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Chone Figgins hops aboard the crowded Marlins train

       You can now add Chone Figgins to the bulging Marlins' roster list for spring training. Figgins, 35, signed a minor league deal with the proverbial invite to spring training. It's been a few years since Figgins was a contributor, so we'll see where this ends up.

        Figgins had his best years with the Angels. But things haven't gone so well the past couple of seasons in Seattle, where he is regarded as one of the biggest busts in Mariners history. Figgins hit .188 for them in 2011 and .181 last season before the Mariners said enough is enough and gave him the ol' heave-ho despite being on the hook to him for $8 million in 2013.

        Meanwhile, the Marlins have outrighted outfielder Bryan Petersen to Triple A New Orleans and given him an invitation to ST. That puts the number of players expected in camp at the whopping total of 74, a franchise record.


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Boycott Opening Day

Boycott opening day, Loria needs to sell this franchise to an owner committed to baseball in south florida, until then, boycott the marlins.

Action Jackson

StepNFetchIt wasnt available???


Hope is not a strategy!!!!!! Miami front office.

lil giant

loria well not sell the team he will get millons dollars as he possibily can until 2014 when he can sell and not share with dade county a penny a true lone shark nothing less


Hope is a diamond. Theft is a strategy. If anyone is fully aware of that, it's Mr. Loria.

lil giant

sean we have nothing but washed up players and about 67 aaa players profit profit profit thats what loria is all about until after tha 2014 season our gm ant billy bean for the records



Fish Stench

Petersen cleared waivers...nobody wants the Marlins stiffs ,either


Stanton is not attnding the "winter warm-up".

Flav C.

Did anybody hear that the kids from Archbishop and Gulliver High School also received minor league contracts and invitation for Spring Training?

Maybe I misunderstood it.


between downs,tug hulet,and nck green the marlins options figgins is atleast a super utility that can play all inf/outfield spots and bats switch handed so if he makes it or not atleast it adds a posibility to the roster.as a bat of the bench or a defensive replacement and allows the marlins to carry an extra outfielder a bench like dobbs,figgins,mathis,hernandez with 13 pitchers


yeah right juanv...keep smokin dem chones

Home Depot Labor Pool

Marlins go Dumpster Diving again outside of a Home Depot and come up with somebody else's used underwear in one Chone Figgins. PeffinU...should fit right in with the other garbage they dove for over the winter.


The Marlins' selection of players is indicative of Timothy Leary having been reincarnated and having an interest in Fantasy Baseball while continuing to have the same recreational pursuits. I thought that Figgins had retired 3 years ago. As far as, Petey Pipes, or whatever his nom de plume, I would suggest if the Marlins put you on waivers, you might just as well wave good bye to any MLB aspirations. There still appears to be one player who is conspicuous by his absence. Any word yet on Morrison seeking another opinion prior to planning next procedure?


Lomo is tweeting the opinion of Dr. Ruth regarding his Petey Pipes replacement.


Do not be surprised if Dr Ruth and Dr Phil end up being invited to spring training.


Another scrub jumps on the garbage train! What a joke of a franchise!! Glad I didn't renew brother!! So to compete with the other scrubs the Marlins have signed, they sign a 35 year old slap hitter who is done! He's hit .188 (yes, .188!) over the last two seasons (147 games or 454 ABs), no power at all, has stuck out more than twice as much that he's walked (walks are important for speedy guys with no power!), and has been picked off over 32% of the time he attempts to steal. Nice!! So when are they brining back Chuck Carr??????


On another note, of the 74 invited to Spring Training, there may be 7 maybe 8 legitimate major leaguers (look it up!)! It may be less than that!!! LMAO!! Honestly, this franchise is pathetic and I don't understand how MLB doesn't step in to force this ownership either to spend money or to sell the franchise!!! Especially given the fact that they swindled the local politicians, community and fans into building a new stadium to house their Double A version of a "major league team"!


with almost no fans in attendence, Ms Hanley won't get booood too loudly if and when the Dodgers visit.


Chuckie Carr may really be an option!!! It will be semi-hilarious if they invite someone to Spring Training who is residing at Memorial Haven Cemetery.

I am beyond shocked that Stanton does not really have his agent and himself making disparaging(THe Truth) remarks about Loria to get out of there. Loria could not send him to the minors because at that point MLB and the Players Association would intervene and stop it. If I'm representing Stanton, I'm telling him to try to be as talkative as posssible for next 2 months.


Lou, I couldn't agree more!!!


it is sad that guys like Cishek, Morrison, Stanton, and Solano, have no choice but to stay with the marlins for now. it is also sad that guys like Figgins and the other retreads have no offers from other teams, that they come to the Marlins. It is possible that they have homes in Miami so accepting a contract from the marlins is not such a big decision. It might also be the reason guys like Andre Dawson, Jeff Conine, and Tony Perez stay with the marlins.


Dear Analyst, Maybe Stephen Hawking has enough help in his physics department and does not require Dawson, Conine and Perez' help. That these 3 guys actually stay associated with the Marlins is beyond belief. It might mean that they have made some REALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLY bad investments and MUST stay in this organization OR they really like an excuse to waste 7 hours a day. I can't think of 3 other players with a long time association with any other MLB team that would have stayed on with that team IF that team had pulled the same crap as Loria this past Winter. Can you guys think of any??

the Truth

They,like Loria,are just as happy to take the MLB welfare money for doing nothing. Whores of a feather , flock together.


Dear the Truth, I just can't believe they need the money badly enough to associate with this operation. If I can get this add off the ground, I was actually thinking about injecting the idea "of FREEING Perez, Dawson and Conine from Loria's clutches." If this is about money, maybe Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties could organize a benefit to help Tony, Andre and Jeff get away from this guy. I'm actually involving my friend who works for an ad agency in Boston to come up with some good copy. I really want this to sting. I will post the finished product here--unless it gets BANNED----if you don't see it by Tuesday that means I was ZAPPED.

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