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Jeffrey Loria's "Letter to our Fans"

       VIERA -- Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria took out a full-page ad in all three major South Florida daily newspapers on Sunday in which he explained not only the team's decision-making, but appealed to fans to stay the course with the franchise. Loria also plans to speak with the media on Monday.

        Here, word for word, is what Loria wrote. Let's hear it. After reading Loria's letter, tell us what you think:


        It's no secret that last season was not our best -- actually it was one of our worst. In large part, our performance on the field stunk and something needed to be done. As a result of some bold moves, many grabbed hold of our tough yet necessary decision only to unleash a vicious cycle of negativity. As the owner of the ballclub, the buck stops with me and I take my share of the blame where it's due. However, many of the things being said about us are simply not true. I've sat by quietly and allowed this to continue. Now it's time for me to respond to our most important constituents, the fans who love the game of baseball.

        THE ROSTER

        Losing is unacceptable to me. It's incumbant upon us to take swift action and make bold moves when there are glaring problems. The controversial trade we made with the Toronto Blue Jays was approved by Commissioner Bud Selig and has been almost universally celebrated by baseball experts outside of Miami for its value. We hope, with an open mind, our community can reflect on the fact that we had one of the worst records in baseball. Acquiring high-profile players just didn't work, and nearly everyone on our team underperformed as compared to their career numbers. Our plan for the year ahead is to leverage our young talent and create a homegrown roster of long-term players who can win. In fact, objective experts have credited us with going from the 28th ranked Minor League system in baseball to the 5th best during this period. Of the Top 100 Minor Leaguers rated by MLB Network, we have six -- tied for the most of any team in the league. We'll evaluate this roster and possibly bring in additional talent based on our assessment of what we need. The very same naysayers who are currently skeptical once attacked us for bringing Pudge Rodriguez to the Marlins in 2003. More than any other, that move contributed to our World Series Championship.


      The ballpark issue has been repeatedly reported incorrectly and there are some very negative accustations being thrown around. It ain't true, folks. Those who have attacked us are entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts. The majority of public funding came from hotel taxes, the burden of which is incurred by tourists who are visiting our city, NOT the resident taxpayers. The Marlins organization also agreed to contribute $161.2 million toward the ballpark, plus the cost of the garage complex. In addition, the Marlins receive no operating subsidy from local government funding. The ballpark required that all debt service is paid by existing revenue. Furthermore, many are attacking the County's method of financing for its contribution, but the Marlins had nothing at all to do with that. The fact is, with your help, we built Marlins Park, a crown jewel in our beautiful Miami skyline, which has won over twenty design and architecture awards and will help make us a premiere ballclub moving forward.


      The simple fact is that we don't have unlimited funds, nor does any baseball team or business. Fans didn't turn out last season as much as we'd like, even with the high-profile players the columnists decry us having traded. The main ingredient to a successful ball club is putting together a winning team, including a ncecessary core of young talent. Are we fiscally capable and responsible enough to fill the roster with talented players, invest in the daily demands of running a world-class organization and bring a World Series back to Miami? Absolutely! Is it sound business sense to witness an expensive roster with a terrible record and sit idly by doing nothing? No. I can and will invest in building a winner, but last season wasn't sustainable and we needed to start from scratch quickly to build this team from the ground up.


      An organization is only as good as its connection with the community. We know we can do a better job communicating with our fans. That starts now. From this point forward we can ensure fans and the entire community that we will keep you abreast of our plan, rationale and motivations.

       Amidst the current news coverage, it an be easy to forget how far we went together not so long ago. In 2003, I helped bring a second World Series Title to South Florida. We know how to build a winning team, and have every intention of doing so again. I know you share my passion for great Marlins baseball, my love of MIami and my desire to win again. We're in this together and I humbly ask that we start fresh, watch us mature qjuickly as a ball club, and root for the home team in 2013.


      Jeffrey Loria


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Joseph Hodge

I'm not a Marlins fan but I'm truly a baseball fan. However after reading this "open letter", several things needs to be said to the author. For one, you DO NOT break up a team after 100 games. You never gave the team a chance to work with each other as a unit. Most teams take two to three years to jel and get better. It would be insulting as fans to expect instant gradification, so it would be idiotic for you (Mr Loria) to expect the same. You and your organization mention the reason why you gave up on Hanley was because of "eroding skills", but you gave up on your free agents less within a 100 days? This makes no sense. Second, you may want to refrain yourself from mentioning the past (2003). From your organizations actions, your championship seems a long time ago. Lastly, you've had at least seven managers since you've bought the team, correct? But you have the same inept "talent evaulators/baseball people", correct? Do you think that the fans do trust these individuals in making sound baseball decisions? Here is something my parents taught me long ago. Actions speak louder than words. You can run your baseball team as a business but you and your organization has no freakin clue how to run a first class BASEBALL organization. Where you you all this time? it would have been nice to take the punishment when you traded the majority of your team, instead of cowardly coming from the shadows, wantint to be heard finally. Just do all of us a favor and sell the team.


I agree with all the previous comments. Of course, this letter was probably written by the Marlins new PR firm, the Jeffrey Group. Loria recently replaced his PR firm because everyone knows the Marlins REAL problem was their PR firm.

ramon fraga

sell the team so people will go back to the stadium if not you are going to see that place empty not because the players but because of you

Loria Hater


This guy has no idea what he is in for. Maybe we should do an insurance job on the stadium to get our money back. This iiiis Miami after all right?

Jim bob



You're a disgrace to this team and city Mr. Loria. I was a season ticket holder, but after this salary dump no way I'm not getting bit by the same dog twice. Do the city and people of Miami a favor and sell the team, you self fish piece of of s**t!!!!!!!


by an season ticket holder.....
i will never, ever give one of my hard earned dollars to these two thugs in suits. what they did to our team and our city is unforgiveable. i, and my other 6 family members who were season ticket holders wont set foot in marlins park ever again so long as these two a**holes own the team....and its a shame too because my 11 year old daughter is a big marlins fan. the heat and dolphins will have my business again this year. I hope no one goes to the park this year!!!!! boycott these bastards!!!!


I am not a Marlins hater or fan. I was raised as a Cardinal fan and now that I live in Wisconsin, I tend to follow the Brewers. I was really excited for the Fighting Fish last year when it looked like they WERE trying to rekindle the '03 magic. The stadium looks great on t.v. too.

All that being said, for the gigantic knife he stuck in the back of Miami, Dade County, and the rest of the Marlins fan base, I think he is getting what he deserved. Is it any wonder that this letter HAPPENS to coincide with when many teams single game tickets went on sale? Just how bad are season ticket sales? How slow was day 1 of single game sales?

I, for one, will not go to a Marlins game at home or on the road this year just because I don't want Loria to see one dime of revenue. I feel bad for the players because it isn't like they are dogging it, but at what point do you quit throwing good money after bad? Bud Selig made McCourt sell the Dodgers, but because Loria helped him out with the Expos situation, he feels like he owes him. The only person who should have been gone after last season was Loria.....period.

Dedito del Medio

Tourist tax monies are "tax monies" that could've been used in other community needs...

You are entitled to your opinion, Mr. Loria... but not to your twisted facts!


loria could very well be arrested, it's one of the possibilities he faces in the future, though he doesn't seem to know it


This man has must honestly think we, the fans, are the dumbest people on the planet. Nothing he has done since he bought the team in 2002 has been about anything else but the bottom line. We won the World Series in 2003 with players Dave Dombrowski acquired after the '97 fire sale, not because of any signings Loria or his goons made. And the exact team he wants to build now, a "homegrown roster of long-term players who can win" is what he had in 2003 with Lowell, Lee, Cabrera, Beckett, Penny, Castillo, Gonzalez, Wilson and Burnett and he got rid of them all. Save your lies Loria. As long as you own this team I'll never spend another cent on anything that has to do with Marlins baseball.

Montreal, Miami....he's quite something

I feel for you folks. He is pure scum. I watched that prick demolish the Montreal Expos.

Wake up MLB owners and get rid of this guy.

I wouldn't buy half a ticket from him let alone a whole one.

ssae 16

Oh yeah, Where is Pudge now? Oh yeah, not with the Marlins like every other good player we have tossed.


Sorry Loria. You had your chance. You have a track record that does not do you any good. If I had to hire someone to run and own my fantasy baseball team, It will not be you. You have "market corrected" and "fire sold" all the good will you mustered during 2003...aside from that, you only got the stadium because you threatened to move the team. You've taken advantge of our love of baseball....I wish henry still owned the marlins.....the red sox have been competing for the last 10 years....we've been living off past success for the same amount of time...


As a great Jim mad dog mandig would have said. I put it up to my nosey and it don't smell so rosy. I believe between MLB licensing and revenue sharing, you will pocket over 100 million dollars. That's how much you make if not 1 fan shows up this year. Congrat. If you want to learn how to run a franchise look no further then the Miami Heat. the Florida Marlins are dead to me as long as you on them.


LOL....that was some funny sh_t!

Don't you have some bad artwork to peddle somewhere? Or are you gonna just keep ruining this baseball team? What.....Both
Ok job done!

Marlin Fan

Unfortunately the local media ( mostly Loria cronies ) don't take this opportunity to blast him and the organization . It's also a shame there is a corrupt commissioner ( it's be well documented his connection with Loria in Montreal. Also his daughter owning a team and magically switching leagues ) . I can't expand a pond anything already said here .

Stan M

WOW!!! Great new PR firm, Mr. Loria. Their spelling alone indicates that they are a top notch organization and will be a huge help. Of course the fan reaction, as demonstratd here, might be a little different than what was expected.

Stan M

The Astros demolished last year's team to little criticism. The Red Sox gave away even more talent than the Marlins, and at least in my opinion, got less in return. Yet they were, if anything, praised for their dumping and restructuring. Arizona also removed players whom they felt were not "winners". But when the Marlins do this all hell breaks loose. Why? Because of one man who has singlehandedly ruined baseball for hundreds of thousands of baseball fans and not just in Florida. Yet he not only survives, he thrives in what matters to him most, and we all know what that is.

I actually thought the trade to be a good one in and of itself. We restocked a horrendous farm system, improved team defense at nearly each position, AND FREED UP NEARLY 30 MILLION DOLLARS FOR FUTURE USE. And that's where the rub is found. Had the team taken this new found cash and made either one gigantic signing, or two lesser ones to fill the team's existing gaps, the move would make sense. But that didn't happen and Loria can write a book about it for all I care. He has lost all credibility.

The signs were there even before last year began if we looked more closely. It was virtually written in stone that the team would sign that Cuban refugee, yet it didn't happen. Opening day gave new meaning to the word gauche with the inappropriate showgirls and a half dead Mohammad Ali paraded around to everyone's mortification.. Then we soon had Ozzie completely ruin anything positive that he might have brought to the team.

What is now required is a fan sponsored response (full page ad?)to our esteemed owner. In Montreal, he ultimately needed bodyguards. Anyone want to bet that he won't dare to sit down by the dugout this year.


Dear Mr. Loria,

What a shame it is that your players worked so hard to be a major leaguer and be saddled with you as an owner. To have to rightfully so play to empty stands day after day. No fault of their own. I hope Stanton reaches the magic salary soon enough so he can play for a true owner, not he sham you are. Nothing personal, but you had Henry's team win a world series.

Happy for the Washington Nationals, the only good outcome of the MLB dealings with you. Sure MLB approved the trade. Why not bring more excitement to Baseball in Canada. Make AL East more competitive. You guys have it tough poor pitiful you. Well your desperate letter fell on deaf ears with this fan. Let go Rays!!!!!

Brian Steven

"The buck stops here" - admission? As in money staying in Loria's pockets.


Everything that has been done with this team is to make Jeffrey and David look good. The players and coaches despise them. They sit by the dugout and dictate how the manager will handle the team. And here's an even lower point. Now that fans don't want to renew their seats, you are threatening to sue them. Can I get some of the Koolaid that they are drinking?

Graig Mansfield

Being from Florida and living in DC, this situation strikes me exactly the same as when Dan Snyder refused to can his buddy Vinny Cerato for years even in the face of his horrible track record and the fact that everyone knew he was a fish out of water and in way over his head... sound familiar? Loria needs to can Samson, take about a bajillion steps back, and put someone with baseball knowledge in charge... before they all leave the organization for good. Everyone else seems to have the same gripes otherwise. Don't tell me about how YOU helped build a winner in 2003. Infuriating.


He screwed us in Montreal as well. Seems to be his M.O.


Loria needs to leave baseball all together. He was bad in Montreal and he is worse now that he's in Florida.


Marlin fans, keep in mind it could always be worse just imagine if you were stuck with Omar Minaya as a GM. Omar the bum spent every last penny on slugs who went on vacation (aka the DL) every summer instead off playing baseball. It is unbelievable MLB/Selig still pushes this incompetent moron on other teams. We are also still stuck with the Wilpons! Lets go Mets!

William Leon

I have been a Marlin fan and season ticket holder since day one. The only interest Loria has is the all mighty dollar. I gave up my seats prior to the demise of the players. Before opening day, I called David Samson asking him to go sit in my seats and then move or replace the old mechanical advertising signs with electronic signs (much smaller and doesn't block the view of the field). The signs blocking the view of the field create a danger to the fans sitting in the first few row of seats that are on the first and third base sides of the field. When the signs were originally installed I asked Samson to go sit in our seats because we could not see third base. What did they do? They lowered the padding above the sign, that extends a foot and a half from restraining wall. Now, instead of being four inches above the restraining wall, it is only one inch higher than the restraining wall. That allowed us to see third but not the warning track. I sent Samson an email, telling him that ground foul balls that have an overspin are hidden from view and are a danger to fans. You cannot track the ball until it is upon you. How interested is management or should I say cheap when they ignored the problem and ruined the best seats in baseball by their lack of being fan friendly.


So, just because it's money that is being fleeced from tourists to help line the pockets of MLB and Loria, then that makes it okay to acquire this money from the public trough when one is already a billionaire.


No mas engaño,,,,,,,,,,vayase.......venda y fuera. Mentiroso manipulador..

el guru

The Marlins are dead to me! Thanks a lot Loria you cheap skate clown!

Jonathan Chames

Jeffrey Loria,

You suck and you have ruined baseball for everyone down here. You and sampson may have fooled the county and city to give us money but you wont fool me. You and sampson, as deadspin reported, make millions of dollars without lifting a finger. I hope you sell the team and move out of miami soon.




Interesting how the owner completely ignores the promises he made to players like Jose Reyes. Guess you can't that is so obvious to all you can't spin it.


To the people of south Florida:

Your (insert adjective) owner, did the exact same thing to the Expos, not so long ago. Rolled into town with a swagger, with his ( insert adjective) stepson, promising the world. After he sucked as much $$$ out of the city as he could carry,he claimed it wasn't enough, blamed the local governments for failing to build him a new stadium,,, again on the tax payers backs.,,.then slithered out of town. Bud ( insert adjective) Selig, basically gave him the Marlins. I KNEW the snake oil salesman would do it again, to you ! All he cares about, is his incredibly large ego, and his wallet! Good luck to you! Expo fan for life.


When Loria took over in Montreal, the expos had the best record of any team on the course of a 105 win season sadly shortened by the strike. He quickly found a way to destroy baseball in Montreal who were averaging over 20,000 per game. He dismantled the team. MLB should do something about him. Strangely I both criticize him and applaud him. I was an Expos fan at the time and now reside in Toronto. Thank you very much. Please do all fans a favour and get out of team ownership.

Vontae's Grandma

Jeffrey Loria,

Last year, I was a 20 game season ticket holder. I paid $14 face value for each ticket. During the season, The tickets were being given away. I would see promotions for $10 and lower for seats better than my seats. And the Marlins didn't care. They never upgraded our seats, or even gave us extra tickets when games weren't a sell out, or coupons for food. They don't care about us fans.

PS. Jeffrey Loria didnt bring a World Series. He bought the team that was already constructed to contend. After the World Series, he destroyed that team for prospects. 2003-2013 The team hasn't done anything but trade big name players away.

Marlins will always be a inferior team with Loria at helm.


Why does everyone act so surprised at this guy, he did the same thing in Montreal, he robbed MLB of over 130 million by coming to Florida.....ask him how long it really takes to build a stadium? MLB wanted him as far away as possible so welcome to south florida. This guy does not plan to do anything to bring a winning club when MLB continues to provide the necessary bottom line profit....and then again why should he.

Sage on the Hudson

I don't know which s worse: Loria's business practices or his ignorance of spelling and other rudiments of the English language.

Oust Loria

I dislike Loria, but I agree with dumping players if you are sitting in last place.

The only issue I have was letting go of our whole pitching rotation. Last year the problem was the offense, and defense not pitching.

You don't get rid of your whole starting rotation because you can't score runs.

Steven Mathes

What Mr. Loria cannot seem to fathom, probably because he cannot understand financial sacrifice, is that people like me who laid out $2200 for 2 tickets to a 20 game package last season do not trust him. He has sold off the entire franchise before and what will stop
him from doping it again with these young players? You pay for the product and the product is not worth $2200. Therefore I have not renewed my season package and will exploit those who have by purchasing tickets from Stub Hub at half face value. It is a buyer's market. Mr. Loria, put a product out there that people will sacrifice for. It is basic business!

Del Gardner

What part of John Henry building the 2003 team can Loria not remember? Maybe he needs to watch what he is eating, drinking or snorting. The 1 and only brought in by this idiot was Pudge and we saw how fast he got traded after the win. I gave up my season tickets at the start of the new stadium. I got tired of driving from N. Palm to see new guys that no 1 wanted and 1 man can not carry the team. To trade or give away good players because they voiced their opinion was no more than the last straw for me. Our AAA team used to be no#1. To spout that we are now 6 isn't anything to brag about. I would go wash toilets in a homeless shelter before I ever bought another ticket as long as Loria Family and crew own this team. My fan days started opening day 1993 and died when Cody, Ugla, Cantu and others all went at once. The whole year was a fire sale or giveaway. Now we need to give Loria AWAY.

adrian sanabria

Get you and your idiot son in law out of miami and go rot in hell

Stan M

Lou, where are you? The time is ripe for an organization. These people are pissed and crying for some sort of rebuttal. Check out those ad prices.


Does anyone remember what Cheapskate Loria did after they won the World Series (built primarily from talent brought in by his predecessor)? He dumped Pudge & traded Derrick Lee to the Cubs for He Sop Choi. In other words, he had no intention of winning in 2004.


F this guy and his whole front office!! He is the biggest thief of our time!! I'm not supporting him or my beloved marlins until that whole front office is gone! Stole money from our community to build a stadium for concerts and baseball classics and other events and to host a Double A team at best!


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