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Christian Yelich goes deep again; Kevin Slowey shines

       PORT ST. LUCIE -- Christian Yelich said his goal this spring was to leave the Marlins with a good impression, "leave" in the sense that Yelich -- and pretty much everyone else -- expected him to be sent to Double A Jacksonville to start the season.

        Well, Yelich is certaintly drawing notice. And he hasn't left yet.

        On Saturday, Yelich came off the bench and hit an opposite-field homer. He's hitting .368 this spring with four homers, which leads the team, and four other extra-base hits.

        "I'm just trying to ride it out as long as possible and see what happens," he said.

        After Henderson Alvarez started and pitched into the fourth for the Marlins, Kevin Slowey took over and went 4 1/3 innings, giving up a run on two hits. Slowey is making a strong case for either a spot in the starting rotation or in the bullpen as a long reliever.

         "I want to be on a major league team and this has been a great opportunity for me to show that I can be," Slowey said.

         Among those fighting for roster spots, Chris Coghlan had a pair of hits, including a RBI triple, and Chone Figgins singled and drew a walk after an 18-pitch at bat.


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Rob M

Seriously? Who cares? BOYCOTT THE MARLINS!!!!


Shut up!!!
Let the kids play!!!

San M

Who should we keep as reserve catcher until Mathis is healed. Skipworth, who is a good defender, or Remaldo who has the higher upside but is rough around the edes defensively. I'd keep Skiworth.

We have several players fighting for infield spots. I'd keep Kouzmaoff for both 1B and 3B and as a RH pinch hitter (and drop Kearns)and I guess Dobbs although I'd trade him and his higher salary if possible and go with Maloney as the LH PHer. As the team is going nowhere in 2013, Dobbs is really superfluous and too expensive for what he does. His skill set is better suited for a contender.

The outfield presents the most interesting competition. We have Yelich with all the talent in the world, but raw and untried. We have Gorkys who fields well, has no idea of what a cutoff man is, runs very well, had an excellent Winter League season down south, but is out of options. The big question is whether Gorkys would be claimed if they try to farm him out. And then there is Coghlan who has shown excellent upside when healthy, is a poorer fielder than Gorkys, had a poor minor league 2012, has had a good but not great Spring, hits LH whereas Gorkys hits RH, and has one opton left. Kearns and Peterson are no longer needed and that Rule 5 draft pick has excellent upside but is injured. So what does management do? This is a tough one. I'd trade Gorkys in a heartbeat if there was any kind of return, farm out Yelish then trade Pierre when he's ready, try to DL that rule 5 pick for as long as possible and keep Coghlan. Actually, all of the "hidden" new stats say that Ruggiano was lucky last year and due for a pretty good falloff. The best play would be to trade him if we could get anything of value for him. He isn't going to be around after this year anyway but I'd want something substantial for him or keep else him. All of the above being said, my heart tells me to keep Yelich and see how he does. It would also be best from an attendance standpoint as well, but probably too costly down the road for Loria to even consider it.

San M

Rob, there is a difference between boycotting the team in order to try to force Loria out, and rooting for the players on the team and watching their development. I think you are confusing these two areas.


I would like the of to be yelich, cohglan , Stanton .. Pierre , ruggliano coming off the bench.. Not to shabby ..the inf 3b Polanco ss Herrecheria 2b solano 1b kotchman c brantly .. Dobbs off the bench .. Not bad at all!! I'm a bit concerned about the pitching but I think it'll improve through out the year .. Love mike Redmond as our coach . He was a great clubhouse guy for us many years , now he's a great mentor and manager for the young marlins .. I'm excited for this team , I predict at least three all stars come out of this bunch .. I'm not saying were gonna Winn a championship this year but, hey stranger things have happened. Like when David beat Goliath in 2003 .. Oh yea and btw fans let's not forget we have an amazing stadium!!!


My concerns with this team coming out of ST are that the pitching staff is going to get bombed. We might have a few surprises in the batting line up but it will not be enough to overcome 5-10 run leads the other team is going to have. As for Cishek...he's good but he won't get too many save opportunities...they will be few & far between.

Stan M

Watched today's entire game and came away with mostly positive thoughts. There was one exception. Why in the world didn't the team use a DH and give Yelich 4 ABs? After 9 innings of those two boring announcers, it reminded me of just how entertaining Tommy and Rich are by comparison. Why is the team still giving ABs to Lucas, Brown, and Peterson? Nolasco looked trim and showed the stuff that has made him a winner in the past. It's his walk year so he should go as soon as his worth is at a premium.

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