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Jose Fernandez makes Opening Day roster; Nathan Eovaldi and Henderson Alvarez to DL

       WASHINGTON -- The Marlins delivered quite a baseball bombshell this morning in the nation's capital when they announced that rookie right-hander Jose Fernandez had made the club while starters Nathan Eovaldi and Henderson Alvarez had been placed on the 15-day disabled list with shoulder injuries that are not deemed serious.

       Marlins president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest delivered the news to reporters shortly before the team's workout at Nationals Park.

       "I think it's been tugging at all of us a little bit," Beinfest said of the decision to place Fernandez on the 25-man roster. "We watched him in big league camp. We watched him go down to the minor leagues, where he was outstanding. When we got word that Alvarez was not going to make Opening Day, we started talking about what we were going to do to fill in. Jose was always there. The sense was this kid's ready to handle it. He's ready to pitch."

       Fernandez is scheduled to make his major league debut next Sunday in New York when he starts against the Mets.

       "I'm in shock," Fernandez said. "I'm speechless."

       The original plan was for Fernandez to start the season at Double A Jacksonville. But that all changed when the injuries began piling up in the rotation. First it was Alvarez. Then it was Eovaldi, who had a MRI on Friday, which revealed mild inflammation in his right shoulder. The diagnosis was the same for Alvarez. Both were placed on 3-to-5 day "no throw" and Beinfest said both pitchers are expected to be out no more than a month at most.

        The Marlins have called up right-hander Alex Sanabia from Triple A New Orleans to fill one of the open spots in the rotation. Fernandez will occupy the other.

         Beinfest said the organization had already decided to limit Fernandez's innings this season from 150 to 170.

         "He will just now get those innings here instead of the minor league," Beinfest said. "Individually, per game, he's on an innings and pitch limit. We understand the asset we have, the value of him, his age. And we're going to do whateer we can to do things in his best interest. He's just demonstrated everything -- from maturity to physical strength to quality of pitches -- that he can do it."

         Fernandez said Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria called him Friday morning to tell him about the decison.

         "I wanted to laugh. I wanted to cry. It's just crazy," Fernandez said of his reaction when Loria gave him the news. "I got really nervous and got really excited, too. It is crazy. I'm happy to be here. That's what I worked for all of my life. I'm going to try to enjoy every bit of it."

         Fernandez appeared in only one Grapefruit League game this spring. Since being reassigned to the minors, he's dominated. He struck out nine in a four-inning outing against the Mets Double A team a little over a week ago and, in his last start, delivered five no-hit innings against the Cardinals Double A outfit.

         Manager Mike Redmond said Fernandez would be slotted in the fifth spot in the rotation but, with an off day on Tuesday, Opening Day starter Ricky Nolasco will pitch twice before Fernandez makes his first start. The upcoming rotation order: Nolasco, Kevin Slowey, Wade LeBlanc, Sanabia, Nolasco, Fernandez.

         The Marlins announced a number of roster moves on Sunday. They selected the contracts of seven players: Austin Kearns, Casey Kotchman, Chad Qualls, Kevin Slowey, Chris Valaika, John Maine and Fernandez.

          Three players were placed on the 60-day disabled list: Logan Morrision, Jose Ceda and Alfredo Silverio. Four players were designated for assignment: Gorkys Hernandez, Zack Cox, Scott Maine and Evan Reed. Placed on the 15-day DL: Alvarez (retroactive to March 27), Eovaldi (retroactive to March 24), Joe Mahoney (retroactive to March 22), Jeff Mathis (retroactive to March 22).

          "We've never seen anything like this, in terms of selecting seven guys," Beinfest said. "It's not even close. We usually select a couple of guys. The number of DL  is high. The number of designated for assignment is probably a record for what I've been involved with. And, in the last 72 hours, the number of different plans we've had with regards to pitching I think is up there as well."


          Redmond announced his Opening Day lineup: 1. Juan Pierre, lf; 2. Chris Coghlan, cf; 3. Giancarlo Stanton, rf; 4. Placido Polanco, 3b; 5. Rob Brantly, c; 6. Donovan Solano, 2b; 7. Casey Kotchman, 1b; 8. Adeiny Hechavarria, ss; 9. Ricky Nolasco, p. 



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Stan M

What's next? Stanton breaks a leg. As if this sin't bad enough, even I got discouraged when I read the article that is below about the clubs finances. Clark, ar you the reporter who got to see the books?


Stan M

As part of all of this nonsense, the team designated Zach Cox for release. He can be claimed by any team now. He was the first round draft choice we got for Mujica in the Cardinal trade. Why him? Makes no sense at all.


Jose Fernandez gets an innings count? Means he's going to be staying with the big league club for a while now. Are one of either Eiovali or Alvarez not gonna come back to the big league club when they are off the DL?

I don't know about you guys, but I am rooting for Fernandez all the way.

cuban pete

Will the Cubans pay to see Jose Fernandez pitch. Nah...they didnt pay to see a home grown Alex Fernandez pitch. Nice try ,no sale Loria.


This should work out fantastic.

ex season ticket holder

Imagine getting a surprise call from Loria. How many lies came out of Loria's Lie Hole on that phone call


Boycott until the liar and his puppy take their tens of millions and sell.


Mickey I've got five on it.


Happy opening day everybody. It's gonna be a looooooong season.


Hey, guys. I've been out of touch for awhile, and now I'm frantically trying to catch up on all the Marlins news from 3,500 miles away. Makes for a sad read, doesn't it? — especially the part where they traded the Clevelander dancing girls for Susan Boyle and her big sister Bubbles.
And I almost peed in my popcorn when I found out the Fish had dropped a deuce on long-time Marlins favorite Gorkys Hernandez. That hurts almost as bad as the time the Pirates sent Eddie "The Spider" Basinski packing in 1947. It's hard to believe there'll be nothing left of ol' Gorkys but a faint whiff of liniment, chewing tobacco and sweaty jockstrap wafting gently on the wind.
Actually, I'm glad they kept Kearns. He can't hit or field, but at least he's slow and injury-prone.
So let's play ball, I say. The sooner the season starts, the sooner it will be over.
I agree with you regarding the Fernandez move. What could possibly go wrong, right? I think it was Stan M. who pointed out that this kid's pitching motion makes him a perfect candidate for Tommy John surgery in the very near future. Take that, Stephen Strasbourg.

Camera Mike

Designating Cox is a bizarre move in many ways. Wasn't he supposed to be the Marlins 3rd baseman of the future after the Hanley and Matt Dominguez trades? It could also bite the fish in the butt if (when) Polanco gets injured as the only players on the roster with experience at third are Solano who's starting a second and Valaika with no big league experience.

Orlando Dolphan

I am so tired of the Marlins fiasco. I love baseball but I can't remember the last time I was so unispired by an opening day. Thanks Loria!

This was all planned by Loria. I thought he said that the stadium will cure all of the low payroll problems. Think about it, how did this guy become a millionaire? He did not forsee last year happening? Did he not measure the consequences of a loing season? He is now holding the city of Miami hostage with this AAA team. Now I heard that he needs a big TV deal. When does it end? He is waiting to kill the last few Marlin fans around.

We should be celebrating Fernandez and Yelick but instead we are just somber about the future of this franchise. It is sad when we are thinking when will Loria trade Stanton? Fernandez and Yelick (if they are great) are on borrowed time. Loria thinkgs that you build tradition in one year. You have to win consistantly before fans fall in love with the team. We need an owner that loves baseball. Get ready last remaining Marlin fans, this season is going to be as ugly as it gets.


Camera Mike,
Coghlan was a third baseman in college, so I don't know why they didn't at least give him a look at third during the spring. That way, he could fill in when Polanco runs downtown to pick up his Social Security check.
And, of course, they could have kept Gorkys as their backup centerfielder. (Uh oh — there I go again.)

Camera Mike

LB, I didn't know Coghlan played third in college, thanks for that info. While he may never fully live up to his ROY season I am happy to see him back with the club and hopefully he does bounce back to his pre pie incident effort and numbers.


The track record continues.....trades made last year are now turning out to be bombs...Gaby for Gorky...Mujica for Cox..Infante/Sanchez for Turner/Brantly. Eovaldi & Alvarez may be too fragil to complete a MLB season.

Stan M

LB, glad to see you back. My deepest sympathy on losing your hero. Maybe there will be another Marlin someday named Gorkys. It's a very common name in outer Slovakia. Are you still in contact with Lou? He hasn't posted in several weeks and I fear the worst. Camera Mike, I read that Coghlan did some work at 2B this Spring, but don't know how much.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...spitballer, Gaby went, when Lee came. Lee came " pre-paid " and he was a mostly good clutch hitter with the Marlins. Gaby was in a slumber, and couldn't seem to wake-up!
Many nights, Mujica would have been better with a guitar, and he got a new gig in St. Louis
Sanchez was dumped because of his ticket prices were going up for this year, and the two acquisitions have meat on it. We didn't want to mention this, but because we're on the subject, Eovaldi has about one-hundred strike-outs, in about one-hundred innings, which suggests that he's using extra velocity.



As you rightly pointed out the Cuban community did not show up any more or less for Fernandez, Hernandez et al. However, I believe J. Fernandez making our 2013 Miami AAA Marlins is an actual baseball move. What I don't understand is why Fernandez threw only a couple of innings against MLBers this spring.

When is this team gonna have a bonafide corner infielder or CF, have there been any since Devon White in CF (P Wilson?) Lowell, and D Lee?. Ugh, to be a Marlin fan.

And for my yearly gripe on Loria: I do not doubt that Loria loves baseball but unfortunately he loves personal income more. How many sportsteam owners do it to make a buck? Not many, its like owning an airline. It turns a billionaire into a millionaire, you do it for the love, passion or ego and that's it.
If Loria ever learns that owning a MLB franchise is soley for personal entertainment and joy and not a growth stock this team will flourish. Until then it'll remain floundering fish. Oh yeah, as I type this Matt Dominguez is up. Booty, Dominguez, Cox; who am I missing for 3B of the future who didn't pan out?

Yo quiero Miami.

Flav C.


I think Marisnick is being prepared to be the everyday CF starting 2014.

As far as 3B, I wrote ad nauseam last season how big of a mistake the trade of Dominguez for a bunch of nothing (Carlos Lee) was. As I type this he just hits a single and brings a runner home.

Anyway, I will be interested in seeing on Jacksonville AA which player will patrol 3B: Noah Perio or Dietrict. Both are good 2B, but can't occupy the same space at the same time (yet). So, answering your question, I will go out and say Dietrich is the next 3B of the future (who will eventually not pan out).


Stan M, he wasn't designated. If you look at MLB transactions he was only optioned. He still has 3 or 4 options left. I think it was a mistake by a local reporter.


Camera Mike, he played 3rd for MSU.


Easy on the Cox thing. From MLB.com,
Miami Marlins optioned Zack Cox to Jacksonville Suns

Eddie S



Stan M

Jmike, do I ever hope you are right. As of right now, he's not listed on the AAA roster.

Is something "fishy" going on that we don't know about. Two young pitchers, who looked fine in their last outings, suddenly have shoulder problems...and on the same day. My suspicious mind makes me think that there might have been a fight or free for all...something other than playing baseball itself that is beind these injuries. If it's so, it will eventually come out in the long run. No matter what has happened, it's a damn shame.

the Amazing Kreskin

The Fernandez early call up, starting the clock to his 1st Arb contract at least one or two years earlier than expected ,is further indication that Loria will be gone after 15'. Loria figures he might as well get his monies worth now on this kid without having to pay him above the minimum fot the next 3 years , before he blows town with his briefcase full of $$$$$.

Stan M

Special to CLARK,
Upon reading that article on the Marlin finances that I pasted above, one cnnot have anything but a dismal outlook for this team for as long as Loria is the owner. It appears that he is drastically under funded and has a staggering loan structure. In the article Samson even admits that this team cannot endure a payroll much above what it is now without attendance of over 30,000 per year. It's a given that such attendance will not only not happen, but that it will probably have difficulty reaching half of that number.

Can't cooler heads prevail as they say? It's also obvious that Loria can't possibly sell the team while that surcharge to the local government is in force. It's pretty obvious that he has to wait until that stipulation goes away before he can sell. My point would be that as long as the locals will never get that money anyway, couldn't they be persuaded to either waive it, or tack it on in some way to a potential buyer? Provided, of course, that Loria agrees to sell. In the long run the area and taxpayers would benefit more if a more responsible owner entered the scene. Perhaps even the Commishioner could step in with a low interest loan to any new owner to cover this charge. If nothing is done, Miami and it's baseball fans are doomed to more of this same scenerio which will feature very low payrolls, the trading away of all expensive players, and no chance for any Marlin team to compete for anything above 4th place.

I don't know if you, as a beat writer, could make such an appeal, but perhaps one of the columnists could take up the cause and add some publicity to this very real problem. There is much more to Loria's delemma than his parsimony. Our owner is in a real bind. He can stay as a loathed figure and destroy any semblance of baseball fan interest, or he can move on. The guy simply doesn't appear to have the resourses to do any differently than what he is doing right now. And that is doing no one any good, including Loria himself.

Carnac the Magnificent

Dismal attendance and a poorly negotiated TV contract thru 2020 will spell Lorias exit from MLB within 3 yrs. Loria cannot afford the unsurmountable losses he will incur, having to buy down the existing debt. Unless Uncle Bud comes to the rescue. Before he retires.

Stan M

That's my point. Without some interference, Miami will have a horrible next few years. Just maybe the guy would get out now if circumstances were made more favorable. And yes, that TV deal is a disaster and with 7 more years to run.

Camera Mike

On opening day I do want to be optimistic but this is this toughest it has ever been to do so. Nolasco has looked good, to all batters not named Bryce Harper that is, but as expected the Marlins batting and base running has left some to be desired. The young guys need to learn more patience at the plate. Though since this is the first opening day for most of them and having to open going up against Strasburg is a challenge even for vets I'm not going to hold it against them now and see how quickly they learn. I was surprised at Polanco's base running error. I know he thought Stanton was going to tag up and head for home, but he should have glanced over or looked to the first base coach. I'm going to believe it was just one of those mistakes a veteran makes occasionally rather then a sign of things to come.

All in all no one wants to open the season with a loss and a shut out loss at that, but given the off season fire sale and dire predictions from everyone it could have been a lot worse. The Marlins fought hard, played some good defense, and stayed in it the entire game with a team a lot of people are picking to go to the world series. If the younger guys learn some more plate patience and the team shows the effort they did today , they just may surprise people and win more games then last season. Hopefully that is what this year has in store for the fish, and not just a season full of saying it could have been a lot worse.


I wouldn't worry about the Marlins. They're going to score a run in this series. I can feel it in my bones.


Stan M,
I have bad news, I'm afraid. I just talked to Lou and he's been BANNED from this blog, apparently for as long as the birds do warble and the sun doth shine. It's a sad day for America when thieves, murderers and other rapscallions get away with a slap on the wrist and poor Lou gets a life sentence for diarrhea of the keyboard.
But here's the point: He wants you to telephone him if you still have his number. Something about meeting up at the Grove Park Inn and going to an Atlanta Braves game. He said he hopes you've forgiven him for any past indiscretions on his part.

George Carlin's Ghost

How does a guy get banned from a public access blog without ever using the 7 words you use to be unable to say on TV, before cable? Beats the @#$%^&* outta me.

m krebs

GCG...Who says this is a "public access blog?" This space is provided by the Miami Herald, which can refuse to publish comments from anyone it chooses, including you.

dobie gillis

m krebs...any 5yr old with a keyboard can figure out how to comment here, banned once, twice, three times, you're not out.

m krebs

Dobie...It's good to hear from the 5 yr old demographic.

Marlin Fan

Buck goes 2 for 4 with an RBI in his opener ?!?!,? .get ready for this repetition , not bad pitching today , but no hitting . 99 more losses to go .


Fan, you mean you expect the pitching to be good this season? Nolasco is pitching for a contract next year so he may in fact have a good season but if the Marlins are going w/ Kevin Slowey types facing Gio G tomorrow and throughout the year it will get ugly really quick.


Dang, his name is Dan Uggla just hit a bomb. That may be 1 more homer than our 2B and SS hit all year combined.

Travis Bickle

m krebs...are you talkin to me?


Stan M....these Marlin financials just don't add up for me. Let's look at the Ray's...bad stadium, worst attendance than the Marlins, similar TV contract with Sun Sports...what they do have is a very smart owner, excellent GM & field manager, they do have stars signed long term & they win. The Marlins always blame attendance for their problems...that’s not it...it's the owner & the people he has in the FO. Their track record of poor trades, bad pr moves & poor business decisions is there for all to see.

Virgil Sollozzo

@mr spitballer-you are right on the money with your assessment of the situation with the Marlins. The reality is they are an inept,unqualified MLB operation ,that has recieved far more credit than they were due by winning the 03' World Series. They deserve to be ignored, laughed at and ridiculed for what they really are, no matter whatever moves they try next. The fact that they bamboozeled the equally inept,unqualified,corrupt politicians to get their new stadium is no credit to them but more a statement that any shyster in a suit could've done the same. My compliments mr.spitballer. Well done.

Stan M

All About Lou
To be accrate, I was completely fed up with Lou and didn't hide my displeasure. Both he and I went at each other to the detriment of this blog. However, cooler heads prevailed and we both toned things down. Lou's last few posts...and they are in the archive for anyone to review, were offensive to no one except prehaps the Marlin front office. Lou, to the best of my knowledge you have NOT been banned and can post at will. Please give it a try and see what happens.

Lenny Bruce

Louuuuu....come out..come out... wherever you are...freedom of speech is not alive and well...your presence has been requested to preserve certain unalienable rights bestowed upon you as a U.S citicen by the Founding Fathers. Let er' rip.



Orlando Dolphan

This team is worse than I thought. That line up is putrid. Polanco in the clean up spot? Solano in the # 6 hole. Solano would not make 90 percent of the major league rosters and I cannot think of another team that he would start for.

What is the record for loses in a season? I really feel that the Marlins have a shot at breaking that mark. I almost fell off my chair when I found out the Marlins had sold 5000 season tickets. Really? Who would pay major league prices to watch a AAA team play 81 games? They must just not value their money?

I never thought I would say this but I wish John Henry had never sold the team. I love baseball and Loria has turned baseball in S. Florida into a nightmare.

Camera Mike

The record for most losses in a season is the 1962 Mets with 120 losses, and while I don't have high hopes for the Marlins this season I don't see them be quite that bad. Even the Astros of the past couple seasons never seriously threatened that dubious record.

As for the 5000 season tickets, the true amount of people wanting them is a little bit less though I don't know by how much. I recall reading a couple months ago that besides all the people who successfully dropped their season tickets there were others who were denied their attempted cancellations for notifying the team to late.

I'd also like to second your comment on wishing John Henry never sold the team.

Carlos Fernandez Blanco

...We can't write about the " 1962 " N. Y. Mets without recalling the name of
Ed Kranepool, which goes to show that there's value in every MLB line-up. Or to mention that the " 1969 " N. Y. Mets, won the World Series, with much glory!

Sunny Dee

Why isn't Ruggiano starting? Is this team trying to lose as many games as possible?


It's up to "real" fans to stop the madness and drive Loria out of baseball! How? Don't go to games. It's painful, but that's the only way.

The man is a liar, thief, and low classless human being and does not deserve to own a MLB team, especially in Miami!

Stan M

FO brings a 20 YO kid up an then has him sit for at least a week. Think he'll be sharp after that long a layoff?

Are you back, Lou?

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