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Reliever Chad Qualls agrees to terms with Marlins

       Veteran reliever Chad Qualls has agreed to terms with the Marlins on a minor league deal with invitation to spring training, two sources have confirmed. The 34-year-old right-hander has made 597 relief appearances over the course of his 9-year career, going 40-35 with a 3.92 ERA.

        Qualls is a workhorse, making at least 70 relief appearances in six of his nine MLB seasons. Last year, Qualls appeared in 60 games with the Phillies, Yankees and Pirates in which he had a cumulative ERA of 5.33.

        Qualls has also pitched for the Astros, Diamondbacks, Rays and Padres.


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Torching the Pen...Marlins Style

add another rag-arm to the Dumpster. add gasoline. Light. Next.


Looks like the FO and scouting dept. also realize the starters aren't going to last very long. Going to be some very long games this season where 4 & 5 pitchers a game becomes the norm. Brutal

Daniel Hanna

been the rule of thumb for the marlins for years. Sign used up releivers and totally overuse them and destoy their arms.

Fire Marshall Bob

Wonder who has to pay all the overtime for the City of Miami Firemen that will have their hands full all season . putting out all Ragarm fires in the Bombed Out Bull-Pen next to the Clevelander. Will everybody down there have to wear Asbestos? Maybe Haz-Met Uni's


Chad Qualls gonna be the latest sheep sent to the slaughter. Relievers' arms go to die in the Marlins bullpen.

Kevin Gregg, bust. Matt Lindstrom, bust. Leo Nunez, aka Juan Carlos Oviedo, spectacular bust. Burke Badenhop, bust. Clay Hensley, bust. Mike Dunn, bust. Edward Mujica, bust. Bryan Sanches, bust.

Chad Qualls, bust.

Talking Heads

Marlins Bullpen Song...'Burning Down the House'

Red Buttons

"Qualls is a workhorse" that will be shot by August. They shoot workhorses , dont they?


bob, have you looked at those bust records, you might want to so you don't sound stupid.


bob Kevin Gregg 32 saves 3.50 ERA, and 29 saves 3.40 ERA, Nunez 30 saves 3.40 era, and 36 saves, Lindstrom 19 holds with 3.09 ERA, 3.14 with 14 holds as a set up man. Those aren't bust number idiot. I don't like a lot of what the FO has done, but know what you're talking about.


Good for you genius. Only took you 43 minutes to look up those stats and post them to prove you know your Marlins crapola and Bob doesnt. You're in 1st place for the Douchebag Poster of the Day. You win a cookie.

Boycott the Marlins

Boycott Opening Day, no one cares about these washed out players or any of the unproven young guys they have assembled. No more money in the Crook Loria's pocket, boycott this team and everything associated with them.


HUGE Pickup. If they can lock up Pat White, the World Series is all but guaranteed.



Flav C.

To call Hensley, Mujica, Bryan Sanches busts is a big stretch. Those 3 put the Marlins bullpen in the top 5 of the Major League in 2011.

Stan M

You beat me to it. Also liked the Hopper and he was given away. St. Louis seems to value Mujica quite a bit. Of all the recent minor league deals, I like Qualls the best. There could still be value there.

If you have taken down 2013 win guesses, put me down for 71. That's 2 better than last year. The lineup is actually better than the one we ended up with. It will all depend upon all of those young pitchers, and a better bullpen.

Atlants should be an interesting read next year. I'm a big believer in effort vs. complacency. I wouldn't want one Upton on my team, never mind two. Uggla can't kick both of their butts at once, so watch out. In my opinion, Atlanta will disappoint and the reasons are both named Upton. You can all vilify me next October for I just put my neck on the block with this prediction.

Flav C.


Looking from a sabermetric perspective, the moves that the Marlins made put them in a very bad situation. The only thing that kept them up for a while last year, was their pitching, which was anchored by the starting rotation.

The Marlins pitching WAR was 11.1 last season, against Phillis 10.8, Mets 9.4, Braves 11.7, and Nats 20.2.

The thing is that, from the 21 pitchers who pitched last year, 70% of their positive WAR was on the hands of Anibal, Buehrle, and JJ. They are all gone and being replaced in the rotation by young guys with anemic WAR.

So, considering their 40-man roster for 2013, they will start the season with a 4.6 WAR (-6.5 drop).

And what happened with the other teams?

Braves improved from 11.7 in 2012 to 14.1. Phillies improved from 10.8 to 12.8 (not including Halladay, who had a horrible WAR last season, and it is highly unlikely to do it again in 2013). The Nats has positive WAR pitching from top to bottom: starting rotation, relievers, and closer.

And then the Mets, who is the only team doing as bad as the Marlins. Their pitching WAR dropped from 9.4 to 3.4, which is the consequence of letting their Cy Young go (R.A. Dickey carried this team's pitching WAR on his back).

On the offense perspective, the Marlins lost power and speed. Boni, Reyes, Hanley, Infante had decent offensive WAR last year, and they are all gone. We lost their speed as well. The Marlins didn't bring anyone that can add some power and/or speed.

In other words, they will not match their 9-9 record against the Nats, nor their 8-10 record against the Phillies. They will play the powerful Detroit Tigers. Also, our usual punching-bag (The Astros), moved to the AL.

Bottom line, they will have to make the most of the series against Rockies, Padres, Brewers, and Pirates.


Flav....good post....the Marlins might have an ok batting line up...but pitching...none at all. The Marlins are going to be on the wrong end of a bunch of blow outs......55 wins - 107 loses


I agree with stan I got 70-75 wins this year even though the numbers don't add up good for the marlins it gives them an edge and the ball park plays good for pitchers bunch of playrs with something to prove is better than alot of complasent teams the hype is of marlins this year no pressing no cameras no fans just ball sometimes it brings out competitive nature in players so there will be some early victories like the other teams fredi and girardi managed.

Stan M

Sabermetrics cannot measure personalities or effort that will be expended by young players. I get the idea...started reading and collecting Bill James in 1984. It broke my heart to see Bono go and Buehrle. The rest of them, not so much. You mention that the team didn't bring in any power (granted) or speed? Did Pierre break a leg or something? I just like the chemistry of this team and think it will do a little better than exected. Get out of last place? Probably not. But for whatever it's worth, I think attitude is better at C; 1B; 2B; SS; LF; and CF. And improvements can be anticipated in RF and 3B. And can the bullpen be any worse? As someone said above, it's all about these young pitchers. If these new kids pitch well (granted a big if...but far from impossible, there's a lot of talent there), then this team can win 71 games.
And LB predicts that good ol' Gorkys will have a break out year. Yea, sure. Boy, LB, do I hope you see something that I don't.


Alright, I like spitballer's record prognostication but just to be different give me 57-105. It is difficult to lose 100 games but the Fish should do it quite easy this year. However I wouldn't mind Stan being correct for a win total in the 70s, it would give me hope for the team going into 2014.

Flav C.

Stan, I agree with you on the aspect that if these kids in the rotation pan out to be good, we could have a pleasant surprise.

Its just that our lineup is so weak, that there will be a lot of pressure on the rotation to allow as few runs as possible. It will certainly be a learning experience for them.

It will be interesting to see Alvarez pitching: lots and lots of groundballs. He will definitely test this defense.


The thing that seperates baseball from football, basketball and hockey is the one on one aspect. If you can't play baseball you can't be fired up to perform at a higher level. If You can't hit the ball or pitch the ball no amount of desire and/or fire will result in you doing any better. You can have guys hustle in a man to man defense in basketball and you can even play more physically in football but as has been well documented the most difficult thing to do in sport is hit a baseball and that is not accomplished by motivation to prove you are better than others think.

I;m sticking with my original pick for wins and am actually going to check out the over/under win total for the Marlins in Vegas. Anyone thinking(and believing) Marlins will win more than 70 should be hopping on a plane to Vegas--post haste,because you can really make a lot of money.

I still believe we have an "epic" season to look forward to viewing. As a result of Loria, the Marlins will sadly not be known as "Lovable Losers."

Stan M

Dear fellow posters,
In my opinion, we shouldn't consider 2013 as anything but an interlude...granted a lousy one. But from 2014 on, there is every reason to be hopeful I think we can pass both the Mets and the aging Phillies by then and from 2015 on, watch out NL East. These prospects will be coming up, Loria will either be gone or forced to open his wallet, not by Selig, but by the all powerful union. A best case scenario would be two quality free agents (he saved 30 million so that's not an unreasonable assumption) plus the coming of age of what is now a superb group of quality prospects. Yea, I'm an optomist, but there really is hope after 2013.


So..ignore the Marlins in 13'. Get MLB pkg and watch ex-Marlins. Better entertainment.Different teams. Expand your MLB world.


Stan....as long as Loria owns the team...I cannot foresee how anyone can have much optimism. Stanton doesn’t want anything to do with Loria & I doubt any good ball player going forward would want anything to do with him either. You can say…let’s trade Stanton for a boat load of prospects…..it any of the prospects pan out….they will be gone as soon as they are good.


Let us assume for discussion that Loria may be a meglomaniac----fortunately without military power---IF that was to be the case it is not out of the realm of possibility he would just as soon NEVER sell the team and continue to do things in his own manner. I don't believe they can force him to sell. We have always gone by the assumption he is engaged in this for his OWN betterment financially and does not want to lose money. What if he no longer cares about losing money--as long as he has plenty left--and his sole purpose is to do things his own way even if many of us would view his machinations as pathological. It is worth considering.


If Loria and the FO start allowing no trade clauses in future players contracts then we will know. Again the best predictor of the future is the past, so don't get your hopes up with Jeffrey Loria.


It is worth ignoring. There's alot of better things in Life to spend your entertainment dollar and pleasure on. Life is too short to spend either on this endeavor , anymore. Good-Bye


Flagstaff....I'm not even sure if Stanton would sign a long term deal with the Marlins....even if it had a limited no trade clause in it....like the Marlins can only trade Stanton to a west coast team...Dodgers, Angels, Padres.

Flav C.


It the offer is good, I think he would take it. At least, his agent would look very carefully at it.

Stanton is sort of injury prone. Knee surgery. Not a good injury background for an outfielder.

Teams would definitely take that into consideration before offering him a long-term contract.

He is very appealing to other teams now because, if traded, he would remain under their control for 4 more years. But considering his injury history, I'm sure there would be a lot of skepticism around the league comes the time of offering him a long-term contract.


Stanton is an American League type DH player. Bye-Bye


All my comments don't even relate to Stanton. He grew up as a Dodgers fan, the Dodgers are now the richest team in baseball, Stanton loves LA and he can't stand Loria. The ONLY sure thing about this whole situation is Stanton will be gone as soon as he can leave or he will be traded before he reaches free agency. He will not end his career as a Miami Marlin and IF he stays around 15 years, there may not even be a Miami Marlins.


hopefully loria will be soon gone from the marlins. then the marlins and the tampa rays can share an enclosed stadium in orlando, near disney. plenty of local population and tourists. people visiting disney from all over the country would be very likely to also include baseball game.

Flav C.

Ok, I will keep track of everybody's picks:

spitballer 55 wins, juanv 70-75, Stan M 71, Flav C 65, LB 69, Lou 45, rbleigh 57.

This is what i got so far. Anyone would like to get their picks for the playoffs? NL? I will get Nats, Reds, Dodgers, and Giants with the WC, even though I think it will be a good battle among Giants, Braves, Phillies, and the surprising Padres.


Dear Flav, That 45 does sound low and I'm sticking with it. Will be in Vegas for a month and will give you the over/under for Marlins wins. I would guess they will go with 63-64. It's just so hard for an MLB team to lose a 100 but for my monetary sake hopefully they will neglect to realize this is not really a Major League Baseball team. Go position by position with every team in the NL East and you will realize the Marlins are better in one position than the other 4 teams. If you also go rotation by rotation, bullpen by bullpen and bench by bench it becomes even more stark. Would any of you bet 5,000 that the Marlins would win the International or Pacific Coast League Titles? I always put my money where my big mouth is WHEN I believe in something this strongly. I can't even recall the last time I believed in something this strongly.Obviously the over/under number will not be less than 55 so I should be in good shape.

I hate to say it, but I really like the Braves to beat out my adopted Nats, also like the Cards and Dodgers as division winners with Nats and Giants as the Wild Cards. In AL, I like Detroit,Texas and Toronto!!!! as division winners with the Angels and Orioles as WC's. No Yankees or Red Sox. What will ESPN do???

Stan M

The Braves will probably still finish 2nd but will be disappointing. One Upton is bad enough. but two. Nah. The Nats will easily prevail. Regarding the Marlins, their lineup, while not by any means great, is still offensively stronger than what finished last year. Also the team is improved at most positions defensively and that will help this young staff; and the bullpen can't be any worse. That's why I personally picked them to win 2 more games than last year. Also the Phillies aen't what they were and are getting really old and the Mets are rebuilding and in worse shape than the Marlins. Yes, we'll finish last again, but it will be more fum to watch this group than those AAAA players at the end of last year. Last year finished on a note of dispair, this team can furnish hope of 2014 and beyond. Last year the team finished last with a poor farm system. Now we can finish last with one of the best farm systems. In my opinion, that's a plus.


Whoopee. the Marlins stink,but their Farm system is rated good ,just like a few years ago. More Volstads,Gabys,Coghlans and Lomo's to look forward to. Keep up your wishful dreaming. Check back in 5 yrs.

Richard Espe

Why do you guys keep messing with each other? Pay attention to the real problem. Why not start making very loud noises about our inept, incompetent and selfish owner. Tell Jeffery to stick to selling art and get out of the baseball business.

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