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Redmond ready for Grapefruit League play, says Stanton will hit third Saturday; plus Ruggiano update

JUPITER -- The first phase of Spring Training is officially in the books. The second phase -- game action -- begins Saturday with the Marlins taking on the Cardinals at Roger Dean Stadium.

Manager Mike Redmond wasn't ready to reveal his batting order just yet, but he did share his lineup: Juan Pierre will start in left field; Gorkys Hernandez in center; Giancarlo Stanton in right; Placido Polanco at third base; Adeiny Hechavarria at shortstop; Donovan Solano at second base; Joe Mahoney at first base; Jeff Mathis behind the plate and Rule V pick Alfredo Silverio serving as designated hitter. Veteran right-hander John Maine will start on the mound.

All Redmond would say about his batting order was that Stanton would hit third.

"We got to get him ready for the [World Baseball] Classic," Redmond said. "He needs to get in there and get as many at-bats as he can so he's comfortable when he's ready to leave here. He needs to feel like he's ready to play and play a full game."

Stanton, Redmond said, will be leaving March 3rd to join Team USA in Phoenix.


The news regarding center fielder Justin Ruggiano doesn't look good.

Redmond said Ruggiano has a strained back and he's not sure how long he will be out.

"He's getting treatments," Redmond said. "We're going to have to [list it] as day-to-day, see how that progresses.

"It's always a concern when you get a guy that's banged up early in spring training. Being that it's so early, though, I'd rather have it now than two weeks left in spring training. But at the same time, too, those backs can be touchy. We've got to take a little bit of time, make sure he's healthy and ready to go for the long run, not just spring training games."

In the meantime the Marlins have plenty of options in center, Redmond said.

"[Bryan] Petersen, [Chris] Coghlan, those guys can go in there," Redmond said. "We'll mix guys in, [Christian] Yelich and [Jake] Marisnick. I'm going to get them in some games too. I'd like to see them play. We got some other guys: [Kevin] Mattison. We'll try to mix guys in and out as much as we possibly can and see how it all shakes out."

Redmond said he has no problems getting the Marlins' top prospects starts in center early this spring.

"When I was with the Twins [manager Ron Gardenhire] did a good job of getting a lot young guys into games and when those guys had a chance to come up to the big leagues it wasn't such an 'Ahh moment,'" Redmond said. "They were already prepared, been through it and had a little bit of experience. I think that's huge for young guys. The quicker we get them in a big league game, big league atmosphere the better."


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Flav C.

I'm surprised to find out Silverio is healthy enough to be the DH. Good sign.

Honey... What's for dinner? Deer Antlers!!

Injuries already piling up. That always seesm to be the case with this team.

the N.L East

Whats for dinner?..Smoked Marlin for the next 6 months.


It's being reported that Loria will be showing up for spring training on Tuesday & will be meeting the Marlin beat writers Monday.


I'm surprised Silverio hasn't gotten hurt yet.


wonder if Loria will be wearing a bullet-proof beak

delores clitoris

what happened to Lou and Stan M? did they finally run away together?


Have you folks seen, well heard this?

Waste Management

Loria is gonna talk to the media again? Will they be wearing Boots? Who is bringing the shovel for all the horseshit being thrown around? It's gonna get deep.

Dr. No

Clark..there isnt enough Novacaine in Miami to help ease your pain covering this team . Seek pain treatment on road trips. Your Welcome.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

..." Perogrullo says: does Justin do enough calisthenics before work?


So you leave "delores Clitoris" comment on here and take off my response. Well, I'll be back under a different guise with a different computer and you will remain who you are a bottom feeding hack in a market that does not care!!! It will actually be fun to change syntax, phrasing and verbiage. See ya, Clark.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...Lou, don't fume, you're what you speak, and vulgar is not sportsmanship. You inform,
the vulgar defame.

manly stanley

lou...how old are you? 16 ? have some cheese with that whine


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Sam frm EU

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