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Marlins announce 71-player spring roster

        There should be no trouble finding a good seat at Roger Dean Stadium most days when the Marlins play there this spring. But the Marlins' clubhouse looks like it'll be a tight squeeze. The Marlins announced a spring roster totaling 71 players.

         I'm not sure if that's a club record of some sort. But I can't remember the number ever being that large. In addition to those on the 40-man roster, the Marlins have invited 31 others that include 17 players signed to minor league contracts and 14 organizational players.

         Making up the latter group: right-handed pitchers Michael Brady and Jose Fernandez; left-handed pitchers Adam Conley, Grant Dayton, Brian Flynn, Andrew Heaney and Raudel Lazo; catchers Wilfredo Giminez, Jake Jefferies and Jacob Realmuto; infielders Danny Black and Derek Dietrich; and outfielders Jake Marisnick and Christian Yelich.

         The list of players signed to minor league deals includes the following: right-handed pitchers Jonathan Albaladejo, John Maine, Doug Mathis, Chad Qualls, Kevin Slowey, Jordan Smith, Mitch Talbot and Michael Wuertz; left-handed pitcher Zach Phillips; catcher Craig Tatum; infielders Matt Downs, Nick Green, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Ed Lucas and Chris Valaika; and outfielders Jordan Brown and Austin Kearns.


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Without Pat White = Last Place. With Pat White = First Place. It's that simple, sign him, make it happen Loria!



Get it On Canes

Only a fool would spend money and put it in Loria's pocket.

Daniel Hanna

i guess ther will be alot of split squad games, though that would incur the cost of renting a bus more than Loria would like.


Maybe they plan on putting all 71 players out on the field at the same time. We'll have a good defense that way.




with all 71 payers on the field there should be a few no hitters

Al - Kendall

Huge tryout camp!
Not much time to set the roster and get 25 guys into playing shape, so do not be surprised with plenty of early injuries and a poor start to the season.


Marlins are saving money on RDS staff and having their minor league wash-ups handle duties.

Slap Johnson

Plenty of parking in Julio's front yard!

Stan M

In case some of you missed it, the Nats have a minor league player named Cutter Dykstra. Yes, he's Lenny's son. There were photos of him and his current squeeze. She played the part of Meadow, the daughter, from the Sopranos. And to say that she is a well put together young lady doesn't even do her jutice. Wow!

Flav C.

Now that A-Rod's name is linked to HGH again, can we expect him to be interviewed by Oprah too?

 A-Roid panics in Needle Park

yeah A-Rod will be crying like a beatch, saying he's sorry....asking for forgiveness...Waaaa..Film @ 11.

Dr. Feelgood

Loria should hire this clinic for the Marlins players. They'll need all the help they can get.

Flav C.

If Stanton's name was on the list under "Mike Stanton", would he come out and say "Not me. I'm Giancarlo"?

Stan M

Did you folks see where many kids reported for a volunteer camp a couple of days ago. Also one regular...Pierre. How can anyone not admire that guy? The example he sets will be worth his salary and he might just catch a ball or two that was missed in LF last year.

Also read where ballplayers are afraid to come to Marlins because of poor treatment for injuries because trainer is a Loria favorite and a screw up. I'm sure LoMo might have something to say about that and perhaps it explains a lot more than we are aware of.


Stan, how about you, Laurel and myself report to the next tryout camp? I got myself down to 180 and I could do my Richie Ashburn impersonation.


All Marlins fans should write a letter to Bud Selig pledging to boycott the Marlins (to include not attending any games, buying any merchandise, watching them on tv, nor listening to them on the radio) unless and until Major League Baseball forces Loria to sell the team.


All this talk about "boycotting" is not really necessary. It's like telling people to avoid the cesspool that sits in front of them. There will be people at the games at first as people realize they can sit behind the dugout for $10.00,however, people will soon realize even that is not fun as they must still make way to stadium, park the car and brave the neighborhood and then they will still need to watch the "product" for 3 hours before it's once again time to brave the neighborhood(when it's darker) and drivre back home. This is a tedium that will not be tolerated by anyone with a modicum of common sense--unless you live less than 3 miles away. Then it might be worth it---for about 20 games.

Did you hear about the Dodgers TV deal in the BILLIONS!!!!! Get those Stanton jerseys while you can.


Who does this sound like-----A person with delusional fantasies of power, relevance or onnipotence and an inflated sense of self-esteem. This used to be referred to as Narcissitic Personality Disorder. It is actually abetted by excessive flattery by the "lackeys" whom they surround themselves with. does this sound like anyone we know associated with the Marlins?

Stan M

ARod could end up being the most disliked player in baseball. That would be hard with Barry Bonds still around. Personally, I never could stand the guy and relish his demise. His denial is interesting. He denies any involvement with Bouch, not the clinic or anyone else working there. The sad thing is, he's not alone and the reports surfacing are saying players not yet brought to light are also involved. Itis probably not a good time to predict ML outcomes for this year. A lot of players could still be in big trouble. I wonnder about those two guys on Toronto who suddenly hit everything out of the park. Wouldn't it be ironic if they lost those guys after the big Marlin trade?

Lou, are you old enough to remember when Ralph Kiner was possibly the most popular home team player of all time? The team was awful, but fans came to see him hit and the park emptied after his last AB, even if the game wasn't over. Think Stanton and lots of HRs. If he stays, the team will still draw 1 1/2 to 2 million. A couple of days back, I think it was you who wondered if Loria has an ego. Well, think of opening day when he paraded around with Ali. He didn't have a supernumerary out there. Also his involvement in signing Reyes. He has a huge ego, and that is what must be attacked. "Loria must go" must be heard loud and oftenat the ballpark. The shame might do far more good than any boycott that simply can't be effective...in my opinion.


Stan, For a boycott to be effective there must be a product or service that you care about BUT you are willing to forego it due to some moral purpose.When it comes to the Marlins it can't be correctly labeled a "boycott" because this is not a product that anyone will see as a sacrifice if they don't attend. It may be semantics butI don't think there will be enough people there to scream anything at Loria. As far as going to watch Stanton, we must factor in the very high probability that Stanton may set the NL Record for intentional walks. With the Marlins lineup who is going to pitch to Stanton? I can also envision Loria not even attending the games. he might spend the summer in the Riviera. I continue to believe this has now become all about spite and Loria having enough resources to thumb his nose at all of baseball and almost beg them to sue him to get him out. There might be a moral case against him, but is there a legal case?

Stan M

Lou, Why walk Stanton when you're already winning by 3-4 runs? The same guys will be behind him as last year. Reyes hit in front of him. Loria still went to games in Montreal, but he used bodyguards. He'll need them in FL, too. Probably sit behind glass in corporate box, but with his ego, he'll be there. What might be fun is to all guess at next year's attendance.I'll go on record at 1,500,000 to 1,750,000.

Flav C.

The Dodgers got 8 billion dolars on this cable deal, and teams like the Marlins laugh all the way to the bank, since under the revenue sharing agreement, each team puts 34% of their local TV revenues into a league-pool to help smaller teams compete with richer teams.


How about writing a letter to every MLB team pledging to boycott all of MLB unless the owners force Jeffrey Loria to sell the team?


Actual in seat attendance under 1 million...real numbers

Flav C.


Do you know what kind of suspension former #1 draft pick (2009) Chad James got from the Marlins, last August?

All I know is that he was suspended for "violation of team policies", but no further details.

Stan M

MLB out with 100 top 2013 prospects. Marlins one of only 2 teams to have 2 prospects in top 13. Marlins tied as one of only 2 teams with 6 players on the list. Overall, teams prospects tied for 4h place among all 30 teams.

Flav C.

It reminds me of early 2006, when we had 7 players in the top 100 prospects (Hermida, Olsen, Anibal, Hanley, JJ, Vosltad, Petit).

Or early 2009, when we had 6 players in the top 100 prospects (Maybin, Stanto, LoMo, Dominguez, Skipworth, West). Actually in 2009, we had 3 players in the top 20 (Maybin #8, Stanton #16, and LoMo #20).

I guess we didn't go too far both times.

the truth

All that prospect ranking is bullllshittt for losers.


Who cares how many top prospects the Marlins have. As soon as they are good enough to get paid they will be out the door. Do you think if any one of these players turns out to be an all-star that Loria will pay him accordingly? They will all be traded before that happens for more prospects, and all of the fans who are naive enough to stick with this team will be filled with false hope again.

Stan M

Stupid me. Now I understand. The team is better off not having any top prospects. Of course, that's it.

Loria's left nut

you're right. stupid you.

Flav C.


2004 -2010 under Loria and Co., Marlins had 16 prospects in the top 100.

- 6 busts (Hermida, Skipworth, Sinkbeil, West, Allison, Vosltad - coincidently, all # 1 picks).
- A former #1 draft pick who is currently improving under a new FO (Matt Dominguez). Traded for an old horse.
- A former #1 draft pick who still is playing low A ball (Chad James).
- JJ, Hanley, Anibal - Formed a nucleus of young wonder kids who never won anything. All traded for more prospects.
- Olsen, one good season. Then traded for Boni (also traded for prospects).
- Maybin, never fully developed. Traded for bullpen relieve.
- LoMo, when not tweeting, is injured.
- Stanton, uncertain future.

SF Giants, same time fame, had 14 prospects in the top 100.

- 6 became champions, either in 2010 or 2012. Or both. (Lincecum, Belt, Posey, Bumgarner, Jonathan Sanchez, Cain).
- 3 former #1 picks traded for value, who helped the Giants in 2010 and 2012 (Zack Wheeler for Pagan, Tim Alderson for Freddie Sanchez, and Charles Culberson for Scutaro).
- 4 busts
- 1 spent 2 years in jail in Dom Republican, accused of murder. Releases, now returning to the field this season.

So, while you have one organization who draft poorly, doesn't develop its players, and keep doing the "trade for prospec game", there is another organization that knows exactly how to draft, how to develop, and how to trade.

So, going back to what you said: The team is better off not having a FO who has no clue what to do. It has very little to do with the prospects.

just the facts

excellent proof that the Marlins will not win with current ownership ,no matter how many top prospects they have.

Stan M

Only three of the six were not drafted by this organization. And I wonder how much blame should be put on poor coaching rather than just on the signings themselves. Volstad, Maybin, Dominguez and West come to mind. Anyone who follows baseball as we do knows and realizes that what you say above has some validity. You do leave out that this team remained mildly competitive through many of those years with a payroll that should have kept them far lower in the standings. I would also illustrate the players traded away who did much better in other organizations. DeAza, and Vargas are examples, with Andino, Andrew Miller, and Lindstrom being lesser and incomplete possibilities. I'm not sure it's fair to include Skipworth just yet. He's still young, probably would have better stats than Buck if brought up, and I think his defense is fine. We both know that catchers can take longer to develop, particularly on offense. And despite the past, having a well stocked minor league system is better than not having one. This team went nowhere for two straight years and had little chance to improve in 2013. Although I hold little hope for 2013 now (except in the area of effort expended on the field), now there is a far more interesting and promising future in the years beyond. I rue the day they traded Bono, but removing Buck, Hanley and that statue at 1B whose name escapes me are definite plusses. Also remember Turner and Eovaldi are not includud in that prospect list. One aside. Johnathan Sanchez has worked out more like one of your Marlin examples, I wouldn't have included him. After saying all of the above, unless Loria goes after next year, hope must be deminished to some extent. Everyone has to realize that unfortunate fact.

Flav C.


I didn't put the blame on coaching. I am put the blame on an organization that doesn't know how to:
1 - Draft
2 - Develop
3 - Trade

I am comparing this organization with another one who does know how to do those things. By including the names of Andino, Vargas, etc you are basically confirming what I just said. Also, Dominguez is doing much better under the Astros organization. He is slated to be their everyday 3B in 2013.

Yes, i agree with you that this team remained "competitive" during 2 seasons, but again, this organization could not change this team from a "competitive" status to a "contender" one.
They had an interesting nucleus with JJ, Anibal, Hanley, Uggla, Willingham, all good young players. However, this FO failed on finding the parts to make them even more competitive and go an extra notch. All they could come up with at the time was Nick Johnson.

The Giants had a young nucleus just like the Marlins. Differently than the Fish, their organization knew how and where to find the right parts to make them contenders. And how they did that? Using good drafts to trade for valuable experienced players.

Jonathan Sanchez was 13-9 with a 3.07 ERA in 2010 (Championship Year) and pitched really well in the first game of the post-season. The Giants knew his ceiling for improvement was not that high, so they traded him for someone who added a lot of value (Melky). But he was serviceable while he was there.

I know now we have Turner, Eovaldi, Alvarez, Fernandez, Yelich. I just don't know how good that can be with an organization who historically has no clue about what to do with prospects. It is scary.

Stan M

My whole point is that there is more hope now than there was when the team fell apart last year. Months ago I suggested that Beinfest do what Cashman did with the Yankees. He gave ownership an ultimatim. Either let me run the team or fire me. He's no Dombrowski, but without Loria interfering, I think Beinfest has the ability and respect within other organizations to do a good job.


Stan M - you don't think Loria is interfering? What exactly are you basing that on?

Stan M

Sunny Dee,
You have completely misread what I wrote. Read it agai.


Stan...I think you are giving Beinfest way too much credit. If he was as good as you think he is...then Beinfest would have quit the Marlins in disgust & gone to work for another team. Loria is not going to stop interfering, Beinfest knows this & he puts up with it.


This guy Stan gives the Marlins too much credit , period. Get back on the Meds ,pull in your balloon and stop sniffing the helium.

Stan M

I could be wrong, but to my knowledge Beinfest is on a contract with a couple of years left on it.

bellvue, why don't you just disagree. That's fine. The snotty stuff belongs elsewhere.


So of the 71 on the roster, how many are major league ready??? 5 maybe 6??

Vincent Vega

including the manager? the Not Ready For Primetime Marlins over/under is 62 , about the same number of games they win in 13'.


Stan...Ozzie had a few years on his contract too. The # of years on a contract doesn't mean much to Loria. The track record of this owner & his lackey’s, speaks for itself.

On another topic...If more names come out ...which are rumored to be....that are on the ped list...this could affect some teams if there are any suspensions.
I might have to revise my win lost prediction for this year.

Stan M

spitballer, I said the same think up above somewhere. See 9:09 PM. The only Marlin whom I might suspect would be Ruggiano.


Stan...I’m not really worried about any Marlins...maybe some of our competition might make it to the "suspension list". It might be our best bet to bring some of these teams down to our skill level. If some of these players were to get suspended...they would probably be replaced with prospects....then we might have a chance to win more games!


Stan, I guess we fundamentally disagree. I followed the Marlins with passion for years because they were fun AND I could also see them as being a threat to win it sometime soon. Now I could see how this year they would be considered "fun" when they play their 2 really good games a week, however, just the stark nature of what the future holds for this franchise is impossible to ignore. I start out every season with the teams I care about---Uni. of Florida in football and basketball, Detroit Pistons, Miami Dolphins, Detroit Tigers and Marlins---with the hope they will win a championship. Now you can tell from my list there is very little chance of that happening for 3 of those teams. And I'm objective enough to temper any enthusiasam because there are just NOT any lasting memories that will make you warm at night that relate to how much fun a team is or how competitive they are. You follow a team with the hopes of team being handed a big trophy on last game of season. Anything else in inconsequential UNLESS you see a team getting closer(even slowly) to that accomplishment. This is why I believe Cubs fans to be the "m" word.


is this the old farts talkin to each other blog? there's no fools like old fools

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