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Giancarlo Stanton, Ricky Nolasco are nobodies in Europe

         JUPITER -- They may be the two most identifiable players remaining on the Marlins. But Giancarlo Stanton and Ricky Nolasco are nobodies in Europe, where they claim not one soul recognized them during their trip there in October.

          "Nobody," Nolasco said.

          "Nope," said Stanton.

          Which was perfectly fine with them. Nolasco and Stanton toured Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, London and Barcelona just after the season ended. They joined up with Ozzie Guillen in Madrid shortly before he received a pink slip immediately upon his return.

           The two Marlins marveled at the mania surrounding soccer while attending a Barcelona-Real Madrid game in Barcelona.

            "I've never seen a crowd so into it," Nolasco said. "That country is so dedicated to a sport. It's unbelievable. Football doesn't compare to that as far as superstars and stuff."

            Said Stanton: "Something like I've never seen before. You always hear about that stuff. but it was cool to be able to experience it live. Watching it on TV, it doesn't give the justice of how crazy it is in the stadium."

            Stanton and Nolasco said soccer stars such as Messi and Ronaldo are idolized like no athletes they've ever seen.

            "I don't think any baseball players are to their status," Nolasco said.


            Manny Navarro is up in Dunedin this morning and took this photo. Recognize any faces?



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Flav C.

Clark, just a quick correction: It is "Ronaldo", not "Renaldo".

And Nolasco is right; You can get the most recognizable and biggest baseball star right now, it will not be at the status of a soccer star (or football everywhere else).


The only star that is close to on the level of superstardom of a Ronaldo or Messi is Pat White.


Clark..good job in the video with Manny...looking forward to seeing more during the season.

Flav C.

georgeB, thanks for your words regarding my back-and-forth with the MLB writer. Hope to see you in the ballpark this season!


Flav...its de-ja-vu all over again...20 yrs following the Marlins,you kinda get use to it. It does have its advantages though, which I'm sure you know of. Enjoy your posts here and elsewhere, keep up the good work.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

That is exactly what these thieves are counting on, that "you get used to it." Go ahead and keep lining their pockets by following their advice to "turn the page and move on," the new company line being espoused for ST. In the meantime, the value of the franchise has shot up, and every penny of this increase goes straight from the taxpayers' pockets and into his. Good job playing into his scam.


Ricky Nolasco, Here is a News Flash for you--You did not need to walk around Europe to enjoy "Nobody Status", you could have also walked around New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, DC, Chicago, St Louis, Houston, Boston, Detroit, Cleveland--Well, you get the gist. Now maybe somebody in LA recognizes you, so don't feel bad.

Flav C.


"Nobody Status" or not, he is making $ 11 million this year.

Not bad for a nobody.


@Dionysus...have seen over 500 Marlins games in person over the past 10 yrs and havent paid Loria a dime. You figure it out,although I know you wont be able to.


Flav, You consider A-Rod a somebody? He's making 26,000,000.00 a year. I didn't think we were talking about whether he is a SOMEBODY in the eyes of his immediate family, in-laws, friends, agent, future generations of those aforementioned and a few hangers on or so. I also don't think people would have recognized Pablo Escobar outside of Colombia--IF we are defining people by how much money they make, which I didn't think we were doing or over 200,000,000 Americans would not be given credit they deserve. I was addressing the "surprise" Nolasco displayed in thinking somebody outside of North America would recognize him. Let's try being recognized at a Marlins'Fan Fest with street clothes on and then Ricky can move on from there.


Lou...I agree with your point that money doesn't make you somebody, but I'm sure Ricky Nolasco didn't come along and say guess what, I went to Europe and nobody recognized me. Based on their quotes, it is obvious that a reporter asked if anybody knew them there and they said nobody. I don't mind bashing R.N. and have done it many times, but be fair. I also think Flav was mearly saying that $11 million would make being a nobody easier to take. Be fair.


I reread the comment and I was in error.

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