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Marlins don't want Henderson Alvarez pitching in WBC

     JUPITER -- The Marlins would prefer that Henderson Alvarez not pitch in the World Baseball Classic, but their request is apparently falling on deaf ears. Sources said Alvarez intends to represent Venezuela in the upcoming tournament.

      The Marlins acquired Alvarez from the Blue Jays in their monster trade with Toronto and are counting on him for the starting rotation. According to sources, Alvarez was approached recently by manager Mike Redmond, pitching coach Chuck Hernandez and a member of the front office, to express their concerns about his participation in the tournament, which starts next month.

       But Alvarez is intent on representing his country.

       As a compromise, the Marlins have asked that Alvarez pitch at Roger Dean Stadium on March 5 when the Marlins take on Venezuela in an exhibition. Whether Alvarez suits up for Miami or Venezuela doesn't matter to the Marlins.

       The Marlins have no issues with closer Steve Cishek and outfielder Giancarlo Stanton taking part in the tournament. Cishek and Stanton are on Team USA.




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Is Pat White on Team USA?


Wait, the Marlins have a pitching coach now??


My goodness. I'm going to support the Marlins in this decision. If Senor Alvarez wants to pitch for Venezuela that is perfectly fine. He can also spend about a month pitching for the Jupiter Hammerheads. Whoever pays(no matter how cheaply) gets to have directions followed or there will(can??) be repurcussions.

Flav C.

Las Vegas numbers as of Feb 13th:

Marlins 64 1/2 wins
Mets 74 wins
Phillies 81 1/2 wins
Braves 86 wins
Nats 90 wins

I would easily go on the OVER 90 wins for the Nats.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Lou, in reality there could be repercussions from any player's participation in the WBC, but seeing as it's an event promoted by MLB, the consequences would have to take the form of innings limits, or someone else getting a shot at starting ahead of him due to his absence, or something similar. Of course, know the Marlins as we do, they can just LIE about their reasons for demoting him, like they do abut everything else.


DT, I would not lie. I would say "We are concerned about his innings pitched we believe it best for him to pitch gradually at an affiliate with warm temparatures. Our MLB park is quite cool at 72 and with no people inside it will probably be more like 64. His work as far as pitching in the pen may have not been monitored to our standard(??) and therefore we do want to risk injury. We have the young man's career at stake."


Flav, Time for me to put up or shut up. I'm going to get out to Vegas---Bookies are dangerous---and put that under number up for the Marlins. I just don't see how they can win 60 games with this talent level. If I'm wrong, I'll pay for it.

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