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Marlins not shopping Stanton, and my HOF ballot

      Sorry about the absence, but used some vacation time, covered the Sugar Bowl, and watched with detached amusement as the Giancarlo Stanton trade rumors swirled about. The Marlins are not shopping Stanton. They are not dangling him like the carrot at the end of a stick. They are not floating his name to other teams.

       Simply put, the Marlins "are not moving him," according to a source I spoke with. They haven't even "discussed" it internally. The team's plans calling for Stanton to start the season with the club and occupy the clean-up spot have "not changed at all," according to another source with knowledge of the Marlins' intentions.

      And yet the speculation continues. The latest report indicates the Marlins have spoken to the Padres about Stanton. "Completely off base" and "totally ridiculous" was the response I received when I asked about it.

      Teams contact the Marlins about Stanton all the time. The Marlins, out of professional courtesy, don't hang up on them. They "listen," as they do with all inquiries involving any of their players. But listening is not the same as "contemplating," and the Marlins -- at least for now -- are not entertaining any thoughts of trading their slugger.


       The Marlins are sifting through the batch of unsigned free agent relievers as they focus on a bullpen that was looking rock solid this time a year ago but is now filled with holes. After signing Placido Polanco for $2.75 million, they still have a bit of leftover money from the Yunel Escobar trade with which to obtain an inexpensive relief arm or two. (Remember, after trading Escobar and his $5 million salary to the Rays last month, the Marlins vowed to re-invest that net savings in payroll.)


       Based on the early returns, the Hall of Fame announcement on Wednesday could be extremely brief. Not a single candidate is trending above the 75 percent threshold needed to gain entrance to Cooperstown, according to "Hall of Fame Collecting Gizmo."

       Some voters (myself included) are citing the Hall's formal character and integrity clause in refusing to vote for the two stick-outs on the ballot, Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens, based on tangible evidence linking them to PEDs. And the players that remain are all subject to debate.

        I ended up voting for five players: Jeff Bagwell, Mike Piazza, Tim Raines, Curt Schilling and Larry Walker.

        With the lone exception of Schilling, the other four players on my ballot rank among the Top 10 players of all-time at their defensive positions based on the JAWS scoring system, a useful advanced metrics tool that allows one to compare players from different eras. JAWS isn't perfect. It doesn't factor in fielding, for example, postseason performance, milestones or awards -- all stuff I also considered.

         But it does account "for the wide variations in offensive levels that have occurred throughout the game's history."

         At any rate, have at it. Debate away...


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Boycott Opening Day

A Boycott of Opening Day is the only way MLB will pay serious attention to the issues surrounding the crook Loria and his inept Little Napoleon.


charles glenn

come on man, its fact that the marlins called the padres to gauge interest in Stanton.. i don't know what your source told you .. but if he told you no, i'd be worried. Stanton is gone by summer... and i bet its the padres. Marlins already called about Gyrko before the Polanco signing. But Gyrko come with a very heavy price tag, one that assuredly has Stanton name on it.


Im sickened by the marlins front office. I will not follow the marlins again while those guys are running the team.
They screwed the town with the stadium and now filling it with a minor league roster.
Im not buying it again.
Been a fan since the inception year, but not anymore


relax this year is not the year they trade stanton.he is defenitly going to be a top comodity next year if he hits 40-50 hrs and if he does the hr derby this year his price would improve gyorko for stanton come on raymier liriano is there top prospect. I have heard red sox ,rangers and many other senerios so far this winter every time it's a slow news day some where they bring up stanton. They are just blowing wind stanton is safe until he gets to expensive or they just get a flat out monster deal.I just hope we are not going into this year with out a utility infielder unless solano is the ut and cogs or dietrich are manning second ( I hope not)

Stephen Rhodes

Just wondering why Clark didn't vote for Craig Biggio for the HOF ...

Edward Walsh

It's funny that you wouldn't vote for Bonds and Clemens both of which had arguably HOF numbers prior to steroid use accusations, yet you voted for Piazza who also has been tied to steroid talk and left Biggio off.

Dick Young's Ghost

The whole HOF voting system reeks and should be scrapped. Why have these wimpy,nerdy writers who may or may not hold a grude against a player for their own personal reasons decide who is going to be a Hall of Famer? How can a writer vote for a guy he has hardly ever seen play?

Dick Young's Ghost

that's GRUDGE and believe me ,these idiot writers today have and hold plenty of them and have their own agendas


To the guy who said gyorko comes with a huge price tag and stanton would be part of it. You're joking right, gyorko would be a small starting point of a trade for stanton, not the other way around

Flav C.

I'd vote for Bonds and Clemens.

In a sport that reeks PEDs, and where players have been trying to find substances that can help them perform better for over 100 years, Bonds and Clemens were able to put better numbers than the other guys who were using it as well.


Flav...I wouldn't vote for Bonds & Clemens. Not all of the players were using..a lot were. I equate using PED's to lying on your resume. The players using PED's committed fraud...improving/prolonging their performances by using, which got them big inflated contracts.


Clark, Welcome back. Hope you had a chance to read the Fish Bytes stories that were posted by some of your loyal readers. I have had an epiphany and now ooze warmth and empathy to such an extent that many will find it sickening. I would ask you, IF the Marlins say they are NOT entertaining offers for Stanton maybe make you think they were looking to trade him? Just going on past history.


vote them all in. especialy when mlb benefited from them. Didn't mlb wait till they all broke records to accuse the loke palmeiro they waited for him to reach his milestones before suspending him same with bonds the year after he broke the record he gets blackballed.If mlb had a problem with them how come they weren't stopped then selig made sure they got the ticket office revenue then. now it's a morale issue it wasn't when mlb was making hands over fist in cash.

Boycott the Marlins

Selig is a shyster ex-car dealer that looked the other way so he and the owners could line their pockets from the steroid era homer hoopla.He lets an owner like the thieving con man Loria exist and thrive. Screw him and Loria.




Edward Walsh -

There's not a shred of credible evidence associating Piazza with steroids. None. Not in any steroids list, not in Mitchell report. None. Nowhere. His physique stayed consistent, as did his performance through age-related expectations and injury.

A few A-hole NY beat writers with their pimple obsession are source of the baseless "talk." And each one of them has history of self-promotion and questionable integrity and are using their pulpit again for their own purposes which I think is disgusting. Mike Piazza is class act and one heck of hitter, the best hitting catcher of all time, a clear first ballot Hall of Famer who is being robbed of his due. The voting needs to be removed from so-called journalists and given to those already in the HOF who will judge players on merit and facts, not personal gain or vendettas.


Welcome back, love your articles. I couldn't agree more with your great selection of votes!


Raines needs to get in! One of the best players of the 80s; a seven time all-star with the expos in that era. One of the most fun guys to watch as well. The speedy base-stealers are always very entertaining. He is a symbol of the era before steroids took over


Did we win? Oh heck I just woke up from a nightmare about the 2012 season. Is Hanley hitting 3rd? Wait wait what's that? Loria sold the team to Micky Arison? Nope just my dream. Sorry.


Gotta check out the FB Miami Marlins page with a question from Frisaro. The comments are epic and telling of the fortunes that await Loria and friends. Wow and wow.


Checked out the Marlins Facebook page and if that's any indication of what lays ahead regarding game attendance,they might as well turn Marlins Park into a homless shelter.


The Marlins would be crazy(guess I'm answering my own question) not to start a bidding war between Texas and California to get Stanton. The Marlins could couch the talks with the inevitable truth that whoever gets Stanton between those two teams would dominate the AL West until Stanton reaches free agency and signs with the Dodgers. There is no reason under the actions of their business plan(??) for Miami to hold onto Stanton when he would just leave as they got close to contention. I would even reveal to Dallas and California press what the Marlins require to make the deal happens. Let the fans of both teams set up a clamor to help make it happen.

Samsons Boyfriend

Stanton is staying....


He's going to be real lonely. Nobody to talk to along the right field foul line and nobody from the foul pole to the gap. How many years until free agency? I'm sure the Marlins will match the Dodgers' offer and the allure of playing for the team he grew up following. You know what, MAYBE the Marlins are Silly(notice no more words starting with "M" utilized) enough to keep him and not just get the 2 future(By future I mean May,2013) regular day guys and future #1 starter.

eff the fish

doesnt matter ,they can lose with Stanton ,just as easily they can with all the prospects they can get for him.

Rafael Valencia

How about Luis Tiant

Flav C.

"The Lost Son of Havana".

Great documentary on Tiant.


Dear Eff, I agree they can lose either way BUT it would be more attractive to a future buyer(PLEASE let there be a future buyer!!!) if there were actually quality young players on the team. I would rather lose more games now with the chance of there being signikficant talent around in 3 years IF someone would just want to utilize it. The Marlins can not offer any amount of money to Stanton that Dodgers won't match. The potential of Stanton playing in his home and surrounded by the other talent they are purchasing would be mind boggling. Let the bidding war begin, and you must remember that Loria NEVER forgets and Stanton was gone the moment he criticized him.

eff the fish

dont waste any more space talking about trading stanton,as it aint gonna happen for awhile.


has anyone seen the ticket prices for the wbc round at marlins stadium cheapest seat is 90 bucks That will problably be the only time they would sell 20000 tickets this year and even the I doubt it.


Dear Eff, I don't believe either one of our blogging activities is restricting access to this area. Your posts are very succinct so I can see you would think I was wasting time,however, 5 minutes(at most) a day to discuss the imminent moving of Stanton is not preventing me from working with Stephen Hawking on some Quark formulations. One of us will be right and one will be wrong about young Giancarlo's future employer.


Dear Juan, Those ticket prices will guarantee that there will be no soccer still rioting at the games. Don't get much of a riot if only 100 people are involved.


Up quarks or down quarks?


Nice to see you around Laurel.

When will people ever realize that Americans will almost always forgive the transgression it is the lie about the transgression that ultimately brings you down. Nixon, Rose and Clinton would have all been forgiven for admitting the wrong, but the bull gets you. Cote says the HOF voting had "malice", of course it had malice. People don't like being lied tyo for years!! Sorry!! Just the way it is. Meanwhile Jack Morris, one of the premiere big game pitchers of our era(no pun intended) gets whacked again.


Perfectly said. In politics — and often in baseball as well — it's not the crime that bites you in the butt — it's the cover-up. People don't like being played for suckers.
But electing players to the HOF based upon character is a tricky business. Some of the earliest members of the Hall of Fame — including Tris Speaker, Ty Cobb and Cap Anson — were members of the Ku Klux Klan. But Speaker was also a generous and tireless supporter of children's causes and other community programs, and he later served as a mentor to several black players, including Larry Doby. Maybe there is time for guys like Clemens and Bonds to put forth the extraordinary effort needed to redeem their reputations, because any institution purporting to be a Baseball Hall of "Fame" is always going to feel a little bit like a lie itself without their plagues on the wall.


Is it true that Lomo wont be ready to start the season and may be permanently damaged goods? Who plays first?

Flav C.


Yes, and yes.

Maybe Dobbs.


I did not know that. IF LoMo was misdiagnosed (I don't know this) and IF this contributed to his current status and based on his predeliction for confrontation, this could become interesting. I always blamed him for having delayed treatment,howeveer, I don't believe that would have permanently hurt him. It would have delayed recovery but I don't think it knocks him out for good. I'm no Dr Andrews but I thought it odd his name was never mentioned in Morrison's treatment--maybe he's too expensive!! I wonder if LoMo knows any lawyers IF he somehow thinks he has a case for the possible end of his career.


Laurel, You are right about all those character issues,however, Cobb never denied being a racist pig and these other guys never misrepresented who or what they were. Now IF Cobb would have gone around telling people he was a member of the Congress for Racial Equality(I Know. It didn't exist then) and it then came out what a bigot he was I believe even Cobb may have faced a delay in his entry. Just QUIT the lying BS and people will forgive you, and remember if a Federal proseceutor asks you a question, he or she already knows the answer. Are you listening Martha Stewart??


I'm not disagreeing with you at all. If the serpent hadn't lied to Eve, he never would have gotten such a bad write-up in the Bible.


the marlins also got that kid from the orioles joe mahoney at camp or ben lassiter at triple a. dobbs would be good at first but there goes the only decent option of the bench. and still no utility infielder/super sub they should of kept bonifacio atleast he would of added some dimensions to this team there is more holes in this roster even more than the start of last year. What kind of rebuild is this?

Stan M

EAPN's Keith Law just published his top 25 ML players under 25 years old. Stanton was #4 behind Trout, Harper, and Heywood. There was also a link to last years list of top 50 and LoMo was #16, and over some pretty impressive players. Here is what Law had to say:

Analysis: Morrison hit .291/.395/.480 in full-season ball in the minors, including time recovering from a broken wrist, then put up a similar line with a little less power in 2010 in the majors.

He has very quick hands, so he can wait on the ball before committing, and generates big power with his lower half. He didn't hit for the same average in 2011, but had a foot injury early in the year that explains at least part of it, and being jerked around by ownership didn't help either, including a punitive demotion that triggered an ongoing grievance.

Morrison has outstanding plate discipline, plus power, and will play at least an average first base if he ever gets the chance. He's a future star, and if the Marlins are too concerned with showing him who's boss to notice, they should give him a chance to succeed somewhere else.


I would only take Harper over Stanton and Stanton may be the next Babe Ruth--NOT being facetious---in that case I would reverse field and take Stanton. I bet Dodger Stadium is rennovated just for Mike, of course he doesn't really need a change in fence dimensions but they will need to add a lot more seats.

Stan, know you think it's coming, but this is the new and improved Lou. You will wonder--"How did that happen?"


juanv would be my choice to hang around with if an asteroid was hurtling through space with an extinction event to occur in 2 minutes. He would convince me it was just a fireworks test for the next Marlins' World Series celebration.

see ya later , Elmo

broken wrist..foot injury...2 knee operations within one year...get the picture...shoulda gotten rid of him a year ago.

Flav C.


With two patellar tendon tear surgeries (same knee) in his resume', no chance Morrison will succeed with the Marlins or anywhere else.

Lomo's Fan Club

With that great scouting report above ,surely somebody other than the cheap last place Marlins could use Lomo , with his .250 BA and his .180 BA w/RISP. Plus he hit .290 in the minors within the last few years. Sounds likes a star. Right. Lomo is great ,just ask him.


lou a marlins celebration maybe not but a loria samson crashing helium balloon maybe. not expecting a championship but a complete team would be nice if any injuries occur would you like to see cogs at second or ss. why fallow a team and not be interested in it why post. Is this the only place you get attention or do you post in the astros and pirates blogs to. I can post loria sucks marlins suck this player sucks everyday to.Yet loria will still be there. I can attack any body that post anything positive about the team. But why? this is the marlins blog page. They actualy like the team regardless who plays in it.

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