinf amphetamines (i.e. Mike Schmidt).

Amphetamines are considered as performance-enhancing drugs by the World Anti-Doping Agency and have been banned since 2006.

Does that make them less worthy of HOF?

To me, this is all a double-standard. If Clemens was not awarded the HOF because of unproven use of PEDs, so strip away the former HOF players who acknowledged using amphetamines in the past. Their results were as much artificially improved than Clemens, Bonds, etc...

I think it is really sarcastic when I read people, including sports writers say "when the game was clean". The game was never clean. Players always cheated, one way or another.

And by the way, they did it for the money too. They all did and will continue to do.


Let them all do PED's if they want too. Who cares if they drop dead later in life ,they are here for the fans entertainment and for themselves to get rich and famous ,or die trying.


The Marlins have announced they'll have no FanFest in 2013 — probably for the same reason worms won't be doing any deep-knee bends this year and the Kardashians have cancelled their series of lectures on quantum entanglement.

Flav C.

LB, the funniest thing was to read Sean Flynn's explanations for not having the fanfest this year.

It sounded like an attorney explaining to the jury that his client could or could not be guilty because he might or might no be innocent.


Flav C,
Yeah, it was something like, "We're not having FanFest this year but if we do have it, we'll call it something else because if we have it and don't call it something else, then we'd be having FanFest this year."

Flav C.

And...and as for the players caravan event, he said:
"it might or might not be called caravan event".

Funny people manage this organization.


Sean Flynn is a graduate of the Samson BS Doubletalk School. How to talk in circles ,answer questions without saying anything, and lying by omission. Another FO dirtbag.


kearns? couldn't find any younger outfielders out there how about tony plush aka nyger morgan very fun personality and the kind of bravado you need with no fans in the stands or how about chone figgins can play multiple positions,or a rick ankieal great arm no one takes a chance with that guy you are telling me kearns is a great option?


laurel, you arethe best!!! I really don't mind getting both Bonds and Clemens in as long as they have detailed discussions next to their busts(not those!!) pertaining to Bonds' increasing head size and Clemens and Bonds being only players in history of the game OR any game to get better as they got older. Bonds might say it was his workout regimen but lifting does not cause your head to resemble a melon and I will NEVER forget Clemens throwing that piece of broken bat at Piazza. Would not have been that forgettable if Piazza takes it in the eye---I guess the level of Roid rage manifested by these guys, is just a little difficult to tolerate.

Flav C.

Wrong. Several other players (including pitchers HOF) got better as they got older.

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