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Marlins All-Star RF Giancarlo Stanton struck in the head by top pick Jose Fernandez during sim game, leaves to have x-rays on neck

JUPITER -- Marlins All-Star right fielder Giancarlo Stanton, struck in the back of his batting helmet on a fastball by top prospect Jose Fernandez during a simulated game Wednesday afternoon at the team's spring training complex, believes he will be fine but had x-rays performed on his neck for precautionary reasons after practice.

Those results, manager Mike Redmond said, are expected Thursday. But Redmond said he's anticipating everything will be fine. 

"I wasn't dizzy or nothing. I saw a little grayness, fuzziness on the outside of my eyes but it's subsiding now," said Stanton, who had an ice pack wrapped around his neck when he spoke to reporters in the clubhouse. "It hit me first and the helmet decided to come in after the impact."

Stanton said he was struck "right in the bottom of the head, high neck area." 

"I'm numb [right now] because there is ice on it," Stanton said. "But we'll see in a little bit."

Asked if he fears he may miss significant time, Stanton said: "No. Hopefully, not. But I would say no."

Stanton didn't fall to the ground when he was struck by the pitch, but staggered backward for a moment. He then gathered himself and scooped up his helmet on the way to the dugout. Moments later assistant athletic trainer Mike Kozak opted to take Stanton back to the team clubhouse via golf cart by for further evaluation. Although appearing a bit woozy, Stanton still signed autographs for a few children as he walked over to get into the cart.

Fernandez, the Marlins' first round pick of 2011, was visibly shaken after the incident.

After retiring the first three batters he faced on groundouts, Stanton stepped into the batter's box on Field 4 to face Fernandez. The first pitch Fernandez unleashed struck Stanton in the back of the head, knocking his helmet off and sending it rolling to the backstop. Redmond said Fernandez stayed in and retired the next batter he faced before leaving the field

Fernandez said it was a hard fastball that plunked Stanton.

"I know it was over 95 [miles per hour]. I know it was," Fernandez said. "It's a scary moment. When I let it go, I felt I didn't have control over it coming out of my hand. It could have gone to the other side. It went to the wrong side. I feel very bad about it.

"Normally, I've got a lot of control and I throw a lot of strikes."

Fernandez, who pointed out he hit just two batters with pitches last season in 146 innings, jogged into the clubhouse shortly after Stanton was carted off. Stanton acknowledged Fernandez apologized as soon as he walked into the clubhouse.

"Right when I came in, I talked with him," Fernandez said. "When I asked him how he's doing, he laughed. He said he is fine. I told him, 'I'm sorry. You know, nobody is trying to hit anybody. Same team and everything.' He just laughed, said, 'Bro, it's baseball. It happens.'"

Stanton obviously tried to make Fernandez feel better about the situation.

"It's happened before and it will happen another time," Stanton said. "He said 'Sorry.' [I told him] 'Don't dwell on it. We're good. Obviously you didn't mean to. No big deal.' "

Here is video of the incident. 


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Nice job.....I bet ownership loves you about now. Plunking the only player worth watching on this pathetic team......KnuckleHead!


The Loria Marlins have been cursed by Satan and will be , until the team is sold.


I hope this doesn't take him out of the WBC. The few baseball games worth watching at Marlins Park need some Stanton.

Deer antlers anyone?

Actually, I hope that this keeps him out of the WBC. We don't need him getting hurt playing in some meaningless games.

Let him rest and ease into spring training


Don't Take The Bait.. AGAIN!... BOYCOT THE MARLINS! They've been playing on our dime and our hearts for too long. We need to BOYCOT THE MARLINS until they choke on their own vomit and MLB steps in and boots out the ownership. BOYCOT THE MARLINS!


Ay Mike. Nobody goes to the games in Miami anyway, so how will anybody know if there's a boycott or if the fans are just staying home as usual?
A boycott won't hurt Loria at all. Only the franchise, the players and the fans will suffer. Loria will get a pocketful of money if not one ticket is sold all season. Even though it hurts to say it, the best thing any real fan can do is go to the games and support the players and the team to force management into spending money on payroll.


yeah right...force management into spending money on payroll... ur smokin some good sheet , lucash..


Cheech...if the team makes money, the players assoc will step in and force Loria to increase payroll, exactly as it did a couple of years ago.
Btw, the smoke is a combination of White Widow and Arjans Haze, and it ain't bad at all. Right now I can't remember whether I have to pee or if I just did.


Loria will spend big money on payroll again the same day Samson comes out of the closet.

Liberace Loria

thought Samson already came out as the lying,thieving ,phony Baseball exec...you mean he's a closet Queen too? Thats old news to his boyhood chums.

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