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February 14, 2013

Catching up with Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle in their Blue Jays uniforms

DUNEDIN -- Got a chance to talk to both Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle on Thursday as they get ready for the 2013 season with the Blue Jays. 

They discussed the trade from the Marlins and said they aren't sure how to say 'Lo Viste' in French.

Here's a video segment I produced with both of them. 

Luis Castillo, Mike Lowell to make Jupiter returns this spring

    JUPITER -- The last time anyone saw Luis Castillo and Mike Lowell in these parts was 2005 when they participated in their final spring training with the Marlins. Both were traded after the '05 season: Lowell to Boston and Castillo to Minnesota.

    New manager Mike Redmond plans on bringing both back for a couple of days this spring to act as goodwill ambassadors and sounding boards to the current group of players.

     "Those two guys meant so much to our team, this franchise," Redmond said of the two Gold Glove infielders. "I want to bring these guys back and have them out on the field, even if it's just for a couple of days, just to be around, maybe tell a couple of stories."

      Redmond has remained friends with Lowell throughout the years and was Castillo's teammate on the Twins after their playing days with the Marlins ended.

      "It's important to bring back good guys, that that I played with and were great players with the Marlins," Redmond said.


      Thursday's workouts were forced indoors due to rain. The Marlins have scheduled their first full-squad workout Friday at 1 p.m. once all players have completed their physicals.


Giancarlo Stanton, Ricky Nolasco are nobodies in Europe

         JUPITER -- They may be the two most identifiable players remaining on the Marlins. But Giancarlo Stanton and Ricky Nolasco are nobodies in Europe, where they claim not one soul recognized them during their trip there in October.

          "Nobody," Nolasco said.

          "Nope," said Stanton.

          Which was perfectly fine with them. Nolasco and Stanton toured Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, London and Barcelona just after the season ended. They joined up with Ozzie Guillen in Madrid shortly before he received a pink slip immediately upon his return.

           The two Marlins marveled at the mania surrounding soccer while attending a Barcelona-Real Madrid game in Barcelona.

            "I've never seen a crowd so into it," Nolasco said. "That country is so dedicated to a sport. It's unbelievable. Football doesn't compare to that as far as superstars and stuff."

            Said Stanton: "Something like I've never seen before. You always hear about that stuff. but it was cool to be able to experience it live. Watching it on TV, it doesn't give the justice of how crazy it is in the stadium."

            Stanton and Nolasco said soccer stars such as Messi and Ronaldo are idolized like no athletes they've ever seen.

            "I don't think any baseball players are to their status," Nolasco said.


            Manny Navarro is up in Dunedin this morning and took this photo. Recognize any faces?