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Marlins single-game tickets go on sale Feb. 9

       There's no more FanFest. But the Marlins are hosting the newly named "MetroPCS Winter Warm Up" at Marlins Park on Feb. 9 when fans can purchase single-game seats to the 2013 season for the first time.

        The event, which will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., is free and open to the public.

        Marlins players -- and there are quite a few new ones -- will be available for autographs, and Archbishop McCarthy will face Gulliver Academy in an 11 a.m. contest on the field.

        Meanwhile, spring training tickets go on sale Saturday. For more information, click here.


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There's no more fan fest because there's no more fans .

Boycott Opening Day

A Boycott of Opening Day is the only way MLB will pay serious attention to the issues surrounding the crook Loria and his inept Little Napoleon.


Orlando Dolphan

What a joke! I hope the prices for these seats are to go see a AAA team. S. Florida fans please be smart about this. Loria pulled the wool over the city of Miami's eyes and now is on his back laughing hysterically. Well it is time to laugh back at him. Let's show the world of baseball that we are the smartest fans as we value our money. If you are going to give us a garbage product then we will not show up. Our mission this year should be to prove a point that you cannot abuse your customers. MLB should be embarrassed with the garbage that this owner has pulled.

Flav C.

Pitcher #1:

3.10 ERA from 25-29 years old
2.30 ERA from 30-34 years old (2 times CY award)
3.01 ERA from 35-39 years old

Pitcher #2:

3.30 ERA from 25-29 years old
2.86 ERA from 30-34 years old
2.64 ERA from 35-40 years old, including record 24 wins in a season, highest SOs in 4 consecutive seasons, 4 time CY winner in this time frame.

Pitcher #3:

2.62 ERA from 25-29 years old (1 CY award, had won 2 others previously)
3.55 ERA from 30-34 years old (1 CY award)
3.69 ERA from 35-40 years old (1 CY award)
2.68 ERA from 40-42 years old (1 CY award) -pitched avg 159 innings/season, against 236/season previous years

Pitcher #4

3.21 ERA from 25-29 years old (1 CY award)
3.14 ERA from 30-34 years old (1 CY award)
2.93 ERA from 35-40 years old (2 CY awards)

According to the logic, the older you get, the worse your numbers should be, otherwise, you are probably using PEDs.

By looking at the options above, which one(s) followed the PED/Age logic?

Flav C.


On pitcher #3, it should read "3.69 ERA from 35-39 years old", and not "35-40 years old".




What if they throw a "Metro PCS Warm-Up" and nobody shows up except the 2 high schools and their relatives? When I first saw Archbishop McCarthy my mind registered that as him being there as an attraction.


Would be interesting to know how many season tickets they have REALLY sold this year? Must be under 2,000. I can't imagine there are that many people who should be in mental health facilities walking atround buying season tickets.


Boycott opening day and the rest of the games too!!!!!!!!!

Stan M

Here is Michael Jong's piece on LoMo's present difficulties. He seems to say essentially the same as what I posted...the team should bear the brunt of his injury situation.



Waaaa...Boo Hoo...there is no Crying in Baseball...Stop crying over a spilt Lomo..He was over-rated and over publicized to begin with.Having over 1000 AB's, he's nothing more than a .250 hitter who chokes w/RISP. Biggest thing the Marlins did wrong was not trading him a year ago. Let him take all the time he needs now,so when he comes back, and still puts up his usual suspect numbers,he wont have any excuses and excuse makers for him this time around.

Flav C.

As far as I know, Michael Jong has no orthopedic background. So, his opinion on this matter will not change a bit what I think. The only think I agree with him is with the fact that Morrison should have been traded for better pieces, when his value was higher.

Again, Morrison's condition didn't deteriorate because he went back to OF. It deteriorated because he didn't manage the recovery process of it after the 1st surgery. Period.
Athletes that play sports with much higher impact than baseball recover well and continue playing their sport for years, with no signs of their surgery. That is because THEY SPEND THEIR TIME recovering from the surgery. A very few percentage have a 2nd surgery, like LoMo did. Again, they did their recovery process well.

Had LoMo done that after the 1st surgery, he would have returned to the outfield and continued doing his crazy acrobatics.

Stan M

Flav C
You seem to miss the point. The injury is one thing and was discussed, but not in strict medical terms. Your statements regarding the medical aspects must be considered valid because you seemed to have consulted surgeons within that field. However, your hypothosis that his condition deteriorated because of his missteps rather than the clubs edicts is no more valid that my contrary opinion, despite it being presented as more than mere conjecture. Rather Young (who I believe is in the medical field, whether still a student or now an intern I know not)and I were both trying to point out that the club could have done a better job with a very young annd valuable property. It's as simple as that.

Flav C.


Let me put this in a very simple way: Had the Marlins moved Morrison back to 1B after the surgery, he would still have gotten hurt and would have needed a second surgery.

His knee was not healed because he didn't take the necessary time to recover from the surgery.

Now, thinking back, It is probable that the A's in the end didn't want to trade for LoMo. Maybe the knew he was damaged goods then, and rather send Gio to the Nats for a package of very good prospects.


Im defitnetly boycotting the Marlins this year, until Loria sells the team.

Stan M

Flav C,
One more shot, then I'll move on to an entirely different post. Look at your second paagraph. That's the whole cruz of our disagreement. You say , "...he didn't take the necessary time to recover..." My whole point is that he was a young kid and should have been offered guidance regarding when he returned to duty. That should not have solely been his decision. Where was the team's input? Had LoMo been with almost any other organization, he would have been treated differently...at least in my humble opinion.

Stan M

Can we hope that Loria will sell the team? I think that there may be signs that point in that direction.

What hints have we seen from Loria?
*He is doing absolutely nothing in the area of public relations. This is not what one would expect from an owner thinking in long terms.
*He has cut payroll to a level where it is virtually impossible for him to lose money in 2013, which could be his last year as owner.
*He has made trades that allowed him to attain this very low payroll., which is also very appealing to any interested buyer.
*According to one of our posters, I think Flav, 2014 will be the first year that Loria wouldn't lose a fortune through existing contracts if he sold the team after 2013. I believe he would lose only 5 per cent and it is not inconceivable that such an amount can be "hidden" through the work of lawyers on both sides in a sale.

From a buyer's standpoint:
*First and foremost, the team will cost less than virtually any other ML team.
*The team that the new owner would inherit would have a very low payroll.
*Because of the low payroll, any new owner should be able to immediately spend a good amount to improve both the team and his image as one who cares.
*The team will have one of the best farm systems in the MLs and the potential for future improvement is already there and is excellent.
*Almost anyone, either corporant entity or individual, will be coming from a successful business experience which should have the potential to be enhanced by the new publicity of ML ownership and maybe even naming of the stadium.
*The new stadium is a definite plus. No money will have to be spent in that area for some time.

In summary, the signs from Loria are only too apparent, and the team should be a veritable gem to a new owner. The fact that he isn't Loria in itself would be a huge plus. Let us all hope and pray.


well the marlins finally got an back up utility wait for it..... Nick green wow they realy are going in a whole new direction first austin kearns now nick green how about gil velasquez. I thought they would bring in some difrent younger guys see what developed but to bring back the triple a depht from last year that did not help in the first place is great. now expectations are even higher. definetly a winnning clubhouse. go loria


Stan I totally agree with your above post. He's getting ready to sell. I think it was a Tim Brown article on Yahoo that also suggested that Loria is clearly setting the whole thing up to sell. Let's hope so because it's clear he's not spending another dime on this team. He's hoping that this young squad will surprise and mature and be worth more for less so he can sell high. Does that make sense?


how about the entertainment money if he got the stadium on a baseball standpoint and now uses the team to make some money but focusus on entertainment money like concerts, soccer games or expo's he will still make more than enough without having to spend on payroll for the team. He does have other ventures going on in that stadium so In my opinion the onlyway to control this is for mlb to develop a floor cap in which teams that don't maintain a certain comitment lose collective money. in fines and draft picks. or forces a sale let's see what happens to ross now with the dolphins stadium.

Flav C.

Under the new CBA that starts in 2014, Loria will be under a lot more scrutiny by the MLBPA.

Flav C.

Let me re-write.

Under the new CBA, Loria will be under more scrutiny by the MLBPA starting in 2013-2014.

Each team will have the amount of money they will receive from the revenue sharing very well spelled out and available to everyone to see it.

Therefore, it will be much easier to track down how the teams are investing their portion of the revenue sharing.

This is what the new CBA says:

"A principal objective of the Revenue Sharing Plan is to promote the growth of the Game and the industry on an individual Club and on an aggregate basis. Accordingly, each Club shall use its revenue sharing receipts . . . in an effort to improve its performance on the field."

The MLBPA may pursue grievance against any club that failes this provision on the CBA.


In 2016 the revenue sharing ends for 15 teams in the top markets...does that apply to the S.Fl market population in general or is Loria purpously killing the market so he still gets the revenue sharing? Hmmmm

dogfish head

BOYCOTT THESE CROOKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If Logan Morrissons name was Joe Davis he would never been rated as high or returned.
Funny how a cool sounding name can keep hope alive.


too bad his name isnt Tommie Davis...or Willie Davis


Stan, I agree with your comment totally and I don't think enough can be made of that crown jewel of a stadium. I believe if they do hang on to Stanton it could mean Loria wants at least 1 very important attraction to be in place for a buyer.We don't even know for sure if he hasn't already started talking to people.

The Marlins should hire about 10 extra ushers for next year to prevent people from buying the cheapest tickets on sale and then going to sit in the first 2 rows. Until the Marlins show this will be prevented NOBODY should buy a seat that costs more than $15.00. Of course IF they do prevent people from moving down there will be vNOBODY even buying $15.00 seats. Catch Loria and Samson--my apologies to Catch 22.

been there...done that

Sooo...you just bribe the ushers , who are hired by a company called CSC and get paid minimum wage.csc.com


Thank You for myself and others. Wouldn't discount Loria and Son doing an audit of tickets sold and where people are sitting. An audit would give him something to do.

I would really be impressed if Hutton quit and cited integrity of the game.


Come June , Samson will be able to count the people in the stands,just walking around the stadium himself. Shouldn't take too long. Or from his perch above Homeplate in the pressbox level,using a pair of binoculars.


Just guessing, but I'd assume that Loria and his henchmen actually want people to move into the lower level seats behind home to give the appearance, at least to the TV cameras, that there are more people watching the game than there are swabbing used beer out of the urinals under the stands.


Laurel, I don't really believe Loria cares what anyone thinks. What do you think of the new tempered and mollified Lou? It is extraordinarily easy. I just decided to not let the few people(Loria and Samson ) in the world who aggravate me to get me to participate. Can you really swab beer out of a urinal?

Stan M

Just looked up Miami ranking in population for ML cities. Was amazed that it is #8 (#11 by team ranking because 3 cities have 2 teams). That should be another incentive for any potential buyer. That's it for me in the urinals, LB. I never swabbed however. Not when straws are readily available. Lou, stop worrying about attendance figures. This ballclub has always been forthright in announcing the attendance. We all know that. Is there any truth to rumor that for a family of 4, the fans will now be entitled to an entire section? Boycotting is a fine idea, but I'd much rather have attending fans chanting, "Loria must go."


Stan M and Lou,
I just assumed that Loria had his cleaning crew swabbing used beer from the urinals for re-use in the concession stands. Most of the brew I've consumed at the park tastes like it was filtered through a drunk.
Einstein said anger lies only the bosom of fools.
When I start to get pissed, I close my eyes and relax by envisioning a tranquil lake full of cool, clear water. If I happen to see the corpse of a certain beer-bellied fat cat bobbing peacefully on the surface the lake, I hurriedly erase that vision from my mind.


That quote should be anger lies only IN the bosom of fools. I remember the quote because I got so excited at the mention of a bosom.

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