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Ruggiano looking for pilates instructor

      JUPITER -- A doctor recommended pilates to Justin Ruggiano as a way to prevent further occurrences of the back problems that have caused him to miss the early part of Grapefruit League action.

       "I saw the doc yesterday and he said everything looked good," Ruggiano said. "He said the back looked good but just needed the muscles to calm down. For a strengthening regimen, he recommended pilates. I've never done it. You can put out I'm looking for a good pilates instructor in the area, someone who can come meet me at 5:30 in the morning in the gym, give me a routine."

       Ruggiano said he hopes to begin running in the next day or so.

       "I'm hoping to swing in two or three days and from then we'll slowly progress to hitting," he said. "I'm thinking a week to 10 days to be in a game. Those are my thoughts. That's my goal. I'm really encouraged, especially after seeing the doc yesterday."


       Jose Fernandez is scheduled to start a "B" game against the Cardinals at 10 a.m. Fernandez has reportedly signed on with agent Scott Boras to represent him in future dealings. The Marlins haven't had a major Boras client since Ivan Rodriguez was with them.



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Flav C

Hello Jose Fernandez.

Goodbye Jose Fernandez.


Evidently he wants out as well. Can't blame him though. Who wants to play for this delusional owner with the sense of a turnip.

Good luck kid.


Fernandez with Boras? Well, he's not staying very long.

ex season ticket holder

Good for the kid. Hope that Boras will squeeze Loria's balls like a grape, for every last dime.Arb every year then Adios to the pompous asssshole,if he still owns the team by then.


What Boris & Loria agree on....they dislike each other...don't be surprised if Fernandez is packaged with Stanton.....might get 3 pospects for those 2.

Michael Coffey

Way to go. If you have that kind of enthusiasm, I'm sure that great things will happen to you. Sometimes all it takes to live a good life is to start doing the things that will benefit you the most especially when it comes to your health.

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