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Scott Boras: Valverde report did not originate with him; Marlins sign Jon Rauch

     Received a phone call this morning from Scott Boras, who was not at all pleased with me over yesterday's blog item in which multiple sources a) denied that the Marlins were closing in on a deal with reliever Jose Valverde -- as had been reported elsewhere -- and b) said the Marlins suspected the uber-agent of planting the rumor as a tactic to generate interest in his client.

      Boras objected vehemently to the second part, saying there was absolutely no truth to it.

      "We did not originate that story," Boras said.

      Boras said that the rumor originated with a ESPN reporter, who tweeted out the information before contacting the agent's offices seeking confirmation. Boras said the reporter was informed that "nothing was imminent" with Valverde and the Marlins.

      Boras said there would be "no motive" for him to plant such a report, one in which a specific team is identified, since it could be easily refuted.

      "What benefit would it be for me and my client to do that?" Boras said.


      Speaking of relievers....

      Not only did the Marlins add depth to their bullpen on Tuesday. They also added height, signing 6-foot-11-inch reliever Jon Rauch to a one-year contract for $1 million. To make room on the 40-man roster, outfielder Bryan Petersen was designated for assignment.

       The 34-year-old right-hander is a veteran of 10 major league seasons with six different teams.

       Rauch spent last season with the Mets, going 3-7 with four saves and a 3.59 ERA in 73 appearances. Despite his towering presence, Rauch is not a big whiff guy. He struck out 42 (against 12 walks) in 57 2/3 innings.

        Rauch owns a career mark of 42-38 with a 3.80 ERA in more than 500 appearances.

        In addition to his $1 million base fig, Rauch will receive bonus increments of $250,000 for 90, 120 and 150 days while on the active roster.


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juan v.

why would he pick the marlins. that's like saying he was getting an offer from walmart to work the produce section.or is it a ploy to say he'll work for peants.


Lomo's boyfriend DFA'd for a journryman tatooed Herman Munster clone. BooHoo...


Tough luck Petey Pipes.

Deer antlers anyone?

What other journeyman will these sleaze bags sign?

Boycott the Marlins

Boycott Opening Day, Loria must Go!


Clark, Why in the Hell did you take a call from a sleezebag? Boras makes Rosenhaus liik like the second coming of Thomas Aquinas. You should have asked him--"Hey Scott, I can see a significant benefit in other clubs thinking there is actually one iota of interest from another club in your obese, over the hill client with the disapperaring fastball. Isn't this the crap you have always pulled?"


Bob, Why is he called "Petey Pipes?"

Any news on SloMo's rehab? I know the words "SloMo" and "rehab" should not be used in the same sentence.


The Marlins'payroll is about double what the Tigers are paying Sanchez. Very strange!!!! Where's "The best interest of baseball" clause??


Stan M., Check my comments related to ad on the other story line.

Stan M

Did you folks see the recent article about Jeb Bush trying to buy the Marlins? Here it is:


Stan M

If you ever wonder what is wrong with baseball since the player's union gained its strength, check out Barry Bonds humble little home. It's tasteful, truly beautiful, and in another sense disgusting.


Stan M

All of these new PED allegations again put some players in a less than heroic position. But somehow, and I can't explain why, reading where a player with the sterling reputation of Mariano Rivera of the Yankees says the players will support ARod bothers me even more than the sins of the culprits. I guess it's because it too obviously displays how the entire bunch of them are now Union Brothers and the whole damn farce is really nothing but another form of show business.


Alas, the Marlins could have gone from bush league to Bush league. Unfortunately, the beefy bandito told old Jeb, "Go away — I haven't squeezed the last nickel out of my sleazy scheme yet."
Having gutted the Fish, Jeffrey is content to sit back and watch the Nats, Braves, Phillies and Mets fry 'em till they're flaky and tender.

Flav C.

Very interesting article by Dave Cameron. He is a baseball writer who I respect a lot and have been following for quite a while already (Baseball Prospectus, fangraphs.com, espn, USS Mariner, etc).

His article is about "The 10 Best Transactions in 2012".


Stan M

I also enjoyed his top 15 prospect article. Thanks, Flav

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