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Redmond's team on the home stretch

By Steph Rogers

JUPITER -- The Marlins shuffled the lineup, and opted to get a recently returned Greg Dobbs some additional at bats, bumping Rob Brantly down in the order.

A.J Ramos and Steve Cishek played across the field in a minor league game against the Cardinals, having missed out on work due to Monday's rain out.

The home stretch is at hand and Mike Redmond is feeling like things are close to coming together for his club.

"We're going to start playing guys a little bit longer...we have a couple of guys who've been banged up that we need to get more at-bats for: Ruggiano, Dobbs, and Polanco," he said. "I still feel like we have time to get them in."

The noted players will go in back-to-back games on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the team will be off on Thursday.

"We’ll play it by ear after that....that last week I’d like to play a regular lineup as many days as we can," the manager said.

One staple for the 2013 roster is shortstop Adeiny Hechavarria, who the Marlins acquired in the blockbuster trade with the Blue Jays. Hechavarria will get his first look as an everday player in the Miami lineup.

Though he comes with a flashy glove, the infielder hasn't boasted big numbers at the plate.

"I know everybody looks at the batting average, but I look at the quality of at bats and the hard hit balls," Redmond said. "Obviously, you come into a new situation, I’m sure there’s a little bit of trying to impress everybody and he has."

The Cuban-born Hechavarria comes with 41 major league games under his belt. He made his debut with Toronto as a third baseman -- a position he'd never played before. He had 32 hits and as many strikeouts through 126 at bats with the Blue Jays.

"I know that he’s excited about the opportunity that he has being an everyday player in the big leagues and spring training is somethimes a tough time for guys," Redmond said. "I’m excited for when the lights come on to see what he can do, when the games really count and the pressure’s on."

Redmond said the club will monitor the young player's transition to his new role in a new league. He's hitting .162 in 14 games, with three walks and six strikeouts to his name.

  • OF Bryan Petersen was reassigned to minor league camp after the team's morning on-field warm up.
  • John Maine will follow up Wade LeBlanc in Wednesday's game, and Kevin Slowey will start on Thursday in a minor-league split squad game

Starting lineups:

Marlins: 7 Juan Pierre, 5 Placido Polanco, 9 Giancarlo Stanton, 3 Greg Dobbs, 4 Donovan Solano, 2 Rob Brantly, 8 Justin Ruggiano, 6 Adeiny Hechavarria, 1 Jacob Turner

Cards: 4 Daniel Descalso, 5 Matt Carpenter, 7 Matt Holliday, 3 Allen Craig, 8 Oscar Tavares, 9 Shane Robinson, 6 Pete Kozma, 2 Audry Perez, 1 Shelby Miller


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Flav C.

Turner very erratic today. Tons of Cards hits caught right at the warning track by Ruggiano and Stanton. In a hitters' ballpark, he would have allowed 3-4 HRs today.


The reviews on Turner this ST have been awful. Send him down to AA. If he can't cut it there, then we know we were 'had'.... again.


anybody see that article on yahoo how the marlins are planning o sue a couple of season ticket holders. for not paying there second season on there premium seats. it's on yahoo sports.

Baseball Stew

another great public relations move by Loria,Samson et al. Loria is trying really hard to be the most despised owner in sports ,and believe he will succeed.

Hannibal Lecter

Would love to have Loria and Samson over , for dinner, and serve them a fine Chianti.

Dionysus Thelxinoe

Don't you mean serve them WITH a fine Chianti?

Flav C.

For the ones who love stats like me, fangraphs has been showing what they call "positional power rankings" since last season. Basically, it rates teams by position according to several different stats and methodology. I am not going into too many details but it includes time played in the position, offense and fielding stats, backup player for the position, range, WAR, etc...
If you don't have access to the website I am posting here the Marlins ranking by position this season, last season and the team who holds the 1st place for each position this season. Also, have in mind that those rankings were created BEFORE the season started, so we might see some surprises for 2012 and 2013.

2012: 23rd 2013: 30th 1st Place: Giants

2012: 9th 2013: 25th 1st place: Reds

2012: 24th 2013: 30th 1st place: Yankees

2012: 2nd 2013: 28th 1st place: Rockies

2012: 7th 2013: 30th 1st place: Tigers

2012: 17th 2013: 30th 1st place: Brewers

2012: 24th 2013: 26th 1st place: Pirates

2012: 3rd 2013: 1st


Don't be ridiculous. Everybody knows you serve potbellied bandit with a fine Barolo or Super Tuscan to complement the gamy flavor of the meat.
Flav C,
Good work with the stats.


Really interesting Flav C. Thanks.

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