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Polanco, Dobbs, Alvarez back; Stanton, Cishek not far behind.

     PORT ST. LUCIE -- All of a sudden, manager Mike Redmond feels like he has all his weapons.

     Not only are Placido Polanco and Greg Dobbs returning from injuries, but Giancarlo Stanton, Henderson Alvarez and Steve Cishek are returning from the World Baseball Classic.

     Polanco, who has been out with an oblique strain, is back in the lineup today while Dobbs (calf strain) is playing in a minor-league game and could be used as a pinch-hitter later this afternoon when the Marlins face the Mets. Alvarez takes the mound for the Marlins in what marks his first appearance for the Marlins since joining Venezuela for the WBC.

      Meanwhile, with the U.S. being eliminated from the WBC last night by Puerto Rico, Redmond is looking forward to the return of Stanton and Cishek. Redmond said Stanton would start Sunday in Jupiter versus the Cardinals and Cishek would also be used in relief.

       "Even though it's just a couple of guys, it thins you out," Redmond said. "We're trying to build that chemistry and get things rolling. We're down to the last couple of weeks and it's nice to have those guys back in camp. Now I feel a lot better."

       Redmond is also relieved that all of the WBC Marlins returned healthy. The same can't be said for the Yankees and Mets, who lost Mark Teixeira and David Wright to injuries sustained during the tournament. Then again, Texeira and Wright could have just as easily been injured with their MLB teams during spring training.



       Marlins: 1. Juan Pierre, lf; 2. Placido Polanco, 3b; 3. Rob Brantly, c; 4. Justin Ruggiano, cf; 5. Chris Coghlan, rf; 6. Donovan Solano, 2b; 7. Casey Kotchman, 1b; 8. Adeiny Hechavarria, ss; 9. Henderson Alvarez, p.

       Mets: 1. Mike Baxter, rf; 2. Justin Turner, 3b; 3. Ike Davis, 1b; 4. Marlon Byrd, cf; 5. Lucas Duda, lf; 6. Travis d'Arnaud, c; 7. Brian Bixler, 2b; 8. Omar Quintanilla, ss; 9. Shaun Marcum, p.




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Flav C.

Very good outing by Slowey. It just makes things harder for Turner. And Yelich....wow....

San M

Double wow, Flav. Of course they will send him down, but would't it be fun if they kept him. Also very encouraged with Coghlan. Two years ago I remarked that he was sliding his rear foot as he swung. He's not doing that now. We all know that 2013 is not the Marlin's year, but one has to give this team credit for a much improved attitude, and greatly improved defense. In our predictions last month, I felt that this team would win 2 more games than last year, and for two reasons. One was simply because they were so awful last year. The other was because of much improved defense and slightly improved offense over the team tht was fielded over the last two-three months of last year. I'll stick by that prediction. As an aside, I think Redmond is proving what a horrible mistake Ozzie was last year. What are your feelings.

Flav C.

It is hard to separate my feelings for the team from the ones for Loria. But here it goes:
Redmond is in a much better situation than Ozzie, in the aspect that he doesn't have to deal with big-name stars, nor with the pressure of getting expressive results. Also, the "Showtime" crew is not around to film every single sneeze and fart. Redmond also has the advantage of managing young players, which is what he's done over the last few years. Bottom line: this is a plus for the team.
As far as wins and losses...That is a tough one. This team can't score runs. Again, they are one of the worst run scoring teams in spring training, just like last season's ST. If you look at this team up to bottom, you know that one guy can really hit, and that's pretty much it. The others are inconsistent or guys who hit singles for a living. It will all comes down to some guys stepping up and contributing, like Coghlan, Kouzmanoff, Kotchman, maybe LoMo when (if) healthy. The pitching rotation is a big question mark. I like LeBlanc a lot, and Slowey has been showing some good stuff. Eovaldi too, has been showing positive things on a more consistent basis.
I will stick to my prediction of 67 Wins, hoping that they get around 70 wins.

San M

You comment about "Showtime" is very valid, as is your wole analysis. One other positive that I forgot to mention and that I think you would agree with is the coaching situation. Every one is a huge improvement; one reason being that it is impossible for them to be any worse. I agree that this team will not be hitting wonders, but in this ballpark, pitching will be of the most importance. The bullpen is another area where we can expect improvement, again, they can't be any worse and I do like the veterans that are being given a chance. At this stage, I could care less if they trade Nolasco once the time is right.


Enjoyed the breakdown fellas.

Rob M

Marlins will be lucky to win 20 games this season. What a joke. A Double A team posing as a big league club. Loria is the antichrist

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