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Marlins Tidbits: Loria "Truth-o-Meter," Silverio, Marisnick, Polanco injuries

     PHOENIX -- Yeah, you read right. Phoenix. That's where I am at the moment, preparing to cover the World Baseball Classic and Team Stanton, I mean, Team USA. And Manny is in Puerto Rico covering the WBC bracket there with all your former favorite Marlins: Miguel CabreraJose Reyes, Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, etc. etc. etc.

     In our absence, Steph Rogers is on the scene for us in Jupiter handling the Marlins. Before we get to some of her items of note, check out this Politifact item on Jeffrey Loria's recent comments about who bears the tax burden on the new ballpark. (Spoiler alert: the conclusion is that Loria's comments were "half true.") Anyway, it breaks it all down for you.

     Now, back to the Marlins and Rogers' reporting:


• There’s nothing wrong with making your first hit of the spring a memorable one. Bryan Peterson lifted the Marlins to a walk-off victory over the Venezuelan team on Tuesday with his two-run triple in the ninth.

“It was just cool. I envy all those dudes who can go out and play for their country,” he said. “That’s a really good team, all of the hitters, the pitchers; it’s obviously good competition for us.”

•  Jose Fernandez has a contagious confidence about him. In Tuesday night’s showcase against Team Venezuela, it was an asset against a lineup that closely resembles a stacked fantasy team.

“It was big. I was kind of nervous out there,” the 20-year-old prospect said.

Venezuela’s talent-rich roster stopped in Jupiter before heading to San Juan, Puerto Rico, to begin Pool C play in the 2013 World Baseball Classic.

Fernandez faced one of his closest friends in the Miami clubhouse, Henderson Alvarez, in the Marlins’ 6-5 victory over Venezuela on Tuesday night.

“It was fun because he threw the third inning, I threw the fourth. In the fifth inning we ran together back [to the clubhouse],” Fernandez said.

•  Alfredo Silverio has been shut down. During a long tossing session, the outfield prospect felt discomfort in his elbow. Silverio had Tommy John surgery in 2012, further complications from a January 2012 car accident. There is no timeline for his return.

•  Placido Polanco was a late scratch from the starting line up Wednesday. He was expected to return to play, but experienced discomfort in his oblique.

“He hit, he made throws, it’s smart not to push it,” Redmond said.

•  Jake Marisnick was hit square in the left hand by a Trevor Rosenthal pitch in the fifth inning. Marisnick received attention from Redmond and the trainer on the field, but stayed on the basepaths. He was replaced by Gorkys Hernandez in the outfield.

He told reporters that his x-rays came back negative, and he will take it day-by-day. Redmond won’t send him on the bus to Port St. Lucie on Thursday.

• The battle for center field continues, and Redmond expects Chris Coghlan to play center field in Thursday’s game. 


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Dionysus Thelxinoe

I haven't read it yet (I will) but first, I don't need Politifact to know that Loria speaks half-truths that are skewed in his favor. It's the sure mark of a liar to mix a little bit of the truth in order to make your self-serving bvlls*it APPEAR more believable. All liars, hustlers, con artists, and thieves do it.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

OK, now that I've read the Politifact link ... it basically concludes what I said here about Loria's bed tax claim ("paid by tourists, not us"), the experts even used the same word I did, "disingenuous." They agreed with me on the larger point, the one that Loria needs to obsfuscate... it's OUR money, regardless of where it came from!!!

But I totally disagree with this quote by them... "Loria is saying the real idiots here are the government who didn’t protect you from me," Keri said. "That’s true. The thing about Loria is, I don’t think he is that much worse than any other owner. It really is the case that local officials are the ones who bungled this. Any capitalist is going to do this."

This completely ignores Loria's lies to the community of Miami, as well as his history both here and in Montreal. It also ignores HOW MUCH Loria has personally benefited through this deal in the increased valuation of the team, along with the profits he's already made through revenue sharing (which he has refused go invest in the team in the past). It ignores another one of Loria's half-truths, which is when he said he fulfilled his commitment to spend.

I challenge anyone to compare him to ANY other owner, as this article does. The Red Sox, one team cited as an example elsewhere, dumped a huge amount of payroll last summer. But they've reinvested their savings BACK into the team (Victorino, Napoli, etc.), whereas Loria has avowed to stick to has-beens and never-beens for years to come, which is as he's always done, but he USED to rationalize it as a necessity until he got a new stadium ... in other words, one lie after another.

Tim Phillips

As evident by the fact that there have been just 2 comments...by the same person, we just don't care anymore. I was a mini season ticket holder and went to over 20 games last year from WPB. And while I will continue to watch every game on TV, I will not set one foot into that stadium or purchase another Marlins shirt, hat or other souvenir until that guy sells the team and takes Samson with him. I refuse to support their lying,cheating and stealing any longer.

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