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Catching up with Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle in their Blue Jays uniforms

DUNEDIN -- Got a chance to talk to both Josh Johnson and Mark Buehrle on Thursday as they get ready for the 2013 season with the Blue Jays. 

They discussed the trade from the Marlins and said they aren't sure how to say 'Lo Viste' in French.

Here's a video segment I produced with both of them. 


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Manny, surprised it took you this long to make it to Dunedin. That is where I would be. It would be hilarious if the Herald, Sun-Sentinel and Post-Times sent all their writers to cover the Jays.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Pathetic, pathetic, pathetic. And Jeffrey Lurid is just too stupid and egotistical to comprehend what he has done, destroying this team's future.

I'll say it again ... NO player with the talent and ability to make a difference will ever want to play here, and no player with talent and ability will ever want to stay here. Not as long as this lying thief owns the team.

The only way MAAArlins fans can make a difference in this team's fortunes is by NOT buying into their publicly-stated strategy ... do not "turn the page and move on," as Beinfest is suggesting. Instead, do NOT put more money in this thief's pockets. Do NOT buy tickets or attend MAAArlins games, do not buy their merchandise. Money is the only language he (and MLB) understands.

This is the ONLY way that change can come about. Listen to JJ and Buerhle talking, hear the relief in their voices that they're gone from here. But we're still stuck with these racketeering criminals.

WE can make the difference!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


DT, Do you suggest that we improve our knowledge of RICO laws? I really have no idea IF any laws were broken. If they were, wouldn't there have been a hearty investigation by the Justice Department by now? I would really like a story done on the culpability of all parties.This transaction involved a lot of money and IF laws were broken there should be repurcussions.

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