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Marlins sign Kevin Slowey, Mitch Talbot to minor league deals

      The Marlins have reeled in two more players hoping to resurrect their big league careers in pitchers Kevin Slowey and Mitch Talbot. The two right-handers -- neither of whom has pitched in the majors since 2011 -- signed minor league deals with invites to spring training.

        SloweySlowey, 28, made 90 starts for the Twins over five seasons (2007-11), going 39-29 with a 4.66 ERA. But he was limited to only eight starts in the minors last year due to a stress fracture in his rib cage. The former second-round pick was once a mainstay of the Twins rotation, posting at least 10 wins in each of three straight seasons from 2008-10.

       Slowey and R.A. Dickey climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last January.

       Talbot, 29, owns a career mark of 12-19 with 5.30 ERA in three seasons with the Rays and Indians. He made 28 starts for Cleveland in 2010, going 10-13 with a 4.41 ERA. He spent last season pitching in Korea.


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Flav C.

Some more low-risk investment?


More Dumpster diving by the garbage can Marlins.


After signing with Loria , Slowey is going to wish he stayed on Mt Kilimanjaro.


With all the players the Marlins have signed that have'nt played in over a year, seems to me the should
be hiring more training staff and teams doctors.


Lighten up Frances.


There is nothing left to say about this organization. Just when you thought you had found the bottom they find a little more. We need an intervention. Is anybody hearing us Marlins Fans. Anybodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?????

boycott these douchebags

Do the Marlins sit around all day and scour the injury lists too see who hasnt played in over a year due to injury,check to see if they're healthy,and then offer these suspects a minor league contract,hoping that maybe one out of ten stick. Great winning formula for a sorryass franchise.

garbage in , garbage out

Beinfest stunk at the Draft so he figures he will try other teams high draft choices now, wether they were injured or not. He figures if he throws enough crap against the wall, something's gotta stick.


And the scrubs keep marching in!!! This team will lose 120 games this year, LMAO, what a pathetic franchise!!!!


Mike, You made me think of something. How about we all pick the number of games the Marlins win this year?? If Clark approves the prize could be allowing the winner to write a Fish Bytes Column--with Clark as the editor--- at the conclusion of the season. Right now, as mentioned earlier, I really believe the Marlins may challenge the 62 Mets. I know you must cross eras in any comparison of talent, however, if you look at the Opening Day lineup for the Mets, I believe that it is actually more formidable than the Marlins, with the exception of Stanton of course. But we all know Stanton will be gone about halfway through so that would negate that advantage. My early guess will be the Marlins win 46. I can't see how they will win 46,however, it's very difficult to win under 55. But I have confidence that Marlins may be up to the challenge. How do you guys and girls feel?


I'll take 69. That way I won't forget.

Flav C.





it is just very amusing but also sad. sad for the guys who were with the team last year. they were led to believe that they were on a major league team. but maybe if Giancarlo does what everybody thinks he can do, and if Morrison can have a comeback/good year, and Solano, Ruggiero, and Brantley all continue to grow into good players, we might have something to like. the real good news is there are new coaches and a new field manager. maybe the ownership and front office management will disappear...pray, make a novena.

Irv in Delray

Hope they get their cheapjew azzes kicked all season long.


richiej, You got "novena" into a Marlins discussion. Very appropriate. How about St. Jude, the Patron Saint of Lost Causes?

rocky echevarria

laugh at these fools...make a novella


Don't forget Saint Fiacre, patron saint of hemorrhoid sufferers. He's not relevant to anything being discussed here, but I was just thinking how much I hope Jeffrey Loria needs him about now.

boycott the marlins

St Fiacre is also the patron saint of venereal disease sufferers. Loria and Samson are both social diseases. Very Apropos.

Mr. B

What a joke! What an absolute joke! Nothing against these guys, but this organization has to be the ablsolute worst in mlb history. What an embarrassment! Thank God I didn't buy season tickets last year. I had a feeling it would come back down to earth. Now it's once again a minor league team, just in a major league stadium. Good luck getting me to evn watch on TV.

Dionysus Thelxnoe

There's an underlying cause for all these Triple-B transactions (as in Bargain Basement Bin). Think back to Stanton's rant, right after Jeffrey Lurid traded away all the team's talent (and expenses, of course). Remember how Stanton railed about how many players from other teams TOLD him something like this would eventually happen? He thought they were just teasing, but it turned out to be absolutely true? Bottom line, the M-AAA-rlins have no credibility, and any player with ANY kind of leverage and/or talent will not want to come play for this owner, since he is a proven liar, not to mention a fraud. How often have you seen one free agent, never mind three, come out and openly call the owner a liar? Mark my words, as long as Jeffrey Lurid owns this team, no talented player will ever want to play here and no talented player will ever want to stay here. Essentially, at this point, Marlins can only sign players who have little or no other options. That's how bad it is.

Dionysus Thelxnoe

Aside to Clark ... do you ever moderate this blog? If so, why do you allow racial epithets?


I got 73 wins this year better defense more solid proven vets plenty of bullpen options and a semi decent batting line up


HaHaHaHaHa...you must be smokin good sheet


Lou, I agree completely. Keep in mind that who's to say Stanton even last the year with the Marlins (although I think he will). I mean, what's the starting rotation going to look like for this team?? Pitching and D is what wins championships (so they say) and I just don't see where the pitching is going to come from. Nolasco is your #1?? He is inconsistent at best! After that, you've got nothing but scrubs and prospects at best! Not to mention, outside of Stanton and maybe Morrison, where are the runs going to come from. This whole thing just looks like a train wreck ready to happen. Honestly, look at their roster and tell me what do we have to be optimistic about for 2012??? All the guys they've signed wouldn't start for anyone else! They've signed a bunch of prospects and cheap costing old timers like Pierre (35) and Polanco (37). Back in the day Pierre and Polanco would have been nice signings but honestly, at their age, what do they have left??? I can easily see them challenging the '62 Mets! However, if I had to put a number on it, I'd say about 110-112 loses!!


Januv, you are crazy if you think this current roster will give you 73 wins dude!!! How, from where??? I'd say 50-52 at best!! Every team in their division is much improved particularly Atlanta. Where is the offense going to come from outside of Stanton and maybe Morrsion (that's a big maybe!) plus who the heck is going to start for this team outside of Nolasco who is an average pitcher at best???? You're banking your 73 wins on mainly young guys with little to no experience, a bunch of castoffs and several old as hell (Polanco and Pierre) veterans??? LOL!!! Dude you better lower your expectations or your in for a frustrating year!!!

Carlos m tosca

I feel tha I'm a fan of a team of class A players, with a few exceptions, owned by the Wicked Witch of Montreal

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