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Luis Castillo, Mike Lowell to make Jupiter returns this spring

    JUPITER -- The last time anyone saw Luis Castillo and Mike Lowell in these parts was 2005 when they participated in their final spring training with the Marlins. Both were traded after the '05 season: Lowell to Boston and Castillo to Minnesota.

    New manager Mike Redmond plans on bringing both back for a couple of days this spring to act as goodwill ambassadors and sounding boards to the current group of players.

     "Those two guys meant so much to our team, this franchise," Redmond said of the two Gold Glove infielders. "I want to bring these guys back and have them out on the field, even if it's just for a couple of days, just to be around, maybe tell a couple of stories."

      Redmond has remained friends with Lowell throughout the years and was Castillo's teammate on the Twins after their playing days with the Marlins ended.

      "It's important to bring back good guys, that that I played with and were great players with the Marlins," Redmond said.


      Thursday's workouts were forced indoors due to rain. The Marlins have scheduled their first full-squad workout Friday at 1 p.m. once all players have completed their physicals.



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Pat White reminds me of a young Mike Lowell. So much baseball promise...Will it finally be realized as a Marlin?


Crap I'm surprised the don't sign Lowell and Castillo considering some of the old scrubs this pathetic organization has signed will reducing their payroll to a poultry $40 mil!


take lowell right now over anybody we have

Sunny Dee

What about Charles Johnson? Is he available?


Who will have the largest REAL attendance at their games---The Marlins, Hurricanes or Hammerheads. I know the Greenville Drive has a legitimate 5,000 at each game and the Marlins are NOT topping that.


I've never been so unexcited before a baseball season. The only thing I'm actually looking forward to is seeing how many people show up and I hope nobody shows up. I don't understand how it is that MLB basically forced McCourt to sell the Dodgers yet is standing idley by as they run this organization into the ground.

Flav C.


The issue between McCourt and Selig had everything to do with the TV deal that the Dodgers were already working out at the time.

McCourt was "allegedly" vying to use a big chunk of the proceeds to clean up his personal debt, if he remained as the owner of the Dodgers. And we are talking about a lot of money here. So, Selig basically forced judges to kick McCourt out of the Dodgers ownership.

All in all, the Marlins still is a profitable organization. Just like the Pirates, and the Royals.

Maybe Selig is really waiting for the organization to be run into the ground (like McCourt almost did) so he can force Loria into his way out of the MLB.


Thanks Flav. I guess MLB won't act until the bottom line is affected.

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