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Foul tip breaks catcher Jeff Mathis' collarbone

    JUPITER -- The Marlins won their first Grapefruit League game on Saturday but suffered a signifcant loss in the process when a foul tip broke the right collarbone of catcher Jeff Mathis.

     Mathis was not only expected to serve as the principle backup for Rob Brantly, but is the only catcher in camp with any major league experience.

     "Obviously a big blow for us," said Marlins manager Mike Redmond. "Just a freak deal. We don't have a ton of depth behind the plate. We're pretty young back there."

     Redmond said Mathis could be out for six weeks.

     Mathis was injured in the fourth inning when the Cardinals' Matt Holliday fouled a ball off the catcher's padded chest protector. Mathis said he could tell he was seriously hurt when he tried to throw the ball back to the mound.

     "It just got me square," Mathis said. "It hit me in the pad. It's just one of those things, catches you just right. Been hit there a lot of times. It felt like any other foul tip I've taken off the mask, off the shoulder, off the hand. But when I went to throw, I knew something was wrong."

     Mathis said the only good news is that the the fracture is not displaced.

     Mathis left the game immediately and was replaced by Kyle Skipworth.


     Given the lack of catching experience in the organization, the Marlins will almost certainly look around the league for backup help. 




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There is nothing really to say. Have followed baseball since 56--guessing they have better equipment now---and have NEVER heard of this happening.

Poo Poo Platter

Get used to it. This team always has numerous injuries. Look at how many we already have one week into camp. It has to be karma thanks to thay slimeball loria.


Wretched Karma will be the theme for the Miami Marlins as Loria is deserving of the curse of Satan. The worst is yet to come.


They are made of glass. Like Lou have never seen anything like this.


oh well. it's only sports


Mike Redmond was a pretty good catcher, and has time to get into playing shape. There hasn't been a player-manager in the big leagues in a long time. Here's a great spot to try that again.


Boston Red Sox catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia said he wanted to play Tuesday night against the Baltimore Orioles but his collarbone is still stiff, weak and sore, so manager Terry Francona decided to go with rookie Ryan Lavarnway behind the plate with lefty Erik Bedard on the mound. Saltaltamachia is recovering from a broken collarbone cause last month by a foul tip. From 2011.

Boycott Loria and His Stinkin Fish

Nice full page add taken out in the Herald and Sun-Sentinel by the new advertising agency,the Jeffrey Group,hired by Jeffrey Loria to clean up his image. File the letter under fiction ,in the Fairy Tale section. Too late Loria,the damage is done and beyond repair.See ya.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Do not attend MAAArlins games. Do not buy their merchandise. Do not put any more money in this lying thief's pocket. Money is the only language this thief and MLB understand.

No player with talent will ever want to come and play here for this scam artist. No player with talent will ever want to stay here, either.

Nothing will change until the fans of Miami send a message. They expect us to "get over it and move on... turn the page." LET'S NOT!!!!!!!

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Quotes by Jeffrey Lurid, courtesy of Hyde5 @ Sun Sentinel... "The controversial trade we made with the Toronto Blue Jays was approved by baseball experts outside of Miami for its value. We hope, with an open mind, our community can reflect on the fact that we had one of the worst records in baseball. Acquiring high-profile players just didn't work out and nearly everyone on our team under performed ... Objective experts have credited us with going form the 28th ranked minor League system in baseball to the 5th best during this period." Well, guess what? None of those experts are considering the lies that he told to the Miami community, to the players, and the fans. None of those experts are considering how this thief has already profited by lying to us. And none of those experts is FROM the Miami community. If they were, and had to help foot the bill to line this liar's pockets, they'd definitely sing a different tune. Their record last year reflects nothing other than THEIR ABILITY TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT PLAYERS. Yet, they're all still here. And this scum-of-the-earth is STILL taking credit for '03, a team that was largely put together before he even got here. More lies!!!


Loria expected that all that new talent would start to "gel" immediately....he xpected them to play like thet had been playing together for years....I guess he forgot that it takes more than half a season to figure things out. I feel sorry for reyes. he came in with the best intention of making things workk.....im very happy ramirez got traded....it was long overdue. I did not like losing Bonifacio or Johnson....

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