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Source: Marlins suspect Scott Boras up to old tricks with Jose Valverde rumor

        Sources I spoke with shot down a rumor that spread quickly Monday indicating that the Marlins were close to signing veteran closer Jose Valverde to a 1-year deal, with one terming it "utterly false." Valverde is represented by agent Scott Boras, who rarely does business with the Marlins.

        "Not true," said one source who has spoken to the Marlins' front office. "This is a typical ploy by Scott Boras to attempt to create a market that doesn't exist for his players, trying to drum up attention when no market exists."

        While there has been contact between the Marlins and Boras about Valverde, one source I spoke with said there have been "no discussions" internally about the 34-year-old reliever and there is "nothing close to imminent."

        The Marlins are already within $2 million of their projected $40 million payroll cap that's been budgeted for next season, and Boras is thought to be demanding anywhere from $4 million to $7 million for the pitcher. So if the price drops significantly, absolutely, the Marlins would listen. But, for now, that isn't anywhere close to happening and the consensus belief within the organization is that Boras is putting out word that the Marlins are in on Valverde to drive up interest elsewhere in his client.


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Jose Valverde reminds me a young Pat White. So much potential. I hope the Marlins sign Pat White.

Boycott the Marlins

Boycott Opening Day!!! This franchise doesn't deserve anyone's money or attention until the greedy fat pig Loria sells the team.


A boycott harms everybody but fat Jeff, who truly doesn't give a rat's rear end. Fans or no fans, he just sits in his penthouse and counts our tax money, while players, fans, concessionaires and everybody else associated with the Marlins pay the price.


BTW Alexander, that was funny.

Double-A Squad

Don't boycott the game... Let's sell out the 1st game and then we should all get up at the bottom of the 1st and walk out... Loria/Samson/Beinfest don't deserve anything more!


wouldn't they have to give up a pick to sign this guy?not bad. you pay 2 million- 4 million for a guy that would problably save 15-25 games this year. could of signed the pitcher formerly known as leo nunez.for less. anyway two million left how about sambrano,lee,andbrandon inge and still have eight hundred thousand left.


just shoot them

Orlando Dolphan

40 million dollar payroll, what a joke. This has got to be unique in sports hisory. A franchise that deceives a city into building them a stadium, then they spend big money the first year and then trade everyone away the next.

Loria is laughing all the way to the bank. I bet there is still going to be some dumb Marlin fans that will pay major league prices to watch a minor league team play. We need Loria to sell the team and the only way we will do that if if his plan back fires. The Marlins need to average around 5 thousand a game next year to embarass Loria and Selig. Then maybe he sells the team.


This f'ing FO, I mean Loria since he's really the one that calls all the shots. Yes, let's have a team destined to lose 100 games with the lowest payroll in baseball but we have to sign a "closer" to big dollars who only accounts for 1/2 of an inning.

You'd think someone in the FO has learned a thing or two since the Bell fiasco but I bet not. Please let this truly be Boras' speak only or as soon as I graduate from Bus. school my resume is officially going to the Marlins because this is at least one $ value transaction I will never make and can guarantee to be on the right side of the call.


rbleigh, i actually approve of this ONE thing the Marlins have done. They seem to have worked against Boras and his intention to utilize them in one of his manipulations. Why more clubs don't do this is difficult to ascertain. This can't be regarded as collusion by the Marlins when all they have appear to have done is not allowed themselves to be an unwilling party to a Boras manipulation.

By the way, as a fan of the Tigers, I can vouch that Valverde is DONE, TOAST, TERMINADO. El Taco Feo Gordo is a reliever who can no longer control his split finger, has lost velocity and now throws a slower fastball with basically no movement 95% of the time. Not Good!!!

Stan M

My Opinion About this Boycott Business:

Having such an idea is laudatory, but in my opinion, completely impractical. How many people are reached through this blog? Let's hope at least a hundred. How many of these go to Marlin games and could boycott? Five would probably be too optimistic. So how can we few bloggers affect the damage that our esteemed owner has done to this franchise? How about if we formed an organization in order to solicit funds from others so that we could really have an impact. An ad in the Herald would be a good start. We would need a chairman and we would all have to contribute to the ad. Lou, you like to throw monetary numbers around. What would it cost for a significant ad that explained our goal and asked for small contributions to join our organization through the ad. I have no idea, but if we voluntarily kicked in 25 bucks each, would that be enough for an ad assuming we would raise about $200 in total? Probably not nearly enough, but I have no idea. If $25 isn't enough, how much would we need to put up? We could tell the general public our goal which is to somehow force Loria maximun embarassment and alert Selig to the unrest here and that something must be done. My feeling is that fans are only punishing themselves by not going to games. Better to boycott a principal sponsor; expecially an automotive dealer. I realize that this idea is "off the wall" but I can think of no other way for we few to have a real impact. Now you can all tell me what an old fool I am; or better yet, present a contrasting idea.

juan v.

how about a facebook page to get rid of loria a million likes and a bunch of tasteful wording could cause some attention. a billboard is a great idea but the fan interaction is not there. a page with the title of "save baseball in miami loria must go" would be great could be a staging area for boycott's or picket at stadium. oh by the way the marlins signed jon rauch and designated bryan peterson.


Dear Stan, I throw "monetary numbers" around not money, hiwever, I will contact the Herald and Sun -Sentinel and see what it would cost. We might have to type up a kinda LLC so that the money could be mailed by individuals to the Herald and ad would be published as soon as the fee is received. Nobody should want to assume the responsibility of receiving contributions and then forwarding them. This could actually be fun!!! I don't want to spend anyone else's money so I won't throw out names but I can think of at least 8 guys on this blog off the top of my head who I believe would commit. I would easily commit to a $100.00 and a 1,000.00 should get something done. We would request placement on the "Marlin Notes" page or some other page. Be nice to run the add during an early season home stand.

Stan, Actually a GREAT idea!!!!


Stan, I was so excited by the idea, I did not read your entire comment. To have any impact, I believe we would need around a 1,000 and not 200. Now I know of one guy on this blog who is more loaded than Jackie Gleason on a Saturday night and from some of the addresses of others, nobody is worrying about next Lexus payment. Let's make this happen. I could see about 8 of us on the MLB Network. Everyone hates Loria in MLB and that would be to our benefit as far as attracting attention. At least we know this is NOT a situation where we would get whacked before the ad got run.


I'm really getting into this. The MLB Network puts us up at the Plaza--including wife and/or girlfriend/boy friend---dinner at Leutece--NO, Andre Soltner has long since retired, how about Peter Luger's in Brooklyn?? One of us will probably be offered a month in that man cave type location. Hey, I'm not being facetious!!!!!!!!

Stan M

Get on it, Lou. You are the man to make this happen...if others are interested. juan, your idea of a facebook page sounds tremendous. I am not one who has a facebook page, so I have a poverty of knowledge in that area. But it sounds great. The responders have only been three in number which is disappointing. If the interest isn't present here, we can't stir it up there. If others are interested, please come forward with interest or suggestions.

answer man

go to the Marlins facebook page. Use THEIR own Facebook page to do your protest. The Marlins facebook page already has fans leaving their comments of displeasure.


Stan, I'll check the adverstising rates by Monday. I'm highly motivated. I hope you have found it possible to forgive all the rancorous comments I directed at you in the past. It was stupid!!!


Forget the Marlins. I wish someone would buy the team from that horrible owner.

Stan M

I look forward to hearing from you. I still have your phone # from when we had lunch. I can call you if you wish if/when we show any progress.

Stan M

can we at least get a room next time


Stan, I'm glad you changed your little thingahmahjigee to the right of your comment.

Sorry. Have not called the Herald yet but I'm dead seriouis. Call anytime you want. I need to ask Laurel if he wants to be involved. 3 guys 65 and above may be enough to get us some air time. Would be hilarious if we could get under Loria's skin.


doubt you could get under Loria's anything

Stan M

The comment was funny, but it didn't come from me.

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