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Michael Wuertz released; Marlins trim 11 from roster

       The Marlins trimmed 11 players from their spring roster on Friday. Among the departures: right-handed reliever Michael Wuertz, who was released, and left-handed reliever Scott Maine, who was optioned to Triple A New Orleans.

       Completing the list:

       -- Right-handed reliever Arquimedes Caminero and third baseman Zack Cox were optioned to Double A Jacksonville.

       -- Right-handed pitcher Michael Brady, left-handed pitchers Adam Conley, Brian Flynn, and Raudel Lazo, infielders Danny Black and Derek Dietrich and outfielder Kevin Mattison were reassigned to minor league camp.

       The transactions reduced the spring roster to 61 players.


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Flav C

That is a very good trio of left-handed pitchers: Conley, Flynn, and Lazo.
I'm sure we'll see both Flynn and Lazo making the major league roster next year (if not a bit earlier).


I actually like move of the release of Wuertz. He wasn't going to provide much to the team as far as baseball ability or pitching depth. He was a leader in the locker room, though. I hope somebody can step up and take his place in that regard. This front office is quietly positioning the Marlins for a run at the World Series, making solid moves.


Seth, seriously scratching my head at your post. Where do you see this team positioning itself for a World Series? The only proven players with significance and talent on this current team are Stanton and Nolasco(reach) who are both a 50/50 bet at best to be here next season.
Its a fool's bet to believe Yelich, Fernandez and others will emerge like Trout did. I hope they do but there are no proven commodities that will be on this team 3yrs from now. And worse, this FO will not spend for the long term without butts in seats & there's no way people in Miami come out to support a team that consistenty loses.

The only certainty with this franchise's future prospects is uncertainty.

seth's on meth

Seth is a phony Loria planted horse's assssss.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Flav C, I admire your optimism, I really do. I wish I had more of it, maybe I'd enjoy our team more. But in truth I'm a cynical realist with a financial background, which I suppose adds to my cynicism, given current circumstances.

Hence, when I looked up Lazo and Flynn, I was somewhat encouraged by their potential, but it was tempered by the quick realization that Loria and his gang of thieves will rush pitchers like Lazo to the majors (59 professional IP and already in Triple A?), and without sufficient time for their arms to develop and become accustomed to the grind of a long season, arm and shoulder problems are more apt to develop (already a pattern with this organization, for which they previously blamed Girardi). It's one time that I hope I'm wrong, for the sake of these young people and their careers.


We deserve better than this. MLB should force Loria to sell. The only real way that this message will actually set with Loria is for the fans to boycott the games.

So for our love of baseball do not go to the games until Loria is gone.

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