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Bud Selig does a tap dance around Marlins situation

    PHOENIX -- Bud Selig is in no mood to talk about the Marlins.

    That became very apparent last night when the commissioner of Major League Baseball held an imprompto press conference in the back of the press box as Team USA was losing its World Baseball Classic opener to Mexico.

    Selig spent about 15 minutes answering questions about the growth of the WBC and his vision for the tournament when I tried to get him to comment on the present situation involving the Marlins. It was clear from the outset, when his face tightened, that it wasn't a subject he wished to be addressing.

    Me: "Sorry to be the one to shift gears here, Bud, but given...

    Selig (interrupting): "Depends what you shift gears to."

    Me: "Well, it's baseball. Given what's transpired in the Miami market in the past year, the new ballpark and, again, the stripping of the roster, what is your level of concern -- what is the league's level of concern -- with Miami as a major league market?"

    Selig: "Look, I've commented as much as I'm going to comment on it. I said at the time that, in looking at the trade, they have to do what they think is right. I talked to a lot of people, a lot of general managers, a lot of baseball people, and they gave me their evaluations and we'll just....I learned from Branch Rickey many years ago, you've got to wait three to five years to see how trades turn out. Let's see how it turns out."

    Me: "But that's one trade. I'm looking at the big picture there with...

    Selig (cutting me off): "We'll see. Time will tell."

    And that was that. Selig was hustled away by his handler.

    Selig either didn't understand my broader question about the Marlins situation, or understood and tiptoed around it, referring instead to November when he approved the 12-player deal with Toronto. I suspect it was the latter.

     Given that the next round of the WBC is in Miami and Selig is likely to attend, he'll surely be pressed again on the Marlins -- only by a larger group.


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

Atta boy, Clark. Bud'll comment eventually ... when Loria tells him he needs a transfusion of green.


wake us up when Loria finally sells the team


Nice try. He's as big an a hole big biz guy as Loria.

Camera Mike

Great work Clark! It's wondful knowing you're out there looking out for us fans and doing your best to get Bud to address the mess Loria created. It truly is appreciated.

This also gives me an idea. On Monday I'm going to call the MLB offices and ask to speak to Bud. I know I will never be put through to him but I will leave a message asking him given Loria's moves in both Montreal and Miami, and the resultant fan anger and extremely low ticket sales it caused if he believes it is in the best interest of the MLB for Jeffrey Loria to own a franchise? When he doesn't get back to me I will notify everyone here as well as send out emails to ESPN, MLB Network, Fox Sports, and any other national sports media I think of hopping Clark is right and a larger media pool presses him on it while in Miami.

Keep up the good work Clark.

Boycott everything Loria

Loria says he lost 40 million last year. How long before his shallow pockets can be forced to get out of a game that he's over his head in. Force Loria under water and make him drown in red ink.


maybe selig is in bed with loria and his sidekick samson


Great job, Clark! We must keep this issue at the forefront so that Selig is not allowed to sweep it under the rug like he wants to.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Camera Mike, good idea. If you're able to, see if you can get an email address for good ol' Bud. I wouldn't mind dropping him a line with some pointed questions and choice words.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Selig is in bed with Loria because he's been able to increase the valuation of the franchise, and he doesn't give a damn that it was done at OUR expense and through lies and broken promises. Money is the only language they speak. Frank McCourt ran a contending team out there year in and year out, but since he dared to openly take money OUT of the team... HIS money... for his personal use (i.e., divorce terms), Selig ran him out of the game.

F.U. Loria

Selig is nothing more than a dirtbag ex-used car salesman. A leopard never changes its spots.


Keep the pressure on Clark! Bud is definitely suffering from a major disconnect on what has transpired for the Marlins, Miami & its fans. Who are these so called baseball people he gets this info/advise from....can he put a name on it? Waiting 3-5 years for prospects to develop is a joke...that system is out dated...teams now "retool" instead of waiting years to see players develop. BTW...Mr Loria does not keep players around that long...players are usually gone in 1-3 years.


Selig has a handler?

Why does he need a handler? Can't he duck reporters by himself?


loria is a thief and bud a pathetic failure

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