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Report: Cincinnati -- not Miami -- chosen for 2015 All-Star Game

      According to a published newspaper report, the 2015 All-Star game will be awarded to Cincinnati and Great American Ballpark, as the Marlins and their new ballpark will have to wait for another odd-numbered year to serve as host.

      Marlins president David Samson said last year that the team would apply to have the 2015 All-Star Game played at Marlins Park. "We're fully prepared and excited to host it" Samson told MLB.com in March of last year, just before the Marlins opened their new ballpark.

      But the Marlins might have fallen out of favor with the Commissioner's office and lost all leverage to secure the All-Star Game when they blew up the roster and slashed payroll after the season, enraging the local fan base in the process.

      Citi Field in New York is set to host this year's All-Star Game, with Target Field in Minneapolis on tap for 2014. The ASG alternates between N.L. and A.L. ballparks.

      Cincinnati last hosted the All-Star Game in 1988 at Riverfront Stadium. The Marlins, who have been around since 1993, have never hosted one. MLB had selected the Marlins to host the 2000 All-Star Game at Sun Life Stadum but took it away from them in 1998 due to uncertainty over the future of the franchise after the '97 World Series team was dismantled.


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Flav C.

That definitely is a light punishment, but maybe it will be a blow to Loria's pride.


This franchise always finds a way to mess it up. If it's not Wayne Huizenga, it's Jeffrey Loria. Twice, TWICE the Marlins have been considered for the All-Star Game. BOTH times, the Marlins have been turned down because some idiot in the front office has a happy trigger finger, and the owner has buyers remorse.

Stupid, stupid Marlins.


I'm surprised my Nats didnt have a better chance of hosting the game in 2015..one of these years it will happen :)


samson would be excited to have a bowel movement. it would do him/her alot of good

Mr. B

Loria doesn't care about pride. It's all about $$$$ with him. As long as his pockets are lined, bleep an all star game is his mantra.


Let's face it there is nothing exciting about this team any longer. We all know that some of these rookies will mature and may even show greatness but quite simply the best predictor of future events are found in the past, and we know how Loria operates. When will Giancarlo go is the next talking point for this team.

Boycott the Marlins

An Opening Day Boycott is necessary so the entire baseball world can see how a greedy inept owner destroyed baseball in a community that has a rich history with the game. Loria ruined professional baseball in South Florida.

Reds Fan

Cincinnati has the best case for an all star game. The team has become a consistent playoff contender and the core of the team is signed through at least 2016. Sure Washington hasn't had one since the sixties but the Reds stadium was built in 2003 vs 2006 for the Nats, you have to wait in line like the rest. Plus Cincy is probably has one of the richest baseball histories and cultures out there (Definitely bigger than Wash and Mia), with NY as number one. This was a good choice


Let'show the MLB world that Miami Fans care about baseball, Boycott Openning Day. That will get their attention!!!!


Sorry, but I have a question — if we boycott opening day, how will the world know whether it's a boycott or whether, simply, no one bothered to show up?


Whether people think it's because no one bothered to show up or a boycott I think they both deliver the same point


You have to picket the outside of the stadium in order to show a true boycott. Little Havana residents should offer their parking spots for free in order to support the protest.


The truth is not showing up for the game would just make fans look bad... I think we should buy all the tickets. Make it a sell out... Then go to the game, once we're up to bat in the 1st inning, we stand up and turn our backs to the field. Once the inning ends, we leave...


Brad, you are correct. That was just my feeble attempt at drollery.

Stan M

If no AS game hurts Loria, then it's good for baseball.

What would happen if someone in front of the ballpark on Opening Day gave out free signs that said, "Loria Must Go". If not allowed to take the signs with them to their seats, the fans don't enter the park for the first 2 innings or something like that. That way the message is sent...in spades...and the fans aren't punished too severely and still see most of the game. Whichever event happens, it would make national headlines as long as the press was alerted and present. I like that better than a simple boycott.

David K

The point being missed is that Loria has now managed to screw the city over twice: once when he hoodwinked the city leaders to finance his stadium, and now again by denying the city the benefit of an all-star week by gutting his team. Meanwhile, he's laughing all the way to the bank.


barry jackson wrote that thye players union was pushing loria to spend or they where going to file a grievance with the comish. I bet you they'll have a good laugh at that selig covers for loria unlike the mccourt's in L.A. see how that turned around quick for the dodgers. majorleague needs a mark cuban or an owner comited to win by bringing in baseball people to make desicions if loria is so demanding he can join my fantasy baseball league instead and stay away from baseball desicions.


Laurel, "Drollery"???

I'm contemplating how hard core you would need to be to attend Opening Day----I'm thinking John Holmes. Won't add the gentleman's nickname.


Holy Drollery, Batman! Surely you've heard of the Holy Drollers?


Good, I hope Loria is forced to sell to someone who cares about the fans and not his pockets....scumbag

David Rose

Absurd, the Marlins have been in existence in and have two world series. Regardless of having two of the worst owners on the planet, the All-star game is for the fans, MLB should not punish South Florida fans and ignore them just because Wayne and Lorie have


This regime does not care... really look at all they have done. yes they caught lightening in a bottle in 2003, those things happen once every dozen of years. Hard ot become a fan of the Marlins, one tries but like a bad spanish novela, the good guy gets egg in his face.

SF Fan

Wait a minute...Miami still has a baseball team?

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